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June 21, 2002: “Smallville” - Clark's Clothes and Backpacks

Quite often fans email me asking where they can buy this piece of clothing or that certain item as seen on the TV series "Smallville". Well I've finally been able to get answers to those questions...

On many an episode of "Smallville" Clark is seen shouldering backpacks to and from school. The brand name of Tom Welling's backpack is Clive and you can find them at www.clivebags.com. More specifically, the skateboard backpacks Clark carries around are the "Beta" and "Scout" backpacks.

As for the clothes Clark Kent wears, the WB wardrobe has Tom Welling dressed in the following brand labels on "Smallville":

  • Abercrombie & Fitch
  • Levi
  • American Eagle

So now you know! :)

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