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  • Dark Knights of Steel #8 (November 1, 2022)
    Tom Taylor, Yasmin Putri
    The Amazonian and Kingdom of Storms' armies are camped in the Kingdom of the Els. Far above the camp flies the green man, a seeming amalgamation of the Joker and Lex who decides that it is time for this age to end. Queen Hippolyta and Queen Amissa meet to discuss battle plans and goals for the campaign. Lois Lane confronts Constantine about a secret weapon he has hidden in a wagon, she reveals a suspicion that an unknown entity is pushing the powers to war, however all Constantine cares about is justice for the murder of his king. Meanwhile in the dungeons of El, Oliver Queen and Black Canary begin plotting an escape. The next day the armies approach Hobbs Forest, Amanda Waller and Harley Quinn seek to parley with them in the forest. When no peace can be established, Harley asks Ivy to unleash the forest on the armies. The forest crushes much of the army until the Green Man finds Ivy and knocks her unconscious, freeing the soldiers. This clears their path to the castle. At the castle the House of El is marshalling their forces. Diana and Zala fly down from the battlements in another attempt to broker a peace. During this discussion, Constantine urges the resurrected son of the King to control the water in Zala's lungs. As she is dying Diana pleads for help from Hippolyta, and then Queen Lara arrives. As she approaches Queen Hippolyta, the Amazonians begin to discuss their demands. After Hippolyta offers her word that if Lara turns herself in no one must die, Lara... responds.

  • The Death of Superman 30th Anniversary Special #1 (One Shot) (November 8, 2022)
    Dan Jurgens, Jerry Ordway, Roger Stern, Louise Simonson;Dan Jurgens and Brett Breeding, Tom Grummett and Doug Hazelwood, Butch Guice, Jon Bogdanove
    "The Life of Superman" - Jon Kent learns about his father's death and resurrection at school and, justifiably so, has some questions for his mother. Lois tells him how his father fought Doomsday and how he came back and explains that it is a painful memory and they were going to wait until he was older until they would tell him. Meanwhile, Lloyd Crayton, one of the workers that helped clean up after Superman and Doomsday's fight, is transformed into a beast Jon names Doombreaker thanks to a shard of Doomsday's bone that Lloyd kept. Superman and Doombreaker fight, and it looks like history might repeat itself but help comes in the form of Lois finding the bone shard in Lloyd's apartment. Superman is able to use his heat vision on the shard, which causes Doombreaker to assume human form again. With the fight done, Jimmy Olsen shouts that this time Superman lives./Above and Beyond - Ma and Pa Kent watch the news coverage of Superman's fight with Doomsday and discuss how worried they are. Pa tries to comfort his wife and they go over other times their son nearly died fighting the good fight./Standing Guard - The Guardian recalls his origins as we see the battle between Superman and Doomsday and the aftermath of that battle through his eyes./Time - John Henry Irons escapes the debris that fell on top of him with one thought...stopping Doomsday. He grabs a hammer and races through Metropolis searching for the monster that was fighting Superman, helping people as he does. He finally reaches Superman but it is too late. The Man of Steel is dead. It's time for a new Man of Steel to pick up the slack.

  • Multiversity: Teen Justice #6 (November 8, 2022)
    Ivan Cohen and Danny Lore, Marco Failla
    Kid Quick faces Sinestra after Raven's sacrifice last issue. Wanting to protect their friends Kid Quick whisks the other members of Teen Justice away. Aquagirl is having trouble processing Raven's death so Robin and Supergirl explain how they dealt with the death of their parents (Batwoman and Superwoman) and the pretenders that showed up. But the real ones always come back. Meanwhile Kid Quick fights for their lives against the Green Lantern corp. The rest of Teen Justice show up in the invisible transport flown by Troy. Sinestra turns on the rest of the Corp killing them. She uses their rings to become more powerful than ever. Gigi finds a Green Lantern ring and calling herself Warrior (her real name is Georgia Gardner!) defeats Sinestra with one blow from a giant green broomstick. With Sinestra now secured the team revels in their success. Suddenly in a flash and boom the Justice Guild return to the delight of their protégés. Aquagirl tells Star Sapphire of the sacrifice Hal Jordan made and died thinking of Carol. After the memorial of Hal Jordan Teen Justice rallies talking about what's next for the team. While they fly away in the invisible transport somewhere a horned being starts to rise through a pool of blood.

  • Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #6 (November 8, 2022)
    Joshua Williamson, Daniel Sampere
    The Darkness Army attacks while the heroes of earth try to hold them off long enough for Mr. Terrific to save the day. The army is slaughtering the heroes leaving a small group to stand against the likes of Ares, Darkseid, Doomsday, and others of their power levels. Mr. Terrific obliterates Pariah, but the Darkness Army, lead by Slade, continues the attack. Jon is about to be killed when Clark shows up to save the day, behind him is the rest of the Green Lantern Corp and the Justice League. It is panel to panel fights. It is vicious, brutal, and beautifully drawn by Daniel Sampere.

  • Batman/Superman: World's Finest #9 (November 15, 2022)
    Mark Waid, Dan Mora
    Deep in the sewers of Gotham City, Ratcatcher and a goon are bringing a diamond store clerk to be dinner for the former's rats, only for Batman and Boy Thunder to intervene. Boy Thunder zaps the goon who was firing a gun, while Batman fends of Ratcatcher's rats with sonics. Above ground, having saved the hostage, Batman attempts to teach Boy Thunder that he must know when to use logic over emotion. His rage at the crime and fear over the gun make things harder. In Metropolis he can be less cynical. Here, in Gotham, he needs to be prepared for the most twisted minds. And speaking of twisted minds, Joker and Key achieve a success in their machinations, getting Angle Man's angler through killing him. They grin at the arrival of their next step. Meanwhile, at the Gulf of Guinea, off the coast of Nigeria, Superman and Flash, racing on water to save drowning people, discuss sidekicks, Superman feeling like he could use some tips on handling one. Flash points out that he taught Supergirl, but Superman counters that David is a kid, like Kid Flash. Flash suggests that Superman not helicopter parent, and allow David to run and catch him if he stumbles. Otherwise, it's just a game to them. The drowning people are still shouting in fear however, pointing at the pirates that caused their predicament. Superman isn't too worried though, as the Teen Titans (Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Wonder Girl, Speedy) and Boy Thunder tackle the situation. Boy Thunder burns his target's fist, making Aqualad worriedly point out to him it's a bit much. Boy Thunder justifies it with there being oil on the ship, but Aqualad is still a little worried, while Speedy agrees. Robin and Wonder Girl are also worried, and they discuss David and his problems, agreeing to figure it out. Suddenly, Aqualad is grazed by a hidden pirate, and Boy Thunder, furious, nearly kills the pirate with his thunder. Superman takes him away to talk privately in the skies, Robin's advice. Superman tells him they never punch down, ever. David apologizes for not being serious enough, but Superman tells him that wasn't the problem. They can use force to save people, but not to take lives. David pleads for Superman not to hate him, and Superman notices his doubled heart rate. He asks him what is he not telling them. David finally confesses the truth: His parents had built a rocket months before the explosion, but he hadn't taken the threat seriously, thinking they were crazy. He goofed around in the rocket and lab, hiding things and pulling pranks, and one day, wrecked the rocket by accident. They had no time left to build another, and he was responsible for their death. Superman tries to talk to David, but they have no time: The Key and Joker have opened a doorway to the bottom of the Gotham river, flooding the streets. Batman calls in, asking them to hurry. The world's finest, David and Robin save as many as they can, but it seems as if it's all a distraction. Superman manages to change the course of the mighty river to reverse the flood, while Batman uses the Batmobile to shut the door. But it's not nearly over yet. People still need to be rescued, and to make matters worse, Joker shows up, having just Joker gassed David, who's laughing maniacally...

  • Dark Crisis: Young Justice #6 [of 6] (November 15, 2022)
    Meghan Fitzmartin, Laura Braga
    The team is back on earth facing Mickey. He takes away Robin's ability to speak. Then when Cassie confronts him he insults her. In the midst of the confrontation, Bart develops a plan with Cassie. Mickey turns Red Tornado human, Robin to stone?, Cissie to steel, and Connor invisible. Bart attempts to trap him, but is defeated. It takes all of Young Justice fighting as one to trap Mickey.

  • DC: Mech #5 [of 6] (November 22, 2022)
    Kenny Porter, Balbemar Rivas
    The story starts with Hal Jordan, John Steward, and Wally West bringing the fight to the Apokoliptian base of operations in orbit above the Earth. Picking up from the last issue, the three heroes have decided to go against the decision of the team of united Earth heroes in support of the Earth's defense forces. While the rest of the team of heroes, along with Shiera, are angered by this rogue attack, Superman and Wonder Woman mobilize to support their impulsive friends. Meanwhile, Luthor's Project BI-ZAR-O goes AWOL. Back to the action in space Hal, John, and Wally make their attack on the Apokoliptian base. After a failed initial attack run, the Green Lantern mech gets severely damaged and the ring has to be used to hold the mech together and retaliate against Kalibak. In the end, the Green Lantern and Flash fail to destroy the Apokoliptian base. Instead they are saved from total defeat by Superman and Wonder Woman, who are just in time for the arrival of Darkseid. The story ends with Darkseid addressing the people of Earth. Superman follows with an address of his own, introducing the Justice Squadron and requesting the support of all heroes in the universe to unite against Darkseid.

  • DC vs. Vampires #11 [of 12] (November 22, 2022)
    James Tynion IV and Matthew Rosenberg; Otto Schmidt
    We open with Constantine getting drunk, as he tends to do when the world is ending, Alfred notes that Damian is back in Gotham which prompts a very panicked reply from Constantine. The scene cuts to the Batfamily's invasion of Gotham. While they fight, Steel, and Kara are invading the refugee center in Australia. They uncover that the vampires are using aliens for grunt soldiers at this facility, and they run into Lobo. Lobo quickly dispatches Steel and it cuts to the Smallville facility where Ollie and Grifter are prepping Swamp Thing for war. Steel's team convinces Lobo to join them, but he betrays them enroute to the rocket. The team is able to trick Martian Manhunter (the facility guard). The battles rage in Smallville and Gotham while Kara is smuggled onto the rocket. As the spaceship breaks the clouds it explodes.

  • Superman: Kal-El Returns Special #1 [One Shot] (November 29, 2022)
    Mark Waid, Sina Grace, Marv Wolfman, Alex Segura/Clayton Henry, Dan Haspiel, Jack Herbert, Fico Ossio
    Gotham City has been attacked by Mister Nobody, who is using unreality to bring madness caused by Stravinsky's "The Rite of Spring" on the populace. Superman and Batman use the irrational to their advantage, thereby defeating Mister Nobody before a breakfast cooked by Bruce Wayne. Now, all Clark Kent must worry about is helping Bruce with the dishwashing./With Superman back on Earth, Jimmy Olsen is looking for the perfect photograph of the Man of Steel to show the world has hope again with Kal-El's return. He finds what he's looking for in the most surprising way possible with Superman seeing Jimmy's pictures of everyone inspired by Superman to make the world a better place./After Lois and Clark spend a second honeymoon in Venice, Italy, both Supermen – Clark and Jon Kent investigate events that could be connected to Lex Luthor. Distractions seem to send Jon on a wild goose chase. However, he makes Luthor believe that he knows the villain's true schemes while convincing Lois and Clark to change strategies./Superman is explaining to Naomi and readers what home is and how the Justice League is such a thing while being part of the word's concept as a whole. Upon leaving the Hall of Justice the Man of Steel is transported to the events of Justice League #75 and "Dark Crisis".

  • Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #7 [Final Issue] (December 20, 2022)
    Joshua Williamson, Various Artists
    The story starts with Dick in the Darkness as the battle between the superheroes and Deathstroke's army rages. Somehow Deathstroke is shrugging off the strongest attacks the greatest heroes can throw at him. He meanwhile espouses his philosophical reasons for wanting the current world to be destroyed, and it all hinges on the abuses his children have suffered in their lives. The heroes also must deal with the new Dark Multiverse and its violent reaction to the current Multiverse. Thankfully Dr. Light, who was created by the Monitor, has had an upgrade. With her newly discovered powers she can defeat the Darkness. To fully heal the Multiverse though, she needs the Flash family to run and repair all the connections between the infinite universes to restore what was lost in Crisis on Infinite Earths. Black Adam then attacks Deathstroke's physical form, while Dick continues to fight his form in the Darkness. In an attempt to turn the tide, Black Adam shares his powers with all of the heroes, freeing Deathstroke of Pariah's Darkness. The Darkness roots itself to Dick, but the Flashes and Dr. Light succeed in purging and healing the Multiverse. Deathstroke begins to mercilessly beat a powerless Black Adam, but Dick overcomes the Darkness and defeats Deathstroke once and for all. We then get people catching up and splitting off. It is also very much a passing of the torch to the younger generation few pages. In the epilogues we see a shadowy figure having conversation with a panel of lighted outlines. They discuss the dangers of the metahumans to earth and give the shadowy figure requisite power to commit genocide against the metahumans.

