Superman Comic Books

Mild Mannered Reviews

Each week, as new Superman related comic books are released, the Superman Homepage will publish reviews of these comic books. The comic books usually come out each Tuesday, and, where possible, we try to publish our reviews on the day of release. Be forewarned, these reviews do contain "spoilers".

We also review other comics, such as Justice League, aswell as other Superman related comics and Specials such as Graphic Novels, Annuals and Prestige Format Mini-series.

As a special bonus, we've also reviewed a whole stack of older Superman comics, dating back more than 75 years!


At the end of each review, the comic is rated for its Story, Art and Cover Art. These three elements are given a rating on the *Krypto-scale*. The scale's highest (and therefore best) rating is a 5.

*Krypto-scale* key:

5 - Excellent!
4 - Good
3 - Average
2 - Bad
1 - Horrible!