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Young Justice #6

Scheduled to arrive in stores: June 5, 2019

Cover date: August 2019

"Seven Crises" - Part 6

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: John Timms
Cover: John Timms
Variant Cover: Ramon Villalobos

Reviewed by: Keith Samra
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The team manages to defeat Lord Opal, as Bart hijacks the Kryptonite that he used to keep Conner at bay.

Conner catches the team up with his time on Gem World, and explains the life he lived there.

We learn the origin of Teen Lantern, and Jinny Hex.

5Story - 5: Last issue, I was overly critical of Bendis and his style of writing. Particularly that it didn't fit in the old style. Thankfully this issue, was so much better, as Bendis tied up many of the loose threads from the previous 5 issues.

Firstly I want to tackle a fan favorite, in Conner Kent. We learnt what he did as he was stranded on Gem World. He chose to look after a widowed pregnant woman, and help farm her lands and raise the baby, all the while waiting for the YJ team to come to his rescue. I loved reading this, and was finally glad to get to this point.

The Teen Lantern origin/explanation was rather interesting too. Something that will obviously be explored in future issues for sure.

Lastly, my thoughts on the first 6 issues of this title are rather mixed. I love that Bendis bought back this title and these characters. I also love that he wants to bring back a fun and playful aspect back to comics. The biggest criticism I can give is that this didn't need to be a 6 issue arc. This could have actually been done in 4 issues rather easily, but the current trend/formula is to "write for the trade". And clearly this is the Volume 1 trade. As I said, this arc would have been served better in 4 issues, and if the trade is what they are after, and then do a follow up with 2 issues, exploring the origins of the new members. These are just my thoughts on how I would handle such issues and arcs.

All in all, I found that we had a strong finish to a hollowed middle of a re-introductory story. I hope that Bendis will continue to up the game and make this title a must read at DC.

3Art - 3: The art was so much better this issue, with a solid artist in John Timms. As I've said in the past, multiple artists can hurt the story, but with Timms tackling the entire issue for the conclusion of this arc, I felt the level of enjoyment was much higher.

Timm's has a similar style when it comes to facial and head structures as Ed McGuinness, which plays well to the animated nature of the book.

I loved his take on all the other characters in the book, particularly Robin. Timms makes the new updated Tim Drake costume really work. I hope that Timm's stays with the book, and we can see his style grow and mature.

5Cover Art - 5: Timm's cover is great, it is a pin up style cover, but it really does work. Coupled with Alejandro Sanchez color art, its pops with the white background.

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