  • Batman/Superman: World's Finest #10 (December 20, 2022)
    Mark Waid, Dan Mora
    At The Joker and Key's hideout, Joker is interrogating David, trying to get the secret identities of Superman, Batman and Robin out of him. Key's special lock keeps David trapped and electrocuted whenever he even thinks of using his powers, but David refuses to spill the beans. Joker's hallucinogens begin to take effect however, and David hallucinates his friends all turned into Joker versions of themselves, himself included. Back in Gotham City, Superman is busting into any lead lined building he can find to save David. Batman tries to reassure him, informing him that he and Robin are digging a lead from Key's safe house from last week, the Titans are turning Gotham upside down, and Commissioner Gordon has the GCPD on full alert. Plus, Batman is the World's Greatest Detective. Robin and Batman discuss Superman's struggles with anger strewn from grief, with Batman admitting that like Superman, he too is angry at himself for allowing David to get into such danger. The dynamic duo then find the clue they need, a barely rubbed off identifying mark of Lexcorp Equipment. Soon enough, the heroes arrive at the vacant Gotham building that received the delivery: 1720 Andru Street, north of the Financial District. What they find, however, are a ton of floating doors. At the hideout, while Joker cleans his crowbar, Key talks to David, relating to him his backstory: Trapped in an insignificant town, too smart for any of this, Key attempted to unlock the rest of his untapped brain power. However, that was an old wive's tale. Instead, he changed his experiment to remove his ego and self image, and satisfy his urges. Panicking and begging for safety, David reveals to Key that he's from a parallel earth, exciting the villain, who believes he may now have found the key to the multiverse. At the hall of floating doors, the heroes struggle with the seemingly random arrangement and fluctuation of the doors, but Batman finds the pattern: The Key only used one door, and he doesn't wear gloves. Superman uses his microscopic vision, and the heroes burst through. They interrupt Joker's attack on David, and the villains attempt to escape. Key unleashes multiversal monsters at the group while David alone chases Joker, desperate for payback. The heroes seal the door, but find David losing his cool, trying to kill Joker, and seemingly turning into someone else...

  • DC: Mech #6 [of 6] (December 27, 2022)
    Kenny Porter, Balbemar Rivas
    The issue starts with the heroes and Earth forces taking the fight to the Apokoliptian invaders. Their plan is for the main force to take on the Apokoliptian fleet while Superman and Batman go after Darkseid and Apokolips itself. The battle plan to take out Apokolips is the same as the plan from the original Star Wars movie, to take out the core of the planet. En route, Superman and Batman are attacked by BiZArrO, meanwhile Lex Luthor is planning his escape via a mech that looks like his traditional power suit. With Luthor out of the picture full control of the Earth's forces are given to Carol Ferris. With Superman and Batman distracted by BiZArrO, Darkseid takes the offensive as we see Apokolips itself transform into a giant Darkseid mech. With BiZArrO being cloned from Superman, Superman and the Earth's Heroes are able to rationalize with it and turn it to their side. BiZArrO proceeds to sacrifice itself for its new friends by flying through the core of the Apokolips mech. Thanks to BiZArrO's sacrifice Superman is able to land the final blow to secure the victory for the united Earth forces. The story ends with Darkseid retreating, Lex Luthor joining forces with other villains, and the heroes officially establishing the Justice Squadron.

  • DC vs. Vampires #12 [of 12] (December 27, 2022)
    James Tynion IV and Matthew Rosenberg; Otto Schmidt
    Barbara gets close to Nightwing, he talks about his love for her, she lets him turn her. Then he feeds off of Harley and dies because her blood was poisoned. Ollie and Grifter stage a coup against the guards and free the Smallville human farms, killing Hawkman in the process. Captain Cold zaps the clouds blocking the sun with his freeze gun, and Supergirl regains her powers. She then saves Lobo by killing Ms. Martian and Martian Manhunter.

  • Dark Knights of Steel #9 (January 3, 2023)
    Tom Taylor, Yasmin Putri
    Cassandra, an undercover Robin among the Amazons, rescues Kal-El. She sends him to stop the war, even giving him the lasso of truth to do it. Armed with this new tool Kal speeds off to the battlefield. He runs into his mother, who unbeknownst to him, has just killed Queen Hippolyta. She punches him down to the earth in the midst of the Amazonian army. They misconstrue this as an attack and Diana strikes out at Kal. Seeing the new Queen of the Amazons attack their crown prince, the El army strikes back. In the dungeons of the castle, the Queen of the Els is murdering the prisoners. Ollie and Black Canary are able to escape the Queen's wrath and find themselves in the armory. The battle outside the castle is in full swing. The Green Man is fully unleashed on both armies. In the midst of the fray, Lois approaches Constantine and both agree that someone is manipulating the kingdoms to fight. It is at this moment that Batman arrives on a dragon and the true Queen Lara attacks the imposter. A flame arrow from Ollie reveals that the imposter is actually a White Martian, and Alfred shows himself to be a Green Martian.

  • Lazarus Planet: Alpha #1 [One Shot] (January 10, 2023)
    Mark Waid, Riccardo Federici
    "Lazarus Planet" is an event that spins out of two Mark Waid books "Batman/Superman: World's Finest" and "Batman vs. Robin", and Gene Luen Yang's "Monkey Prince". "Lazarus Planet: Alpha" serves as the setup issue for the event while "Batman vs. Robin #4" served as a prologue for the event. "Lazarus Planet" is an action packed magic based event lead by Robin. As of now the big bad is King Fire Bull, a magical character from the Monkey Prince book. Robin creates three teams with three agendas. The first team, Shazam (Mary Marvel), Zatanna, and Power Girl along with Cyborg and Blue Beetle endeavored to retrieve magical items stolen by the Devil Nezha who drained their power and discarded them in the Tower of Fate. The second, Batman, Talia, Blue Devil, and Supergirl who are tasked with finding the Devil Nezha before King Fire Bull does. While Robin and Monkey Prince stayed with Black Alice to mobilize any other heroes they could recruit.

  • Lazarus Planet: Assault on Krypton #1 [One Shot] (January 17, 2023)
    Nicole Maines, C.S. Pacat, Frank Barbiere, Leah Williams/Skylar Patridge, Scott Godlewski, Sami Basri, Marguerite Sauvage
    Dreamer works to track down Dr. Fate, giving us some backstory to "Lazarus Planet: Alpha". In Alpha Shazam (Mary Marvel), Zatanna, and Power Girl along with Cyborg and Blue Beetle attempt to free the magical items trapped in Dr. Fate's tower./Jon Kent confronts a looter as they both get mutated by the Lazarus volcano's fallout./The Lazarus storm affects Lexcorp Tower and Mercy Graves, giving her nanite tech powers./Power Girl is lost and presumes herself dead after her fight with The Silver Horn King during "Lazarus Planet: Alpha".

  • Batman/Superman: World's Finest #11 (January 17, 2023)
    Mark Waid, Dan Mora
    A flashback reveals that thirty minutes previously, Key had injected Boy Thunder with a truth serum, in order to find out where the Fortress of Solitude is. David tries to resist, but Key seems confident that the boy won't even remember the conversation... In the present, Batman confirms that Joker is still alive, despite the brutal beating David gave him. Aqualad and Superman call him out, despite his claims of it being a mistake, saying it's not his choice to make. Batman sends the titans to take Joker to the medical bay at Arkham, and plans to pick up the Key's trail with Robin, but first takes a sidebar with Superman. Batman tells Superman that David isn't ready, and that he should get the contingency Clark himself planned. Clark sadly agrees, and Robin follows. At the fortress, the contingency is revealed: Kandorian tech that will use red sun energy to nullify David's powers. David is vehemently against it, but Clark believes that David needs counseling, and being a normal boy would help with that. Except Superman decides it's the wrong thing to do. It's his own fault, not David's, and he will do better for him, to teach him properly. Suddenly, the heroes hear a stampede! Superman's wildlife refuge of lost creatures have escaped, and they all instantly deduce it's the Key's fault. Superman sends Boy Thunder and Robin to find Key while he stops the animal rampage. The boys find Key too easily, and are right to be suspicious: He has brought reinforcements (Bag O' Bones, Acid Master, Dr. Phoenix (the Abominable Snowman), Ferlin Niyxly, and The Zebra-Man). Key also overheard Superman's plans, and uses the red sun tech to temporarily weaken the Man of Steel! Robin and Superman are struggling, and after getting saved and briefed on everything by Clark, Boy Thunder decides he's had enough and tries to lay down the law on all the villains. A thunder explosion erupts, and in the flare, Robin loses sight of David, though he happily concludes that the villains are only burnt. Meanwhile, Key is trying to get away with David's escape pod, and David comes to stop him. Key uses the paralysis command he instilled in David's head and freezes him with just a word. With David no longer of any use to him, Key is about to dissolve his matter into scattered atoms, killing him. Superman and Robin spot them, but are trapped by Zebra-Man. Just when it looks like all hope is lost, as Key rants about all Superman's done to him, and how taking away David from him would be payback, Batman arrives just in time to kick Key to the ground, which distracts Zebra-Man and frees Superman and Robin. Using a trick he learned from Talia Al Ghoul, Batman resets David's paralysis, but the boy immediately tries to kill Key. Superman, however, tries to appeal to his soul, to his better nature, to the hero inside the broken shell. And he just about manages to. However, The Key has managed to get one last laugh. He managed to activate David's ship, which due to its sharing a specific vibrational signature with the boy, will send him to another universe. The heroes don't know what to do, as Flash and Kid Flash are unavailable, and no one knows how to work the ship. David gives up, deciding he wasn't worth the trouble anyway, though Superman heavily objects, stating he was everything he could hope for, that he would find him, somehow, someway. David thanks them for all they taught him, and he disappears in the ship. Robin reassures Superman they'll find him, and the heroes leave for now. Meanwhile, in a different world, David meets Gog, and we learn that he's actually Magog...

  • Batman/Superman: World's Finest #12 (February 21, 2023)
    Mark Waid, Emanuela Lupacchino
    Some months ago, in Gotham City, Supergirl/Kara Kent/Zor El and Robin/Dick Grayson recount their disastrous date to Superman/Clark Kent and Batman/Bruce Wayne. The day before, the chain of crazy events begins when a man who owns a monkey named Bingo loses him and runs down the streets to find him. As Supergirl explains, after a Man-Bat invasion in Boston, she had been so impressed by Robin's ability to fight despite his lack of powers, that she asked him out. Unfortunately, it all went downhill from there. Robin, desperate to impress the super powered Kryptonian, went in costume (forcing Kara to ditch her fashion choice) and spent most of the time bigging himself up, his show offish side coming out full flame. Kara herself meanwhile gets more and more ticked off, and seems to come across to Dick as uncaring of his comparatively 'less impressive' heroics. Meanwhile, the restaurant staff get into spats on how to serve the heroes properly, leading to the food taking forever. Just when it looks like things can't get worse for the awkward duo, Bingo the monkey alarms a truck driver, spilling his cargo of bowling balls onto the street, and crashing a bus into a water fountain. The heroes manage to save the day, but a mishap leads to Robin crashing into Supergirl, the two of them falling into the water fountain. The date ends as well as it went: Not at all. But, after thinking over it and talking to Superman and Batman about it, the two learn that sometimes, a pair just doesn't click, and they move on from the whole episode...

