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  • Event Leviathan #6 [of 6] (November 13, 2019)
    Brian Michael Bendis, Alex Maleev, Alex Maleev
    Superman comes into Lois Lane's room and gives her the rundown of everything that has happened. A brief history of the Manhunters is given where it is explained that they were like the Green Lanterns before the Green Lanterns existed. While this narration is happening, the audience is shown what happened to Batman and company after Talia and Silencer knocked them off the road. Talia demands Kate's staff and in a moment of panic, Kate engages in battle with the team. The fight doesn't last long as Kate is tased by Talia, knocking her out. Batman looks over Kate's tech and the detectives begin speaking sign language to avoid being listened in on. It's determined by Batman that Kate was nothing more than a patsy. Moments later, the other detective team arrive. Per Batman's request, Zatanna transports them to the Batcave. Back with Superman and Lois, the Man of Steel reveals Leviathan's true identity: Mark Shaw. Mark was a former Manhunter, an ex-Suicide Squad member, and ex-spy. As Shaw monologues, Batman and the other detectives suddenly appear, having discovered the location of Leviathan Island. Before they can engage in battle, Leviathan vanishes. Although Shaw has gone, his plan to release the world's secrets remains in play. The team struggles to come up with a way to put a stop to things when Batgirl pulls out a device Amanda Waller snuck to her. Talia starts to lose her composure before Green Arrow knocks her out with a taser arrow. Lois stops Clark in the middle of the story and decides that Leviathan's identity is the story she wants to write first. The article is published. In a remote location, Shaw reads the article. He is joined by Guardian. Leviathan seemingly intends to return.

  • Doomsday Clock #12 [of 12] (December 18, 2019)
    Geoff Johns; Gary Frank and Brad Anderson
    We open with Dr Manhattan being confronted by Superman, and his life flashing before his eyes. Superman is confronted by meta-humans from all different nations, in an attempt to bring him in, for the so called crimes he's been framed for in Russia. Black Adam and his followers also show up, and they all engage in battle against Superman. Across Gotham, Reggie watches the events going on, on a TV screen in a window, when he is attacked from behind by the storeowner. Alfred comes to Reggie's rescue, and presents him with the Rorschach mask. He is reluctant to take it, until Batman arrives, and convinces him to claim the mantle of Rorschach, and change it to what he wants it to be. Superman battles off the meta's as hard as he can, knowing full well that he can't hold them all back, and protect the innocents caught in the middle of it all. He pleads with Dr Manhattan for help, in keeping them safe. Manhattan reveals that he is the reason behind all this, and that he was also responsible of the death of his parents. It is at this moment that Dr Manhattan has waited for, as he sees Superman charge toward him in anger, and its at that moment that he finds Superman protecting him against an attack from behind. At this moment, Dr Manhattan realises what it means to be a true hero, and makes the decision to right his wrong doings to this Earth. He uses his vast power, and stops the battle, and then travels back and undoes all his tampering's In doing so, Manhattan returns the Legion and JSA back into reality, and they aid Superman in fighting off the meta-humans of the many nations. Dr Manhattan then gathers the denizens of his home world, and returns home, leaving behind the Mime and Marionette, who are expecting their second child. Back home, Manhattan rids the world of all nuclear weapons, and guides a young boy, who is the son of mime and Marionette through his personal history. This time he changes aspects of his life, and prevents the accident that transforms him into Dr Manhattan. In doing so, he transfers his power to the young boy, whom he has named Clark.

  • Superman Smashes The Klan #2 [of 3] (December 18, 2019)
    Gene Luen Yang, Gurihiru
    Chuck Riggs and Roberta Lee have helped Superman find the meeting location of the Klan of the Fiery Cross. Yet, they haven't found the missing Tommy Lee. Thinking he's having Kryptonite visions, Superman sees Jor-El and Lara, who tell him to look through the woods. This allows him to use his visual powers for the first time and see Tommy in the river. While Jimmy Olsen, Roberta, Chuck and Metropolis Police Inspector Bill Henderson follow, Superman takes Tommy, whose broken arm is in a sling made of the Man of Steel's cape, to the hospital. That cape is late turned into a jacket for Roberta by their mother. Meanwhile Matt Riggs, Grand Scorpion of the Klan of the Fiery Cross, is making a bomb for the white supremacists' next target - the Unity House Community Center. Can Superman stop the Grand Scorpion from stinging Metropolis with his message hate? As Jor-El and Lara attempt to aid Superman, we get insight into his childhood 1926 Smallville. The God fearing Braverman family believe young Clark Kent is a demon because they saw him perform superhuman feats. The Kents and the local sheriff laugh this off, but this doesn't stop Clark from wondering who and what he truly is. For this reason Superman doesn't want to use his full abilities. He doesn't want people to fear him. There's enough fear mongering created by the Klan of the Fiery Cross, who may be responsible for the secret laboratory Lois Lane found in the Metropolis Health Department. Superman and his friends are likely to have their hands full with those hooded bigots. The Daily Planet is offering a thousand dollars for the arrest of the Klan of the Fiery Cross' Grand Scorpion. A nervous Chuck Riggs, who knows of his uncle's plans to bomb Unity House, suggests that Jimmy and the kids all go to the movies. He doesn't take into account that Unity House founders Reverend Leeds, Rabbi Stone and Father Shain might be in their offices. They are rescued by Superman, but the Man of Tomorrow couldn't find the bomb in time. The Klansmen who planted the device are no help. Plus, the Unity House attack seems like a distraction. The Grand Scorpion and the rest of the Klan have taken the people in the Daily Planet Building hostage, including the African American Inspector Henderson. Now, their flaming cross is sprawled atop the Planet's globe.

