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  • Injustice: Gods Among Us #1 (January 15) [Digital Comic]
    Tom Taylor, Jheremy Raapack, Jheremy Raapack
    Batman is sullen: Crime in Gotham has been silenced, but not by justice as much as by fear. Fear of Superman, dictatorial ruler of the world, and his marching soldiers. It started five years ago, not long after the night Clark Kent awoke to the first sound of two hearts beating inside his wife, Lois Lane - hers and their growing baby's. Lois and Clark embrace in the joy of this discovery when Lois receives an anonymous tip about a crooked councilman taking a pay-off and prepares to leave. Clark offers to join her but she refuses, insisting it isn't necessary. There appears to be a job for Superman, anyway. They kiss, and she tells him to "Go. Save the world." He finds Batman, in Metropolis on his way to S.T.A.R. Labs and in the middle of a fight with some street toughs. Superman proposes a rooftop rendezvous and says he has news, but the World's Greatest Detective has it figured out already - he can see the fear and joy all over his friend's face. Meanwhile, at the docks, Lois and Jimmy Olsen are on the lookout for their councilman. Jimmy gets his camera ready, but that's not the councilman... and that's a gun! Batman seems flattered to have been asked to be the baby's godfather. When else does Batman smile? But BANG! Jimmy is dead! Joker's wild! And Lois is on the front line...

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us #2 (January 22) [Digital Comic]
    Tom Taylor, Jheremy Raapack, Axel Gimenez
    Superman finds Jimmy's dead body and panics. Over at STAR Labs, Batman is investigating the theft of a supply of kryptonite on which the scientists were experimenting to determine its conceivably beneficial-to-humanity properties. Superman arrives, panicked, begging Batman for help because he can't see Lois. Batman alerts the Justice League - Green Arrow, Cyborg, Wonder Woman, The Flash. Searching areas of Metropolis that Superman can't immediately see while airborne, Flash finds the corpse of The Scarecrow, murdered by the Joker. Wonder Woman discovers at the docks that the Joker has hijacked a submarine. Superman is on it. He apprehends and promptly beaches the submarine before storming in, where he finds the Joker and Harley Quinn in the infirmary with Lois strapped to an operating table, a scalpel in the Joker's hand and gas masks on both his and Harley's faces. But Superman doesn't notice the green mist until it's too late. Also, the Joker and Harley Quinn aren't alone. It's Doomsday.

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us #3 (January 29) [Digital Comic]
    Tom Taylor, Mike Miller, Mike Miller
    Superman won't let Doomsday anywhere near Lois and the baby. He charges the monster and flies off with him into space, leaving the Joker and Harley Quinn behind to make their escape, despite Harley's objections now that she's named their hijacked submarine "Gunter." Green Lantern, however, stops them with a giant hand construct as he and the other Justice League members that Batman alerted to Lois's kidnapping arrive on the scene. Batman investigates the submarine to find it empty except for Scarecrow's fear toxin. A quick interrogation of the Joker soon reveals that the fear toxin was tainted by Kryptonite and that Superman isn't fighting Doomsday at all. Doomsday is simply a hallucination. And as Batman gets through to him over their communications system and being in space helps to clear his head of the gas, Superman comes to a tragic realization: He's just flown a pregnant Lois Lane into space without any kind of environmental protection or breathing apparatus, killing her and their unborn child. Then, as if that wasn't bad enough, it turns out that the operation the Joker was performing on Lois involved connecting her heart to the missile in the submarine: her death activates it. And Metropolis goes up in a mushroom cloud.

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us #4 (February 5) [Digital Comic]
    Tom Taylor, Mike Miller, Mike Miller
    A grieving Superman cradles Lois Lane's lifeless body in his arms as he kneels in the wreckage of Metropolis. At Gotham Prison, Batman demands answers from the Joker while Flash and Green Lantern make themselves useful evacuating those citizens of Metropolis who were affected by the missile blast. Wonder Woman tries to comfort Superman, assuring him that it's the Joker who's responsible for Lois's death. But Superman cannot be consoled. He asks Wonder Woman to hold Lois's body and flies off, soon to be intercepted by Green Lantern, who counsels him not to go see the Joker but who, unfortunately, cannot stop the Man of Steel. "Don't do something you'll regret for the rest of your life," Hal Jordan says. But it's too late for that. Back at Gotham Prison, Batman's interrogation continues. The Joker is speculating on what effect losing "it all" will have on Superman just as Superman himself smashes through the wall of the interrogation room, pulls the Joker close and... puts his hand right through the center of the Joker's body.

  • Young Romance: New 52 Valentine's Day Special #1 (February 6)
    Andy Diggle and various others, Robson Rocha and various others, Julio Ferreira and various others
    This "romantic evening" begins with Clark (Kent aka Superman) and Diana (Prince? aka Wonder Woman) sitting for dinner talking about Diana's family. She says that she'd rather not talk about them as she likes it being "just them". Clark says that it's all right and explains how he's felt bad about lying to everyone closest to him about who he is. Diana tells him that it's not hypocrisy (him lying to his friends), it's heroism. Clark tells her that with her, he doesn't have to worry about that, that he can just be himself. Diana talks about trying to find a place in the world, and as she finishes, the Mantic Sisters show up and put Clark under a spell. Diana's cousin Eros shows up explaining that the Sisters are sirens and under their control. The Sisters then demand Diana give up her bracelets (which they call bracers) and lasso or Superman is lost forever. Diana changes into her Wonder Woman uniform and whips Eros's pistols from his hands, breaking the siren's control over him. The sirens then order Superman to attack Diana to which she wraps him up in her lasso (which compels him to tell the truth) and he says that he doesn't want to hurt her, while he's punching her in the face. Eros then shoots the sirens who bow down back before him in reverence, giving Clark back control over his own body. Superman apologizes to Diana for hurting her and Eros accepts the blame, only to declare that Superman will never hurt his cousin nor love again as he shoots him. Diana, holding a "dying" Superman, tells Clark that if he was to love her, she wanted it to be of his own free-will and choice. Superman holds up the caught bullet and tells her that "it is".

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us #5 (February 12) [Digital Comic]
    Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo, Bruno Redondo
    On the way to prison, Harley Quinn kills her police escort and drives to a safe house, but Green Arrow steps out of the shadows, bow at the ready. The two fight briefly until Arrow bests her and ties her up. He drives her to his lead-lined underground hideout, hoping to keep her away from Superman, because he's worried Superman might do to her what he did to the Joker. As he prepares to leave, he tells her not to bother using a fake hand to escape, that nowhere is safer. She says she doesn't have a fake hand: that was always the Joker's gag. She asks whether Arrow has ever loved someone he knew was wrong for him. He says he has. Arrow turning again to leave, Harley asks a favor - that Arrow give her a "little maniacal laugh." He emphatically refuses but, turning back in pity to look at her, he sees she's done something with her face and erupts into raucous laughter at the sight of her in a fake moustache.

