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Super Sons #1
Cover date: April 2017
"When I Grow Up" - Part 1
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Penciller: Jorge Jimenez
Inker: Jorge Jimenez
We open with a prologue of a kid that seems to boss around his entire family, we later learn that this is all staged. We cut to Superboy and Robin dodging laser fire, and then being surrounded by lots of robot versions of them in what looks to be a jungle. We then flash back to two days earlier, as Jon hops on the bus to school. Whilst on the bus ride to school, Jon sticks up for his friend being bullied by two other kids. Only for them to shoot him with spit wads too, just as they were doing to his friend. Later after school, Jon and his friends engage in a snowball fight with the same bullies from the bus. Things start to get out of hand when the bullies add rocks to their snowballs. Jon almost loses his cool, but decides not to use his powers against the bullying kids. Damien helps out against the bullies, disguised as the bus driver. Later in the Batcave, Bruce heads out as Batman, and tells Damien to stay behind, as he skipped home schooling and has let his studies fall behind. Meanwhile at the Kent/Smith home Clark and Lois have family time, and tell Jon how proud they are of him for restraining himself against the bullies. Clark flies off as Superman on Justice League business, while Lois tells Jon it's past his bed time. Damien shows up in Jon's room, and convinces Jon they need to investigate some recent break-ins and hacking attempts at Lexcorp. The boys in Metropolis, attempt to break into Lexcorp, only to be confronted by Lex Luthor in his Power Suit.

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Super Sons #2
Cover date: May 2017
"When I Grow Up" - Part 2: "Lex and Friends"
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Penciller: Jorge Jimenez
Inker: Jorge Jimenez
We open with a prologue of the same kid from last issue. One by one, he hunts down the members of his family and kills them. Only his younger sister manages to escape. It is then revealed that the young man calls himself... Kid Amazo! Meanwhile in Metropolis, Lex has caught Superboy and Robin breaking into Lex-Tower. Lex tries to get to the bottom of the situation with the boys, as Robin cuts Superboy's line, leaving him to fall, and telling Lex that "he can't fly". Lex swoops down to save Superboy, while Robin enters the building and gets the information he is after. Superboy tries to ditch Lex, only to be caught again by him, as he drags Superboy inside to where Robin is. Ever the forward thinker, Robin informs Lex that he has set numerous explosives in the building, and makes a run for it with Superboy, leaving Lex to try and get to the explosives in time. During the escape, Superboy expresses his displeasure at being used as a distraction by Robin. Robin reveals he got what he came for, as he shows him an image on his tablet of a young man with amazing duplicating abilities calling himself... Kid Amazo! The two young heroes make their way to the town where Kid Amazo is meant to be situated according to the data they stole. When they get to the warehouse, they find the dead bodies of his family. Superboy leaps away from the building in shock and horror, while Robin stays back to investigate. In the nearby woods, Superboy discovers Kid Amazo's sister that escaped earlier, he calmly tells her he is here to help. Meanwhile in the background, Batman stalks Superboy and the young girl, while in the warehouse, Superman stands above an unsuspecting Robin...

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Super Sons #3
Cover date: June 2017
"When I Grow Up" - Part 3: "Sibling Rivalry"
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Penciller: Jorge Jimenez
Inker: Jorge Jimenez
We open with a prologue once again, as Kid Amazo's family, better known as the Super Duffy's, take down Titano - The giant cyborg gorilla. These events take place a few months ago. In the present, Superboy is attacked by Batman in the woods, while Robin is thrown around by Superman at the warehouse they came across last week. During the fight, the boys both realize that they are fighting robots rather than the actual Superman and Batman. During the battle the boys are brought together, and almost immediately begin to argue with one another, making the robots lower their guard, as they attack and try to take them down. Proving unsuccessful, Kid Amazo's sister, whom Superboy came across earlier, orders the robots to "stop" and "put them down". She explains that she can control machines, and the boys head back to the warehouse with her in tow. Meanwhile the two robots acting as Superman and Batman, fall apart, and reassemble to become versions of Jon and Damien. Amazo's sister explains Kid Amazo's powers, and explains what she's been through because of her brother. The boys begin to argue once again, as Amazo's sister appears to get possessed by her brother. She explains that she too is a robot, and that she managed to wrestle control of the robot form because of her powers. She tells the boys that she is an Amazo-Bot with her personality and her family are safe for now, but fears that her brother will kill them for real soon, if he so chooses. We end with the boys overwhelmed by many Amazo-Bot versions of Superboy and Robin. As they seem to be on the losing end of the battle.

