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  • Superman Adventures #51 (January)
    Dean Motter, Neil Vokes, Terry Austin
    Lois goes on a luxury cruise with Lana, but an object from space crashes into the ocean causing their ship to capsize. The two are rescued by a crazy scientist on a deserted island with a strange past.

  • Superman Adventures #52 (February)
    Mark Millar, Aluir Amancio, Terry Austin
    Supergirl is suffering from an Argoan virus. The antidote contains an "element x" not found on earth. In desperation, Superman goes to Luthor for help... but Lex wants Superman's life to save Supergirl's.

  • Superman Adventures #53 (March)
    Mark Evanier, Neil Vokes, Terry Austin
    Superman has his hands full protecting a witness who is testifying against Intergang, and working out whether or not to rescue Mister Miracle from a trap set by Granny Goodness.

  • Superman Adventures #54 (April) [Part 1 of 2]
    Dean Motter, Aluir Amancio, Terry Austin
    Luthor convinces STAR Labs and the Daily Planet to enlist Superman's help in obtaining Kryptonite as a safe, clean and nearly infinite energy source. However things don't go as planned, and all the Kryptonite is accidentally turned into ordinary pumice... but a sand creature duplicate of Superman is also formed...

  • Superman Adventures #55 (May) [Part 2 of 2]
    Dean Motter, Aluir Amancio, Terry Austin
    Fighting the Sand Creature to a stand-still, Superman and Professor Hamilton soon work out that the creature is a "shadow" of Superman and that it was his molecular that made him invulnerable to Kryptonite.

  • Superman Adventures #56 (June)
    Dan Jolley, Neil Vokes, Terry Austin
    An intergalactic gamesmen called Nyjl Fomalhaut XIV, a huge cat-like creature, comes to claim Earth as he "won" it in a game against Lobo. Unable to defeat Nyjl in the sporting arena, Superman outwits him, turning Nyjl off the idea of owning Earth.

  • Superman Adventures #57 (July)
    Dan Slott, Cameron Stewart, Cameron Stewart
    When Clark, Lois, Jimmy and Ron Troupe are instructed to get a new angle for the next front page story, they all interview different people on the recent battle between Superman and Kalibak, with some interesting developments.

  • Superman Adventures #58 (August)
    Michael Reaves, Aluir Amancio, Terry Austin
    Finding a magical book, a book store owner unwittingly releases a magical beast. Wanting the power for himself, a magician called Sandor Trimegestus steals the book and unleashes the beast which Superman must battle to save the world.

  • Superman Adventures #59 (September)
    Dan Jolley, Neil Vokes, Terry Austin
    A fundraiser is interrupted when the magical grandfather of one lady creates magical mayhem trying to destroy Metropolis which he blames for the death of his daughter and the brainwashing of his granddaughter. Together with Superman she convinces him otherwise.

  • Superman Adventures #60 (October)
    Jordan B. Gorfinkel, Min S. Ku, Terry Austin
    Jimmy, down over the fact that everyone seems to define him solely by his friendship with Superman, misguidedly joins a "fight club" teaching guys to stand up for themselves. Superman realises he's at fault for sending out the wrong image and teaches himself and Jimmy a lesson.

  • Superman Adventures #61 (November)
    Andy Merrill, Aluir Amancio, Terry Austin
    Hocus and Pocus, two performing magicians, get extremely lucky when a fight between Superman and the Parasite is amazingly responsible for a miriad of mystifying tricks seemingly performed by the duo.

  • Superman Adventures #62 (December)
    Michael Reaves, Neil Vokes, Terry Austin
    Luthor has Metallo fitted with a new synthesized version of Kryptonite that will surely kill Superman. However together with Luthor's own scientist, Superman devises a plan to trick both Metallo and Luthor.

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