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us #6 (February 19) [Digital Comic]
    Tom Taylor, Mike S. Miller, Mike S. Miller
    Superman is sitting in the Fortress of Solitude, listening to a broadcast news account of the destruction in Metropolis. When the report changes to the war torn nation of Bialya, Superman says "No more" and flies off. In Bialya, a boy stubs his toe and falls even as a bomb descends on him from above. We see the explosion but Superman has arrived to save the boy. More shells explode in the sky as the locals surround Superman, expressing their gratitude, and he says he should have been there all along. To make up for it, Superman proceeds to apprehend the Bialyan President, show him the devastation his warmongering has wrought and strip him of both his claim to the presidency and his shirt. At that moment, Wonder Woman arrives and points out that the scene is being caught on camera, with which Superman appears to be pleased. "I have something to say," he says. To the entire world. But first, says Wonder Woman, he needs a shower and a shave. Then they will have a press conference at the United Nations, at which Superman will say what Wonder Woman has been waiting to hear since she first met him. On the front steps of the U.N., Superman apologizes to the assembled crowd, telling the people first that they (the heroes) failed and that in addition to being Superman he's also Clark Kent, former reporter for the Daily Planet. He says as a journalist he spent too much time writing about evil, while as a hero he spent too much time reacting to evil. He says he "doesn't care" about land claims or beliefs, or about the "petty squabbles" of mankind. He will no longer tolerate the taking of innocent lives and calls for a worldwide cease-fire. Or else he will impose one.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Injustice: Gods Among Us Vol. 1 collects Injustice: Gods Among Us #1-6]

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us #7 (February 26) [Digital Comic]
    Tom Taylor, Jheremy Raapack, Jheremy Raapack
    Operators of Drone Command in Nevada prepare to strike a Middle Eastern target but Superman intervenes and destroys the missile in the air. U.S. military officials discuss the situation and conclude that Superman's actions constitute treason and that he must not be allowed to continue. A plan is conceived: abduct Jonathan and Martha Kent. In go "independent contractors" led by Mirror Master, who imprisons the Kents in his mirrorverse before having the farmhouse burned down. Superman arrives while the house is still burning and finds a mirror on the table, in which Mirror Master appears to explain that Superman will never see his parents again but offers assurances they will live as long as Superman stops unilaterally interfering in world affairs.

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us #8 (March 5) [Digital Comic]
    Tom Taylor, Jheremy Raapack, Jheremy Raapack
    At the Watchtower, Wonder Woman rallies the Justice League behind Superman, and their aim is to save the Kents. The Flash finds Captain Cold and finds out where Mirror Master is. Raven appears behind him in his mirror dimension and forces him out of a mirror in the bar, where Wonder Woman is waiting. He tells her the Kents are in Bolivia at the Salar de Uyuni salt flats, which acts as a huge natural mirror. Flash then races to Bolivia with the belt from Mirror Master's suit, which will allow Superman to enter the salt flats' reflection. At the White House, a general advises the President that the plan has failed. The President is surprised to find Batman in his oval office. Batman berates the President for their "stupid" plan, and the President notes that Batman isn't supporting Superman's latest actions.

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us #9 (March 12) [Digital Comic]
    Tom Taylor, David Yardin, David Yardin
    Ares, God of War, observes Wonder Woman in her efforts to enforce the global peace Superman demanded from the United Nations. The nation of Qurac has defied Superman and has been bombarding the "largely defenseless" neighboring Jusdal. He approaches the Amazon princess to discuss the state of things on Earth and her role in them. She explains she is not at war, that she is merely keeping the peace and that she believes in Superman's cause, telling Ares (upon his question of whether she, Wonder Woman, will replace Lois Lane in Superman's bed), "He is the greatest man I have ever known. I will be whatever he needs me to be." Ares is nervous of a union between Superman and Wonder Woman because it could lead to Superman losing all restraint, thus to a world that cannot fight and in which he might indeed be relegated to "God of Ponies," as Wonder Woman jokes. Taking offense at the gibe, Ares threatens Wonder Woman, but Superman arrives to intervene, knocking Ares unexpectedly to the ground. Wonder Woman then chops off Ares' hand and, when Ares says he will slay her children on the day they are born, she stabs him, skewering his body to the ground with her sword. As he and Wonder Woman walk away, a surprised Superman asks whether gods feel pain, to which Wonder Woman replies that it's different than the pain mortals feel - that gods don't die, but they do fade. Ares, meanwhile, bleeding on the ground and in shock, contemplates his future as the God of Ponies...

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us #10 (March 19) [Digital Comic]
    Tom Taylor, Mike S. Miller, Mike S. Miller
    Nightwing and Robin are training in the Batcave. Superman arrives without warning, startling Robin and intercepting his unsportsmanlike shot at Nightwing. Superman is not happy that Batman did not help in the effort to rescue the Kents. Batman redirects the conversation and tells Superman he has to stop what he's doing, that he's scaring people. Superman, yanking Batman's mask off and leaning in aggressively, retorts that this is good, that it was Batman who taught him the value of fear, that people should be too scared to hurt each other and that Batman would be doing exactly what Superman is doing if he had Superman's powers. They talk about Superman's killing of the Joker, Batman's guilt over all of the murders that could have been prevented if only Batman had killed the Clown Prince of Crime years before, and how, says Batman, it's easy to justify further killing after you've already justified it once. Like Superman has done. In the Southern Ocean, a whaling ship has just caught another whale. Aquaman proceeds to tip the ship over in an effort not only to save the whales but also to punish the whalers. Cyborg sends Green Lantern, Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman to the scene. By the time they get there, a full-scale Atlantean force has emerged from the waters and is attacking the whalers. Wonder Woman appears and asks Aquaman to stop the attack. Aquaman says she doesn't "get" to ask that, arguing that the cease-fire Superman has called for doesn't apply to the oceans. A fight breaks out between Wonder Woman and Aquaman, and Green Lantern, Captain Marvel and Hawkgirl form ranks behind her, poised to fight the Atlanteans.