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Super Sons #4
Cover date: July 2017
"When I Grow Up" - Part 4: "Son Day, Bloody Son Day!"
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Penciller: Jorge Jimenez
Inker: Jorge Jimenez
We open with Lois and Alfred going to wake up Jon and Damien from their rooms at the farm and at Wayne Manor. Both discover that the boys are not in bed as they should have been. Elsewhere the boys are tied up and caught in Kid Amazo's compound. They argue amongst each other, blaming one another for them having been caught. Kid Amazo boasts how they are no match for him, and that it's almost time for him to wipe them all out, including his family for real this time. Lex Luthor bursts in, Robin explains that he had sent a message out to him before they got captured using one of the Amazo-Bots from last issue. Lex frees the boys, tells them to get the rest of Kid Amazo's family out of there, while he takes care of Kid Amazo and his Amazo-Bots. The boys do so, they take the family and find a safe space for them, and they head back to the compound with Sara to help Lex. Kid Amazo attempts to pull all the Amazo-Bots into his armor to take them all on, when it all becomes a bit too much for him, and Sara uses her powers to pull the Amazo armor off of her brother. Lex gives the boys a lecture, while telling Sara that he sees a lot of potential in her, and that he can help her become a better young Super Hero. He turns his attention to the boys, only to discover that they have slipped away. Jon manages to leap his way with Damien on his back all the way back home to the farm. The boys continue to bicker amongst themselves. As Jon tries to sneak back into his window, he is confronted by Lois and Alfred... "You boys had better start talking... and Quick!"

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Super Sons #5
Cover date: August 2017
"Battle in the Batcave"
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Penciller: Alisson Borges
Inker: Alisson Borges
We open with Damien in the Batcave, bored and frustrated that he is benched by Batman and Alfred from going on patrol, for sneaking off to fight Kid Amazo with Jon. Across the country, Lois yells at Jon, who is using his powers to complete his chores on the farm. Jon also being grounded is forbidden from using his powers and going out. Frustrated at his punishment and also for having to move to Metropolis, leaving his home and friends in Hamilton County, Jon lashes out at his parents and leaps away. Soon after, Jon ends up in Gotham and makes his way to the Batcave. Once there, he gives Damien a piece of his mind, for getting him in trouble resulting in both of them being grounded. After some mocking banter back and forth, the boys start fighting with each other, one trying to beat the other. They stop as Alfred comes down to the cave with food for the both of them. Alfred lectures the boys on getting along, and tells them that their fathers too had to learn the same lesson, and now they are both trusted allies and more importantly, friends. Superman and Batman soon join Alfred and the boys, and Superman explains to Jon that they may be moving to Metropolis, but it will be a great experience, and that he and Lois have come to the conclusion to not make Jon hide from the world, but be part of it as Superboy. We end with the boys heading out on patrol for the night, with a promise of adventures to come.

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Super Sons #6
Cover date: September 2017
"Planet of the Capes" - Part 1
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Penciller: Jorge Jimenez
Inker: Jorge Jimenez
We open in an unknown location in what seems to be Metropolis in a seedy rundown building. A mysterious middle aged person molds and sculpts figures from clay. He narrates that when his time passes he will not be remembered but his life's work will never be forgotten. We then cut to the home of the Kent's apartment in Metropolis, Jon gets ready to leave for a night on patrol with his friend and crime fighting partner Damien. The two boys patrol the city, righting wrongs and helping those in need. The Teen Titans turn up later in the night seeking Damien's help. Damien sends Jon home, claiming that he is not a teenager, therefore he is not needed. Jon unhappily heads home, makes it back before his curfew. Damien and the Titans find who they are seeking in three mysterious assailants that manage to take the team down with ease. One of them has a message for Damien, he tells him he doesn't want to kill them, but he does want Damien to bring more of his friends. We cut back to the Kent's apartment, where Jon who is home alone, falls asleep on the coach watching TV. He is awoken to a voice calling his name, thinking that it may be his father he calls out "Dad is that you?"... Only to be answered "Are you crazy?... Do I look like your father?"... To his astonishment, an old withered looking Damien stands before him along with all the unconscious members of the Teen Titans.

