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  • Justice League Adventures #25 (January)
    Ken Rothstein, Chris Jones, Dan Davis
    The Justice League find themselves transported to the planet Rann where they meet Adam Strange, an Earthman living there. Rann is in peril, being drawn ever closer to its Sun. When Adam tells them of a renigade General called Sturm who is building a Solar Canon capable of destroying Earth, the Justice League agree to help.

  • Justice League Adventures #26 (February)
    Ken Rothstein, Chris Jones, Dan Davis
    With some of their powers weakening, the Justice League need the help of Adam Strange to stop Sturm's minions. While Sturm is distracted by Alanna's ploy her father turns the Solar Canon on him, saving her and bringing forward the truth that the Security Minister was aiding Sturm.

  • Justice League Adventures #27 (March)
    Josh Siegal, Chris Jones, Dan Davis
    Hawkgirl is left behind to speak at a convention of young up-and-coming superheroes. As Green Lantern arrives the whole world is frozen accept for Hawkgirl, GL and four youngsters. Together they must form a team to defeat a band of Psions, renegade aliens sucking the energy from Earth's populace.

  • Justice League Adventures #28 (April)
    Jason Hall, Min S. Ku, Ty Templeton
    A worker at STAR Labs is accidentally turned into a living computer virus. After setting up a nuclear blast he heads into the future, followed by certain members of the Justice League. Together with the Legion of Superheroes, the JLA confront the villain and return back to the present just in time to stop the nuclear disaster.

  • Justice League Adventures #29 (May)
    Matt Howarth, Aluir Amancio, Rob Leigh
    When cities begin myseriously merging and appearing within each other, the league discover the cause is a teleportation experiment gone wrong. A Dr Double X, and his energy double, forced Professor Ryko to turn on his machine before it was ready, causing space to fold upon itself.

  • Justice League Adventures #30 (June)
    Stuart Moore, Tim Levins, Robin Riggs
    The future is a bleak place for humans, who are being wiped out by vicious intelligent apes. One human, with help from his animal friends, attempts to use a time machine to change the past. In the past (our present) STAR Labs are about to experiment on a monkey smarter than any other... an experiment that will directly lead to downfall of humans... an experiment that only the Flash can stop, if he's fast enough.

  • Justice League Adventures #31 (July)
    Josh Siegal, Chris Jones, Dan Davis
    A young boy mourns the death of his parents who were bystanders near a crime... The Phantom Stranger stops time to show the Justice League three possible futures where their actions will ruin the boy's future unless they think things through.

  • Justice League Adventures #32 (August)
    Keith Griffen, Dean Haspiel, Dean Haspiel
    The Flash wants to hang out with J'onn on the watchtower, but J'onn isn't in the mood. Just as Flash leaves a computer entity comes to life and starts transforming the watchtower into a body for itself, and attacks J'onn. Just as J'onn is about to succumb, the Flash returns, and together they defeat the entity and agree to hangout and eat pizza.

  • Justice League Adventures #33 (September)
    Matthew K. Manning, Tim Levins, Robin Riggs
    Robin comes to the Watchtower and is confronted by Superman, Flash and Hawkgirl. Batman has vanished. J'onn, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman are all seen stealing parts of a magical relic, and it's discovered that Clayface is actually pretending to be them... but Robin works out that it's actually Felix Faust who is behind it all.

  • Justice League Adventures #34 (October)
    Stuart Moore, Tim Levins, Mick Gray
    An old Lex Luthor returns from the future, brainwashes Wonder Woman, gets her to retrieve artifacts from Superman and Batman's past, to help him drain them of their life force. As Wonder Woman is about to finish them off she throws Superman into Luthor's magical shrine, destroying the spell, sending Luthor back to his own time.

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