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us #11 (March 26) [Digital Comic]
    Tom Taylor, Tom Derenick, Tom Derenick
    Aquaman summons some deep-dwelling sea creature to aid the Atlanteans in battle while, topside, battle rages on between the Atlanteans and the Justice League. Suddenly, Aquaman reaches up through the water and grabs Wonder Woman by the ankle, pulling her down into the ocean. Meanwhile, back at the Batcave, Superman challenges Batman on his reasons for never having killed Joker. Back in the Pacific Ocean, Wonder Woman is struggling to free herself from Aquaman's attack when Shazam intercedes and flies off and out of the water with Aquaman. Superman accuses Batman of being a poor father to Dick and Damian, which prompts Batman to strike Superman across the jaw. The Atlanteans, meanwhile, have begun to retreat. Green Lantern is first to spot the coming tsunami, while Hawkgirl spies something beyond the tsunami's waves. Batman's punch caused a hairline fracture to the third finger and some ligament damage. An alert about the battle in the Pacific Ocean comes across the Bat Computer, prompting Superman to leave. Back at the Pacific, bad has gone to worse: It's the Kraken.

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us #12 (April 2) [Digital Comic]
    Tom Taylor, Mike S. Miller, Mike S. Miller
    Batman contacts Aquaman using the Justice League communications system to warn him that Superman is on the way to Aquaman's location and that Aquaman should stop fighting Superman's "friends." When Superman lifts him up by the throat, Aquaman stands down but it is not long before reports come in of Atlantean forces rising up along every coast in the world. "Your world would grind to a halt if I willed it," Aquaman tells Superman. "Consider this a show of strength." In response, Superman takes Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Shazam and proceeds to lift all of Atlantis out of the ocean and move it to the middle of the Sahara Desert. Superman refuses to listen to Batman while Aquaman tells Wonder Woman he didn't think Superman was capable of such an act. But he agrees to call back his armies, and asks Wonder Woman to tell Clark he's "sorry about Lois." Superman gives the word to have Atlantis returned to the ocean, and acknowledges that the action didn't "sit well" with Green Lantern and Shazam, but Wonder Woman tells him not to worry about what they think because he "did what needed to be done." Superman then expresses an expectation that Aquaman had more to say, but Wonder Woman turns away and tells him "No. Nothing."

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Injustice: Gods Among Us Vol. 2 [Hardcover] collects Injustice: Gods Among Us #7-12 and Injustice: Gods Among Us Annual #1]

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us #13 (April 9) [Digital Comic]
    Tom Taylor, Mike S. Miller, Mike S. Miller
    The Flash is running across Australia's Nullarbor Plain and trying not to think about the state of the world. He doesn't want to think but he can't help himself. He remembers the protest, two hours prior in Melbourne, at which local superhero Galaxor (a.k.a. Mitchell Davies) tried to turn the tables on Wonder Woman and Superman, who had threatened to force the protesters' dispersal to their homes and businesses, but was severely overpowered and ended up with multiple broken vertebrae while the Flash just stood by and let it happen. As the Flash leaves to get an ambulance, Batman contacts him on his communicator and tells him that an ambulance is almost already on the scene and that he should go instead to the Advanced Sciences and Genetic Testing Laboratory in Canberra. Once there, Batman says he hasn't "given up" on the Flash, who is otherwise "on the wrong side of this." The Flash then meets Doctor Norris, who intimates that Galaxor was engineered and shows the Flash his room. Davies, it turns out, is a fanboy who even has an autographed picture of himself and the Flash over his bed and pictures of other heroes elsewhere on the walls. Batman on the communicator says, "How do you think he felt in that moment, Barry? When his idols broke him?" And the Flash is gone again. He encounters a dead kangaroo on the road, killed by a road train truck whose driver "couldn't have slowed down" and "probably barely noticed." But the Flash has slowed down now, and he sees Galaxor's broken body in the kangaroo's place. "What the hell are we doing?" he asks, bent to one knee, overcome. So he runs. And tries not to think.

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us #14 (April 16) [Digital Comic]
    Tom Taylor, Jheremy Raapack, Jheremy Raapack
    Batman says he's abandoned again, that his son is dead. Cut to Two-Face crashing a local Gotham Channel Two news broadcast, featuring twin anchors addressing a nation divided - he couldn't resist. But Superman arrives and vision-melts Two-Face's coin mid-toss, nullifying the situation effortlessly. He then asks the news anchors if they're ok and ends up staying to be interviewed on-air, during which he says he's in Gotham to rid the city of its sickness, that he will no longer allow its villains to "kill and maim and terrorize and then be 'treated.'" Meanwhile, Batman, Nightwing and Robin are watching from the Batcave and Batman realizes that Superman and his supporters are heading to Arkham Asylum, possibly to kill all of the inmates. Robin doesn't see why they should try and stop them, and Batman gives up arguing about it once the insults start; he and Nightwing simply fly off in the Bat Plane, leaving Robin behind. En route, Nightwing plays a bit of Devil's Advocate for Robin's position, but ultimately he agrees with Batman. At Arkham, Wonder Woman is explaining to the admitting doctor that they're not there (Superman and Cyborg are with her) to return Two-Face so much as to move all of the inmates to a more secure location. The doctor tries to protest that they don't get to make that decision, and is backed up by Batman, who appears ahead of them with Nightwing. But Wonder Woman is more impressed than surprised - they're exactly where Robin, who was bringing up the rear, said they'd be... Robin, who figures the two of them, Batman and Nightwing, shouldn't give them any trouble.

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us #15 (April 23) [Digital Comic]
    Tom Taylor, Tom Derenick, Tom Derenick
    Show-down at Arkham Asylum. Batman and Nightwing stand between Superman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg and Robin, trying to prevent them from moving the inmates to a more secure location. They begin with Zsasz who disappears, taken by the Flash in a flash. Mad Hatter is next. Batman warns Cyborg not to open any more doors and, when Cyborg ignores the warning, activates a computer virus that electrocutes Cyborg and shuts him down. No one is happy with Batman about this, but Nightwing urges calm. Meanwhile, Green Arrow has arrived at Arkham, Harley Quinn in tow, intending to admit her. When the security guard points out that other super-heroes are already on site, he leaves Harley in the guard's custody, but she just knocks him out. Harley locates one of the asylum's special prisoners and communicates with him that she plans to release him. Cyborg determines that Batman's virus was installed the first week the two met and gets especially angry. Green Arrow arrives demanding them to break it up. He starts to explain what he's doing there but is interrupted by the voice of Harley Quinn over the public address system. She tells the inmates that Superman is probably going to kill them, just like he killed Joker, so she's letting them out. An arm reaches up through the floor, grabbing Robin by the head and crushing him in a great, grey grip as he disappears back down the hole. It's Solomon Grundy.

