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Mild Mannered Reviews - Krypto The Superdog

Krypto The Superdog #2

Krypto The Superdog #2

Scheduled to arrive in stores: October 18, 2006

Cover date: December 2006

Writer: Jesse Leon McCann
Penciller: Min S. Ku
Inker: Jeff Albrecht

"Crisis of the Infinite Krypto"

Reviewed by: Adam Dechanel

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Kevin & Krypto are relaxing riverside wondering about the universe, looking up to the sky they realize a meteor is heading right for them!

Becoming Superdog, Krypto rescues Kevin from the crash site and goes in to investigate and accidentally exposes himself to the contents - a red kryptonite crystal! Unleashing unpredictable results on anyone from Krypton!

The Kryptonite's 24 hour effect is unleashed immediately opening doorways into alternate universes launching them from Metropolis to TREEopolis!

They try to mingle in with the other plant life walking around but are discovered to be animals. The plant people are horrified and raise the alarm - Super-Plant dog to the rescue - sort of...

Attempting an arrest of the 'illegal animals' the plant based Krypto accidentally sets Treeopolis alight. Krypto explains they were transported here against their will and that he will help.

With the fires out Kevin & Krypto are shocked when the alternate Krypto tells them he still has to throw them in jail for trespassing. Before he can do so another portal opens and swallows them up spitting them out in a creepy castle realm.

The realm of King Mechanikat. An evil realm where Lord Snooky has cloned Krypto's and Streaky's serving his every whim. Of course Krypto wont stand for it and attempts to liberate his clones.

Mechanikat orders Snooky to use his giant Blue Kryptonite crystal to punish his clone slaves. Krypto soars into the sky and using his heat vision destroys the crystal. With no power over the clones Snooky and Mechanikat are at the mercy of the celebrating superpets.

Another portal opens and spits Kevin & Krypto to what seems like our world - only they are two inches tall! They watch a giant Krypto chasing away evil bug aliens but discover that it's a trick and miniature bug aliens are using it as a distraction. The two friends fight off the aliens and destroy the EMP device they were plotting to use to dominate the Earth.

As another portal opens the super-pals go on many other great adventures and finally arrive home.

"The universe is a great place to visit but there's no place like home!" they smile.


"Ignatius Ignites"

Ignatius, Lex Luthor's pet lizard, is feeling the effects of winter and stumbles onto a rocket Lex has designed to study the sun - a rocket that will get extrememly hot inside but not melt even if it's close to the sun's flares.

Distracted by Lois Lane, the billionare fails to notice Ignatius sneak on board.

The rocket is designed to fire missiles into the sun to study its super heated flares, so ignorant little Ignatius decides he should fire the entire missile stock to heat himself up.

On Earth the lizard's idiotic antics have begun to microwave the Earth.

Streaky & Krypto decide to contact their space colleagues on board the Dog Star Patrol Ship.

Krypto, Streaky, Brainy Barker, Paw Pooch, Hot Dog, Bulldog, Tail Terrier, Tusky Husky, Mammoth Mutt & Drooly call Ignatius on the rocket's intercom and warn him he's turning the Earth into a desert.

Ignatius is selfishly happy, even if he is causing a natural disaster. He refuses to quit so the Dog Star Patrol fly into action!

The rocket being a Lexcorp ship is equipped with all kinds of weaponry. Taking a beating the Patrol watch in horror as a solar flare slams into their ship. Luckily a forcefield protects it initially but their power levels drop just as Ignatius launches another missile. This sends another solar flare straight for the Partol and their ship. In leaps Drooly!

Using all the drool he can muster he dissolves the flare!

Ignatius launches even more missiles but this time the Patrol are ready! Krypto discovers the refrigeration system on the ship and destroys it, this was the only thing making the heat bearable on board. With it disabled Ignatius begins to burn up!

The Patrol offer to repair the refrigeration shielding if Ignatius promises to stop the missile launching and returns to Earth.

The Earths temperature returns to normal and snow fall begins!

Lex is majorly miffed at the launch of his precious rocket and his assistant can't explain how it ever launched, fired the missiles or returned to Earth unscathed.

The only thing making him more angry is the sight of his pet enjoying the snow!

5Story - 5: Silly, childish, stories but this was never a title claiming to change the world of comics! Sit back and regress, enjoy the fun this title has to offer!

5Art - 5: Great and absolutely spot on when compared to the show's character models. It looks visually fun and that's the point of the book!

5Cover Art - 5: A great cover - even better than issue one!


Not much I can say except give this title a chance! Yes it's totally aimed at the under 5's market but after some of the more depressing and heavier stories in the DCU it's nice to have a fun title to kickback and enjoy! Pick up the book and have fun!

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