  • Superman: Space Age #3 (February 21, 2023)
    Mark Russell, Mike Allred
    We begin with the Superman of Universe 832654-Z contemplating his Earth's destruction only to transition to 1982 with Clark and Pariah at the Seagull bar discussing the impending destruction of that Earth. We switch to the new Hall of Justice built with funding by Wayne Enterprises. Superman discusses his conversation with Pariah and that the end is imminent. After Green Lantern explains how the Anti Monitor works destroying universe after universe, Superman meets with several versions of Brainiac who offer "help". They tell him that they will not destroy Earth but regardless the Anti Monitor will. So they are gathering resources to create a Universe. Universe 177389-F otherwise known as the Matterverse. They will gather enough strength to open a portal. There they plan on defeating the Anti Monitor. The portal that will open, though small, will allow one being to pass through. Superman. Superman then asks if an Earth exists in that Universe. Brainiac tells him, yes Earth 832654-Z. We then go to the Metropolis Correctional Facility for Men where we visit with Lex Luthor who's sitting pretty thanks to blackmailing the Warden. He's visiting with some Lexcorp executives who explain that many of the products they manufacture are failing. He only cares about getting out of prison. He then introduces his new Lawyer. We go to Smallville where Clark talks with Pa Kent about what he would do if he knew the world was going to end. He tells him he wouldn't do anything different then any other day. With his wife and son in his life he has everything he ever needed. Later after having a snowball fight at the Fortress (with hologramps Jor-El!) Clark is woken up during the night by a call from Martha. Pa Kent died of a heart attack. After saying goodbye to his father at his gravesite Clark makes some important decisions. He will do whatever he can to give humanity a chance for survival, and to accomplish this mission he resigns from the Justice League. Meanwhile, two years later in 1984 Batman tries to up his game in fighting crime in Gotham only to be blindsided by a certain homicidal clown. At the Daily Planet Perry gives Lois a new assignment. Cover the appeal of Lex Luthor. Suffice to say with some "legal" trickery Lex's appeal is vacated. He walks a free man. At Lexcorp Lex's executives try to figure out ways for Lex to destroy Superman including using Kryptonite. But what Lex really wants is a takeover of Wayne Enterprises. While Luthor's bid falls through, people are wondering what happened to Superman? After two years Superman holds a press conference to discuss Project Humanity. Superman can now take anyone's DNA and cure any person's disease or even diseases that haven't happened yet. Superman wants to truly heal the world. And as the world heals Luthor starts to turn Superman's plan against him. Interlude: So far this has been a powerful issue. Everything set up in Book 1 and 2 is really coming together and you're beginning to understand certain characters and why they are so important to this story. We can see where this issue is headed but we're excited to see the finish. Again the relationship between Lois and Clark is done well as is Superman and the Justice League. Russell and Allred have such a good handle on these characters. They are quite a team. We now go to Smallville to see how Martha has been since the death of Jonathan. Lois wants her to move with them to the Fortress but Martha seems reluctant. As this is being discussed Clark (in overalls) and Jon have a real existential conversation about death on the porch. Meanwhile in Gotham the Joker has kidnapped seven children of Wayne Enterprises executives. Batman is stumped trying to find out who this person is without success. He then gets a call from the Joker who tells him a story about a little girl who's father was a part time clown. One night he came home to see his apartment building on fire. He rushes to save his daughter but just gets badly burned. His daughter perishes. It was Wayne Towers. The Batman is able to track the signal to a phone booth. But it's a set up. The man in the booth is holding the phone to a device that's transmitting the Jokers call. The booth explodes. Batman searches for the Joker night after night without success. He eventually gets a call from Joker demanding a million dollars for the kids release. Bruce Wayne is told to bring the money to abandoned building but when he gets there he's confronted by the Joker wearing a mask of Bruce Wayne. The Joker burns the money telling Bruce he was only trying to make a point about how money is it's own religion. The cops have them in there sights. The Joker puts his Bruce mask on and tells the real one he's going to hold to the kids for now. ButBruce Wayne has something up his sleeve. He knows the cops will shoot once they get their eyes on the Joker. So Bruce puts on a clown mask. He jumps the Joker. The cops shoot. In the end both Bruce Wayne and the Joker are dead. It's 1985. Clark meets Pariah at the bar. He tells him today is the day it all ends. Meanwhile Lex taking advantage of Bruce's death swoops in and takes over Wayne Enterprises. As Lex Gloats the world starts coming to an end. Superman is making a last ditch effort to save humanity using all the DNA samples he has and putting them into a crystal. The Justice League do their best in helping people during this crises but really to know avail. Superman in the Fortress is trying to download his files into the crystal but there isn't enough power. Jor-El seeing his sons dilemma deletes his holographic image to give him the power that he needs. Superman is devastated. But in his last moments his father praises him and tells him that as Superman he's done for his world what Jor-El couldn't. Superman using the coordinates that Brainiac gave him for the portal throws the crystals with all the people of Earths DNA through the portal which is caught by the Superman of Earth 832654-Z. He finds Superman's journal that has been telling this story all along. He takes the crystal to the Fortress and activates it. Back on his Earth Superman embraced by by his family waits for the end. Back on Earth 832654-Z the world is populated again giving it and the people new to this world a fresh start.

  • Superman: Lost #1 (March 14, 2023)
    Christopher Priest, Carlo Pagulayan
    A crooked Senator's aide is saved by Superman before her car could crash, but after Superman catches her car a million dollars in cash comes spilling out of her trunk. Back at the Kent's apartment Lois writes up the story while Clark tries fixing the toaster. They have some cute banter back and forth before Lois has to get back to the Daily Planet... But not before they have some "quality time" together. The next scene Lois is continuing her story on the Senator when Clark is alerted that he's needed elsewhere. He flies off into the night only to arrive back moments later looking stunned. Lois is curious as to why he's acting so strangely when he tells her he's been gone for twenty years. Bruce Wayne comes knocking at the door to tell Lois what happened and that's when Clark recounts the story of his disappearance. Supposedly a Chinese submarine sank which caused the Chinese to attempt a rescue without public knowledge. Eventually US forces get involved. A Chinese jet gets shot down and before it turns into all out war the Justice League is called in. While trying to rescue the Submarine they discover that it's not a sub but a ship from another world. Suffice to say that after some back and forth between the League about what may have happened Superman steps up and volunteers to go in. The League tries to anchor Superman so they can pull him out but his signaling device gets fuzzy and they start to lose contact. After Green Lantern scans the ship they find no trace of Superman. Back at the Kent's Bruce and Clark finish the story. An angry Lois wants to know where Clark has been the last twenty years. Superman was lost in another universe.

  • Batman/Superman: World's Finest #13 (March 21, 2023)
    Mark Waid, Dan Mora
    On the roof of the Daily Planet, Superman/Clark Kent, Batman/Bruce Wayne, Robin/Dick Grayson, Supergirl/Kara Zor-El, Batgirl/Barbara Gordon and Jimmy Olson all celebrate another case closed (though Kara and Barbara struggle to believe that Bat-Mite and Mr. Mxyzptlk could fool Clark and Bruce that they were the girls, neither that Olsen had figured it out). Inside the building, after Jimmy inwardly gloats a little, he and Clark are called in by Perry White about the poisoning of billionaire industrialist Simon Stagg. At the same time, Alfred informs Batman of the murder, Bruce having a connection to Stagg thanks to them having multiple business meetings. He and Robin drive off to Metropolis, and Robin questions if this is not a job for Superman, considering it's in Metropolis. Batman explains that he and Superman both have an interest on Stagg's sometimes employee and bodyguard, Rex Mason. Clark explains to Jimmy on the way that Rex and Stagg hate each other. Rex was an adventurer, half archeologist half fortune hunter, who fell madly in love with Stagg's daughter, Sapphire. Stagg thought Rex was beneath his daughter, so he arranged for him to be killed by his servant, Java. Stagg sent Rex to unearth an artifact called the Orb of Ra from the lost pyramid of Ahk-Ton the pharaoh, with the promise of millions. Java accompanied Rex, and used the orb, fashioned from a meteor infused by radiation, to kill him. The meteor disfigured Rex, rearranging the elements composing his body into something else, something human and not. Despite all this, Sapphire loved him unconditionally, and re-taught him how to speak and move. The two also discovered that Rex could shift himself or his body parts into any element or compound, turning into Metamorpho, The Elemental Man. Jimmy questions why Rex would still bodyguard for Stagg. Clark answers that it was out of love for Sapphire, and Stagg promising him a cure. The two aren't allowed into the crime scene, but Clark spots Batman and Robin entering. Before joining them as Superman, Clark offers Jimmy a chance to share the byline, asking him to dig up some suspects and concentrate on who benefits, no matter how unlikely. Batman explains the locked room mystery: Stagg always rents a private suite, complete with an inner office. Housekeeping found him dead of poison, but he and Robin found no possible delivery system, in a room that was locked and bolted from the inside. Clark adds that Rex is AWOL. Batman concludes that Rex has motive, means AND opportunity. Batman sends Superman to locate Rex, and Robin to run some tests on the corpse. Robin reminds that Metamorpho is supposed to be a good guy, and Batman reminds that it's a lead they can't ignore, even if he hopes it's not true. Superman does locate Metamorpho, at the Egyptian wing of the Metropolis History Museum, stopping a robbery of King Tut's sarcophagus. While Superman evacuates the guards, Batman gets attacked by one of the mooks, firing at him with Quakemaster tech. Metamorpho saves Batman, and Batman tells him that the two need to talk, while Superman handles cleanup. At the Stagg mansion, Jimmy finishes up an interview with Sapphire, who agreed to talk to him because he's known as Superman's pal, and Superman could find her father's killer. Java throws Jimmy out, however, claiming he's an outsider. Back at the museum, Batman examines Metamorpho, which insults his long term friend. Superman explains that he can't detect if Metamorpho lied because he has no traditional heartbeat. Batman adds that Robin found out that Stagg was poisoned with VX nerve gas, a banned and hard to find substance, one Metamorpho can simply generate. Plus, in gas or liquid form, he could exit the suite without notice. Superman says Batman just believes in the worst, and that it doesn't sound like their long time friend. Batman regrets that he can't be that optimistic, but reminds Superman of Stagg's evil and manipulative nature, the man having cost Wayne Enterprises millions by interfering in deals that could have helped the people of Gotham, all because he lost to Bruce in tennis once. At the Planet the next day, Jimmy's investigating has birthed a first draft that he gives to Clark. He promises that it's airtight, having worked his bones off. Jimmy even managed to crack the case, as Inspector Henderson got wind of the story and is moving on it within the hour. Clark refuses to believe that Rex had done it, but Jimmy counters that that's an opinion. Perry questions Clark's commitment to Rex, and with no ability to explain, the story is set to be published in 15 minutes. And Bruce Wayne is arrested for the murder of Simon Stagg.

  • Dark Knights of Steel #10 (March 28, 2023)
    Tom Taylor, Yasmin Putri
    The story picks up right after J'onn J'onzz reveals he is Alfred and the armies learn of the existence of the White Martians. Diana immediately confronts J'onn about his role in the whole plot. Bruce defends his mentor and it looks like he and Diana will come to blows, until Kal intervenes with the lasso of truth. Constantine suggests they take a minute to reassess the situation, at this point Diana goes off on him due to his role in the prophesy and pursuing the conflict. The return of Jacob turns even Queen Anissa against John, until Queen Lara invites all into the city to recover from the battle. Once inside the palace J'onn recites the tale of his people's destruction. He reveals the dire nature of a conflict with the White Martians and his own failures to protect his family. After he recites his tale, we shift to the Green Man, Luthor. He is sitting atop a tree talking to his Green Lantern ring, in mid conversation he is torn apart and the leader of the White Martians seizes the ring from him.

  • Superman: Lost #2 (April 11, 2023)
    Christopher Priest, Carlo Pagulayan, Jason Paz
    After Lois takes a call from Bruce Wayne, who has some info on the story she's writing, Lois checks on Clark who is laying in the fetal position on the floor in the bedroom. It appears he's stopped breathing. We flashback to Superman floating in space where he's found by six rather rude aliens. They're small and red and cute but don't let that fool you. After giving air so he could breathe Superman recounts his mission with the Justice League and how they came across the alien ship. He tells how he was sucked into a hole in the ship which deposited him on the other side of the universe. The little red aliens aren't having any of this so they push him back out into space. He then comes across a planet with similar features to Earth though it seems to be post apocalyptic. He meets some beings from this planet that look very much like insects. He tells one of them his name. Superman grabs hold of one of these beings whose mask rips off showing a young boy who tells Superman his name is Szhemi before running off. For some reason Superman thinks he said Jimmy. After flying around this world Superman comes across a frozen wasteland. He finds a wall with strange writing on it and gets to the other side where he finds beautiful farm land. He then meets "The Victor", leader of the republic. Again Superman recounts how he came to be there. The Victor tells him he can't help him and gives him some supplies and a suit and sends him on his way. But not before Superman gives this unnamed planet a name. Kansas.

  • Batman/Superman: World's Finest #14 (April 18, 2023)
    Mark Waid, Dan Mora
    In Los Angeles, a raging, vengeful Metamorpho is done taking prisoners, and attacks one of his rogues gallery members, Doc Dread, with the intent to finish him once and for all... Meanwhile, at their respective hideouts, Clark and Bruce discuss the false accusation directed at Wayne. Bruce berates Clark for writing the article with Jimmy Olsen, but Clark reminds him he couldn't explain without revealing their identities, not to mention the lack of evidence. Bruce is angry at first but Clark gets him to calm down with the reminder that they can still get the killer. The two agree they need to locate Metamorpho (though not necessarily on rather they should clear him or not), with Robin helping Superman out in detecting. Upstairs in Wayne Manor, Bruce gets a video call from Oliver Queen/Green Arrow and his attorneys. Bruce points it out but Ollie reassures him that he doesn't exactly believe in the law's capabilities at justice. Actually, Ollie is there to talk about a deal with WayneTech Red he's not interested in, as he wants to know more about an A.I development Bruce is working on. A shocked Bruce questions this, but the usually technophobic Ollie is interested in purchasing. A very suspicious Bruce returns to the cave. While riding Superman as he flies, Robin reveals that Sapphire says that Rex has been "Hella angry" about the framing, and that he probably believes Batman had hired one of his rogues to kill Stagg. With reports of Doc Dread and Stringaree being beaten and arrested, Robin and Superman agree to fly east of Venezuela, where Metamopho is fighting El Matanazas and his robot army. Superman and Robin join the fight (since El Matanazas is a horrible dictator as it is), but the oppressor reveals that the controls of his robots malfunctioned. While Robin correctly guesses everything that will happen, Superman gets rid of the robots while Metamorpho saves the civilians, only to then attack El Matanazas. Superman stops Metamorpho from attacking, Mason saying he was only gonna scare him. Superman manages to convince him to stop for now, at least to be there for Sapphire, what with Stagg's funeral tomorrow. The next day, Bruce calls Ted Kord/Blue Beetle II, Loren Jupiter, Steve Dayton/Mento, before contacting Clark, who's in the middle of writing the article for Stagg's funeral, which had slim attendance (really only Sapphire, Rex, Java and Clark). Bruce informs Clark that he's contacted the aforementioned, Ollie, and a dozen billionaires, and none of them are acting or sounding like they usually do. He asks Clark to do a quick X-Ray vision check of Stagg's body, and Clark agrees about Bruce's suspicions with extra evidence. Stagg's body isn't reacting the way it should do, and his brain isn't human. The corpse is an android. Which means Stagg is probably still alive somewhere. On the Daily Planet building, Superman, Batman, Robin and Metamorpho deduce that someone is kidnapping billionaires and replacing them with puppets, and that someone, whose offshore account is being financed by all those people, is Professor Antony Ivo, the creator of Amazo. Superman and Robin follow the money trail, while Batman and Metamorpho decide to track down Doctor Will Magnus. Creator of the Metal Men. At Allegheny Mountains, Superman and Robin find Ivo's android cellar, with a half finished Bruce Wayne that was abandoned after he became a murder suspect. Ivo confesses, but he tries to intimidate Robin to get Superman to lose. Meanwhile, in Upstate New York, Batman and Metamorpho reach Magnus' lab. Batman doesn't apologize for suspecting Metamorpho, and tension still reigns between them. At the lab, there are signs of a struggle, but no Magnus, and the Metal Men seem to be melting in vats. And back with Ivo, he reveals his master plan, utilizing the Metal Men's powers to create an android that can replicate every element on the periodic table and beyond, including Kryptonite...