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us #16 (April 30) [Digital Comic]
    Tom Taylor, Mike S. Miller, Mike S. Miller
    Harley Quinn is ecstatic - the inmates of Arkham Asylum are putting up a strong fight against Superman and the Justice League. Solomon Grundy still has Robin. Superman uses his heat vision to cut Grundy's hand off and then flies through Grundy in a burst of fists and blood. Nightwing then pries Grundy's severed fingers off Robin's head. Batman appears, asking Robin if he's ok. They argue a bit and then Batman says he's going to "take care" of Grundy, a method that involves the placement of explosives on either side of Grundy's head, resulting in one headless super zombie and Superman complimenting Batman on the "Nice work." Robin doesn't think the inmates can be helped, so he continues to lay a beating on them. When Nightwing chastises him, Robin screams at Nightwing to stop telling him what to do and throws his baton, striking Nightwing a fatal blow to the temple. When Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Batman return from finishing with Grundy, Robin is distraught. Tears streaming down his eyes and kneeling at Nightwing's side, he apologies and says he didn't mean it. But Batman is beside himself with shock and grief. "He's gone," says Batman, carrying Dick Grayson (aka Nightwing) through a parted and segregated sea of Arkham inmates and Justice League members. "I'm abandoned again. My son is dead."

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us #17 (May 7) [Digital Comic]
    Tom Taylor, David Yardin, David Yardin
    Catwoman is on the prowl. She comes across a petty crook, Joey Guiton, dead, in an alley, and reflects on the fact that there are more of these guys around these days. But they're nothing next to the "manicured and suited criminals who ruined them." Since Joker's death, more criminals are turning up dead every night. And Catwoman blames Superman. She breaks into the penthouse apartment of a man who "takes houses away from people." She empties the safe but has failed to notice that Superman has appeared. He startles her, and then they are both startled when the man who owns the penthouse turns up, gun in hand. Catwoman dives out of the window, thinking to escape them both, but Superman is fast. He flies down and catches her mid-fall but is suddenly weak. Catwoman wears Kryptonite earrings. Catwoman thinks she may have gotten away until a searing pain in her ear compels her to stop in order to pull out the earring and toss it into the sewage. Heat vision will do that. Superman says he just wants to talk. He breaks the news about Nightwing's death and asks her to be there to console Bruce. It's dark at Wayne Manor, and locked, and no one is answering the door. But that doesn't keep Selena Kyle out. She finds Alfred in a chair, red-eyed and booze-gripped, and reassures him that he needn't fix any tea - she's going to be looking after him for a change. Down in the cave, Batman is bloodying his fists against a punching pad, vacantly trying to empty his grief. "You can fall apart," Selena tells him, taking off his mask. "I'll hold you together."

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us #18 (May 14) [Digital Comic]
    Tom Taylor, Jheremy Raapack, Jheremy Raapack
    Batman and Catwoman are on their way to a rendezvous at Gotham Police Headquarters, where they find the President, who doesn't want Catwoman involved but relents at Batman's insistence. Inside, they discuss the Superman threat - the whereabouts of the taken Arkham inmates are unknown, peace between Israel and Palestine has been imposed under threat of heat vision, Wonder Woman has led a force into Burma, Shazam and Green Lantern have put on a "massive show of force" in Syria, and Raven "literally terrified" the "warring nomadic tribes of Sudan... into submission" with a full-on Trigon apparition. Everybody agrees that "stopping bloodshed" is good but not everybody agrees with Superman's methods. Batman tells the President that he can take Superman down if it comes to that, but Catwoman confesses that that's not what they came to say. They tell the President that he "needs to be a better leader" and name a number of social issues that the government has been neglecting. The President takes offense at the suggestion that he simply trade one set of costumed dictators for another, but Catwoman reassures him that they're not telling him what to do so much has "asking [him] to do better." He says he'll try and hands Batman a dossier of candidates to join the resistance. Batman says he has his own intel, and he and Catwoman split up to recruit some teammates, including Aquaman, Batwoman, Black Canary, Black Lightning, Captain Atom, Green Arrow and Huntress. Captain Atom asks bluntly: "What's our plan of attack?"

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us #19 (May 21) [Digital Comic]
    Tom Taylor, Kevin Maguire, Kevin Maguire
    Billy Batson wants to know what people think about what Superman and the other heroes have been doing. He talks to several people, and they don't all agree. But either way Billy's not comfortable with the things Shazam has done, and he's trying to figure it out. The day before, Black Adam was on a rampage. But he was stopped when Wonder Woman, lasso of truth around his throat, forced Adam to say his magic word and revert to his mortal, and terribly ancient, form (so ancient that Shazam says he doesn't know whether Adam will survive the transformation) just as he's nearly begging "Billy" to promise that his home of Kahndaq will be safe. In the aftermath, Shazam tries to reassure a civilian man and his two children that the danger has passed, but the man rebukes Shazam, telling him he is just another of the "angry gods" who does not understand them and that he should "go back to [his] skies." Eventually, Billy, realizing that he can understand, conducts a final interview. With Shazam.

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us #20 (May 28) [Digital Comic]
    Tom Taylor, Tom Derenick, Tom Derenick
    Recap: one month after Joker destroyed most of Metropolis and made it so that Superman killed Lois Lane and their unborn child. The city has been uninhabitable, but now a radio message is being heard from somewhere beneath the rubble: "I'm alive." The Justice League, up in the Watchtower, discuss how to proceed. Everyone but Superman is convinced it's a trap, but Superman is determined to take the chance so Wonder Woman and Green Lantern accompany him as back up. When they arrive, Superman with his x-ray vision can't detect anything to be worried about, and they find the radio signal coming from beneath a building. Lifting it up, they find a bunker and Wonder Woman gets the feeling somebody is watching them. Via the communication system, Cyborg counsels Superman that opening the bunker is going to be a mistake, but Superman is determined. He opens the door to find Lex Luthor - Superman's good friend - alone. They rejoice at this "miracle." Meanwhile, Batman confers with a shadowy presence, someone who has infiltrated the Justice League and is feeding information to Batman. The presence tells Batman that a speedster on Lex's payroll got him to safety before ultimately being killed in the nuclear blast, and that Lex has asked to meet with the Justice League. Lex tells the assembled "heroes" that he understands the motivation behind their recent global peace enforcement but says they're going about it in too "heavy handed" a way. He says there aren't enough of them to truly keep the peace and that they need to stop reacting and start planning. Wonder Woman isn't convinced that Lex can be trusted, and he responds by naming them all according to their secret identities. "You've had to trust me for a long time," he says. "You just didn't know it." Now he wants to join them.

