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Superman/Aliens II: Godwar #1

Superman/Aliens II: Godwar #1

Scheduled to arrive in stores: May 15, 2002

Cover date: July 2002

Writer: Chuck Dixon
Penciller: Jon Bogdanove
Inker: Kevin Nolan

Neal Bailey Reviewed by: Neal Bailey (

In orbit around Apokolips, a Dr. Jinn follows the progress of a wayward craft as it crashes into the planet. Given the choice of stopping the object and causing some structural damage, or having it crash into a number of people on the surface, millions, and survive, they choose to let it crash.

Millions die.

Darkseid, watching amused, goes to examine this "intruder" before it cools. He notes how much he hates intruders.

Superman, then ironically shown, is visiting New Genesis, looking at what has become of it, of late. He tells Lightray that it's always a pleasure. He says out that no one is constantly asking him to save them here, and that everyone seems to be constantly happy. Orion points out that Apokolips is still in existence. He tells Superman that what may look like play is actually preparation for war.

They debate on, but a warrior's wings catch fire, and Superman rushes off to save her. She scoffs at Superman, tells him she was never in any danger, pats him on his head, and sends him on his way.

Meanwhile, Darkseid examines the craft with Dr. Jinn. It is eons old, and looks the part. Darkseid ascertains the nature of the aliens, and examines their eggs. A face bug leaps out and attacks, and Darkseid squishes it with ease. For those of you not "up" on Aliens and their mythos, these bugs attach to the host and cause the infection that leads to another alien sprouting from the host.

On New Genesis, Highfather points to the Source, which says that a plague of horrors is coming. The Source indicates that it is from Apokolips, but not because of it. They agree to ponder the words of The Source.

Darkseid, taking the words of "study" with regards to the aliens rather literally, grants Jinn his request of study by making him a subject of experiments. That way, he can also serve Darkseid with his life.

Jinn is apprehensive, but then is happy to die for Darkseid. And alien sprouts from his corpse.

Darkseid considers using the bug on New Genesis.

Back on New Genesis, Superman also points out that he loves the anonymity he enjoys as a god among the gods.

Highfather arrives and tells everyone that Superman might be a part of terror that will originate from Apokolips.

A room filled with horrofied Parademons suspended above alien eggs is shown, with Darkseid smiling in the background.

5Story - 5: This was a really cool issue. We have an introductory story, sure, and that can only go as far as that can go, but it didn't feels stretched out to fill the space, as it so often does on these special affairs. It didn't feel contrived. It seemed like something Superman might actually be doing. And it didn't leave too much to the imagination. Parameters and points of the story are clearly pointed out and not alluded to, not put up to tease us for the next issue, which only has a point in an ongoing series but somehow shows up in these specials anyway. I remember Dixon's work on Last Laugh with a cringe, but I also see his older stuff, the stuff I've liked, and now this. This is an amazing step forward from the poodoo we saw a few months back, and I'm happy with what I see here.

Someone, the writer, is actually pointing out to Superman that he needs to take care of Apokolips. He's showing what Apokolips could be, in the New Gods, and then, I imagine, he'll show Superman what it is, next issue. I always wonder why he doesn't just organize a cadre of heroes to go take Darkseid out. There's probably a reason I don't know...I never read The New Gods and the first Superman and Darkseid laying-it-all-out fight was before my time, which is from Doomsday on.

All in all though, fun, and worth three bucks. I'm looking forward to buying the next one.

5Art - 5: I had my issues with the Bog, in both senses, and here I'm fairly pleased with what I see. Desaad is almost too cartoonish, but he's a cartoonish guy. Every other character I just got a feel for as correct. I mean, few people have been able to draw Barda like Bog has. I also like the way that unlike most artists, even unlike most current Superman artists, MC2 excused, the things in the background are there, even when they don't need to be, and they appear functionary.

4Cover Art - 4: Really cool looking, but the scene never happens in the boook, and I don't like the looming threat over pensive hero thing. It's been more than done. Still, the organization of everything, and the cool looking Superman, complete with yellow S, is just flat out looking like it's ready to explode off the page. I like it.

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