  • DC Silent Tales #1 (April 18, 2023)
    Gustavo Durante, Gustavo Durante
    There are six stories in this one shot. Each story focuses on a different DC character. As the title suggests, there are sound effects, but no dialogue in "DC Silent Tales". Those stories include: Haley Quinn in "Hammer Time!", described as Harley's hilarious hunt for a hammer! Cyborg in "Long Play," described as Cyborg relaxes with some new music but Gizmo has other plans! Zatanna in "Mr. Crowley," described as Zatanna's rabbit is in hot water after hunting for carrots in the wrong place! The Joker in "Gotham Gothic," described as Joker's latest heist leaves Batman stumped! And Lobo in "Suckers!", Lobo fights Nazi zombies. Superman is featured in a story called "Bugs!" Lex Luthor has been experimenting with radioactive waste that creates a Godzilla sized ant. Superman makes quick work of the mutated ant followed by the police arresting Lex. After, Superman goes home to relax and carelessly throws his toxic covered suit in the garbage. This creates a new mutated bug that he also defeates with ease.

  • Superman: Lost #3 (May 9, 2023)
    Christopher Priest, Carlo Pagulayan, Jason Paz
    Lois continues her story on Senator McMonigle when everything flies off the table. Lois sharply tells Clark she's not his maid. While cleaning out his messy closet Lois finds the energy suit and communicator he was given at the end of last issue. We flashback to Superman in a fetal position floating in space. He's woken by the communicator. The two have a back and forth about how many days he's been in space. How many miles back to Earth. Does he want to go back to "Kansas" the farm on that other planet? Suddenly he's surrounded by flying dolphins. He remarks that he'd heard about them from Lobo. There's another back and forth about their current speed and how long it will take to get back to Earth. Superman thinks if the dolphins had once been to Earth they must travel through black holes, transwarp corridors. If he follows them and finds one of these corridors it may take him home. But after getting a telepathic message Superman realizes that the dolphins came looking for him. Trying to free their calves the dolphin's parents were trapped. After a page of exposition about the planet that's trapping the dolphins Superman flies down only to be met by giant sand statues of him and Lois. He fights them only to find out that their planet was attacked and they're just trying to defend. After getting nowhere with these thought creatures the dolphins are saved and Superman figures whoever is attacking this planet must have a star drive. The dolphins fly away taking Superman's survival rig and he crushes the communicator.

  • Batman/Superman: World's Finest #15 (May 16, 2023)
    Mark Waid, Dan Mora
    In Eastern Kentucky, Red Tornado is saving citizens from a flood, but starts malfunctioning, scaring everyone. Meanwhile, back underneath the Allegheny Mountains, Ultramorpho (Dr. Ivo's new perfect creation), a biomechanical construct capable of mimicking any element, including Kryptonite, attacks Superman. Robin manages to distract him long enough to rescue the Man of Steel however. While they hobble away, Robin (under advice of Superman) tries to get info from Ivo to give them more time. Ivo explains that the fake Simon Stagg was an invention to funnel money and resources his way. As it began to show signs of failure, Ivo took care of two birds with one stone, and framed Metamorpho for the murder of the fake Simon Stagg, while his Ultramorpho was the one who carried out the hit. Ivo plans to take out Superman and Robin next. Thankfully, the full kryptonite form of Ultramorpho is no match for Metamorpho, who neutralizes the acid it shoots and uses some lead to shield Superman and let him heal. Superman asks where Batman is. We soon learn. Batman has armored himself with the Metal Men's melted bodies, allowing them to use him as a vessel. They begin to beat away at Ultramorpho. Meanwhile, at Washington D.C., The Doom Patrol (Robotman, Elasti-Girl, Negative Man) are fighting Mekanique, an old Justice Society villain who has turned all of the city into her puppets. Cliff (Robotman) tries to stop her, but comes under her control and turns on his teammates. Batman and Ultramorpho fight back and forth, and Batman deduces that one on one isn't going to cut it. The Metal Man charge off of him and distract Uultramorpho long enough or Superman (protected by a fusion with Metamorpho) to punch him into the sky. But Ultramorpho's acid is too strong and he hurts Metamorpho and Robin, kidnaps Superman and Batman, and leaves the Metal Men to retreat. Meanwhile, in Colorado, The Challengers of the Unknown are fighting Ultivac who's also been taken over and has destroyed half of Denver. Back with The Metal Men, they take Metamorpho and Robin to a safe place in the woods to heal up. Metamorpho is more interested in continuing the fight, but Robin rejects the idea, saying they need a plan. Showing him that Batman and Superman are still alive, Robin says they will go to save them, but with reinforcements, and calls the Teen Titans for backup. Unfortunately, Kid Flash (Wally West), Aqualad (Garth), Wonder Girl (Donna Troy) and Red Arrow (Roy Harper) are busy off the coast of Maine fighting the Awesome Threesome, another hypnotized group of robots. Robin orders everyone to get backup, no matter who. Superman wakes up to find that he, Batman, and many others (Dr. Will Magnus, Toyman, Dr. Cyber, The Bug-Eyed Bandit) are now adorned with Inhibitor collars. Superman thinks it's Ivo's fault, that he wants them to work for him. But Ivo is a captive too. At first Batman theorizes it's Amazo who has turned on Ivo, but Superman reveals he too is a prisoner. Batman demands answers from Magnus, who explains that Ivo tortured him to make together a machine with the Metal Men's cyberbrain responseometers that give them life. The machine has imprisoned them all. The machine known as Newmazo. Meanwhile, Robin, riding the Batmobile in Gotham City, calls for Supergirl's help. Supergirl, busy fighting Chemo in Metropolis, rejects this at first, but things turn to the worse when the Batmobile is taken over and starts racing towards a wall, Robin trapped in it...

  • Batman: The Brave and the Bold #1 (May 16, 2023)
    Christopher Cantwell, Javier Rodríguez
    "Superman: Order of the Black Lamp" is one of four stories in the new "Batman: The Brave and the Bold" anthology. Along with this Superman story, two of the four are Batman stories and one was a Stormwatch story. This story picks up some time after "Action Comics #1050". As a result of the stroke that Perry White suffered, Lois Lane is the acting editor at the Daily Planet. She is trying to find out how to support struggling sales, while Clark is dealing with what happened to Perry and blames himself. Throughout the issue, Clark is narrating an article for the Daily Planet that he "co-wrote with Superman". We see Superman helping out a shipping boat in distress and stopping a heist of the First Metropolis Bank. While the article is telling the adventures of Superman, Clark is also making an analogy that reflects back on two weeks that he spent at a summer camp in his youth. To find out how this summer camp story will tie-in to the Order of the Black Lamp, we will have to wait and see.

  • Power Girl Special #1 (May 30, 2023)
    Leah Williams, Marguerite Sauvage/Joanne Starer, Natacha Bustos
    Power Girl takes on Johnny Sorrow in her mind while trying to find and accept her place in the DC Universe and Superman's extended family. Sorrow uses Jon Kent to trap Omen and Power Girl mentally. The powerful heroines have their work cut out for them, for Johnny Sorrow's horsemen – the Pit, the Pendulum, the Poet and the Pipe are keeping Omen and Power Girl occupied. Johnny Sorrow has brought about Hell on Earth thanks to his mental powers taking over Metropolis. To top things off, Jon Kent is in a coma. This all because Power Girl had inadvertently opened the trap Johnny Sorrow created when she began entering other heroes' minds. Power Girl blames herself for the situation with Johnny Sorrow. Yet, nobody in the Superfamily believes her to be at fault. They accept her as one of their own, and her cousin from Earth-2, Kal-L makes amends with her. Yet, Johnny Sorrow still uses his powers on Power Girl. Omen's aid allows her to battle his horsemen, learn Sorrow's origins and punch him out of her mind. With Johnny Sorrow beaten, Power Girl and Omen prepare for their next adventure with Streaky the Supercat now in their lives./After Ice calls Guy Gardner for help with a tidal wave in Baltimore that she and Fire are trying to stop, Fire and Guy fight among themselves. Fire believes she's protecting Ice. Yet, Ice doesn't want or need it. Fire and Guy, however, do not listen. Superman arrives on the scene, realizing ehgo has gotten in the way of saving lives. Thus, he suggests a self-care vacation at the Kent Farm in Smallville.

  • Dark Knights of Steel #11 (June 6, 2023)
    Tom Taylor, Yasmin Putri
    Constantine is drunk in a tavern and runs into Harley and Lois, the three commiserate about how they failed their respective monarchs by feeding them bad intel. They decide to join together to create problems for the White Martians. Kal and Bruce are finally reunited in the castle, and celebrate their newfound brotherhood. Bruce reveals that he found a green crystal that drains their energy and he is worried that the shapeshifters have that crystal. Meanwhile the Martians have created a sword from the kryptonite, and one sneaks into J'onn's prison to destroy him. J'onn contacts Kal and Bruce who rush in a fight the Martian off. The leaders then go about creating protective fires all over the city to protect against the Martians. While this is occurring Bruce descends to the dungeons and frees the prisoners who he put there for having superpowers. And after a terse argument with Amanda Waller, Lara takes her children to a secret cavern where they build a phantom zone projector to cast the enemy into a prison capable of holding them. The last page reveals a secret that I won't go into here... I'll leave that for you to uncover.

  • Steelworks #1 (June 6, 2023)
    Michael Dorn, Sam Basri
    John Henry Irons has a press conference to finally open his new Steelworks building. During the press conference he states that his work will be to help regular people solve their own problems, without Superman. Afterwards he has conversations with his niece, Natasha Irons, and later his fiancé, Lana Lang, about how he sounded. Both point out that he sounds super ambitious, and Natasha questions his philosophy as being a tad anti-Superman. Meanwhile corporate rivals kidnap a man and mutate him to receive powers to take down Steel. The issue ends with an attack on Steelworks.

  • Superman: Lost #4 (June 13, 2023)
    Christopher Priest, Carlo Pagulayan, Jason Paz
    We begin with a flashback to the time Martha made the costume for Clark. We then flash forward to Superman in space losing track of the dolphins he was following last issue. Than we go to the present with Lois comforting Clark after a nightmare. Then we flashback again, flash forwarding several years after the dolphin incident where Clark has made a life for himself on planet "Kansas" where he encounters one of the kids he met a couple issues ago. He's the one Clark called Jimmy but his name is Szhemi. He's been searching for Clark because of rumors that a god lives in the Dead Zone, a place that Clark has built just like his farm in Smallville. Than we flashback from the flash forward to Clark telling Szhemi what happened after the whole dolphin incident. After this we get more flashbacks and flash forwards dealing with Victor, the man that gave Clark the containment suit. We find him dealing with the little orange aliens he encountered at the beginning of the story. Seems they are the ones responsible for the attacks on planet Kansas. We flashback to Victor giving an info dump about the people of Arkasian, the actual name of this planet Clark is now living on. They are worried about the climate change but still wish to stay and fight the Contrectatio (the little orange aliens). Victor tells Clark there are now space ships with star drives arriving and he could go home. The Contrectio offer to try and help Clark find Earth after they're done attacking this planet. Clark says he will not abandon the people of Arkasian. The aliens tell him he couldn't fight them all by himself. Suddenly a Green Lantern shows up to offer help. To be continued...