  • Superman Smashes The Klan #3 [of 3] (February 19, 2020)
    Gene Luen Yang, Gurihiru
    In addition to Superman discovering his Kryptonian origins and his costume being inspired by that of a circus strong man whom he saved in Smallville in 1936, our hero puts out the fiery cross on the Daily Planet globe and, with the aid of Roberta Lee and Jimmy Olsen, saves Lois Lane, Inspector Henderson and Perry White from the Klan of the Fiery Cross. The hooded white supremacists have been arrested. Yet Grand Scorpion Matt Riggs has escaped to warn Grand Imperial Mogul Doctor William Jennings, the head of the Metropolis Health Department, of Superman's interference in the Klan's plans. Jennings, in spite of merely using the Klan and its hate mongering to make a quick buck, has an ace in the hole to stop the Man of Steel, one that could mean certain death for him. In addition to encouraging Superman to stop limiting himself to fit in with people, Roberta Lee has proven herself to be an intrepid cub reporter. She's discovered Jennings, who is really Nazi scientist Segret Wilson, was studying Der Grunstein - The Green Stone, which we all know is Kryptonite. He had secretly watched Superman's battle with the Atom Man and came to realize our hero was an extraterrestrial vulnerable to the rock's radiation. Roberta's father left the health department when he saw Superman was no threat. Yet, he kept a Kryptonite sample in a lead sphere. That baseball sized object may hold the key to saving the Last Son of Krypton. The Metropolis Unity House baseball team is playing against the Gotham City Boys' Club. The game is interrupted when Matt Riggs, armed with a Kryptonite powered laser rifle, takes Roberta hostage. His followers also take over the audience. Chuck Riggs and Jimmy Olsen do their best to help Roberta. Superman flies in and uses his Heat Vision for the first time, thereby revealing that he is from Krypton. Riggs fires his weapon. Roberta throws the lead sphere for Kal-El to catch. He uses it to deflect the deadly rays and protect himself. Matt Riggs uses a Kryptonite blade to cut him. This only delays the disgraced Grand Scorpion's inevitable arrest. With Matt Riggs behind bars and the Klan of the Fiery Cross disbanded, the youth of Unity House and the Gotham City Boys' Club work together to clean up the baseball field while Roberta, whose real name is Lan-Shin Lee, uses an initialed pen given to her by Lois Lane on her new job as the Daily Planet's newest cub reporter.

  • DCeased: Hope at World's End #1 (May 19, 2020)
    Tom Taylor, Dustin Nguyen
    As Jimmy Olsen is hanging up photos of various superheroes, he says "I want them to be remembered". Two weeks ago, Perry White is looking over a photo he took of Superman punching Darkseid in the jaw. While staring at his computer screen, Perry is looking at the photo on his monitor, and while in the process of praising his work, stops mid-sentence, and turns. Outside Perry's office, co-workers are screaming and they turn as well. Instinctively, Jimmy Olsen begins to snap photos. [Note: In case you missed the DCeased mini series, anyone looking at something connected to wifi was infected with the Anti-Life Equation, a virus that basically turns you into a Zombie-like creature.] Olsen gathers the remaining uninfected to a safe room where he tries to barricade the door from the horde of monsters. Superman comes and asks Jimmy if he can look after the living. In the short time he was gone, the virus took millions of people and many of our heroes. Captain Atom explodes, completely obliterating three cities including Metropolis. We learn that thanks to a new Green Lantern most of the Daily Planet was saved including Lois, her son Jon, and Jimmy among others. Superman tells this new Lantern to take everyone to the Fortress of Solitude while he and the remaining heroes get ready for war.

