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Super Sons #10
Cover date: January 2018
"One Fine Day"
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Artist: Jose Luis
We open with the boys and their fathers at the Kent Farm in Hamilton County, Clark, Bruce and Damien proudly watch as Jon demonstrates that he now has the ability to fly freely of his own accord. No more leaping in a single bound. On the ride back to the house, Jon tells Damien to ride on top of the truck roof, with his arms stretched forward. Damien admits it's fun to fly. Interlude: Through the burning rubble of the once GCPD building, a trench coated Batman rises from it, clutching a purple and green torn off piece of fabric, and says, The apocalypse is back on, because I say so". Later that night both Superman and Batman wake up their sons (in their separate homes) and tell them to get dressed into their "work clothes". They travel to the bottom of Metropolis Bay, to a structure built by Superman that will serve as the boy's new headquarters. Jon names it the "Fortress of Attitude". Both Superman and Batman explain that since the boys work together so well, they are able to handle low level threats on their own, and would require a base of operations. Batman also reveals to Damien that he will no longer be home schooled by Alfred, and that he will be attending private school in Metropolis with Jon. We end with the boys receiving an alert for their first mission from their new headquarters, a Chemo attack.

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Super Sons Annual #1
Cover date: January 2018
"Animal Planet"
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Penciller: Paul Pelletier
Inker: Cam Smith
Superboy and Robin put an end to some bank robbers, with their trademark banter. After the successful bust, the boys head back to their homes. Jon marks off another crime on his list. He looks at what he must do tomorrow, which is to search for all the pets that have suddenly gone missing. Krypto looks at the list, and after Jon has gone to sleep, he flies to Gotham, to the barn where Bat-Cow is housed. Bat-Cow moos to signal Titus, who comes running. Krypto and Titus fly off to see Detective Chimp. Detective Chimp points them to where their compatriots may be, and they fly off to meet them. Once there, the World's Finest pets explain to the other Super Pets about all the missing animals, and they head out to find them. After some searching, they find the animals aboard an alien ship. The pilot of the ship explains to the Super Pets that he is liberating them, and no longer will the humans hold them as simple pets. After a small battle, Krypto and Titus manage to stop the alien and free all the animals. The next morning, Jon finds himself in Gotham, at his crime fighting partner's home. Damien had called him over, turns out all the missing animals are all hanging around the backyard at Wayne Manor.

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Super Sons #11
Cover date: February 2018
"Super Sons of Tomorrow" - Part 2: "Son Down"
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi & Patrick Gleason
Penciller: Ryan Benjamin
Inker: Richard Friend
After the events in Gotham (Superman #37), Tim Drake/Batman has made his way to Metropolis, to the home of the Kents. Lois is on the phone to Cathy from Hamilton County, who has asked to talk with Jon. Jon however is not in his room sleeping as his mother thinks he is. Across town the Teen Titans are battling some villains, who are trying to interrupt the proceedings at the UN building. One by one the Teen Titans are falling prey to the villains, when they are seemingly single handedly rescued by a "blur". After the battle, the team tries to figure out who took out who, when Robin discovers that they had some assistance from none other than his "friend" Superboy. Back at Teen Titans headquarters, Robin reprimands Superboy, telling him he is not part of the team. The rest of the team sympathize with Jon, and start to argue with Robin, when Tim Drake appears on the view screens, and tells them that he is after Superboy, and they need to hand him over to him. He tells the team that he has neutralized both Raven and Kid Flash's powers, and proceeds to capture Superboy by shooting a "symbiotic" type substance at him, one that grows and encapsulates him. A panicked Jon begins to lose control of his powers, and starts to overload, he pleads to his friend Damien for help, but Damien tells him to fly up, otherwise he will kill them all. In doing so, there is a large explosion of sorts, one that takes out almost the top half of Titans Tower. Elsewhere, three individuals look at the events going on, they lock in on Tim Drake/Batman's location. One asks if he is dead, the other responds that they can't get a read on his vitals. They ask the third... "Conner, what do we do?" "What Titans do Bart... We find him... We bring him home"...

