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  • DC Universe Online Legends #17 (Early January 2012)
    Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo, Bruno Redondo
    Sinestro confronts Hal Jordan thinking he's teamed up with Brainiac. Hal makes him realize that's not the case and Sinestro works out that the Green Lanterns are there to contain the fight only. He tells Hal how Brainiac attacked and ruptured the Anti-Monitor, destroying everything not protected by a ring. Sinestro rallies his troups to attack Brainiac directly, and Hal joins in the fight, going against the Guardian's instructions. However Brainiac isn't even there, he's just a hologram. Hal creates atmosphere for the Yellow Lanterns to all breathe, but Brainiac's bots reach him and break his ring arm... and Hal blacks out. He later comes to, only to find all the Yellow Lanterns dead.

  • DC Universe Online Legends #18 (Late January 2012)
    Marv Wolfman, Howard Porter, Livesay
    The Atom, Cyborg, Wonder Girl, Blue Devil, Mr Freeze and Breathtaker are attacked by more of Brainiac's troopers while aboard his ship. Meanwhile Batman, Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor, Catwoman and Dr Fate, also on the ship, find the science lab. Wonder Woman discovers alien weapons with a Lexcorp logo. As the ship's countdown nears its self destruct, Lex escapes as the teams discover he's been working with Brainiac all along. Lex realizes Brainiac has set him up. The teams make it out of the ship, but all the shrunken cities in bottles collected by Brainiac are now being returned to their normal size all in one location!

  • DC Universe Online Legends #19 (Early February 2012)
    Marv Wolfman, Mike S. Miller, Mike S. Miller
    The collected group of heroes and villains look on as Brainiac's captured cities grow to full size on Earth. At the Daily Planet, a panicked Lex Luthor calms himself down to get back to saving the planet. Batman realizes they need more help and sets about trying to recruit more metahumans. The new recruits attempt to capture Luthor, who realizes he can't be the villain anymore and decides to recruit his own army. He barges in on The Joker, Black Adam and others telling them they're going to volunteer for his army. Wonder Woman starts their attack on Brainiac's forces while Catwoman talks to Perry White about corraling the Daily Planet's new superpowered heroes. The Joker walks out, but the other villains welcome Lex as they plan to wait for Brainiac to kill the superheroes so that they can then take out Brainiac. Wonder Woman confronts Batman who secretly went off on his own to use poison gas to kill Brainiac's aliens. Wonder Woman doesn't like his plan, but Batman doesn't care, knocking her out as he flies off in his plane. In the future, looking back at this confrontation, Batman walks through what appears to be a time portal to go back to that moment in the past.

  • DC Universe Online Legends #20 (Late February 2012)
    Marv Wolfman, Howard Porter, Livesay
    The newly super powered Daily Planet staff, including Jimmy Olsen/Turtle Man, Perry White/Frost and Samuel Robertson/Bloodhound with a unique tracking ability, continue to track down Luthor, but are met with the entire team of villains. The bad guys win and Luthor stops them from killing, but when Jimmy Olsen contacts the Justice League, a portal opens and someone offers to save them. Luthor, Black Adam, Circe, Deathstroke and Giganta are all rescued by the future Batman and brought to Superman's Fortress of Solitude. Since the present day Batman needs to be stopped before he murders all of the aliens from Brainiac's bottles, this Batman needs their help to kill him. Otherwise, Brainiac will have the power to destroy the entire Universe. Luthor and the future Batman manage to abduct Bloodhound to use his tracking ability to hunt down this timeline's Batman. Meanwhile the League attempts to hunt the present day Batman, but fall into all of his traps. Perry White finally finds Luthor, but the future Batman dissuades him from taking Lex out. At the same time, present day Batman has reached the perimeter of the bubble encasing Brainiac's aliens, sets the poisoned gas inside, and prepares to release it.

  • DC Universe Online Legends #21 (Early March 2012)
    Marv Wolfman, Bruno Redondo, Bruno Redondo
    As Batman prepares to kill all the aliens in Brainiac's army, he is attacked by the Green Lantern corp who try to talk him down. He finds himself confronted by his future self, and realizes that if his future self is here that his current actions are wrong. Lex goads him into coming into contact with his future self, which sends the future Batman back to his own time. Brainiac's armies attack, but Batman manages to reach out to them and make them understand that they are all pawns in Brainiac's plans. They stop attacking one another and agree to join together to stop Brainiac. Looking on from his spaceship, Brainiac smiles...