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us #21 (June 4) [Digital Comic]
    Tom Taylor, Tom Derenick, Tom Derenick
    Hawkgirl is on patrol and has just taken hold of a perpetrator. Unbeknownst to her, she's being monitored by Batman and Catwoman. She's quickly apprehended and dispatched through the combined efforts of Captain Atom, Black Lightning, and the Huntress. The story then cuts to Wonder Woman hovering over refugee camps in Mogadishu. She laments their situation, and when a soldier attempts to commit rape, she goes into action, demanding that all of the soldiers present themselves. She chastises the soldiers and tells the woman that was almost raped, that the man will never harm her again. When the woman counters that another man will just replace him, Wonder Woman agrees and cracks the rapist's head open. She then orders the soldiers to drop their weapons, and tells the women to pick them up. When asked "what happens now?", Wonder Woman replies "Whatever happens is up to you," then flies away as the women mow down the soldiers with their newly gained arms. When Wonder Woman arrives at the Watchtower, she's informed of Hawkgirl's abduction. Luthor correctly surmises that Batman is behind it, and thinks he knows a way to augment the League's numbers to address the issue. When the scene cuts to Batman, he assures Catwoman that he only needs Hawkgirl to be locked up for one week. When Catwoman insists that the League will look everywhere for Hawkgirl, Batman counters that they won't even know that she's missing. As he says this, we see Hawkgirl arrive at the Watchtower, to the surprise of everyone there.

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us #22 (June 11) [Digital Comic]
    Tom Taylor, Mike S. Miller, Mike S. Miller
    Hawkgirl informs the League that Batman released her, stating that the League needs to work with the world and not for it. A debate ensues as to what the League is actually doing, but Damian Wayne, Robin, realizes that Hawkgirl is a "doubt bomb" and the heroes are falling for it. Lex Luthor concurs and surmises that Superman needs to address the world about the League's actions. Superman agrees, but believes that the whole league should have a voice, not just him. On Apokolips, Kalibak petitions Darkseid, who is torturing the Black Racer, to attack Earth, believing that Superman has gone soft. Darkseid gives his approval and attacks while Superman is addressing the world. Kalibak believes that Superman will be easy pickings, but utters a censored expletive when he realizes that he judged the Man of Steel wrong.

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us #23 (June 18) [Digital Comic]
    Tom Taylor, Tom Derenick, Tom Derenick
    Kalibak faces what he believes to be an easily defeated Superman. He is perplexed when he sees that Superman has changed considerably from the hero he thought he knew. Superman attacks Kalibak, punching him through the wing of a passenger plane, but Wonder Woman comes to the aid of the aircraft, which allows Superman to continue his attack on Kalibak. All over the world, parademons from Apokolips are attacking major cities. The Justice League teleports down to Earth to repel the attack, and Batman's group moves to do the same, but Black Canary imparts wise words to Batman, letting him know that to truly win, they need Superman on their side. Superman tells Kalibak to call off the attack, but Kalibak refuses, stating that Superman's pathetic moral code with be the doom of the Earth, and that there is no reason to fear Superman. Kalibak summons parademons to his side, mocking Superman for his morality. All over the world, Superman can hear people dying and he finally says: "Not Again." Superman unleashes a blast of heat vision that incinerates the parademons, while Kalibak is floored by the Man of Steel's efforts.

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us #24 (June 25) [Digital Comic]
    Tom Taylor, Mike S. Miller, Mike S. Miller
    Apokolips has invaded Earth under Kalibak's command, and while Superman has defeated Kalibak, the invasion pushes onward in cities like Moscow, Shanghai, and Gotham. The forces are too great for the League, and it looks like a job for Superman. Superman continues to beat on Kalibak, who has conveniently yielded. Kalibak is surprised at Superman's rage, and even though he alerts Superman to the fact that he is immortal, Kalibak is a New God, the thrashing continues. The scene cuts to the Flash about to save a woman in Mumbai, but Superman interrupts his at super-speed, and they have a light speed conversation. Superman asks the Flash if he knows of any other way, aside of killing the parademons, that they can save the lives of the people at risk. "No" is the Flash's response. Superman takes to a sub-orbital position, then returns to Earth and literally incinerates every parademon on Earth. Superman returns to Lex Luthor, who lifts his bloodied fist, as the people shout "Superman! Superman! Superman!"

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us #25 (Juy 2) [Digital Comic]
    Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo, Bruno Redondo
    The people of the world celebrate and chant Superman's name, after he single-handedly repulsed the Apokolips invasion. Wonder Woman comments that Superman saved so many lives, while Batman states the converse. Superman believes that too many lives were lost altogether. Superman believes that the League needs allies with capabilities like he and Wonder Woman. Lex agrees and states that while there are none now, there will be. Batman sits at the head of his Insurgency, and debates Superman's actions. The Huntress challenges his notion that Superman was wrong in what he did. Huntress mistakenly calls Batman, "Bruce", outing him before the others. She then decides to leave, not believing that Superman is in error for his actions, but Batman tells her that Superman is working on something. In order to quell Huntress' accusations, Batman removes his mask and reveals his true identity. An alert moves the scene to action as "cultists", worshippers of Superman, are on the move dealing justice as they see fit. The Insurgency tries to stop the cultists, but when the League arrives, it becomes a standoff between the two groups. The Insurgency leaves with the League looking on as they do.

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us #26 (Juy 9) [Digital Comic]
    Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo, Bruno Redondo
    Lex Luthor has completed an enhancement project that will augment humans, using technology from the Fortress of Solitude. He engages Jonathan and Martha Kent in discussion about what it is that Superman/Clark needs. Lex believes it's allies with superhuman abilities, while the Kents believe he needs more than that. The Flash questions Superman on his and Lex's endeavor, and before it becomes an argument, Superman invites Flash to play a game of chess. The Flash is unaccustomed with chess, but learns at light speed and the two play with Superman beating Flash for the opening match. Martha relates a story of Clark losing his security blanket, and the result is him losing his temper, and overturning a tractor. It's the first time that he displays his powers as well. When asked if Superman is a scared child, Martha replies "Aren't we all?" The Kents remind Lex that for all his abilities, Clark is just a man and can make mistakes. Jonathan tells Lex that when the time comes, they hope that Lex will be able to stop Superman. The Flash and Superman continue to play chess, debating on how far one should go to save lives. Superman is left to ponder his next move, after having been beaten several times.

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us #27 (Juy 16) [Digital Comic]
    Tom Taylor, Jheremy Raapack, Jheremy Raapack
    Superman and Lex Luthor reveal their enhancement project to the rest of the League. There is some debate about the use of "magic pills" to make ordinary people superhuman, but the League seems to acquiesce with the exception of Robin (Damian Wayne), who takes a sample pill and makes off for the Batcave. Hawkgirl notes that Robin has teleported to Batman after he has left. Once in the Batcave, Robin reunites with Alfred and then his father, Batman. They attempt to discuss the events that have left them estranged, but Robin loses his temper, and when Alfred tries to calm him with a touch to the shoulder, Robin throws him with superhuman force into a large monitor. Batman tries to intervene but Robin punches him into the giant penny. The penny is about to crush Alfred, but Hawkgirl arrives and saves him, holding the penny above her head. Hawkgirl attempts to leave with Robin, but Damian deduces that Hawkgirl is an impostor, and with an incendiary device, reveals the Martian Manhunter, and escapes.