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Super Sons #12
Cover date: March 2018
"Super Sons of Tomorrow" - Finale: "Last Minute Saved"
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi & Patrick Gleason
Artists: Tyler Kirkham, Tomeu Morey, Rob Leigh
Picking up from the pages of Superman, the Teen Titans, Future Titans and Superman watch as Tim Drake/Savior is sucked into the Multiverse. Superman and the Teen Titans question the three future Titans on who they are. To which Conner replies, "You don't know me yet, but you once told me when it comes to time-travel and alternate realities, the less you know, the better". Conner, Cassie and Bart return to their time, by Bart using the Speed Force. Kid Flash gets reprimanded by Raven for taking a selfie. Superman takes Jon and Damien into the Fortress with him to talk. He tells them both that he is having doubts about the two of them continuing to fight crime together, seeing as how in the future, because of Damien, Jon loses control and causes a disaster, the one which Tim Drake came back to prevent. Jon and Damien convince Superman that they are stronger together as partners, than they are apart. This way they can watch each other's backs. They meet up with the Teen Titans outside the Fortress and Superman has everyone teleported to the Justice League satellite base, allowing the Teen Titans to use it as a temporary base until theirs is repaired. Damien casts a vote to include Jon as a part time Teen Titan, and then be given a full time membership once he turns 13. The Titans vote against it, and Jon sadly walks away. Damien joins him, and the two talk and reaffirm their friendship.

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Super Sons #13
Cover date: April 2018
"The Parent Trap" - Part One
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Penciller: Carlo Barberi
Inker: Art Thibert
We begin at the West-Reeve Private School, where Jon is playing kick ball with his fellow students. During this physical activity, he practices very hard at playing human, disguising the fact that he's more powerful than everyone there. Damien arrives via helicopter, and is met by Jon. In usual fashion, Damien works hard at being a jerk, both to Jon and his class mates. At lunch, Jon invites Damien to play sport with him and the other students. Damien senses that he is not alone, and they both discover that his mother Talia Al Ghul is watching them from the shadows. Talia tells Damien to join her in her new quest as an assassin, seeing as how she helped make him into the "weapon" that he is today, Damien refuses, and Talia leaves. After school, the boys look deeper into Talia's movements, and Damian discovers where she and her army will strike next... Gotham. Once they get to Gotham City, the boys make short work of Talia's assassins, and Damien discovers Talia's next target... Lois Lane.

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Super Sons #14
Cover date: May 2018
"The Parent Trap" - Part Two: "Blood Relative"
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Penciller: Carlo Barberi
Inker: Art Thibert
We open with Lois in Gotham City, conducting an interview, with Superboy and Robin in a mad rush to get to her before Talia Al Ghul assassinates her. They arrive in the nick of time, and Jon manages to catch the bullet that Talia fires at Lois. Damien challenges his mother to a duel, while Jon takes care of the League of Assassin ninjas, sent to finish off Lois. Damien defeats his mother, and tells her to stay away from now on. We end with the boys walking of discussing Jon's desire to be trained as a ninja.

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Super Sons #15
Cover date: June 2018
"End of Innocence" - Part One
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Penciller: Carlo Barberi
Inker: Art Thibert
We open with a couple of scientists from Lexcorp, who discover that their test subject has escaped. We cut to the boys in their HQ at the bottom of Morrison Bay. Jon is eating noodles, while Damien is working out. The base is infiltrated by a familiar foe to the boys, Kid Amazo. The HQ starts to flood, the boys try to escape to the top of the bay, but Jon is pulled back down by Kid Amazo. Damien attempts to rescue Jon, but finds that he can't hold his breathe anymore, he almost doesn't make it to the top, when he is pulled out of the water by Cyborg. Jon is taken back to Kid Amazo's hideout, where he reveals to Jon that he doesn't need a human host anymore, but rather a Kryptonian Hybrid, who is much more resilient. We end with the reveal that Kid Amazo has managed to capture the Justice League, and plans to siphon their powers, with Jon as his new host.