  • Dark Nights: Death Metal #1 [of 6] (June 16, 2020)
    Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo
    The world has been consumed by the Dark Multiverse. Villains and heroes alike are jailed in the Arkham Wastelands by Wonder Woman. Castle Bat is run by The Batman Who Laughs, a new prisoner is bought down to Wonder Woman, to be locked up in the lowest parts of the Waste Lands, one that has a past with Wonder Woman. A rebellion led by Batman, a half bodied Sgt Rock and Superman, who has almost given into the Anti-Life Equation.

  • DCeased: Dead Planet #1 [of 6] (July 7, 2020)
    Tom Taylor, Trevor Hairsine
    After a quick abbreviated recap of the events that previously happened and the events that happened in between then and now, we learn that Earth evacuated millions of survivors to Earth 2. Cyborg, the individual responsible for the virus outbreak, stayed behind because he thought he was too much of a threat to the survivors. An infected Wonder Woman decapitated the left behind Cyborg. The problem with being half computer is the head of Cyborg lived. Five years later he was betrayed by Batman, he also found a secret trapper buried deep, he turned it and boosted the signal to see if anyone out there could hear it. Superman (Jon Kent), Wonder Woman (Cassie Sandsmark) and Green Lantern (Dinah Lance Queen), join Batman (Damien Wayne) and attempt to make peace with a native alien species, claiming they are only seeking sanctuary when Alfred interrupts and tells them there is a distress call coming from their old home world. After a long debate on whether to go back to their old planet or not the heroes, along with some other Justice League members including Green Lantern and Hawkgirl, return home to the infected Earth to find the source of the distress signal. After a quick reunion with the Green Lantern Corps, who have created a quarantine around Earth, the heroes descend on the planet but not before being surprised by a streaking blur across the skies. Krypto jumps on Jon and shows just how much he missed him. Wonder Woman finds Vic's head and Superman finds his body. They are about to return to the ship that helped them return when it explodes unexpectedly. An infected Wonder Woman appears behind Green Arrow and infects him. Enraged, his wife uses her old power the canary cry and screams in rage as she grabs a sword that was discussed earlier as a sword capable of killing gods and charges for Wonder Woman. Superboy yells for her to stop screaming "we can save her". He flies in front of her to stop her as the blade comes down impaling both Superman and the infected Wonder Woman.

  • Dark Nights: Death Metal #2 [of 6] (July 14, 2020)
    Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo
    We open with Wonder Woman, Wally West, and Swamp-Thing travelling to the Valhalla Cemetery, guarded by the quartet of the JSA Alan Scott, Jay Garrick, Ted Grant and Dr Fate. They find Batman there also, as he readies an army of fallen warriors. Batman tells Wonder Woman plans to use this army to take Castle Bat to make a new Earth. Wonder Woman tells Batman that they instead should make a new multiverse, by travelling to the Dark Multiverse, to the original crises, take back the energy taken by Perpetua, and give it to Wally West, so he can defeat Perpetua and give birth to a new Multiverse. Barry Allen turns up, and explains that he has not been able to escape this worlds present, as he had been trying to do the very same thing. Meanwhile the Dark Knights Transfer TBWL's brain into a Doctor Manhattan version of Bruce Wayne, and he is reborn, he speaks with Perpetua, and then destroys all his Dark Knights, all except of his Robins, whom he gives the name, The Robin King. He himself takes on a new name and form, calling himself The Darkest Knight. The TDK knows of Wonder Woman's plan of restarting the multiverse, and plans to make 52 more Earths of pure nightmares. Wonder Woman, Barry Allen, Jonah Hex, Harley Quinn and Batman travel to the old Toyman's workshop, where they find a giant ship in the guise of a giant mech robot, composite Superman/Batman and Wonder Woman and plan to use it to travel to New Apokolips.

  • Dark Nights: Death Metal #3 [of 6] (August 11, 2020)
    Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo
    We begin with Batman, Wonder Woman, Harlequin and Swamp Thing on Apokolips, in their attempt to free Superman from his solar prison. They manage to get to Superman in time, and with his help, they take down the new ruler of Apokolips, Darkfather. However after a long exposure to different shades of Kryptonite, Superman's solar cells have been damaged, and he is no longer the strongest hero anymore. TBWL's in his new form, visits the Flash's, in an attempt to suck the Anti-Crisis power out of Wally, and he chases them, as they run for their lives literally. With the help of Superman, Wonder Woman and her crew manage to liberate the heroes that were being held on Apokolips, and they are all given their task as to what to do next, in order to end this nightmare and restore the multiverse. We end with Lobo killing off the denizens in the fifth dimension, as he finds what he is after. It's revealed that he has been collecting all the "death metals" for his benefactor, so that he can reshape the multiverse how he sees fit, and that person is none other than Lex Luthor.