  • Batman/Superman: World's Finest #16 (June 20, 2023)
    Mark Waid, Dan Mora
    In Dick Grayson/Robin is almost crushed by the now revolting Batmobile crashing into a wall, but is thankfully saved by Barry Allen/The Flash, who was notified by Wally West/Kid Flash of the trouble. He informs Robin that all over the US, self-driving cars, smartphones, communication systems, anything using some form of A.I is going haywire, and most transportation has been locked down, while many people have been taken hostage by any hero or villain that could be remotely controlled. He also tells him of Batman and Superman being taken prisoner by Newmazo. Meanwhile, Newmazo orders Will Magnus to guide Superman and Batman on building for him, and tells Superman that there is no point in breaking his collar, due to the kryptonite powered Ultramorpho guarding the room. Will explains to Superman what he did to make Newmazo. Ivo had captured him and forced him to give an updated Amazo the responsometer that gives the Metal Men their intelligence. Ivo, in his arrogance, didn't predict that Newmazo could now not just absorb powers and abilities, but also knowledge and intelligence, becoming as smart as Ivo and Magnus combined. Then he began collecting those other A.I focused scientists to do his bidding. He'd also kidnapped billionaires like Oliver Queen and Simon Stagg in order to get their finances for his projects, replacing them with artificial duplicates who would funnel the money his way. Batman asks Magnus what is Newmazo's end goal. Newmazo believes humans are imperfect, lacking in foresight and dimming the world's potential. He wants to replace them with worldwide A.I supremacy, and has turned robotic villains and heroes to take all humans and dissolve them down to their basic chemical elements to reuse them for his project. Meanwhile, in Midway City, Hawkman battles Kelex and a bunch of cyborg Supermen. Metamorpho, The Metal Men and Plastic Man help him out, though Metamorpho isn't sure the Metal Man will survive, and they themselves are a little concerned. While The Metal Men help Hawkman fight off the robots, Metamorpho takes on G.I. Robot. The civilians are evacuated, but the heroes are badly hurt, and the metal men are destroyed. Back with the world's finest, Batman tries to formulate an escape plan, but Oliver and Ted Kord argue it's hopeless: They don't have their gear and their one true chance, Superman, can barely stand. Batman still has a plan though that he's already put into motion with Toyman, Dr. Cyber, Bertram Larvan and Simon Stagg: The crack in Ultramorpho could be used to shatter him, and with some lead shielding, they could assemble a side item to take advantage. Ted distracts the robot and Oliver makes a one in a million shot and destroys the robot. While the others use the lead shielding to protect themselves from the radiation, Superman breaks out of his collar and frees the rest, but is still suffering. The reason? Ultramorpho is reforming! But then, the cavalry arrives: Robin, Metamorpho, Flash, Kara Zor-El/Supergirl, Diana Prince/Wonder Woman and Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm. Firestorm's control of the elements keeps Ultramorpho destroyed while Flash locks up the villains before they can escape. After Magnus takes a moment to mourn his metal men (hoping to salvage them), Batman asks him about the miniature satellites Newmazo had them make, questioning how the Metal Men weren't controlled by Newmazo. Magnus explains that he programmed them to only take direct commands from himself. Batman tells Green Lantern to blanket the earth with the satellites and Robin and Wonder Woman to find T.O. Morrow. Superman says he's gonna get the civillians to safety while the rest neutralize every "Newmazo agent" and reclamation plant used to decimate humans they can find. On the Invisible Jet, Wonder Woman explains to Robin that T.O. Morrow is a futurist, a brilliant cybercriminal, and the inventor of Red Tornado. Wonder Woman uses her lasso to get answers from Morrow when he resists, and he explains that he knew Ivo's invention would bring humanity to the brink of extinction. Morrow claims he's already tested out every possible hero as opposition, and claims it's hopeless to stop Newmazo. After Batman instructs Olive and Ted to help Superman out and stay in touch, only for Supergirl to suddenly reveal her play just when the man of steel leaves: It's not Supergirl. It's Newmazo.

  • Batman: The Brave and the Bold #2 (June 27, 2023)
    Christopher Cantwell, Javier Rodríguez
    Superman searches for the origin of the "save me" message decoded by Clark Kent in part one of the story. The Order of the Black Lamp is a real life decoder ring, how is this childhood toy real? Clark is questioning this and his recollection of an ace war pilot. If Clark is the only one who remembers Hop Harrigan, is he and the ring just a work of fiction from his youth forgotten by everyone, as well as himself? Superman follows the map to the Muchu Chhish, a remote mountain in the Karakoram Range in Pakistan. It is here he finds Eidos Citadel, a city within Muchu Chhish. Superman describes the city as vast and active, with scientific laboratories, heavy industry, and a military. Deep within the mountain Superman also finds a jail and very real Hop Harrigan who claims he has been trapped for 75 years, while somehow not aging a day.

  • Knight Terrors: First Blood #1 [One Shot] (July 4, 2023)
    Joshua Williamson, Howard Porter
    Is it all a dream? A mysterious someone is trying to induce and invade the dream state of the DC Universe. "First Blood" is the prologue to the two month long "Knight Terrors" event. "Knight Terrors" and the Dawn of DC initiative are intertwined. While with Dawn of DC it seems the DC Universe is taking a bright and shiny turn, Amanda Waller is not as optimistic. Waller is not the only one, a new villain, Insomnia is searching for the Nightmare Stone to prove the heroes are not heroes, but in fact horror. In "Knight Terrors: First Blood," we see Deadman as he investigates a presence that is connected to Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman.The focal point of that presence brings the quartet to the Hall of Justice where an alarm from a restricted area has been tripped. It is here that they find what seems like the corpse of John Dee, Dr. Destiny "master" of the Dreamstone. As it seems the body that they found is not a real corpse, but instead a dream construct. Along with Wonder Woman and Detective Chip, Zantanna picks up investigating the Hall of Justice body of John Dee. The real John Dee is back in Arkham Tower stuck in some kind of dream state. Batman along with Deadman and Harley Quinn are at Arkham Tower attending to the real Dr. Destiny who is stuck in some kind of dream state. Simultaneously, something is released from his body as well as the Hall of Justice construct of John Dee and is spreading a nightmare state across the whole DC universe, heroes, villains, and everyone else. It seems that Zatanna and Deadman are the only ones able to fight off this nightmare state, as the presence identifies itself and its intentions to them.

  • Steelworks #2 (July 4, 2023)
    Michael Dorn; Sami Basri, Vicente Cifuentes, and Max Raynor
    Natasha leads the defense of Steelworks against the unknown intruder. The security systems cannot lock onto him, and this leads to them shooting at everything in the space, including her. John enters the room in his Steel suit and together they are able to stop the security system. Having not seen any invader, John believes it is a malfunction of the system. Natasha convinces him that a guy was causing the security problems. We then cut to the assailant on a bench, he is approached by Charles Walker III's men and brought to his mansion. Charles has promised this man his children back, and that he will cure him of the condition Charles put him in, if he takes down John Henry Irons. Meanwhile John and Natasha are met by Jay Nakamura who is acting as a press relations expert for Steelworks. The three go to a meeting John has with the Superfamily to discuss his idea of phasing out Superheroes from Metropolis. In the midst of the meeting Natasha notices the earlier assailant on the streets below, and in an attempt to catch him, he incapacitates her.

  • Superman: Lost #5 (July 11, 2023)
    Christopher Priest, Carlo Pagulayan
    Clark, still suffering from PTSD, goes back to work at the Daily Planet. He finds his super hearing is not working. Lois has lunch with Wonder Woman. After telling Diana she does not like her, Lois asks to use her magic lasso hoping to get some answers from Clark about his absence and finding out why he keeps calling Lois "Hope". Flashing back to Clark's eighth year being lost we find Clark, Hope the Green Lantern from last issue and Jimmy (Szhemi) living a domestic life on planet "Kansas". Jimmy is trying to track space probes with the hope of finding someway of getting Clark home. We go back three years earlier to Superman's fight with the Contrectatio and a confrontation with Victor who will not help the citizens of New-Ark. Superman plans to leave the Green Lantern in charge when he finds out she doesn't even know what a Green Lantern is! The ring is new to her and she's never heard of the Corps. He asks her name and is told it is unpronounceable but the translator Superman uses substitutes her real name with the name "Hope". Back on Kansas Jimmy finds a way that could send Clark home but before he can tell Clark Hope kills him! She seems to be in love with Clark and does not want their "happy" life to end. Back in the present Lois confronts Clark about Hope and uses the lasso on him hoping to find the truth.

  • Knight Terrors #1 (July 11, 2023)
    Joshua Williamson, Giuseppe Camunicoli and Caspar Wijngaard
    "Knight Terrors: Dead on Arrival" picks up right after the prologue, with Deadman and his fight with the dream villain Insomnia. Deadman finds who Insomnia is and what he is looking for. Deadman believes he knows where the Nightmare Stone is, but before going after the stone he enlists a master of dreams. The story features Deadman who possesses Batman's body as he confronts the new villain, Insomnia. We get the origin of Insomnia who claims to be the God of Nightmares. Powered by the Lazarus storm, Insomnia has the ability to enter the minds of people through their dreams. As a patient in Arkham Tower he entered the mind of fellow patient, John Dee where he learned about the Nightmare Stone. An object so powerful that John Dee, also known as Dr. Destiny, hid it in the dreams of some unknown individual. It is because of John Dee that Insomnia began to invade people's dreams searching for the Nightmare Stone.

  • Knight Terrors: Superman #1 [of 2] (July 18, 2023)
    Joshua Williamson, Tom Reilly
    Dr. Destiny's body found its way into the Hall of Justice and Deadman followed with a warning that it was a manifestation of a weakening of the barriers between the dream world and the real world. Superman, soaring through the skies, orders Mercy Graves to conduct an investigation at Supercorps. Superman is attacked by nightmarish ghouls and knocked unconscious. A villain from the realm of dreams called Insomnia has attacked the waking world to find the Nightmare Stone. A magical object of unimaginable power hidden in the dreams of someone in our world. The entire world's population has been plunged into a coma while Insomnia searches for the Stone and in the meantime everyone is being forced to face their darkest fears. Now it is Superman's turn... Clark wakes up in the Daily Planet newsroom. Lois and Jimmy are urging Clark to finish his big story before the deadline. Clark is confused, every time he blinks everyone around him changes appearance. Clark immediately realizes something is wrong but a tidal wave appears from nowhere and drowns everyone. Clark is devastated as he was somehow unable to become Superman. Insomnia reveals himself and demands the Nightmare Stone, but when Clark reveals he does not have it Insomnia proceeds to torture Clark with visions of different eras. He tells Superman that he will be the last man on Earth at the end of time. He was born from the death of Krypton and death followed him to Earth. Suddenly Kara Zor El breaks into Superman's dream after escaping her own. Every Supergirl there ever was appears as an army of rotting corpses ready to kill the cousins. Another nightmare scenario instigated by Insomnia to overwhelm him. In the real world Superman washes up on a beach trapped in his dream. Aquaman, Mera and other Atlanteans rise from the ocean and see all the comatose people including Superman. Why are they unaffected?

  • Batman/Superman: World's Finest #17 (July 18, 2023)
    Mark Waid, Dan Mora
    In We continue from where we left off: Newmazo beating the life out of Batman, bragging that he is a one man Justice League and the man who murders the Batman. Only for Supergirl and Martian Manhunter to burst down from the sky and beat the life out of Newmazo. Supergirl especially is quite furious, blasting him with heat vision. But Newmazo counters, saying the close contact has made him as strong as the two of them put together, and faster than The Flash. He easily swipes them through a forest. Batman runs to Will Magnus, asking if they're up and running, but Magnus isn't sure the plan will work. To keep Newmazo distracted, Superman and Wonder Woman join the fight, but Newmazo continues being dominant, unstoppable. Batman calls Robin, asking if Morrow had any intel, but even under the lasso's influence Morrow says there is no hope and humanity must flee Earth, while we see Green Arrow,Black Canary, Plastic Man and Firestorm all struggle against the robot puppets of Newmazo. Batman refuses to give up, though. While Magnus puts the plan into action, Captain Marvel/Shazam and Green Lantern come to assist, only for Batman to tell them to stop. Batman explains (despite Shazam's insistence) that Newmazo is copying their abilities, like Manhunter's invisibility and telepathy. Lantern asks how they can possibly fight him if they can't come near him, and Magnus smiles. The heroes are surrounded by Newmazo's robot army. It seems doomed. Only for the army to turn on Newmazo! Thanks to the satellite Magnus made, the doctor can program the robots like he programmed the Metal Men, ordering them to destroy Newmazo! Yet, somehow, Newmazo is STILL not down, still winning! Batman then realizes what Morrow reminded him of, and rushes out to enact his hail mary, just before the other heroes can intervene. The answer isn't from the present or the future, but the past: The original Amazo! Despite Newmazo being smarter, Amazo's bluntness would continue going on and on, while the heroes blast them two of them. They would began replicating each other, and won't stop. Thus, the energy feedback loop would destroy both! And so, it happens. Newmazo barely remains alive, but Metamorpho (thanks to Superman) gets the final blow and destroys the machine outside of the final head piece, which he allows Magnus to tear piece by piece. Everything now sorted, the metal men and other robot heroes being repaired, all's well that ends well. Batman explains that Jimmy will be okay despite his wrong accusation, and Metamorpho goes back to his life.

  • Knight Terrors: Action Comics #1 [of 2] (July 25, 2023)
    Leah Williams/Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Vasco Georgiev/Mico Suayan
    The villain Insomnia has literally made the world's worst nightmares come true, including heroes and villains, in search of the Nightmare Stone. Power Girl is living her worst fears with a psychotic boyfriend chasing her and her parents wanting to leave her. She realizes she is in a dream state when the young man doesn't even know his real name. Power Girl punches him, only to discover she actually hit Superman. This turns out to be another horrifying vision that wanted to crush her while a computer system seems to be rebooting. Omen has awakened Power Girl. Yet, the psychic is but another nightmare being who wants to humiliate her on stage. Power Girl, whose body is attached to a machine, confronts Omen until Streaky's heat vision burns a hole into Power Girl's roommate./The adult members of the Superfamily are out while the young ones watch a horror movie at home. The Supertwins - Phaelosians Otho-Ra and Osul-Ra - are frightened by their experience with the Cyborg Superman and ask Conner Kent and Kenan to spend the night for a sleep over. This doesn't prevent the Cyborg Superman from becoming the Supertwins' worst nightmare. He possesses Conner. However, that isn't the only terror in the Kent home, for the Cyborg has also taken over Krypto.