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Super Sons #16
Cover date: July 2018
"End of Innocence" - Part Two
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Penciller: Carlo Barberi & Brent Peeples
Inker: Art Thibert & Scott Hanna
We open with two young children, sitting on the ground and listening to their "Pop Pop", tell them a tale about the Super Sons. We cut to Jon as he is being told Kid Amazo's plan to take over his body, and Robin and Cyborg come to his rescue. A battle ensues, and Kid Amazo utilizes the powers of the JL, and takes over Cyborg's operating system. However this is exactly what Damien wanted, and he and Superboy manage to take down Cyborg, and purge Kid Amazo from his system, by using one of Batman's contingency plans against Cyborg. With Kid Amazo's plan thwarted, and the Justice League recovered from his attack, Superman and Batman tell the boys that they have done a good job, and jokingly discuss retirement. Damien asks when they plan to retire, and Batman answers with "further down the road". We end with "Pop Pop" finishing his story to the kids, who claim that the story just can't end there, and demand another story before they have to go to sleep. "Pop Pop" pulls another book from the shelf, titled "The Adventures of the Super Sons: Vol 2" and tells the kids... "Now you sure you're ready for whats next?... Because the Super Sons sure as heck weren't...". The End.

[Trade Paperback collection: Super Sons Vol. 3: Parent Trap [Paperback] reprints Super Sons #13-16 and Annual #1]

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Super Sons/Dynomutt and Blue Falcon #1
Cover date: July 2018
"The Dog Knight"
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Penciller: Fernando Pasarin
Inker: Oclair Albert
Our story begins years ago, as boy genius Radley Crowne tinkers in his lab. He is visited by his father who introduces him to his new best friend, a puppy named Mutt. We watch as the years go by, and Radley and Mutt grow up together, until fifteen years later, Mutt is dying due to old age. Not wanting to part from his best friend, Radley has an idea that takes Mutt from a normal dog and transforms him into the cybernetic Dynomutt. Together he and Bradley become the crime fighting duo Dynomutt and the Blue Falcon of Big City. We cut to present day, as Jon is at a funeral with his parents in Big City. Feeling a little uneasy, because of his lack of understanding about death and funerals, he steps outside to get some fresh air, where he is met by Robin. Gotham being a little too quiet for his taste, Robin tracked down Jon, and asks him to go on patrol with him in Big City. Just then, the boys are met by an injured Dynomutt, who reaches out to Damian for help. The boys take him back to Dynomutt's and Blu Falcon's lair at Crowne Tower, where the automated systems begin repairs on Dynomutt. Dynomutt informs the boys that the Red Vulture has somehow taken over Blue Falcon's mind, and that he is a danger to himself and them. Just then, Jon is blasted from behind with a synthetic Kryptonite ray by none other than the Blue Falcon. He also manages to take down Robin, and escapes with Dynomutt's body. Dynomutt manages to help the boys in a last ditch effort, by transferring data to Robin's wrist computer, and leading them to Red Vulture's lair. Blue Falcon delivers Dynomutt to Red Vulture, who reveals that he was one of Radley's first experiments, energetically enhancing animals. Red Vulture escaped Radley, and by using his own superior intellect, is able to reverse engineer Radley's work, and creates himself a human/cybernetic hybrid body. With that body currently dying, he is attempting to transfer his consciousness into Dynomutt's own body, and become something even greater and menacing than before. The boys arrive at the lair, and attempt to stop Red Vulture, but are met by Blue Falcon, who just about decimates them both. As Red Vulture attempts to complete the transfer, he is met by resistance, Dynomutt's own consciousness fights Red Vulture's and manages to stop his mind from downloading into his body. Frustrated at his failure, Red Vulture orders Blue Falcon to kill the boys. He is confronted by Dynomutt who is able to snap him out of it, reminding him, that he is his Best Friend. Red Vulture shoots at Dynomutt to destroy him once and for all, but Blue Falcon intercepts the blast, and gives his own life to save his life long friend. Jon takes down Red Vulture, and Dynomutt lashes out to attack him, but is stopped by Robin, who reminds him that that is not what Blue Falcon would have wanted. A little while later, we find ourselves at the funeral of Radley Crowne. Jon tells Damian that he now finally understands what funerals are really about, as a gathering of people who pay their respects to the deceased. Damian jokes to Jon, that he has a dark side, even though he is the one that is Batman's junior partner. Much later we see Dynomutt digging up Radley's coffin, and take his dead body to Crowne Towers, which is Blue Falcon's secret headquarters. He speaks to Radley, telling him, that so many years ago, Radley told him that he was the only family he had left, and in that same respect, Dynomutt would also not let Radley go without a fight. After hooking him up to machines, he is able to revive his best friend and crime fighting partner.