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Super Sons #7
Cover date: October 2017
"Planet of the Capes" - Part 2: "The Kids are all Fight"
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Penciller: Jorge Jimenez
Inker: Jorge Jimenez
We open with Jon accommodating the Teen Titans in his home after the events of last issue. Meanwhile Damien is struggling with his advanced aging, namely of the bathroom kind. The Teen Titans decide they need to go back out and find the beings that defeated them to stop them, as well as find a way to reverse Damien's condition. They ask that Jon join them, to which even Damien is in agreeance with. We cut to the mastermind behind the whole mess, a low level magician name Kraklow. He was visited upon by his future self, who gave him the means to create the beings that took down the Teen Titans. He created the trio of Atom Master, Time Commander and Faceless Hunter from clay blessed by real magic. All this is in the hopes of him becoming infamous. He sends his trio out to finish the Teen Titans, just as they burst into Kraklow's lair. A battle ensues, and the trio unleash their power onto the teenage heroes, but it appears that Jon is much more powerful than he is given credit for, and manages to turn the tide against them. The Teen Titans take care of the trio, as Robin catches up with the Time Commander, to reverse the effects of the rapid aging. The rest of the trio start to decompose back to clay, and the team apprehends Kraklow. Before the Teen Titans leave, they all have some encouraging words for Jon, and Raven tells him that he is always welcome back to the Teen Titans, even though he is not yet a teen. Damian tells Jon not to get too cocky, and that they are more impressed with the "S" he wears on his chest, than anything else. Both boys grab samples of the clay for Damian to study back at the Batcave. As the two boys bicker over whether Damian is meant to be Jon's trainer and mentor, something seems to open up in the background, breaking through possibly time and space...

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Super Sons #8
Cover date: November 2017
"Planet of the Capes" - Part 3
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Penciller: Jorge Jimenez
Inker: Jorge Jimenez
We open from where we left off last issue, with the boys being sucked into another dimension after having defeated Kraklow and his super powered henchmen made of "magical clay". The boys are immediately attacked by a large creature with tentacles. Jon uses his powers to try and get himself and Damien free. He is suddenly helped out by two girls, Hard Line and Big Shot, who not only free them from the creatures' grasp, but also help them find some sanctuary. They head back to a small village where Hard Line and Big Shot live with more of their people. The girls explain how their world, called Eoroe, was taken over by a being called Ygarddis, who turns out to be the being that the girls saved Jon and Damien from. It turns out that Kraklow in this dimension was a great wizard and helped Hard Line and Big Shot escape from doom when Ygarddis attacked and took over. This comes as a shock to the boys, as they had just faced Kraklow on Earth and he was no hero there. Jon however recalls that his father once told him about how there are many Earths, with many different versions of the same people, and that this may have been the case with Kraklow. Damien tries to come up with a plan for him and Jon to return to their home dimension. Jon is more concerned about helping Hard Line and Big Shot and what remains of their people, from Ygarddis. Later, Damien returns from reconnaissance, he tells Jon that he had been exploring their surroundings and has learned much about the landscape. Jon tells him of his own theories regarding Kraklow and the "magical clay" that Kraklow used against them back home, and how it may be what Ygarddis was really after when he attacked Eoroe, and that the Kraklow of this world gave the clay to the Kraklow of Earth, thinking he too was a powerful wizard and one of the good guys. Suddenly they are attacked by Ygarddis and a legion of super powered beings that he has created himself from the "magic clay"... "Other worlders... Call me Ygarddis... The Macrocosm... The Biomass... I am this planet... And this planet is my army... It is time to feed"...

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Super Sons #9
Cover date: December 2017
"Planet of the Capes" - Part 4: "It's a Mad House"
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Artists: Jorge Jimenez and Carmine Di Giandomenico
We open with the boys battling the army that Ygarddis has created. Sensing that they are about to get defeated, Kraklow pulls them down to his level and tells the boys that they can't defeat Ygarddis. He explains that his magic got so strong that he was able to create superior people from clay, the likes of Hard Line and Big Shot. Wallowing in despair, Jon snaps Kraklow out of his pity party with some encouraging words. Ygarddis attacks, and together the boys, Kraklow, Hard Line and Big Shot manage to defeat him. Kraklow taps into his vast power and helps send the boys home. Later, in Metropolis, the boys tell Clark about their adventure, before Clark flies of to some emergency. Elsewhere Kraklow, Hard Line and Big Shot, inspired by both Jon and Damien set up a school for the next generations of heroes of their world.

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