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  • Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #36 (January)
    Tony Bedard, Dennis Calero, Dennis Calero
    Unable to take down Evolvo-Lad, Supergirl calls for help from Brainiac 5, but he brushes her off. Evolvo-Lad reveals that he has opened a portal back to Supergirl's own time period and was in fact working with Brainiac 5, who had set up the whole thing. It was Brainy's plan all along to help Supergirl return to her own time, help recruit E.R.G.-1 to the Legion, correcting the error they made years ago, and also to help stop the Wanderes taking over the Legion, while clearing Cosmic Boy's name... all at the same time. Supergirl returns to her own time, with no memory of being a member of the Legion.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes: The Quest for Cosmic Boy reprints Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #31-36]

  • Teen Titans #53 (January)
    Written by Sean McKeever, Art by Alé Garza & Marlo Alquiza, Cover by Garza & Scott Williams
    "The Titans of Tomorrow...Today!" goes full throttle in its penultimate chapter! As Robin descends into darkness, it falls to the rest of the Teen Titans to take on not only Starro and its minions, but also the Titans of Tomorrow...and their newfound friends!

  • Teen Titans #54 (February)
    Written by Sean McKeever, Art by Eddy Barrows & Rob Hunter
    Conner, Bart and the other Titans of Tomorrow have planted the seed that will ensure their totalitarian future comes to pass. All that remains is to eliminate those who would oppose them. Watch out, Ravager! Watch out, Supergirl! And most definitely watch out, Blue Beetle!

  • Teen Titans #55 (March)
    Written by Sean McKeever, Art by Eddy Barrows & Rob Hunter
    Following up the epic "Titans of Tomorrow" storyline, we catch the Titans in a moment of quiet before the next storm. As one Titan (Supergirl) leaves forever, Wonder Girl and Robin explore their newfound feelings for each other as Ravager enjoys herself by pitting Blue Beetle against Kid Devil. And watch out for the introduction of the new Clock King, a modern-day Fagin out to create a villainous team of his own.

  • Supergirl #23 (January)
    Kelley Puckett, Drew Johnson, Ray Snyder
    Batman tests Sueprgirl with a fake present and then scorns her for opening it. Superman calls on Supergirl to help in space while he's busy helping the Green Lantern Corp. They need her to follow a cargo ship through deep space to learn the whereabouts of the enemy HQ. Failing her mission, Supergirl digs deep and decides to go out and try again.

  • Supergirl #24 (February)
    Kelley Puckett, Drew Johnson & Lee Ferguson, Ray Snyder
    Still unable to track the cargo ship, Supergirl is confronted by Superman, who says they found it already, but has something to show her. Using an idea he had, with the help of the Green Lanterns, Superman and Supergirl are able to look back at the last days of Krypton. Kara remembers her final days with her parents, and reveals to Kal that his mother, Lara, used to sing to him all the time when he was a baby.

  • Supergirl #25 (March)
    Kelley Puckett, Drew Johnson & Lee Ferguson, Ray Snyder
    At the Fortress of Solitude Supergirl goes through her returned Kryptonian memories, remembering all those people she lost. Concerned for her, Superman talks to Kara. After her departs, Kara is attacked by Reactron, who taunts her before dropping a star on her!

  • Supergirl #26 (April)
    Kelley Puckett, Drew Johnson & Lee Ferguson, Ray Snyder & Marc Deering
    Superman arrives to help Kara, telling her to save people from a damaged building while he fights Reactron. But people aren't too happy to see her, except for a young boy, who Supergirl promises he won't die. Unable to save all the people, Superman steps in to help Supergirl, telling her to take care of Reactron. She shuts Reactron down. Later Supergirl discovers that the little boy is actually dying from brain cancer. She still promises him he won't die...

  • Supergirl #27 (May)
    Kelley Puckett, Rick Leonardi & Dan Green, Drew Johnson & Ray Snyder
    Adamant that she'll save the dying boy from his cancer, Supergirl suddenly finds the world frozen and herself under attack by a man from the future. Somehow Superman hits the man with his heat-vision which triggers the man's time travel device, sending he and Supergirl back to the future. Supergirl discovers that in a possible future she's erradicated all disease and made all people superhuman... forever changing the world. The man kills himself, but Batmen arrive to send Supergirl back to her own time.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Supergirl: Beyond Good and Evil reprints Supergirl #23-27, Action Comics #850]

  • Supergirl #28 (June)
    Kelley Puckett, Drew Johnson & Ron Randall, Ray Snyder & Ron Randall
    Supergirl tells Wonder Woman about her plan to cure cancer. Incredulous, Wonder Woman shows Supergirl how even the Amazon's Purple Ray can't do such a thing. Supergirl tracks down Resurrection Man, who earns a new superpower each time he dies and comes back. She plans to kill him until his new power is the ability to cure cancer... but she can't go through with it. Together they break out Doctor Luzano from Garrett Federal Penitentiary, hoping that his knowledge of nanotechnology "Tektites" could be the answer. When Perry White learns of Supergirl's actions, Clark Kent is keen to take the story...