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Adventures of the Super Sons #1 (of 12)
Cover date: October 2018
"Action Detectives"
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Penciller: Carlo Barberi
Inker: Art Thibert
(Note: This 12 issue series takes place between Super Sons #6 and Superman Special #1). We open with the boys fighting the giant Superman statue from Memorial Park. The statue has been bought to life by The Puppeteer. As Jon takes over for Damian fighting the statue, Damian manages to defeat The Puppeteer, and end the conflict. Later at the West-Reeve, summer vacation starts, the boys are picked up by Alfred. Sometime after that, the boys in their headquarters in Morrison Bay, learn of an attack by a smaller version of the Shaggy Man. When they go to investigate, they discover their latest adversary, as well as a whole lot more, as they are greeted by "The Gang", younger versions of Earth's Super Villains... Shaggy Boy, Ice Princess, Kid Deadshot, Brainiac 6, Joker Jnr. and their leader Rex Luthor. With Damian tied up, Rex unleashes his secret weapon of Gold Kryptonite, stripping Jon of his powers whilst he is in its vicinity and with a power gauntlet, starts beating Jon mercilessly.

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Adventures of the Super Sons #2 (of 12)
Cover date: November 2018
"Action Detectives" - Part 2
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Penciller: Carlo Barberi
Inker: Art Thibert
We open with a flashback to Rex's past, as we learn that he and his friends are beings of an alien race that watches Earth and its denizens on their devices, and that they are obsessed with the heroes of Earth. Rex has decided to fashion himself after Earth's greatest villain Lex Luthor, and sought out like minded others, as he formed his notorious team The Gang. Jon and Damien are captives of The Gang, but find an unlikely ally in Joker Jnr, who helps Damien escape, and tries to reverse the effects of the Synthetic Gold Kryptonite, which turns red, and splits Jon into Superboy Red and Superboy Blue.

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Adventures of the Super Sons #3 (of 12)
Cover date: December 2018
"Action Detectives" - Part 3
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Penciller: Carlo Barberi
Inker: Art Thibert
Our story picks up where the last issue ended, with Jon being split into two beings, a Superboy Red and a Superboy Blue. Right away, the two Jons hate each other and start on a tirade of insults to one another, with Damien caught in the middle as the level-headed one, who is trying to fight back The Gang as well. Joker Jnr. who had apparently made his escape in a pod, finds himself shot at and his pod blown up by Kid Deadshot, and just when all seems lost for the young clown, he uses Jon's buckle given to him by Superman, to help himself in the vacuum of space, and then is rescued by a mystery fellow space traveller. Back on the ship, Damien begins an assault on the bridge of the ship, and takes down Brainiac 6 with ease. Rex Luthor is in hot pursuit of him, but is unsuccessful in taking down the boy wonder. The ship begins to free fall as it nears a planet much like Earth, and the two Superboys put aside their differences and attempt to save the ship and the occupants on it. They are successful in doing so, but at a cost, as Superboy Blue takes the brunt of the blast of the ship's thrusters, and is barely conscious when Robin and Superboy Red find him. We end with Rex gloating that he will destroy the boys, as Joker Jnr. turns up to save them, with the help of Space Cabbie.

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