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Superman/Aliens II: Godwar #3

Superman/Aliens II: Godwar #3

Scheduled to arrive in stores: October 30, 2002

Cover date: December 2002

Writer: Chuck Dixon
Penciller: Jon Bogdanove
Inker: Kevin Nolan

Neal Bailey Reviewed by: Neal Bailey (

On a table, Orion awakens, screaming that he will kill everyone. Superman calms him, and explains that he's been infected with an Alien parasite. An aide shows him the beast. Orion is obviously and notably upset.

Underneath, in the sewers, Barda and her crew search for the Alien horde. The stench pervades and the men in tow are anxious.

The horde attacks, taking apart Barda's men left and right. They press on, in the name of New Genesis. The horde quickly outnumbers them, and things look grim. Without warning, Forager bursts in with aide, telling them to come with him. It is their only chance.

Superman, warning that the real threat is with the queen and her hive on Apokolips, prepares to go and take things into his own hands. Orion objects, and takes off impulsively on his own. Superman follows him.

With Forager, Barda and her crew stage a fighting retreat, leaving Jigundus behind to stop rubble from crushing them all. Barda screams his name, managing to pull him from the rubble with much effort. The Aliens attack anew, and they are forced to retreat anew.

Superman and Orion head to Armaghetto, where all of the loyal to Darkseid are dead and the Aliens rule. Superman blows the Aliens about, killing several and lobbing the rest from sight.

Superman tells Orion that every species has a right to exist, but these creatures are more of a disease that exist only for annihilation. Underneath the city, they find the torn out shells of the dead residents of Armaghetto.

Darkseid watches from afar through a communications device, and beckons his son to come forward.

3Story - 3: Nothing that amazing, but nothing that trivial. It was neat to see Armaghetto, and nice to see some hints at the resolution of the plot, but really, this was just a biff bang pow sok episode of campy 60's Superman. I know, there was no campy 60's Superman, but if there had been, this would be an episode. Orion whines, Superman philosophizes with Highfather a bit, and Barda fights a legion of Aliens. That's the whole plot, folks. It's well drawn, but there's not much too it. Not much to criticize, but not much to like, either. Then there's the fact that we've been waiting, what, two months?

I also don't like the fact that Superman sort of sanctions killing the Aliens. I know, they're evil Aliens bent on killing everything in their path, but this is Superman. You'd think that he would be more creative or at least moved that he had to kill, be it a fly or a man.

4Art - 4: Really nice to see Bog do Superman again, but there is a bit of the dark in here. It's not really for me to say that the darkness doesn't belong in a story about Superman, but seeing an idealistic, light character in a dark setting always makes me want for more, thus the lost point. But great, flowing battles scenes, despite several full page shots that weren't entirely necessary, and the most important thing...Superman worked, and he worked really well.

3Cover Art - 3: Like the issue. Nothing special, nothing overly dramatic. Then, it didn't happen in the issue, and Superman looks like he's passing gas, but hey, we have the original, cool logo! That's almost a five right there! And I like the glossy aspect that wasn't there before. It makes the cover more aesthetic. I wish all covers were made out of this material.

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