  • DC Universe Online Legends #22 (Late March 2012)
    Marv Wolfman, Howard Porter, Livesay
    Brainiac defeats and then destroys Thanagar. He does the same with Khundia, recruiting them to his fighting forces. On Earth, Perry White and his crew break into Wayne Enterprises where Brainiac's machines have taken up residence. Batman and his group enter Queen Industries which Brainiac is using as his telecom center. Batman is amazed at how much Lex Luthor has changed. Brainiac is aware of Luthor's plans and contacts the villains in Luthor's team. The Green Lantern corps join forces with Batman, Luthor and all the other aliens they've managed to turn against Brainiac. They plan to attack Brainiac's command ship, but his drones are waiting for them. The heroes and villains attack in two teams. Luthor is confronted by what they think is the real Brainiac, but he's defeated too easily. The real Brainiac appears in their midst, blowing out the back of the ship, sucking them all into outer space.

  • DC Universe Online Legends #23 (Early April 2012)
    Marv Wolfman, Mike S. Miller, Mike S. Miller
    Looking at the video recordings from his contact-lens camera, Lex talks to his future self about how much he's changed and how some of the superheroes, especially The Atom, became his friends. Heroes and villains bury their dead, but some of the villains aren't happy with their current arrangement, and make contact with Brainiac to join his plans. Brainiac thinks Lex is moping over his video feed, not realizing that Lex knows Brainiac is watching and has removed his contact lense camera while he makes plans. As Brainiac's ship approaches Earth, the heroes go out to confront him, and many are taken out by the villains alligning themselves with Brainiac. As the heroes retreat, Brainiac himself sets foot on Earth, claiming it for his own.

  • DC Universe Online Legends #24 (Late April 2012)
    Marv Wolfman, Howard Porter, Livesay
    The heroes look after their injured, with magic users combining their powers to save Starfire. However Booster Gold and Solovar both die, and the heroes start to lose faith. Luthor berates them for their attitude as he creates new enhanced armor for the team. Outside, Brainiac and the villains who have sided with him, are laying waste to the planet. The heroes attack, and Brainiac uses his technology to take control over Luthor. He makes him attack the heroes, choking Wonder Woman. This causes Superman to come back from his exile in space, but with Wonder Woman and Batman apparently dead, Superman is also killed. Brainiac, thinking he's won, withdraws his hold over Luthor and double-crosses the villains by killing them. Brainiac is caught by surprise when Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor all rise to challenge him.

  • DC Universe Online Legends #25 (Early May 2012)
    Marv Wolfman, Mike S. Miller, Mike S. Miller
    Superman, Lex, Batman, Wonder Woman and the other heroes take the fight to Brainiac, who is shocked that they're still alive. Lex recalls how he contacted Superman during his exile in space, and assured him that he'd had a change of heart, and alerted him to a plan that would allow them to enhance their abilities and powers, while ridding them of the villains who had teamed with Brainiac. Reluctantly Superman agrees, realizing there's no alternative solution. Teams of five break into different groups to attack Brainiac's bases simultaneously. Hal Jordan dies giving Lex Luthor the rings of fallen Corp members. Lex is granted Hal's ring. At the Fortress of Solitude Lex shows his future self the Green Lantern rings, before he returns to the future. Brainiac's forces break in to the Fortress and start attacking Lex.

  • DC Universe Online Legends #26 (Late May 2012)
    Marv Wolfman, Howard Porter, Livesay
    Lex waits for the right moment as Brainiac's forces attack him in Superman's Fortress and then the Fortress defenses come online to destroy them. Future Lex gives the rings to Batman to use as a power source, as Brainiac has his forces shut down all power across the world. Brainiac searches and finds Lex in the Fortress, but Superman attacks Brainiac, giving Lex and Batman the extra time they need to finish their plans. Brainiac transports to the Fortress, future Batman crosses the time barrier to take on Brainiac to give the machine more time to power up. The two Lex's touch hands across the time barrier creating a paradox which resets time back to a past before Brainiac attacked. Lex, back to his old evil self has a moment of doubt, while in the Batcave Batman receives a message from his future self with for the Green Lantern Corps to act immediately to stop Brainiac's plan. Will Bruce accept the message transfer?

    [Trade Paperback collection: DC Universe Online Legends Vol. 3 reprints issues #16-26]

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