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  • [16] Supergirl #47 (January)
    Sterling Gates, Matt Camp, Matt Camp
    On Old Krypton, Alura grapples with thinking love is only a chemical reaction in the brain as she talks with Zor-El. In the present, Alura informs Reactron that tomorrow he will be tried and sentenced for his crimes against Kryptonians. Tal-Ox and Dor-Ox visit Alura wanting revenge on Reactron for killing their son. Alura dreams flashback to Old Krypton, Alura and Zor-El talk about getting married, and then of Reactron killing Zor-El. Reactron's lawyer argues he's not getting a fair trial, Tal-Ox and Dor-Ox and a host of others break in and try to vaporize Reactron. Remembering the things Zor-El taught her, Alura tries to stop the attack, but Reactron is apparently killed. Alura visits Zor-El's grave, revealing that Reactron is NOT dead, and is instead going to be tortured by Commander Gor for information.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Supergirl: Friends and Fugitives reprints Supergirl #43 and 45-47, Action Comics #881-882 and Superman Secret Files 2009 #1]

  • [20] Supergirl #48 (February)
    Sterling Gates, Fernando Dagnino, Raul Fernandez
    Inspector Henderson and some cops break into an apartment, but it explodes. And then they find a corpse covered in runes. Kara confronts Lana, who says she's sick and no one knows what it is or how to cure it. Kara meets with Inspector Henderson, who's following a case his old mentor was never able to close, and thinks it has to do with items Silver Banshee needs to lift her curse. His mentor had the item, a coin, but killed himself. Inspector Henderson took the coin and it embedded itself in his hand, and allowed Banshee to track him. Banshee shows up and fights Supergirl. Supergirl opens a mysterious package Henderson had acquired and turns into a Supergirl/Banshee hybrid.

  • [24] Supergirl #49 (March)
    Sterling Gates, Matt Camp, Matt Camp
    Lana's on the phone with Perry, who is upset she's got a third doctor's appointment this week. She collapses with blood pouring from her eyes, nose and mouth, and an insect crawling on her phone. Supergirl, possessed by some spirit, tells Silver Banshee they hid the artifacts in people in order to keep them hidden from her. Silver Banshee has one of these artifacts, which allowed her to track the others. The artifact pops out of Silver Banshee's stomach. Apparently all the items were hidden not as a curse, but as a test for prospective clan leaders. Henderson frees Supergirl from the spirits possessing her. Banshee uses some magic to remove the artifact from Henderson's hand, and tells him she owes him a debt. Supergirl and Henderson talk on the rooftops, and Henderson talks about forming a new Special Crimes Unit. Supergirl hears something about Lana and flies away. Kara arrives at the hospital, but it's too late, Lana has died. Kara rushes into the morgue to find Lana covered in a cocoon crawling with more insects.

  • [28] Supergirl #50 (April)
    Sterling Gates/Jake Black & Helen Slater, Jamal Igle/Cliff Chiang, Jon Sibal & Mark McKenna/Cliff Chiang
    Lucy Lane is found alive... but the effects of her "death" has caused her body's DNA to have changed into the alien properties of her super-suit. In Metropolis Gangbuster has managed to find Supergirl's body inside the huge hive that has grown since Supergirl found the coccoon surrounding Lana's body in the morgue. Freeing Supergirl, Kara and Dr. Light formulate a plan. Gangbuster and Kara go back inside the hive, and are captured by Queen Bee (in Lana's body). Supergirl's plan frees Lana from the Queen Bee's possession, but their tearful reunion is a short one. Kara can't understand Lana having lied to her about her illness for so long, and flies off. At Project 7734 Lucy is back in her Superwoman costume, kills a doctor in front of her father, General Lane, and tells him she's ready for her next assignment./Ron Troupe hosts a TV show titled "Greet the Press" which examines whether Supergirl should be trusted and how the people of Metropolis see her.

    [Trade Paperback collection: Supergirl: Death and the Family reprints Supergirl #48-50 and Supergirl Annual #1]

  • [33] Supergirl #51 (May)
    Sterling Gates, Jamal Igle, Marc Deering & Jon Sibal
    Brainiac has invaded New Krypton. Kara, Mon-El and others try to fight him off. They can't get to his ship, so they try to prevent his robots from erecting a force-field around the city of Kandor. Tellus contacts Mon-El and lets him know the Legion have been arrested and Superman is in need of help. Mon decides to go after Kal alone and tells Kara to save her people and the Legion. Alura attacks Kon and calls him a terrorist. Kara notices the Kryptonians are only fighting alongside their guilds and aren't working together. She flies off and finds Kon fighting with her mother. She punches him through the wall. More probe bots enter, trying to get to Alura, and red sunlight blasts weaken her and Kara. Things look grim, but Kon returns and saves the day. Kara convinces her mother to pardon the Legion, which angers General Zod. Kara and the Legion head off to Brainiac's ship to help Superman and Kara encourages her mother to be the leader their people need.

  • [39] Supergirl #52 (June)
    Sterling Gates, Ivan Rodriguez, Ivan Rodriguez
    General Zod, Ursa and crew, re-enlarged by sunstones, go in search of Brainiac. Kara and Brainiac 5 search for the heart of Brainiac's ship, bickering the whole time. Brainiac 5 thinks to himself about how the reason for that is that he loved Kara and how hard it was for him when she died. Gor is torturing Reactron to get information on General Lane's 'Doomsday Plan', when Lex arrives and kills Gor. Kara is meanwhile poking holes in Brainiac 5's lies, and just as she confronts him, they're found by Brainiac. They escape, find the core, and destroy it. This enables Superman to get on board. Lex is then re-enlarged and seems very interested in the bottle cities.