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us #28 (Juy 23) [Digital Comic]
    Tom Taylor, Tom Derenick, Tom Derenick
    The League now knows that Batman has been spying on them, using the Martian Manhunter to pose as Hawkgirl to get the job done. Robin alerts the League that Batman will strike preemptively, using all the data at his disposal about them, including family and friends. Superman decides that he's had enough and makes an announcement on all emergency broadcast systems across the world. He alerts the world that Batman has abducted Hawkgirl, and nearly announces Batman's secret identity, but Batman initiates "Protocol Icarus" and crashes every computer system, and knocks out the Watchtower as well. Superman forges ahead, determined to complete his transmission, and with Cyborg and Lex Luthor's help, does exactly that (though Robin had to tell them what to do!). Batman informs Alfred of the situation, who has all ready prepared a list of things for Batman to take, with Alfred being on top of the list.

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us #29 (Juy 30) [Digital Comic]
    Tom Taylor, Mike S. Miller, Mike S. Miller
    Superman, with League members Flash, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman, are on their way to secure the release of Hawkgirl from Batman. They meet Batman at the entrance to the Batcave, only to be alerted that Hawkgirl has just arrived at the Watchtower. Hawkgirl holds a match to prove that she isn't the Martian Manhunter. Wonder Woman gives Batman a final warning to not interfere with League activities, but Batman walks away. The Flash tries to talk to him, but Batman flies away, revealing himself to be the Martian Manhunter. The League pursues the Manhunter, but he evades them by becoming intangible, he attacks Green Lantern and dispatches him. While Wonder Woman assists Green Lantern, Manhunter explains to Superman his reasons for siding with Batman, revealed through mentally linking himself to Superman's mind. He shows what happened on Mars in the war between the Green and White Martians, and reminds Superman of the way he felt when Lois died at his hand. Wonder Woman severs the link, and Manhunter attacks her, allowing his malleable form to become gelatinous and invades her body through her mouth and nose. Wonder Woman tells Superman to burn her, knowing how susceptible Martians are to fire. Superman unleashes his heat vision, burning and killing the Martian Manhunter, while Batman looks on from some distance away.

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us #30 (August 6) [Digital Comic]
    Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo, Bruno Redondo
    It's six years prior to the current events, and a young man, James, details the event of his meeting Superman, which begins with him at 12 years of age, doing a daredevil run on his bicycle, down a steep hill. James crashes his bike, and looks up to see none other than Superman enquiring as to whether or not he's all right. James is dumbfounded, and Superman takes to repairing his bike, which doesn't come out right at all. He flies James home, and then leaves quickly to stop what would have been a robbery. After a brief meeting with Lois Lane, Superman then returns to the James' home, whose mother is equally at a loss for words when she sees him. He gives James a spare wheel and offers to help put it on with a wrench rather than super-strength. The story returns to the present time, where James laments the loss of Superman. James is now in Gotham City, attending Gotham University. He sees an image of Superman on television, which is angry and further laments his loss of the City of Tomorrow, Metropolis, and the Man of Yesterday.

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us #31 (August 13) [Digital Comic]
    Tom Taylor, Tom Derenick, Tom Derenick
    The President of the United States receives a late night call from Batman directing the President to create a "distraction". Green Arrow and Black Canary enter a bathroom stall and gain access to an underground lair where Batman is being taken to task for his kidnapping of Hawkgirl. Batman informs his team that Superman killed the Martian Manhunter. He also informs them that Superman and Lex Luthor are manufacturing superhuman technology at the Fortress of Solitude. He plans to steal the tech from the Fortress while Superman is distracted by US warships moving in towards the Korean peninsula, and takes Catwoman, Black Canary and Captain Atom for their various abilities; Captain Atom most importantly to defend against Superman. However, Superman cuts to the chase and confronts the President, asking him why he would make such a move, and quickly realizes that the President's move was a distraction. Superman quickly uses his vision powers and makes for the Fortress. Batman's team gains access to the Fortress, only to find Jon and Martha Kent there. Batman begins a Samurai retreat, but it's too late. Superman has arrived and he's wasted no time dispatching Captain Atom.

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us #32 (August 20) [Digital Comic]
    Tom Taylor, Jheremy Raapack, Jheremy Raapack
    Superman stands at the entrance of the Fortress of Solitude. He stares down Batman and company, while Jon and Martha Kent reassure Superman that they are all right. Captain Atom regains consciousness and blasts Superman through the wall of the Fortress, causing a cave-in that separates Batman from Green Arrow and the Kents. Black Canary refuses to leave Green Arrow, but Batman informs them that he placed a locator on Arrow and they will get him out once Superman is gone. Captain Atom and Superman continue to battle, until Atom gains the upperhand and is about to deal the coup de grace, but Wonder Woman arrives and slits the neck of Atom's containment suit. Captain Atom decides to kill Superman with the explosion from his energy being released, and takes Superman to space to do the act. Wonder Woman follows, but is unable to stop Atom from detonating with the force of "more power than ten nuclear bombs".

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us #33 (August 27) [Digital Comic]
    Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo, Bruno Redondo
    Superman drifts in space, having survived a seven megaton blast that was once Captain Atom. While scratched and scruffy, Superman has survived. He speeds to Wonder Woman's side, and finds her unconscious. The Flash is called in, and he's informed that Captain Atom tried to kill Superman, with assistance from the US Government and Batman. Superman returns to the Fortress of Solitude to be certain that his parents are safe. He finds Green Arrow alone with the Kents. Arrow makes a move for the "super-pills," but Superman intercepts him, so Arrow draws his bow and fires a shot that rebounds off Superman into Jonathan Kent's shoulder. Superman slaps Arrow senseless, but Green Arrow is able to fire off a last shot. Martha Kent pleads with Superman to spare Arrow, but to no avail. Outside of the Fortress, Batman and company wait. Batman picks up the signal from Arrow's locator and sees it attached to the last arrow that was fired, along with one of the super-pills that he attached. Batman wants to wait, but Black Canary begins to leave, acknowledging that Green Arrow is not coming.