  • Knight Terrors #2 (July 25, 2023)
    Joshua Williamson, Giuseppe Camunicoli and Caspar Wijngaard
    We start off with a story-intro by Deadman which leads into a conversation with Batman (Deadman) and Sandman. Picking up where issue one left off, Deadman is questioning Sandman because he saw him while he was in possession of Insomnia. Sandman explains what he knows about the Nightmare Stone and says that he has seen it before, but does not know where it is. Sandman wants to help find the Nightmare Stone before Insomnia, because he knows the dangers if Insomnia can get his hands on the stone first. Meanwhile, Insomnia is still in the nightmares of others searching for clues on where the stone could be. Batman (Deadman) and Sandman follow a distress call to Terrifictech where they find Red Tornado who is working with other robots like the Metal Men to save a world that has fallen asleep. Red Tornado warns Deadman that this nightmare state has the potential to be permanent if not reversed in time. The story ends with Deadman realizing that he still has connection with Insomnia from when he possessed him. This connection lets him know that Insomnia is trapped in the nightmare realm and that he so far has been unable to find the Nightmare Stone. Finally, we are introduced to Insomnia's Sleepless Knights, who are holding the severed head of Red Tornado.

  • Batman: The Brave and the Bold #3 (July 25, 2023)
    Christopher Cantwell, Javier Rodríguez
    Superman is under the influence of Kryptonite. Heavily weakened and trapped Superman is helped up by Hop Harrigan. After a quick exchange of background stories, Superman gets to the point of why he is there. Pulling out the decoder ring, The Man of Tomorrow realizes too late that the ring and the message were all a setup. Set up by Dr. Antelme the ruler of Eidos Citadel, and the captor of Hop Harrigan. It seems that The Last Son of Krypton was also targeted for imprisonment. Dr Antelme specializes in the "targeted erasure" an electrochemical process designed to control human memory. Superman is still weakened from the Kryptonite ray, but he happens to have The Guardian Angel on his side. Hop Harrigan, now in possession of his ring again, speaks a phrase in Latin and the ring sends out a blinding light. Using this distraction the two escape to an advanced tech but retro designed plane. Dr. Antelme lets them escape because he has planted a fail-safe into Hop and Superman. This fail-safe as we find out is that after a certain distance from Edios it makes them forget about everything related to Hop Harrigan's adventures and unfortunately that includes Hop's ability to fly. The story ends with Clark and Lois at the Daily Planet, they seem to have forgotten everything that happen including the Daily Planet's story. The only thing they have is a deadline and some notes on a secret pilot assignment.

  • Superman: The Last Days of Lex Luthor #1 (July 25, 2023)
    Mark Waid, Brian Hitch
    Late night at the Daily Planet, Clark Kent is thinking back to his days in Smallville when a Kryptonite experiment of Lex Luthor's goes wrong. We see that Clark is working on the story "The Last Days of Lex Luthor". Going back to where our story begins we see a ship in troubled waters near a coastal island off of Bangladesh. We see that those waves are not caused by a storm but by a large crablike purple robot. Next, we see the ship's crew all with their phones out, then we cut to the Daily Planet and the glasses of Clark Kent sitting on his desk. Cutting back to Bangladesh, the purple robot is making a landfall, setting off a chain reaction that is causing an earthquake. Superman arrives just in time to stop the initial threat and reveals that Lex Luthor is controlling the robot. Luthor must be dealt with in time, but first The Man of Steel must stop the chain of events set off by the robot before the island is destroyed by the resulting earthquake. By creating an earthquake refractor, Superman stopped the island's destruction. Next on to deal with Lex, showing no remorse Luthor explains he knew Superman would save everyone and that this was his way to get ahold of The Big Blue Boy Scout. We find out that Lex is experimenting again with Kryptonite and has given himself an incurable aggressively degenerative disease. Knowing his compassion, he asks for Superman's help. Of course The Man of Tomorrow agrees to help, as Luthor reveals that he was secretly broadcasting their conversation live across the world. The Last Son of Krypton spends the rest of this first chapter using Kryptonian technology to help Lex find a cure.

  • Steelworks #3 (August 1, 2023)
    Michael Dorn, Sami Basri and Vicente Cifuentes
    Natasha is ambushed by the new villain. He uploads a dangerous program into her armor before she is saved by Steel and Superman. It is revealed that her suit has now bonded to her DNA. Much of the remaining issue has Steel conversing with both Superman and Lana about his newest invention that can create unlimited energy. We then shift to Cat and Jimmy hosting the televised coverage of the city's Superman celebration. During the celebration Superman invited John Henry Irons onto the stage to reveal his invention. In the midst of the festivities our villain unleashes robots to attack the city. John activates his drone protectors, but somehow in the process of the battle Lana begins transforming back to her Superwoman persona.

  • Knight Terrors #3 (August 8, 2023)
    Joshua Williamson; Giuseppe Camunicoli, Stefano Nesi, and Caspar Wijngaard
    Batman (Deadman) and Sandman are fighting the Sleepless Knights. Outnumbered and overpowered, they are fortunately saved by Damian Wane. Calling the Batwing, the three of them escape from the Sleepless Knights. With a bit of an reprieve, Damian explains that he foresaw Insomnia's nightmare state attack and as result, has trained his mind to control his dreams, but not without a toll! Looking for clues on where to find the Knightmare Stone, Deadman uses his dream connection with Insomnia. Deadman reveals to the Sandman and Damian that it seems that the Stone is not in the nightmare state or in the earth realm either. As a result, the team believes it is somewhere in between waking and dreaming. Fortunately Sandman has a plan! Using his different gas creations, Sandman is able to put Damian and Batman (Deadman) into The Hollow, the state between the waking world and the dreamscape. It is in this reality stream that the two find the "House of Horror". Inside this house they find a dying, shot Deadman. Deadman posits that he must sacrifice himself to obtain the Knightmare Stone. Reaching inside of the gunshot wound of the dying Deadman, Batman (Deadman) pulls out the stone. At last the heroes finally have the Knightmare Stone, but at what cost to Deadman's soul?

  • Superman Annual 2023 #1 [One Shot] (August 8, 2023)
    Joshua Williamson; Mahmud Asrar, Edwin Galmon, Caitlin Yarsky, Max Raynor and Jack Herbert
    Superman is battling a giant Toyman robot and in the meantime Lois Lane is holding a pitch meeting with the Daily Planet staff asking about recent events. The staff all have ideas, the problem is they are just plain, boring ideas. There are no stories to set them above the crowd. She angrily sends them out to hunt for stories and tells Jimmy to investigate Supercorp. Jimmy meets Mercy Graves and receives the standard tour of the building but it suddenly takes a turn when a skinny Rudy Jones (aka Parasite) enters. Following Superman's instruction, Parasite is in a work release programme with a Supercorp armband that steadily feels him energy to regulate his good mood and strength. Jimmy is suspicious and when one of Parasite's last offspring clambers out of the air ducts everyone tries to attack it thinking Rudy had backed out of the deal with Superman. Rudy intervenes and helps calm the frightened creature and begs for it to be spared as his pet. Rudy really is reformed and Superman's deal with Supercorp is actually working! Jimmy finally has a scoop! Meanwhile Lois is missing the newsbeat and some off the cuff remarks from a slovenly Steve Lombard encourages her to hunt for a story herself. Visiting Strykers Island, Lois wants to get a one on one interview with Livewire, but of course things don't run smoothly as Red Cloud uses the distraction to attempt a break out. Cue a battle between Livewire and Red Cloud. The ensuing fight inspires Lois and she decides she has a bigger, better idea. Cat Grant is on a ride along with Chief Kekoa when they run into Marlyn Moonlight and through their shared pain, Cat may have got her exclusive. Elsewhere Superman tracks down Toyman to a hideout but is stunned to find him bound and beaten. Could it be the same mad scientists that have caused so much havoc recently? When Superman returns to the Daily Planet he and Lois uncover a secret about someone they are both close to that could completely destroy their relationship... Dr. Pharm and Graft are also busy, they've managed to capture Lobo and are experimenting on him. They accidentally activate a tracker within him and that alerts one of Superman's deadliest enemies and reveals a secret about Lobo in the process...

  • Knight Terrors: Superman #2 [of 2] (August 15, 2023)
    Joshua Williamson, Tom Reilly
    Supergirl remembers discovering a Doomsday skeleton back on Krypton but when events unfold differently she realizes she was in the grips of Insomnia's nightmare realm and discovers she can smash through dreams and heads to Kal's. As they try to fight off Insomnia's manipulations they wonder if anyone is still awake. In the waking world the Atlanteans, lead by Aquaman's family, are trying to help protect the suddenly comatose planet from disaster. Aquaman and Mera are taking Superman's sleeping body back to the Super Corps building. They discover that their natural evolution gives Atlantean's an immunity and if they use Super Corps tech they might be able to engineer a way for some people to wake up. Before they can try out their theory one of Insomnia's acolytes attacks. Superman and Supergirl traverse the nightmare realm across the 1800s, the fields of Kansas and the Fortress until they arrive at the Daily Planet. They rescue Lois from one of her nightmares but are attacked by the Super Reaper who was secretly pursuing them. Superman, now familiar with the realm thanks to Supergirl, forces Super Reaper across several manifestations until they reach the sun and Superman hurls him into it. At that moment Mera is able to wake Superman and the rest of Metropolis. Arthur and Mera agree to help Super Corp mass engineer their solution to wake the rest of the planet and Superman races to the Hall of Justice to find Insomnia and a way to defeat him.

  • Batman/Superman: World's Finest #18 (August 15, 2023)
    Mark Waid, Travis Moore
    Years ago, on a yacht in Gotham City, a reporter named Charlie quarries Commissioner Gordon and Harvey Bullock on a Riddler crime more puzzling than ever. At the Daily Planet in Metropolis, Jimmy Olsen shows Clark Kent/Superman the curious riddle, which shocks Clark: It's written in Kryptonese! Charlie asks Gordon if Bruce Wayne/Batman has seen it, but Gordon replies that even if he has, he's busy with another mystery at the same time: Seven Gothamites disappearing into thin air in front of many eyewitnesses. Superman flies over to Gotham to talk to Gordon about the case and the Riddler, hoping to take care of the situation. Superman reveals that the riddle is written in a dialect from his long gone homeworld. Gordon asks if there's anyone Riddler could have learned it from, other Kryptonians, but Superman says it's unlikely to be his dog Krypto. He asks if perhaps he could get directions to Batman, but Gordon says he can't signal him (though it gives him an idea to deal with that). Detecting him close by, Superman flies over to Batman to talk the case. Superman translates the riddle, which Batman solves promptly. He then tells him of the Ghosting of Gotham (the aforementioned disappearances). Random victims, with no common location or relationship. Superman and Batman both agree Riddler has to be connected, since the answer to the riddle ("Nothing"), fits the disappearances. However, they stop for a moment to deal with a new villain named Spellbinder, who's robbing the Gotham Diamond Exchange. Superman saves the at risk guards, while Batman restrains the would be murderer. His partner, Magpie, is still on the run, however. It seems like they have a chance, but then Superman, from underneath a sewer, punches the car to the side. Batman stops the criminals from shooting the Man of Steel. Superman says he appreciates the teamwork, but Batman says not to get used to it, he works alone. Superman disagrees. He states that Riddler is quite likely working with a Kryptnonian, and that Batman wouldn't be able to fight such an opponent, and he won't leave Gotham unprotected. They will work together for now, even if he himself isn't too trusting of a man who hides his face in a mask. He asks Batman to reveal his identity, but Batman says Superman should go first. Using his detective skills, he nearly cracks it, but Superman changes the subject. Batman says Riddler will strike again soon, and he'll flag Superman when the time is right. Elsewhere, Riddler is hurting, bleeding from his nose. He's seemingly working (against his will) for a mysterious voice and form, trying to break free. But the form asks for one more task... At Wayne Manor, Bruce has a conversation with Alfred, which reveals that Bruce has been Batman for one year. Alfred would rather he stopped, but relents and asks about the case. Bruce has nothing, and when he turns around... Alfred's turned to nothing. Meanwhile, Clark informs Perry White of the case, and that he's staying in Gotham for now to handle it. Perry has even better news for Clark: Bruce Wayne, Daily Planet stockholder, is offering an exclusive interview, and he's asked for Clark by name. And so, the two meet at Wayne Manor for the interview. Only for Bruce to reveal that he figured out Clark is Superman. Using Waynetech satellites, he mapped the flight paths of Superman to nail him down to the Planet building, then scanned the worker profiles and landed on Clark. Bruce has also filled the building with an odorless knockout gas, hence why he let Clark wait for 30 minutes. Bruce then reassures Clark that his secret is safe with him, and is open to revealing his own, though Clark admits to X-Raying just a moment ago. Clark asks why Bruce would reveal to him his secret. Putting aside that Clark would eventually learn, Bruce is desperate to find Alfred and the other victims. He wants to know if there's ANYTHING Clark could do to help. Superhearing reveals that another Riddle is out. The two head out in daylight to get the job done. Gotham Memorial Park, where the next riddle is. Superman translates, and Batman solves it. It's about house numbers, and when added all up, it leads them to 1792 port street's abandoned shipyard. Superman X-rays and finds Riddler in one of the ships. While Superman confronts Riddler, Batman is grabbed by the mysterious associate, making him disappear. The figure then attacks Superman and punches him hard through a ship, revealing himself to be... Jax-Ur, a Kryptonian prisoner Jor-El jailed. And he's got Batman trapped in the phantom zone...