  • Supergirl #29 (July)
    Kelley Puckett, Drew Johnson & Ron Randall, Ray Snyder & Ron Randall
    Doctor Luzano gets a DNA sample of Resurrection Man to go with the hair sample Supergirl got from the little boy with cancer. However instead of creating a cure for cancer, Luzano uses the time to use the Nanotech on himself, making him superhuman. He kills Resurrection Man, who returns to life with a healing power. Angry, Supergirl takes Luzano down and flies off with Resurrection Man to cure the little boy. Superman intercepts her though, telling her that the boy, Thomas, is dead.

  • Supergirl #30 (August)
    Will Pfeifer, Ron Randall, Ron Randall
    Supergirl takes on a defeats LiveWire in Metropolis. Confused about her place on Earth, she talks with Batman, who suggests she speak with her cousin. Kara searches her crashed spacecraft in the hopes that her parents may have left a hidden message the way Jor-El did for Kal-El. She finds nothing. She goes to see Jonathan Kent and gets an idea from him to visit the Fortress of Solitude. At the Fortress she finds a message from Jor-El that puts her mind at ease.

  • Supergirl #31 (September)
    Kelley Puckett, Brad Walker, Jon Sibal/Jesse Delperdang/Rodney Ramos
    Even with Superman's best efforts young Tommy dies. Supergirl cannot accept that, and wants to inject Tommy with Resurrection Man's blood. Superman talks to the parents, who decline to participate, but Supergirl flies away with the mother and talks to her about her own parents taking a chance, and the mother agrees to try the blood injection. It doesn't seem to work however. Tommy remains dead.

  • Supergirl #32 (October)
    Kelley Puckett, Ron Randall, Ron Randall
    At Tommy's funeral Supergirl vows to bring him back no matter how long it takes. 50 years in the future, Supergirl attempts to steal a time travel device from a warlord again and again. However when she visits Tommy's parents, she finds they are both dead, yet their grown daughter tells Kara how thankfull they were for Supergirl's efforts. Realizing that if she uses the time travel device to try and fix everything she's be no better than the warlord she stole it from, Supergirl destroys it and realizes it's time to move on.

  • Supergirl #33 (November)
    James Peaty, Ron Randall, Ron Randall
    Supergirl takes down Clayface when Empress arrives asking for her help. Apparently her parents have been turned into little kids, and are being held hostage by a man in a wheelchair called Eddie Rose. Rose has tricked Empress into bringing him Supergirl, who he believes he can manipulate using a Mind-Wyrm. But Supergirl proves too strong, and defeats Rose.

    [Trade Paperback collection: Supergirl Vol. 3: Ghosts of Krypton [Paperback] reprints Supergirl #23-33]

  • Notable Issue: The Brave and the Bold #17 (November)
    Marv Wolfman, Phil Winslade, Phil Winslade
    Supergirl and Raven team up to save San Francisco from a new super villain with deep roots in the DC Universe!

  • Supergirl #34 (December)
    Sterling Gates, Jamal Igle, Keith Champagne
    Cat Grant writes a front page article titled "Why the world doesn't need Supergirl". After battling Silver Banshee, and interrupting a Baseball game, Supergirl learns of the Daily Planet article and is very upset by it. Trying to console her, Superman brings her coffee and suggests she take on a secret identity. She gets advice from other heroes before heading to Smallville. Lana and Kara have a great talk, with Lana taking a job at the Daily Planet and introducing Kara as her niece... Linda Lang.

  • Notable Issue: The Brave and the Bold #18 (December)
    Marv Wolfman, Phil Winslade, Phil Winslade
    The son of a former Super Hero finds himself lost in the grip of the past, and it's turning him into a threat capable of engulfing the future! That leaves Supergirl and Raven to save the day!

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Also listed are the Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes comics from #16 (May 2006) to #36 (November 2007) when the title (originally known as 'Legion of Super-Heroes') changed to include Supergirl as a regular member. The Teen Titans comics from #48 (June 2007) to #55 (March 2008) are also listed as Supergirl became a member of that team for a while. The Writer, Penciller and Inker for each issue are listed within the Comic Index pages, directly below each title's name and number.

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