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Here are Eddie Berganza's answers to questions fans put to him in June-September 2014:

Eddie's Answers

Gerry Beritela ( asks:
Hi Eddie. Two Supergirl questions: Has she lost her "Solar Blast" power? We haven't seen her use it in a long time and it's not among the powers she mentions in the latest "Secret Origin" story. If she no longer has it, when did she lose it? I'd hate to see it go, since it was an interesting power which helped distinguish her from Superman. Also, why does she wear a mask with her Red Lantern costume? None of the other Reds have one, and she doesn't even have a secret identity to protect.

Eddie: Kara's solar blast is not a power she easily controls, and at the time she was listing her powers it was not one that she was aware of. And Kara was hiding a lot under her mask of rage, so it was only natural it manifested as such when she became a Red Lantern.

David ( asks:
Hi, Eddie! Thanks for answering questions. What are the chances of getting the Cary Bates/Curt Swan run on Superman/Action Comics collected in hardcover? Would you be one of the ones to make that happen? I think it's long overdue! Perhaps it could be the start of the Bronze Age Archives or simply a "best of" collection if the former is not an option. Thanks again!

Eddie: Hardcovers are a little out of my purview, but if there is enough demand for it... Maybe.

Toptom asks:
Thank you Eddie, for taking the time to answer fan questions. After Snyder's run on "Superman Unchained", we will ever have the opportunity to see another writer on this title? I think it's great to have a comic book with some self contained stories that don't have to be strictly related to each other but which are still in continuity. Personally I wouldn't mind if such a title isn't monthly, since waiting for the right author with the right story, and of course the right artist, will obviously pay off.

Eddie: Well, again it's about demand. So my turn to ask the questions, you all tell me, do you want a book that's out of continuity? And who would your preference for the talent behind it be?

George asks:
A lot of people were upset that the "Adventures of Superman" title was cancelled - as it gave fans a chance to see a Superman closer to what we had before the latest New 52 reboot. Given that, any people still long for the pre New 52 Superman, either the post crisis John Byrne run or the Silver Age Superman - has there been any discussion of continuing those storylines as if they hadn't ended - in a similar way to how the "Smallville" comic picked up after the conclusion of the show?

Eddie: At present no, but see above, and you tell me.

Jack asks:
So what's up with all the evil Supermen as of lately? I know it's been going on longer but it seems evil Supermen are popping up more often now.

Eddie: It's almost as if it's in the zeitgeist. Is it a reflection of where we are as a society. Have we given up on hope and the ideals the perennial Superman represents? In ACTION COMICS Greg Pak is weaving a little horror story in Smallville that has Clark being haunted by all that has happened to him and his continued role as Superman. Is there a place here on Earth Kal can call home?

Richard "Brik-El" Hicks ( asks:
Hi Eddie! Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. I really like the new design of Cyborg-Superman, and him being Kara's father is an interesting twist. Will you guys be exploring more of his story? Is Hank Henshaw now a villain of the past, or something you're working on? Anywho, New 52 Superman is really growing on me, keep up the great work!

Eddie: Thank you for that. Hank Henshaw is a thing of the past, I really do like what this new incarnation means to both Superman and Kara, and what will happen when they become aware of it or in Superman's case when he remembers it.

FMoon asks:
Hi, Eddie, just to say I love the Superman/Wonder Woman relationship and am enjoying the book so much. Don't know how anyone can say Diana does not care for Clark with what the narrative is tossing at them and how she's dealt with stuff so far. Anyway after Doomed will we see any of Diana's foes in later arcs, not necessarily the Gods but other because it has been predominantly Clark's so far. Will Diana make any appearances in Geoff Johns' title? Thanks!

Eddie: Oh, you are in for a treat in SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN. I cannot say anything yet, but the new team of Peter Tomasi, Doug Mahnke and Jaime Mendoza have some ideas that will make you very happy, plus we'll get to see how the romance of this super-couple started. As for Diana in SUPERMAN, well, Geoff did start this romance, sooooo, we'll see.

Richard Caponetti asks:
Is the Doomsday in Superman: Doomed more durable than, less durable than, or equally durable as the previous incarnations of the monster, including that which appears in of "Superman/Doomsday: Hunter/Prey"?

Eddie: In a way deadlier because not only did he have a killer bio-field similar to what Superboy emits with his tk abilities, but he was able to infect the Man of Steel and make him into another Doomsday. And had Superman not absorbed the spores it real was at the time of its "death"' who knows how many more Doomsday's we would have had running around.

Tej ( asks:
Hi Eddie. In stead of getting frustrated at the fact that you're getting so many Superman/Lois/Diana questions, shouldn't you be taking this back to DC and saying "I don't think people like this power couple". It's been 2 years of development, I'm entitled to dismiss this thing you call a relationship because it hurts my hero, Superman. So I'll ask again, When is Superman getting back together with Lois Lane?

Eddie: Actually, it looks like people are coming around and like the Diana/Clark relationship. But Lois will be playing an important part in Kal's life in all the various books.

JJ ( asks:
Hello. I am curious, in previous incarnations of Superman, the Man of Steel said he doesn't wear black because "he's not an executioner." Certainly there were exceptions such as his mourning the losses of the Imperiex War and in Kingdom come, but the black shield on his cape seems out of character and kind of just there for the sake of it. So I guess my question is why, Eddie? Why?

Eddie: Kal had no choice about that, it's the cape that came with him from Krypton. In a way another example of him mourning his lost planet.

Jpx98 ( asks:
Eddie are there any plans for other Superman books outside of the New 52, because without "Smallville" and "Adventures of Superman" many fans don't have any new Superman books to read anymore.

Eddie: Maybe...

Chandrika asks:
Thanks for your time Eddie. I keep hearing that Lois Lane is more than Superman's girlfriend and SM/WW is not at the expense of Lois. So what has been done/what is being done in the New 52 to show that Lois Lane is more Superman's girlfriend?.

Eddie: As noted above, she will have a large role in the books. In BATMAN/SUPERMAN she even donned a Batgirl outfit, and her connection to Kal will become very dangerous in the next arc, Geoff has noted that he wants to do a story focusing on her.

Steve asks:
Hey Eddie. Can you please clear up for us what the situation is with Superman's uniform/suit... Is it metallic? Is it cloth? We know it's Kryptonian, but if you had to explain it to someone, what would you say it most resembled on earth?

Eddie: Actually, it's not like anything on Earth. It responds to the wearer's DNA and composes itself as such. It has a metallic look to it at first glance, but it's as malleable as cloth. Really unique actually.

Thanks to everyone for their continued interest in the Man of Steel, and starting in November there's some cool stuff coming up, as we get new teams and new story lines going on in the books. Do let me know what you are liking.

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