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Superman/Aliens II: Godwar #2

Superman/Aliens II: Godwar #2

Scheduled to arrive in stores: August 7, 2002

Cover date: July 2002

Writer: Chuck Dixon
Penciller: Jon Bogdanove
Inker: Kevin Nolan

Neal Bailey Reviewed by: Neal Bailey (

KILL! KILL! KILL! Screams Harrendous, a general in the legion of Darkseid, as legions of parademons swarm down onto the face of New Genesis.

People on the ground are blown apart as they flee the might of the horde.

Lightray, Barda, and Superman respond to the scene.

Orion argues with Highfather about striking the horde down, then puts on his gear and takes matters into his own hands, attempting to emulate his father... Darkseid.

Superman attacks the leader, Harrendous, and takes him down by stripping him naked and taking his armor. Lightray takes him to Highfather.

Orion arrives at the invasion ship, above where the others are fighting, and is soon overtaken by parademons for his impetuousness.

Highfather observes Harrendous, happy at his capture. He wonders why he's there, until an Alien bursts from Harrendous' chest, killing him.

Meanwhile, Superman and Barda have mopped the world free of parademons, who all lie unconscious on the ground. To Superman's horror, as he has experienced the Aliens before, they start springing from the unconcious parademon bodies.

Superman leads Bard to the mothership, and, once inside, to their horror, they find Orion dangling with an Alien over his head.

5Story - 5: Actually, the Story gets a "0", the plot (as in, it's driven by) gets a "5".

This is not a book for high intelligence (and I say that coming off of a JLA Destiny review, phew... that's some heady stuff), but when it comes down to it, watching hordes of demons descend on New Genesis was rather rewarding, with Harrendous (horrible name, great looking warrior) screaming KILL KILL KILL all the way to his own death. There's something to be said for that. There's also something to be said for the lack of story... I mean, look how short my summary went really fast. But plot driven stuff can be really neat, when done in comic books. That's cool, but I waited about a month and a half for this book. Let's see some more Aliens! It is an Aliens book, right?

That said, this book was enjoyable simply for the fact that Orion got his for his little whiny tantrum. Take that, you whiner!

Enjoyable, to say the least.

5Art - 5: Gotta love the Bog. I couldn't stand it when he had the guys from Apokolips who drew things that came to life towards the end of the Man of Steel run, but everything else has been pretty cool. He's a bit too cartoony, generally, but here, in this series, he's doing great work. See my aforementioned praise of the horde descending. Very cool. And I also like the way that Superman looks a little more 50s. That's kind of neat, and a departure from what Bog used to do, which was more out there. I like it.

2Cover Art - 2: Alas, the cover fell off from the last issue. It's far, far too black, and it never happened in the issue. BAD cover artist! But the pose, I'll admit, is interesting, although a bit too obscured to get the real effect I imagine was intended. Perhaps this is the fault of the colorist, not the cover artist. I don't know, but either way, too much black.

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