  • DCeased: Dead Planet #3 [of 6] (September 1, 2020)
    Tom Taylor, Trevor Hairsine, Gigi Baldassini
    Having been saved by Blue Devil, John Constantine, Zatanna, and Detective Chimp are being protected by Swamp Thing from an Anti Living Plastic Man. Constantine and crew find an armed bunker, where they find Penguin and others who were wealthy enough to buy their way in. Damien is sewing what looks to be Superman's cape when Gordon approaches saying I never imagined Batman sewing. He extends his hand and Damien hugs him instead, "Your father wasn't a hugger" Dr Fate informs Damien that Superman's healing was successful. Krypto is excited to see Jon awake after his near death experience. He is greeted by a young female named Mary. Jon says she looks familiar and with one word, SHAZAM! She turns into Mary Marvel. Back at the bunker, Jason Blood informs Constintine, that Hell isn't happy that souls are trapped in the anti living and Trigon is coming to Earth to wipe it all away. Their conversation was interrupted by a ruckus outside where Swamp Thing is attacking the guards claiming they have The Floronic man held prisoner forcing him for the green to produce for them. Maxwell Lord attempts to take out Swamp Thing when Swamp Thing wraps his vines around his neck decapitating Maxwell Lord. Coblepot decides that's enough and releases Amazo to attack the heroes. Constintine realizes that's a fight they can't win and teleports his group out of there. Back inside the compound Cobblepot's advisor says they will be back. He doesn't seem to concerned as he shows off an army of Amazos. Superman is asking Cyborg if he has found the cure yet, he replies he hasn't and Superman encourages him to keep looking. Constantine and Detective Chimp go to a cabin in the wood and attempt to recruit Mister Miracle to help steal the throne of God.

  • DCeased: Dead Planet #4 [of 6] (October 6, 2020)
    Tom Taylor, Trevor Hairsine, Gigi Baldassini
    In Ivy's Garden in Gotham, Constantine arrives via a Boom Tube with Scott Free and Detective Chimp. Together with Superman, Batman and the others, they decide they need to use Metron's Mobius Chair to extract the cure to the Anti-Life Equation from inside Cyborg. They'll use Madame Xanadu's crystal ball as a lure... but they're going to need more help if they're going to successfully trap Metron. Jon (Superman) and Mary Marvel go off in search of Dinah (Green Lantern), who is so glad to see Jon is alive. She has the infected Ollie trapped inside a green bubble, vowing to find a cure to return him to normal. The heroes go through the Boom Tube to New Genesis. Orion greets Scott with numerous punches to the face before Superman stops him with a punch of his own. High Father helps them call out to Metron, and the heroes lay in wait to ambush him. The ambush fails, but Metron agrees to allow Cyborg to sit in his chair after Superman and Mary Marvel plead with him. Cyborg gets the information he needs, while one look at the future in Madame Xanadu's crystal ball sends Metron off in a hurry. Within the ruins of Apokolips there is movement. Darkseid has risen... The unliving ruler of Apokolips attacks New Genesis.

  • Dark Nights: Death Metal #4 [of 6] (October 13, 2020)
    Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo
    Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are trapped in Dark versions of the original Crisis events, where the main villains have won. Batman is trying to console the Anti-Monitor (only to be unmade by him), while Superman is being trampled by the corrupted Supermen of the Multiverse (as Darkseid plans to finally turn Superman into his acolyte). Across the land of Gotham, the Flash's are burning the Speed Force up to outpace the Darkest Knight. Wally contacts Jarro, who's trying to stop Harley from killing the Robin King, after the evil Boy Wonder murdered Hex. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman learns how Superboy-Prime (after bargaining with the Batman Who Laughs) killed Alexander Luthor Jr., as he served no purpose in this "world of hope". He holds Diana responsible for everything, leaving Wally exposed, and sending the Lanterns to destroy the antennas across the Multiverse, redirecting the Crisis area to one she's trapped in, Wonder Woman's given the Darkest Knight everything he needs. And now Prime stands to direct all Crisis energy to his new master. Wonder Woman begs Prime to reconsider, telling him that change is constant, and that in the end there's room for all universes. Superboy Prime shatters the Crisis worlds (saving Batman and Superman in the process), and directs all energy to Wally. However it doesn't work, as before they had a chance, the Darkest Knight rigged the Mobius Chair so it would always direct the power into himself. And now he has everything he needs to remake the Multiverse in his own image, behold "The Last 52".

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