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Superman/Tarzan: Sons of the Jungle #2

Superman/Tarzan: Sons of the Jungle #2

Scheduled to arrive in stores: January 30, 2002

Cover date: March 2002

Writer: Chuck Dixon
Penciller: Carlos Meglia
Inker: Carlos Meglia

"Sons of the Jungle" (Part 2 of 3)

Reviewed by: Sean Hogan (

Michael Bailey did a wonderful review of the first issue of the miniseries and I agree with his top mark ratings for that issue. The second issue suffers somewhat from the inevitable middle issue syndrome as the writer moves the characters into place for the final issue. My style of reviewing is to briefly summarize the story rather than to do a detailed summary. If you want more details, buy and enjoy the issue. :-)

In the first issue, we saw infant Kal-el's rocket crash in Africa, interrupting the mutiny that otherwise would have lead to the abandonment in Africa of Lord Greystoke and the pregnant Lady Greystoke. Intead, the Greystokes are able to return to England while Kala of the great Apes adopts a different child - one strong enough to break the thumb of the angry Kerchak. The first issue follows both Kal-el (named Argo-zan by Kala) and Clayton Greystoke to adulthood with both feeling that something is missing from their lives.

The second issue has both men looking for acceptance and destiny as Kal-el works to have the native Africans accept him, while Clayton Greystoke wanders the world looking for adventure - first in the Amercan Southwest (which he finds too settled) and later by joining the British Adventurer's Club who are sponsoring a trip to Africa.

As Lord Greystoke readies to depart on his zeppelin trip to Africa, he meets fellow adventurers Lois Lane of the Metropolis Daily Planet and her aide, Jane Porter. Kal-el (having discovered his Kryptonian heritage in the first issue), also discovers his weakness to a glowing green rock. Kerchak takes the rock, but is captured by the mysterious Princess La.

4Story - 4: As mentioned, Chuck Dixon follows the middle-issue requirements by moving everyone into place for the grand finale. While the issue doesn't deserve a 4 taken on its own, it does as part of a trilogy as a solid bridge: building from the first issue and maintaining reader interest for the last issue. Dixon plays with the traditional Superman/Tarzan elements well without overplaying them. Lois Lane and Jane Porter are briefly introduced, but much of the other elements that a writer might be tempted to include (especially overuse of the Superman supporting cast) are left out. The wanderlust of Lord Greystoke is well portrayed as is the yearning for acceptance by Kal-el. These characters both fit their respective worlds, but the reader is always aware of thwarted destiny.

5Art - 5: The art is unusual for traditional tales of either hero, but works well for the tale told here. Carlos Meglia handles both jungle and civilized settings well with dynamic and individualized characters. The art is both exagerrated and detailed which balances the otherwise cartoonish style. Enhancing the art is the wonderful color palette used by Dave Stewart.

2Cover Art - 2: The layout of the cover draws the eye away from the main characters with the dark figures in the foreground and the bright towers in the background being the noticeable elements. Kal-el is buried in the centre while Lord Greystoke is barely visible to the side. Unlike the first issue's cover which prominently displayed the characters while having their traditional appearances cleverly reflected in the water, this issue's cover doesn't provide much to inform or entice the reader. The scene depicted on the cover doesn't occur in the story but may be where the concluding issue takes place.

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