  • Dark Knights of Steel #12 (August 22, 2023)
    Tom Taylor, Yasmin Putri
    Protex and Waller meet in the shadows and she reveals that she has a team of Supers in the keep that will extinguish the fires keeping the White Martians at bay. Back in the keep, Harley, Lois, and Constantine, meet with the monarchs and outline their plan to defeat the White Martians. The fire's are gradually extinguished, leading to the final battle. Black Canary's siren call shatters the White Martians' shape shifting ability and this lessens their advantage. Kal, Bruce, Zala, and Diana, lure the alien army to the volcano the Els saved the kingdom from way back in issue #1. They trigger a volcanic eruption causing the sky to fill with fire, and then they defeat the remaining White Martians. Diana then enacts revenge upon the martian that killed her mother. Before they can kill Protex, Queen Lara arrives to send him to the Phantom Zone. We then shift to the castle where Waller and Deadshot are confronted by Alfred, who heard Deadshot's thoughts of betraying the Els. Waller kills him, and then kills Deadshot in front of Bruce, who has just arrived, calling Deadshot the traitor. The finale takes place in the throne room where Bruce is asked to sign the peace treaty on behalf of the Els, and Kal reveals that he wants Bruce to be the next king.

  • Knight Terrors: Action Comics #2 [of 2] (August 22, 2023)
    Leah Williams/Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Vasco Georgiev/Mico Suayan and Fico Ossio
    Power Girl has managed to escape her nightmares of the symbioship and come to terms with who she is. However, the rest of the workd is not so lucky. Insomnia still has them in a dream state that could bring about their greatest fears. "Knight Terrors: Night's End" will show how Power Girl helps the DC Universe wake up while a cybernetic organism will be searching for Power Girl in September's "Power Girl #1"./The Cyborg Superman is subjecting the youth of Superman's family to physical and psychological torture. Kenan is believed dead, and the Super Twins are forced to be on Warworld, believing they never arrived on Earth. Ferar intensifies as Mongul chases them. The Cyborg thinks he's won until he sees his dead wife. The Superfamily is not alone. Even Cyborg is reliving his worst nightmare, as his spouse says she always feared him. This allows the Cyborg to be defeated. The twins are awakened to discover they and the other DC superheroes will need to help wake the world in "Knight Terrors: Night's End".

  • Knight Terrors #4 (August 22, 2023)
    Joshua Williamson; Giuseppe Camunicoli, Stefano Nesi, and Caspar Wijngaard
    The story opens with Batman (Deadman), Sandman, and Robin, in possession of the Nightmare Stone, at Arkham Tower. They are looking to purge the nightmare powers from Insomnia, as Deadman believes this is what the Nightmare Stone wants. Deadman reveals that Insomnia's real body is trapped in his cell at Arkham Tower. Prepared for the worst, the team knows that in the halls of Arkham Tower is where Insomnia is at his strongest. Along the way in their search for Insomnia, Robin is haunted by Batman and Deadman is haunted by Dove. Eventually, they find Insomnia strapped to his bed. Deadman enters Insomnia's body with Nightmare Stone. Once inside Insomnia, it is revealed to Deadman that Insomnia's family was killed during "Dark Nights: Metal" and as result, he blames the Justice League for their death. Insomnia also reveals to Deadman that all the clues he has received up to this point were a part of his plan for using Deadman to bring the Nightmare Stone to him. As it takes a sacrifice to obtain the Nightmare Stone, Insomnia kills himself in the nightmare state in turn, killing his body, gaining full access to the Nightmare Realm. The good news is, this wakes everyone in Insomnia's nightmare realm up. The bad news is, it gave Insomnia the power to bring the terrors of the Nightmare realm to the real world. The story is to be concluded in "Knight Terrors: Night's End".

  • Knight Terrors: Night's End #1 [One Shot] (August 29, 2023)
    Joshua Williamson; Howard Porter and Giuseppe Camuncoli
    This issue's prologue is a background set up for what the average person has experienced while in the nightmare state that Insomnia induced during the main event book. We see that Insomnia has built up fear of the Justice League for the average person. Now with everyone awake and Insomnia in control of the Nightmare Stone, those nightmares have been unleashed into the real world. As a "reward" for bringing him the Nightmare Stone, Insomnia offers Deadman a family because he believes this is what Boston wants more than anything. With Boston distracted, the Justice League try their hand against Insomnia, but they are checked by his real life nightmares. With a quick hand offered by Sandman, Boston is able to reject Insomnia's gift and re-engage with him. We find out that Deadman is one of the only ones that can directly affect Insomnia after he killed himself to acquire the Nightmare Stone. Unfortunately, Insomnia is quick to counter Deadman with a new mental attack. Meanwhile, the Justice League is still fighting back Insomnia nightmare creations. With the other heroes busy, Zatanna and Robotman take on and defeat the Sleepless Knights. With the nightmare creations in check the team of heroes decide to go back where it all started, the Hall of Justice where they found the John Dee nightmare construct. They deduce that Insomnia was interested in the Hall of Justice because it is where Batman stored the Dreamstone. Sandman takes possession of the Dreamstone in hopes to counter the power of the Nightmare Stone. Deadman again overcomes Insomnia's mental attacks. Even though Sandman has the Dreamstone, Deadman sacrifices himself to regain control of the Knightmare Stone and defeat Insomnia. With Insomnia defeated and Deadman gone, Sandman returns to his eternal sleep. Unfortunately, Batman collapses from exhaustion caused by the stress Deadman put on Bruce Wayne's body during the main book of "Knight Terrors". Was the battle with Insomnia a win or loss with Deadman missing, Batman in a coma, and with the hero doubt created by Insomnia's nightmares?

  • Action Comics Presents Doomsday Special #1 [One Shot] (August 29, 2023)
    Dan Watters; Eddy Barrows and Eber Ferreira/Max Raynor
    The Lord of Hell known as the First of the Fallen is not happy, for Doomsday has made his followers believe he is their king. The creature who killed Superman wants to returned to Earth with an army of his followers. The First of the Fallen is not ready at the Earth to become a battleground for the war between Heaven and Hell at the present time. Thus, knowing of Martian Manhunter's psychic link to Doomsday, a message in Kryptonian is sent and given to Kara Zor-El to not burden Superman. Supergirl and Martian Manhunter literally go to Hell to fight Doomsday. In spite of wearing an armor forged in the fires of Hades, things do not go well for Kara. J'onn asks the souls sent to the underworld to use a powerful weapon - Hope - to prevent Doomsday from harming loved ones on Earth. This allows the gateway to leave Hell to be sealed, saving every living soul from Doomsday... at least for now./Bloodwynd is traveling through the fifth circle of Hell - Wrath trying to save souls after he learns of Doomsday causing problems in the nether realm. He fights a demon and takes his Hell Hounds to protect sinners. The gigantic canines stay to defend the beings trapped there while Bloodwynd attempts to move the next levels.

  • Steelworks #4 (September 5, 2023)
    Michael Dorn, Sami Basri and Vicente Cifuentes
    John is running tests on Lana to determine why she got her powers back. They ruminate on their experiences over the last few issues. While talking, the Silver Mist breaks into the facility again and seemingly steals John's tech for clean energy. John confronts him just outside the vault, Silver Mist detonates the device and escapes. John reveals that the real device was in a different place and he and Lana leave. A cleanup crew arrives to the vault, working for rival industrialist Charles Walker III, and steals the device without anyone at Steal noticing. Superman arrives to discuss the recent events with John and Lana. Through their shared experiences they discover that the Genesis Energy is warping the cellular structure of those in close proximity to it, creating power flares for the Kryptonians. Through this John discovers that the device/orb he is holding is a fake.

  • Superman: Lost #6 (September 12, 2023)
    Christopher Priest, Carlo Pagulayan
    Bruce Wayne making an appearance at the Justice League satellite finds Superman floating outside in deep thought. Bruce wants to know Superman made it home? We then flashback to year thirteen at the farm where Clark is standing over Szhemi's grave. He discusses with Hope about still wanting to try to save the planet after all these years. Though he's losing his powers he and Hope travel the planet asking for help from the world leaders. They all turn them down. But they agree on one thing. They want Clark to leave! Victor tells Clark that they built an ark to send him home. Several years later Victor comes to the farm angry that Clark hasn't left. He tells him how Szhemi discovered the interval that could send Clark home. Suddenly Hope blasts Victor with her ring. She screams that Clark can't leave, she dos not want to be alone. Clark finally realizes that Hope was the one who killed Szhemi. Hope and Superman have an epic battle when Superman realizes the ring that Hope is wearing is an older ring that is still ineffective against the color yellow. With the yellow on his cape Superman punches Hope. After defeating her Superman arrives at the ark still hoping there is a way to help the planet, but one of the rebels tells him to stop worrying about them, they've chose this way of life. The rebel tells Superman to just concentrate on getting home. The ark isn't going to make it. The computer tells him to abort but Superman refuses, still believing he can save them when a hand grabs his cape. It's an old man telling Superman to go back before his actions kills them all. The old man is Superman from the future!

  • Batman/Superman: World's Finest #19 (September 19, 2023)
    Mark Waid, Travis Moore
    Jax-Ur battles Superman in the Gotham skyline, beating him up and explaining to him that Batman is now trapped forever in the Phantom Zone, the place where Jax-Ur lay and watched Kal-El "waste his sun powered gifts". The Kryptonian criminal now insists that he, not a weakling like Clark, should be the last son of Krypton. Meanwhile, inside the Phantom Zone, Batman observes the battle of the two Kryptonian survivors, only to suddenly be encountered by Alfred. Alfred explains that he had telepathically spoken to the other prisoners, learned what the prison was, and that the walls were slightly weakening, the breaches being what trapped the disappearing Gotham citizens, including himself. Jax-Ur too had noticed the breaches, and using his fine tuned mathematical mind, found a pattern. Using it, he mind controlled Riddler, drew Superman to an upcoming breech, and while failing to catch him and instead catching Batman, now has the Man of Steel in his grasp. Superman, however, IS stronger, having spent more time under Earth's son. Jax-Ur, realizing this, uses his cunning to distract Superman, heat vision sending a cable car down to the ground. Superman, of course, flies over to save the people, and now has no idea where the maniacal mental monster is. Thankfully, Batman figures out how to push his thoughts through to Superman from the Phantom Zone, and the two use their knowledge of geometry to track him down. While Superman does so, Batman observes aloud that Superman seems triggered by the escaped celestial convict. Superman explains that Jax-Ur is a mass murderer, one who defied Krypton's admittedly xenophobic rules governing interplanetary travel. Jax-Ur's own spaceship went off course and destroyed one of Krypton's populated moons, killing ten thousand. But it didn't stop there: Jax-Ur's rashness had led to a total ban on spacecraft, meaning Jor-El couldn't build the arks to save the people of Krypton, thereby making Jax-Ur partially responsible for the near extinction of Superman's race. Due to that, he is struggling to temper his rage. Batman, understanding how Superman feels, extends a wave of sympathy. The plan to have Batman grab Jax-Ur doesn't work, however. He had already calculated where the next dozens portals would open. To prove this, he grabs Batman from the portal and throws him to his death, only for Superman to catch him. Superman feels discouraged, but Batman insists that there is still hope to outmaneuver him, if they work together. Batman explains that to beat Jax-Ur, they must think like him. Superman expresses doubt, but tries, and the two figure out that Jax-Ur would want revenge on any and all living Kryptonians. And there are more, living in the Bottled City of Kandor. Jax-Ur is found in the Fortress of Solitude, using his heat vision to melt the city. While Superman intercepts him mid-air, Batman gets more important information from Alfred: The weakening portals seem to be caused by a hooded alien holding some sort of device. The alien suddenly disappears before Alfred can ask any questions. Batman admits he feels out of his element, but Alfred motivates him, saying that if he's one thing, it's consistent. Superman, losing his patience, tells Jax-Ur that Kandor and Earth are under his protection, but he'll be happy to find an unpopulated planet to drop on him. Jax-Ur is still too strong, however, and he launches Clark through the statue built in his parents honor. The explosion helps Batman find the Phantom Zone projector Superman had spoken about before. Jax-Ur, meanwhile, beats the life out of Superman, making him bleed, wiping the floor with him. Superman can't beat him... But Batman might. At first, it seems a lost cause: Batman is caught skulking around and thrown to his death by Jax-Ur, only for him to see that the projector is working from the crystal floors now instead, trapping the megalomaniac. The duo clasp hands, agreeing in subtext to work together again and help improve each other. After trapping the Riddler together, Batman warns Superman of future encounters with Gotham villains, while Superman says he will keep an eye on the alien who had been seemingly causing the breeches. Batman then asks if Superman does this to avenge his parents. Superman says he does it to create a world where no one feels abandoned or alone. Batman then leaves as the sun goes up, telling Superman he doesn't normally trust anyone with such powers, saying he better not make him regret it. Superman promises he won't. In an epilogue, we learn the alien is in fact Aethyr the messiah, who swears to release all the prisoners of the Phantom Zone...

