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  • All Star Superman #1 (January)
    Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely, Jamie Grant
    A crew of genetically engineered beings are on a mission to the Earth's Sun, but Lex Luthor has planted a human suicide bomb aboard, who threatens the mission. Superman arrives and takes out the terrorist threat. Back on Earth Lex is caught in the act of controlling his "man" on the spacecraft by General Sam Lane. Apparently Lex was released from jail by the government to work for them, but Lex has broken his promise to stop trying to kill Superman, because he realizes he's growing old where Superman isn't. Superman's rescue of the sun mission appears to have worked for Lex. The over exposure to the sun has overloaded Superman's cells, gradually killing them. At the Daily Planet Clark stumbles in telling Perry to stop the presses, he's got a big story. Lex willingly allows himself to be arrested. Clark walks Lois home, as they get to her door, he reveals to her that he's secretly Superman!

  • All Star Superman #2 (February)
    Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely, Jamie Grant
    Lois doesn't believe Superman is Clark Kent. As he flies her to his Fortress of Solitude she thinks it's all a big joke. Superman shows her around the Fortress, and when Lois stumbles across a room she wasn't supposed to see, she thinks maybe Superman has gone mad from his trip to the Sun, and prepares to arm herself just in case. When she fires a Kryptonite ray gun at him, he discovers his immune to Kryptonite now, and finally reveals to her that the secret room was a birthday surprise he'd been making for her... her own super-powered costume.

  • All Star Superman #3 (May)
    Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely, Jamie Grant
    Drinking the serum that gives her super powers for a day, Lois joins Superman in a flight to Metropolis where a dinasaur creature known as Krull is causing havoc. However time travelling Samson and Atlas take care of the threat and start hitting on Lois. They challenge Superman for the right to court Lois. Samson gives Lois radioactive crown jewels, but the Ultra-Sphinx (from whom they were stolen) arrives and threatens to kill Lois unless Superman can answer the unanswerable question... which he does. He then accepts Samson and Atlas' challenge if they vow to never return. He beats them both at an arm wrestle competition, before taking Lois on a date to the depths of Atlantis. They kiss on the moon and then return to her appartment, where (with her powers almost gone) Lois falls asleep just as Superman is about to ask her an important question.

  • All Star Superman #4 (July)
    Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely, Jamie Grant
    Jimmy Olsen's new assignment is to write a new "For A Day" article on being director-for-a-day of P.R.O.J.E.C.T. With top agents assigned to protect him, he's looking forward to an easy day of jet-setting and international liaisons all in the name of scientific discovery. Instead, P.R.O.J.E.C.T. receives a terrifying directive - to take down a rogue Superman! Thanks to black Kryptonite, Superman has gone a bit bizarro. Jimmy must use a dangerous Doomsday serum to make himself into a indestructible force capable of taking down the Man of Steel.

  • All Star Superman #5 (September)
    Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely, Jamie Grant
    Clark visits Lex Luthor in jail. Lex shows him items he's working on, tours him around the jail, as Clark interviews him. When the Parasite is transfered nearby, he draws power from Clark being nearby, breaks free, and starts rampaging through the jail. Unable to expose his true identity, Clark does his best to save people, including Lex, while Lex himself goes about saving the situation, killing Parasite, before showing Clark a subterranean escape route.

“All Star Superman” Comics Index


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