*The "War of the Supermen" takes place in between these issues.*

  • Supergirl #53 (August)
    Sterling Gates, Jamal Igle, Jon Sibal
    Kara has a nightmare about the destruction of New Krypton, and her dead parents coming back to drag her to hell. She awakes in her room as Lana comes to greet her. Kara tells her she no longer wants to be Supergirl or Kara, simply Linda Lang. In STAR Labs, Dr. Hoshi and Gangbuster look on as they try to remove Lucy Lane's metahuman abilities that make her Superwoman. An explosive shockwave rips through the lab, slightly damaging Superwoman's restraints. Dr. Light and Gangbuster leave to find out what cause the explosion. At a nearby cafe, Linda and Lana talk, when they too are caught up in the shockwave. Lana tells Linda to go look for the cause as Supergirl, but she refuses. Dr. Light and Gangbuster discover a crystalline Kryptonia crater with a ship inside. Bizarro-Girl has arrived!

  • Supergirl #54 (September)
    Sterling Gates, Jamal Igle, Jon Sibal
    An explosion rocks Metropolis, and Jimmy helps a young boy before riding his motorbike closer to the scene of the story, where he discovers BizarroGirl. Kara, still in anti-Supergirl mode, hears the explosion, but decides against doing anything. At the Daily Planet Jimmy's photos come to Lana's attention, she calls Kara who still refuses to do anything. Their conversation is overheard by Cat Grant. Jimmy is caught up BizarroGirl, as Kara finally decides to fly out as Supergirl. She confronts BizarroGirl, and the fight is on! Until Supergirl is turned into stone...

  • Supergirl #55 (October)
    Sterling Gates, Jamal Igle, John Dell with Marc Deering and Richard Friend
    Bizarro No. 1 tried to escape Bizarro World with his Bizarro cousin, but Bizarro Lois and Jimmy stopped him from joining her. BizarroGirl landed on Earth and is about to kill Jimmy. Supergirl breaks out of her stone-encases state and send BizarroGirl flying. At the Daily Planet Cat Grant receives a package. As Supergirl continues to battle BizarroGirl, she saves Gangbuster from BizarroGirl's vice grip before getting help from Dr. Light, who bathes BizarroGirl in a massive dose of yellow sunlight, knocking her out. Dr. Light wants to take BizarroGirl to STAR Labs, but Supergirl knocks her out, grabs BizarroGirl, gets into the Bizarro Spacecraft, and flies off for Bizarro World.

  • Supergirl #56 (November)
    Sterling Gates, Jamal Igle, Jon Sibal
    Aboard Bizarrogirl's ship, Kara talks to her while she's unconscious and recaps the story, then falls unconscious herself. Kara has a nightmare about New Krypton. She wakes up on Bizzaro World, which is exploding and cracking all over. Bizarros attack Bizarrogirl for leaving them in their time of need. Bizarro Lex then shows up and says that the "godship" was his fault, as he sent a signal into space. A giant bug lands and eats Bizarro Lex, and Bizarrogirl attacks it. Bizarro arrives and freezes the monster. He and Bizarrogirl are reunited. Bizarro shows her the "godship", which crashed on Bizarro world. He tried to make it leave and it sent all the giant bugs after him. He tried to fight it but failed, and when trying to make a "super-powered backup" somehow Bizarrogirl was created. Kara goes to see the "godship" and it's not a ship but a... giant space bug. The giant space bug sends her flying through the entire planet, where she lands back where Bizarro and Bizarrogirl are. She says she's going to need Superman's help.

  • Notable Issue: Batgirl #14 (November)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Lee Garbett, Trevor Scott, Stanley Lau
    It's terror in the third dimension starring Batgirl, Supergirl and Dracula...and Dracula, and Dracula! When Supergirl decides to get away from it all and visit Stephanie Brown on the campus of Gotham City University, a quiet, relaxing weekend turns into a monster movie mash-up! After a science experiment goes horribly wrong, 24 black-and-white Draculas are brought to life, and Batgirl and Supergirl are forced to become vampire hunters in order to stop an army of the celluloid undead!

  • Supergirl #57 (December)
    Sterling Gates, Bernard Chang, Bernard Chang
    Supergirl studies up on Bizarro World. Elsewhere the "godship" destroys the Bizarro JLA. Kara's plan is to absorb blue sunlight to alter her powers to better help Bizarro World. The blue sunlight helps Bizarro, Bizarrogirl and Supergirl make an army of Bizarros and attack the aliens, but fail miserably. Bizarrogirl flees. Bizarrogirl runs off to the Bizarro Fortress and feels bad for being scared, and Kara arrives and talks to her about how they're not opposites like Kal and Bizarro, but reflections of each other. Bizarrogirl rejoins the fight, but the sunlight-harnessing device is broken. So Supergirl takes a blue lens up into the sky, the sunlight comes through it and hits her and Bizarrogirl, Supergirl powers Bizarrogirl who uses her solid-vision on the alien. After hours of this, the alien is encased in lead. In Metropolis, Cat Grant goes to see Lana and tells her she knows about Lana and Supergirl.

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