  • Superman: The Harvests of Youth (October 3, 2023)
    Sina Grace, Sina Grace
    It's Smallville, before Clark Kent has become Superman, before he's even learned that's who he wants to be. It's Smallville, with Ma and Pa Kent trying to raise their special alien son, with Lana Lang and Pete Ross offering Clark their support, with Lex and Lionel Luthor entering the Man of Steel's life. But it's not your standard Superman origin. A hate group is unearthing fears and angers of troubled youths, such as Andy Buenaventure, a friend of Clark's who commits suicide. This loss instigates Clark to investigate, fall in love, confront his identity, and face his hardest question: When Superman can't save everyone, what do you do?

  • Superman: Lost #7 (October 10, 2023)
    Christopher Priest, Carlo Pagulayan and Lee Weeks
    Lois returns home to find Clark in a fairly good mood. He tells her he saw a doctor who may be able to help him. We flash back to earlier to Clark's visit with the doctor (he's not a doctor). After explaining about how alone he's felt being the last son of Krypton until he met his cousin, he then explains how the woman he loves has been helping him adjust with his situation and he feels like he's losing her. Cut to year nineteen, Superman and old man Superman have a talk. He tells him years past until he finally made it home. He then tells him the story of what happened after he got back to Earth. He lost everything. Lois remarried. He and the other heroes fought the alien Griks who once troubled the planet Rann. In the end they failed. The Griks were easily taken down without help from the heroes. Superman now powerless narrates this story to Jimmy Olsen who wants nothing more than to help Superman get his powers back. They plot to steal an alien ship to help recharge Superman. Jimmy offers to help, donning a parachute and... after this whole elaborate set up we learn that old man Superman is making it all up. He's been stuck in this time loop and has told this story countless times to other Supermen over and over. In the end Superman decides to proceed with the original plan. He ends up floating unconsciously in space. Only to be rescued by Adam Strange! Epilogue: Lois meets with Luthor with a plan that if he provokes Superman it may be the kick in the pants Superman needs to get over his slump. Luthor agrees, telling Lois that while they've been sitting and discussing the matter he's targeted her with gamma emissions. She now has cancer! Luthor feels that rescuing Lois is what Superman needs to snap him out of it. After Lois returns from the doctor finding out she does indeed have cancer, we find we're back where we started with Lois getting home and Clark telling her about seeing the doctor (he's not a doctor). It ends with a kiss.

  • Batman/Superman: World's Finest #20 (October 17, 2023)
    Mark Waid, Dan Mora
    Our story begins with The Flash (Barry Allen) mapping the multiverse, noting that while he told the Justice League it's for strategy, really it's for the fun of seeing how he and his friends change in those other worlds. Suddenly, Barry notices some concerning shadows, realizing something is afoot. In Gotham City, Superman, Batman and Robin all tangle with Villainy Inc., a teamup of Wonder Woman's rogues gallery, only for The Flash to round them all up suddenly so he can tell them what he saw. And what he saw was David/Thunder Boy, Superman's lost sidekick from World's Finest Vol. 2, only it seems something is very wrong with him. After taking a moment to remember all that happened between them, Superman asks Flash to continue, Batman comforting his friend, the group now in The Batcave. Flash says that while he only saw him for a few millionths of seconds, he could see that he was being menaced by someone or something, and that he needs Superman. Flash has built a modified cosmic treadmill that should hopefully phase him onto what the Scarlet Speedster has designated as Earth-22. Flash admits that things could definitely go awry, and asks the World's Finest if they are sure about this. Batman confirms they are. And so, the two travel to Earth-22. Still in phasing stage, Superman and Batman reach their destination, the former recognizing an adult David immediately. Batman however points out to him the strange happening before them: David is observing older versions of Superman and Batman: Their Kingdom Come versions. The two older heroes are mourning (to Superman's shock) Blue Beetle II (Ted Kord), Power Girl and The Ray. Superman expresses his sympathy at having to lay to rest 3 friends. Batman tells him to look around. It's far more. Atom Smasher. Alloy. Atlas. Captain Comet. Lightning. Peacemaker. Plastic Man. Offspring. Hawkman. Vigilante. Red Arrow. Green Arrow. Starman. Kid Flash. Black Canary. Judomaster. Captain Atom. Doctor Fate. Thunderbolt. Samurai. Nightstar. Wildcat. Dove. Red Hood. Elongated Man. The Question. Green Lantern. The Shade. Zatanna. Golden Guardian. The Creeper. Donna Troy. Batwoman. Phantom Lady. Joker's Daughter. Jayna. Zan. Human Bomb. Jace Fox. Stars. And many, many more. As Batman wonders in horror at what could have happened here, touching Red Robin's grave, visions of the timeline come flashing at the two heroes, and they are sent back a few years in the same timeline, no longer phasing. Superman says they should talk to his counterpart, but Batman has a feeling it would be better to lay low for now and investigate. And so, they head to Planet Krypton, a Superhero themed restaurant with a trophy room bigger than the World's Finest's combined. It is, of course, owned and managed by Booster Gold. Clark is visibly and vocally concerned about David, wishing they could just find him. Bruce tries to reassure him, stating that if the Superman from this earth is anything like his, David had a guardian just as protective. Clark still wants to let David know he'd never abandon him. Bruce again tells him he has no need to worry, especially about leaving impressions, and asks him if he had thought about what to do with David once he comes back. He can't leave him in his apartment, as Bruce explains. It was hard enough for him to take on Dick as a ward, and that was WITH his money and influence. Clark would have no chance. Then again, Bruce insists that Superman will find a way. Clark, however, can't handle the idea that he's like this Superman, because what Superman would allow all that death to happen? While Bruce tries his hardest to calm Clark down, the latter notices a strange detail in the history books of the place, having skilled them quickly. Earth-22 has never discovered the multiverse. Suddenly, Superman hears something in downtown Metropolis. It's grown up Thunder Man, fighting a villain (Atom-Master) holding hostages. She implies that David has done some horrible things to Kraklow and Poseidon, and that she kidnapped a bunch of brilliant scientists to help her create Kryptonite, stopping Superman, who had come to help. Batman manages to counter this by using one of his gas pellets to get Atom-Master to slow down, only for Thunder Man to burn her until she confesses where the hostages are (under Lexcorp tower), right in front of a shocked Superman. Using his freeze breath, Superman stops the assault, and he and Batman reprimand David. David is annoyed at first, until he realizes it's his versions of the two, and he happily greets an equally happy Superman, saying that he had given up hope he'd ever see them again. He had waited years. Only for him to grab Superman by the throat and choke him with his electricity, destroying his cape!

  • Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong #1 [of 7] (October 17, 2023)
    Brian Buccellato, Christian Duce
    The issue opens with Godzilla interrupting Clark Kent's proposal to Lois Lane on the helicopter pad of the Daily Planet. Then picking back up twelve hours before, with Green Lantern and Flash discuss Superman taking a well deserved vacation. Meanwhile Supergirl, who will be filling in for Superman, tells them that Clark is going to propose to Lois. Before Superman leaves to propose, he is trying to help as many people as possible. The Man of Steel even stops a kryptonite powered Titano before Flash, Green Lantern can help. After dropping off Titano at Stryker's Island, Diana and Clark have a heart to heart about the engagement. The capture of Titano seems to be a distraction created by the Legion of Doom who have been watching. In a base in the Arctic of the Legion of Doom; Grodd, Toyman, Black Manta, Captain Cold, Cheetah, and Giganta are searching for a plan. The sinister alliance is interrupted by Lex Luthor who confirms that Titano was only a distraction and just part of the master plan. He reveals that they are not in the Arctic by chance; they are there to break into the Fortress of Solitude. The sinister squad makes quick work of Kelex and with the aid of Luthor's robots, pull open the doors to the fortress. The legion are immediately distracted by Superman's collection and are reigned in quickly by Luthor who tells them they are there for only two things. Luthor goes on to say they need the Mother Box and Orion's Sled to trap the Justice League in the Phantom Zone. Unfortunately, Toyman is distracted by an item and takes it from its case, setting off an alarm. The Justice League are quick to respond and in the resulting battle, Toyman throws a toy which explodes, activating the Mother Box. The Justice League are saved by a Green Lantern forcefield construct and the Legion of Doom are transported to a different earth. They are greeted by a Skullcrawler and King Kong. They escape to a nearby research facility and we are given clues that the Legion has been transported to the universe of Godzilla and the Legendary MonsterVerse. The story ends with a scapegoated Toyman, wishing that he could show up the rest of Legion and take his new found toys "The Monsters" back home to play with the Justice League. Unknown to Toyman, the item that he took from the Fortress of Solitude is the Dreamstone, making his wish come true. The story goes full circle as it cuts back to Clark's proposal ending with Superman forced into action when he sees Godzilla.

  • Steelworks #5 (October 24, 2023)
    Michael Dorn, Sami Basri and Vicente Cifuentes
    Mr. Walker launches a giant Mecha suit with him in it to fight Steel. After the launch we get his back story. He contracted John to work for him, but John maintained ownership of his creations. When John walked, Mr. Walker bankrupted himself in legal fees to get revenger. Meanwhile Shawn Kerry also worked for Mr. Walker. He became a casualty of the layoffs, then his wife got sick. Die to the economic ruin of Mr. Walker, Shawn's health insurance can't cover the cost of his wife's sickness. He tries to kill himself so the life insurance can take care of her, but is saved by Steel. This shows just how dumb Mr. Walker is as a business man, why would he hire John under those conditions... The Superfamily stack the robot but, are defeated due to tech mumbo jumbo, leaving only Steel to save the city.

  • The Return of Superman 30th Anniversary Special #1 [One Shot] (October 31, 2023)
    Various Writers and Artists
    The Cyborg Superman has escaped the Phantom Zone and is attacking STAR Labs. At the Daily Planet, Editor-In-Chief Lois Lane mobilizes her reporters into action to cover the story. Ron Troupe arrives and gives her one of Perry White's journals, which has entries on the four men that appeared after Superman's apparent death and assumed his mantle. Lois quickly reads the journal, and they head to cover the Cyborg's attack. On the way, Ron tells her about his encounter with Steel where the armored hero saved people from his neighborhood from criminals armed with the high-tech Toastmasters. Lois tells Ron about Perry's run in with the Superman that was revealed to be The Eradicator and how Perry didn't like how violent that Superman could be. Perry also had an encounter with Superboy and was present when the picture was taken of The Kid saving a woman during a battle with the first Bloodsport. Another entry details the story of the Cyborg Superman and how Perry felt like he had let the world down by endorsing the villain, though once Superman returned, he absolved Perry of that guilt. Superboy, the Eradicator (who is intangible thanks to being trapped in the Phantom Zone), and Steel arrive to take on the Cyborg and it is revealed that he is there to get the genetic material from his colleagues on the Excaliber to bring his wife back to life. The Eradicator becomes tangible enough to grab a projector and send the Cyborg back to the Phantom Zone. Superman returns from his mission in space and tells everyone that he had every confidence that the three heroes could handle things while he was gone. Back at the Planet Ron and Lois tell Clark about what he missed, and Lois tells them that while Superman is the hero to the world Perry White is their Superman based on the standard he set during his time as Editor at the Planet.

  • Supergirl Special #1 [One Shot] (October 31, 2023)
    Mariko Tamaki, Skylar Patridge
    The story starts with the Superfamily averting a catastrophe in Metropolis. Narration text boxes reveal that social media is questioning the need for two Supergirls. Otho-Ra and Osul-Ra find Kara afterwards and ask he what Krypton was like. Supergirl finds that she can't remember the specifics of her life on Krypton. They then take her to Sunday dinner at the Kents' apartment. While at supper, Kara continues to reflect on her lost memories, she is approached by Jon. Kara reveals she can't remember specifics on Krypton, but then we get a flashback to a race. The flashback causes Kara to go home, Clark asks Jon how she's doing and Jon responds that he will keep talking to her until he knows. Supergirl wakes up from a nightmare of Krypton's destruction. Superman calls to her, and the two race to help save people from a fire. During the rescue mission Kara is pushed to the side by Page (Power Girl's new name). During this rescue we get another flashback of the race between Kara and a girl named Elsa. We see Kara trip at the end resulting in Elsa winning the race. Kara is then visited by Page, this just results in Kara telling her that she doesn't need another therapy session. Kara returns home to find Lois waiting with cupcakes. Kara confides in her that she feels like she can't win and is always falling behind. She fell behind in the race, and fell behind in protecting Clark. Lois attempts to comfort her before eventually leaving. When Lois is gone Page returns. Page reveals that when she rescued a man from the fire he told her, "thanks Supergirl, you're my favorite." This anecdote breaks the tension and the two are able to talk. Supergirl then has another flashback of her father comforting her about the lost race from earlier, they decide that their destinies are intertwined.

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