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us #34 (September 3) [Digital Comic]
    Tom Taylor, Mike S. Miller, Mike S. Miller
    Superman pounds away at Green Arrow, until Martha Kent physically stops by grabbing his forearm. A surprised Superman quickly surmises that Martha has ingested on of the "super-pills" and notices that one is missing. Batman returns to his group, and is unresponsive when asked where Green Arrow is. Batman does inform his people that they are out of time and that Superman will be coming for them. Catwoman tries reason with Batman, but gives her a kiss farewell and doses her with gas to keep her from following. Back at the Fortress of Solitude, Jon and Martha try to reason with Superman, and even the holographic representation of Jor-El makes the attempt, but Superman determined to stop Batman once and for all, and flies off to confront him.

  • DC Universe vs. Masters of the Universe #1 (September 4)
    Keith Giffen, Dexter Soy, Dexter Soy
    A woman named Marlena is chased through the streets of Greenwich Village by rat type creatures with glowing skulls. She runs near a particular building and suddenly the rats explode which allows her to enter the house of John Constantine. A mysterious woman tries to bid her welcome but when Marlena tells her not to the woman remarks that she doesn't suppose her guest would care for some tea. On Eternia He-Man, Stratos, Man-At-Arms and Teela attack a squadron of Hordak's horde, which have taken over the planet. The fight is brief but Man-At-Arms is elated that an iso-block was left with minimal damage. He-Man opens the cube and they find Evil-Lynn inside. Eventually she tells them that she was imprisoned because she knows the location of Skeletor, which could throw off the entire balance of power for Hordak. Back on Earth Marlena tells her host that Skeletor walks the Earth and that she wishes to speak to John Constantine. He makes his presence known and after Marlena introduces herself. Constantine reveals that he knows of her and settles into a chair to hear about this Skeletor. Skeletor and Black Alice arrive in Salem, Massachusetts as it is the thinnest point between Earth and other worlds. Black Alice asks if all of the siphons Skeletor was supposed to set up were in place and he informs her that they are but the right to activate them belongs to another. Skeletor uses Black Alice as a vessel to contact this mysterious being and he complains about being allied with the young mage. The mysterious being reminds Skeletor that if it wasn't for Alice they may have never learned about the Earth and adds that Skeletor and Alice will be together until the world dies. In the meantime the voice tells Skeletor that he needs to find a way to amuse himself. Back at Constantine's Marlena explains that Skeletor is on Earth to tap its spirit and drain it dry. She asks Constantine for help but he's convinced that she would just be in the way when the Justice League Dark goes into action. Marlena is insulted and shows that she is no mere woman, but the warrior queen of Eternia. John asks why she didn't just say so instead of knocking him across the room. Suddenly all of the candles are extinguished and the rats with the glowing heads begin to pile into the room. Meanwhile Black Alice tells Skeletor about the Justice League. Back on Eternia He-Man and Teela talk about Skeletor and what his presence means to the balance of power. They decide to go after him as He-Man feels that preventing him from doing whatever it is Skeletor is planning to do fits nicely into the accord they have with Hordak. Evil-Lynn would go alone but she needs a beacon to keep her centered otherwise she would be cast uncontrollably into the multiverse as well as someone to fight for her. She feels that someone close to He-Man is where they need to go otherwise she wouldn't be able to cast the enchantment that allows them to travel to where Skeletor is located. They appear in John Constantine's house where He-Man is reunited with his mother much to Constantine's chagrin.

  • Forever Evil #1 (September 4)
    Geoff Johns, David Finch, Richard Friend
    Lex Luthor and Thomas Kord discuss Lex's recent troubles with the law which have now been resolved and the fact that everything they see outside of the helicopter they are riding in once again belongs to LexCorp. Thomas is flattered that Lex invited him to Metropolis but sadly has to inform Lex that he can't sell to him. Lex not only threatens Thomas Kord but his entire family as well and is quite specific in how he will destroy Thomas' wife and son. As Lex hands Thomas the necessary contracts to sign the entire city goes dark and the helicopter crashes into Lex's headquarters. Lex survives the crash only to see the words THE WORLD IS OURS appear not only on the broken tablet that landed next to him and on the monitor of his desk as well. Nightwing arrives in Gotham City intent on dropping off Mr. Zsasz and then heading right back to Chicago. He talks with Batgirl about how crazy Zsasz is and after Batgirl suggests that they meet up without the masks on Gotham, like Metropolis goes dark and Nightwing's ears ring as the words THE WORLD IS OURS blasts over his headset. Overhead he sees a caped woman land and rip open the doors of Arkham Asylum. Before he can do anything Nightwing is attacked from behind by someone he mistakes for Batman and is taken captive by two mysterious yet familiar figures. In Metropolis Lex Luthor is shocked to see a man he thinks is Superman fly into the building and retrieve the Kryptonite Lex had been keeping there. In Central City the Rogues attempt to break the Trickster out of Iron Heights but are stopped by someone that has the same powers as the Flash. In Belle Reeve prison Amanda Waller and Black Manta are shocked to see two men that resemble Green Lantern and Firestorm break into the complex. Back in Metropolis the supposed Superman crushes the Kryptonite in his bare hands, bakes the powder with his heat vision and then sniffs it, which once again makes him the strongest there is. Lex sees that the supposed Superman has a U not an S on his chest. Back at Arkham Two-Face, the Riddler and Poison Ivy are invited to join a Secret Society by the Scarecrow. Two-Face is of two minds on the subject but they agree and are transported to the remains of the Justice League Watchtower which has crashed into Happy Harbor. They join dozens of other villains that have also been chosen but the meeting is far from friendly and the villains very nearly start to fight amongst themselves. Their hosts break up the fight before it can start and with the help of the cyborg named Grid they transmit their message around the world. Ultraman introduces the rest of the Crime Syndicate (Owlman, Superwoman, Power Ring, Johnny Quick and Deathstorm) and inform the villains and the rest of the planet that they come from another world which they ruled until it turned against them so they destroyed it. Now they seek a new world to rule and claim to have killed the Justice League. The Monocle tries to call the CSA out claiming that it's just Superman with a U on his chest and is killed for his troubles. Ultraman declares that this world belongs to the Syndicate and if the villains fall in line it can be their world too. To further prove their superiority they haul up Nightwing and reveal his identity to the world. Ultraman tells everyone watching the transmission that the CSA will track down everyone Dick Grayson loves and destroy them adding that this is what will happen to all that oppose them. The villains assembled before them will become the CSA's secret society...their army against a world that fights against natural selection. The villains were given their power for a reason and if they join with the CSA the world will be theirs forever. The villains disperse and outside of the wrecked Watchtower Ultraman feels the sting of the sun. He flies into space and Lex Luthor watches from his office building as Ultraman moves the moon out of orbit to create a total eclipse of the sun. Lex Luthor has one question....where is Superman?

