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Adventures of Superman #598

Adventures of Superman #598

Scheduled to arrive in stores: November 14, 2001

Cover date: January 2002

2002 Shield No. 2

Writer: Joe Casey
Penciller: Mike Wieringo with Mauricet
Inker: Jose Marzan Jr.

"Cult of Persuasion" (Prologue)

Reviewed by: Nick Newman (

During a quiet night in Metropolis, the citizens of Metropolis suddenly find their primetime entertainment interrupted by a broadcast of Superman fighting the Fatal Five on Warworld (see Superman #171). As most of the inhabitants wonder what is happening, one man stares, enraptured at the screen. He inserts a tape into the VCR and begins to record the fight, staring at the screen as the Man of Steel battles with the axe-wielding Persuader.

The next day, Superman stands with Jimmy atop the Daily Planet, telling the young reporter what he believes happened the night before. Superman believes that Brainiac 13 must have been watching the fight, and Earth finally received the transmission via its B13 technology.

After Superman departs, Jimmy heads down to Perry's office, hearing the end of a phone call, and proceeds to tell his editor what he just learned. After he reiterates what he just learned from Superman, he asks about the phone call.

Perry tells Jimmy that one of the generator plants is finally going to be fully automated, removing all of the B13 technology. Despite the disputes from downsized workers, slowing they are taking their city back. Clark enters the room, and Perry calls him over. He needs someone to accompany him down to Suicide Slum to meet the S.T.A.R. Labs team. Clark agrees to come with him.

Across Metropolis, the same man who recorded the Superman fight continues to watch the tape. Suddenly he comes to a realization, as he leans in close and watches the Persuader.

As Perry and Clark walk towards the plant, they hear a group of protestors, lead by a man named Cole Parker. Parker calls out to the gathered protestors that they all adapted when Brainiac took over their city, and now 'they' want to take everything from them. Looking over the crowd, Cole suddenly spots Perry. He yells out to the crowd that Perry is one turning public opinion against them.

As the crowd turns on Perry and Clark, the two newspapermen run from the mob. Watching Perry flee, Cole suddenly gets an idea.

Inside the plant, Cole tells the assembled workers that he has found something to define them, to fight back with. Holding up a video tape he tells them that he has found that defining something. Pushing the tape in, the crowd watches the video of Persuader attacking Superman. Holding up an axe, Cole tells crowd that the workers won't be cast out, and first they will get the man that turned the city against them.

Inside the Planet, Perry walks toward his car when a voice suddenly makes him turn. He finds half-a-dozen men standing near, clad in jumpsuits and facemasks, each man carrying an axe.

Superman walks by a window in his apartment across town and just happens to glance toward the Planet. Doing a double take, Clark takes off toward the Planet.

Five minutes earlier, Perry sits bound to a chair in the newsroom as the 'Persuaders' destroy the room. The head of the gang torments Perry, before he raises his axe above his head, preparing to strike. Suddenly he hears a voice behind him. He turns to find Superman, with eyes smoldering, and his troops all unconscious. Thinking that it will go just like the video tape, he rushes toward the Man of Steel with his weapons raised. The axe shatters against Superman's chest. The masked man slowly backs away as Superman turns to help Perry up. Perry stands, and tells Superman that he's not positive, but he has a good idea who the man is.

Outside the Planet, the police take the gang away, along with their leader, Cole Parker. As Parker is led to his cell inside Stryker's island prison, he listens to the taunting from the cells. He is lead into his cell and is met by his new cellmate. Cole tells him that he had the vision, just not the power. His cellmate tells him that he is in luck, because he just might be able to give him that power. He grins as his eyes glow with an unnatural light.

3Story - 3: I really didn't like this story. Not much happens, and all it does is set us up for another lame Superman villain. This guy is going to be back soon, and he won't be interesting then either. I don't know why we can't have some more of the classic villains revitalized instead of creating lame ones like this. Didn't like the villain, and I'm sick of this book focusing on Perry and the gang. I like the supporting cast, but I buy the book for Superman.

3Art - 3: And I'm getting sick of the art too. It's far too cartoony. And before everyone jumps at me that I love McGuinness' work, I do. He has a style to it that I really like, but this book is just lacking in detail. It looks like it belongs in Superman Adventures, not Adventures of Superman. I just wish it had a little more detail to it. Still Wieringo is a good artist, just not the right style.

2Cover Art - 2: This cover was going to get a four, and then I realized that it has nothing to do with the issue, which is bad. Then I thought three, because the art is nice and works well for a cover. And then I noticed Clark's left hand. It looks like someone put Plastic Man's hand on Superman. Now that I've seen it, it attracts my eye every time I look at it. It just looks sloppy, and detracts from what otherwise is a good cover. Too bad, otherwise it was a really nice cover.

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