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us #35 (September 10) [Digital Comic]
    Tom Taylor, Tom Derenick, Tom Derenick
    Batman sets to work out the make-up of the "super-pill," when he's alerted over the computer monitor in the Batcave that Superman is coming for him and he needs to leave. Batman is resolute; he cannot leave until the super-pill has been analyzed. Again the voice on the monitor implores him to leave, but it's too late for escape, as Superman has arrived. Superman and Batman begin a conversation. Superman declares Batman as mad as the insane clowns that terrorized Gotham. Batman responds that Superman is delusional. Superman snatches Batman by the throat, warning Batman to tread lightly. Batman notes that Superman could have killed him if he wished to do so, and notes the blood of Green Arrow on Superman's outfit. Batman is desperately trying to buy time for the analysis to be complete, and so he tests Superman's emotions by showing him footage of his wedding to Lois Lane. Batman hides in the recesses of the Batcave, while continuing to taunt Superman. He tells him that he failed to save Lois; to honor and protect her. Batman then hits Superman with a sonic device, overloading Superman's super-hearing and summoning the bats within the cave. Superman burns through the bats, while Batman makes a dash for the super-pill, which is nearly finished being analyzed. Superman catches him before he does. He strips Batman's mask off and concedes that he's not there to kill him, but he says that he cannot have Batman being a loose cannon either. Superman raises Batman above his head, and brings him down on his knee, breaking the Batman in doing so.

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us #36 (September 17) [Digital Comic]
    Tom Taylor, Mike S. Miller, Mike S. Miller
    Batman screams in agony as Superman breaks his back. Superman flings Batman to the floor and proceeds to retrieve the "super-pill". However, Batman won't stay down. Superman forces him to the ground, only to discover that Batman was distracting him to allow time for the analysis of the super-pill to be uploaded. Superman tries to force Batman to tell him where the data was sent, but Batman guilt trips Superman into stopping, calling him a "torturer" and a "thug". Alfred, who has taken the super-pill, head-butts Superman and beats him into the ground of the Batcave. Alfred then retrieves Batman and escapes to places unknown. A day later, Superman addresses the United Nations, promising to safeguard the Earth from the "terrorist" Batman and all like him, as his super-police force is unveiled for the first time, and so ends year one of Injustice: Gods Among Us.

  • Forever Evil #2 (October 2)
    Geoff Johns, David Finch, Richard Friend
    Lex Luthor stalks through his own building and muses on adaptation and survival. He comes across a security guards named Otis, who points out that the power is out except for the screen of his tablet. Meanwhile the Teen Titans discuss the incursion of the Crime Syndicate and the revelation of Nightwing's secret identity. Robin tells them to suit up and while the others are a bit dubious of this Robin points out that if they found out Nightwing's identity it's only a matter of time before they figure out the rest. Elsewhere the Crime Syndicate debate how they should handle the chaos Ultraman's relocation of the moon has caused. Johnny Quick is all for killing all of the law enforcement personnel but Owlman wants them alive so they can have an infrastructure to build on. Johnny is against this and eventually runs off to give in to his baser needs. Ultraman tells them to let him go and is briefed by Grid who has prioritized the uprisings that have popped up since their arrival. Ultraman then checks in on a prisoner the Alfred from their Earth has been keeping and an argument breaks out on what to do with him. Owlman wants him dead. Ultraman doesn't and Owlman states that if the hooded man lives so does Dick Grayson. Grid informs the group of an uprising by the Flash's rogues and Ultraman leaves to take care of a situation in Khandaq. As Lex Luthor and Otis find one of his experiments that is not quite ready yet Johnny Quick and Atomica confront the police and soldiers outside the crashed Watchtower. Quick throws their bullets back at them but Superboy uses his heat vision to melt the bullets before they can do any harm. Meanwhile Lex releases his creation, which needed another five years before it was ready and orders it to kill Otis. It does after Otis threatens Lex, which satisfies Luthor. Back at the Watchtower Johnny Quick messes with Kid Flash's vibrational frequency which sends Kid Flash and the rest of the Titans into the time stream. Luthor retrieves his battle suit as the bizarre creature puts on his uniform inside out. This is a job for Lex Luthor. At the STAR Labs facility in Detroit Dr. Silas Stone and his associate Thomas set about destroying the contents of the Red Room, which contains the most dangerous technology on Earth. Suddenly Batman and Catwoman break into the room with an injured Cyborg. When Silas asks what happened to the Justice League Batman tells them that they didn't make it.

  • DC Universe vs. Masters of the Universe #2 (October 23)
    Keith Giffen, Dexter Soy, Dexter Soy
    Our story kicks off from where we left it last issue, He-Man, Teela, Queen Marlena and Evil-Lynn stand fighting alongside John Constantine fighting shadow like rat creatures created from magic. Constantine fails to control the situation, but is assisted by Evil-Lynn, who is familiar with such magic and they manage to eliminate the threat. He-man has a quick moment with his mother who we learned from last issue had been missing from Eternia for quite some time. Queen Marlena quickly catches up her son and the rest of the crew of her origin story, being an Earth astronaut, who somehow crossed a dimensional barrier and ended up on the planet Eternia, where she eventually married King Randor (He-Man's father). Meanwhile at that very moment, Skeletor has managed to infiltrate the JL satellite base, through the help of Earth's magic that he has managed to tap into and use as his own. He is confronted by the Justice League, where Superman takes point and is the first to engage the evil despot of Eternia. Skeletor tells Superman that he knows all about him, and also knows that one of his 2 major weaknesses is magic. The League watches Superman get taken down by him, but don't have enough time to react, as Skeletor unleashes his "scare-glows" to attack the rest of the team. Batman seeing that they are clearly out matched, opens a boom tube transport to retreat to the Batcave. Meanwhile on Eternia, Man-At-Arms, Mossman, Stratos and Roboto stand at the site where He-Man and Teela were transported by Evil-Lynn to Earth, and try to come up with a plan to go after them to rescue them and bring them back. Back on Earth, He-Man and his companions have found their way to the Batcave with help and directions from John Constantine. Teela feels uneasy as she sees the different Robin costumes on display in the cave. At that moment, Batman transports in via Boom Tube, fighting one of Skeletor's creatures. He is assisted by He-Man who cuts the creature down, only to be confronted by a startled Batman, who asks how they got into his Batcave. Constantine smugly tells Batman that it was his doing, but before they have a chance to get up to speed, Superman crashes into the cave, followed by the rest of the League. They are clearly possessed and under Skeletor's control. A battle ensues with the possessed League taking on the stranded Eternian residents. He-Man and Superman have an intense battle. He-Man realizes that Superman is more powerful than anything he has ever faced, and to win the fight, he plunges his power Sword into Superman's chest. Superman falls to the ground lifelessly. Shocked by this event, everybody stops fighting, and in the final panel we are left with a shocked Batman saying "What have you done".

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