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Superman #164

Superman #164

Scheduled to arrive in stores: November 1, 2000

Cover date: January 2001

2001 Shield No. 1

Writer: Jeph Loeb
Penciller: Ed McGuinness and Carlo Barberi
Inker: Cam Smith and Juan Vlasco

"Tales From The Bizarro World"

Reviewed by: Nick Newman (

Jimmy Olsen leans out of a helicopter, trying to get a better picture of the Navy's new submarine. Just as the pilot warns him, Jimmy plummets from the helicopter. He falls toward the water, only to be caught by Bizarro. Not recognizing that the flying creature isn't Superman, Jimmy thanks him. Bizarro, without responding, zooms across the city and deposits Jimmy in a hole in the ground. Jimmy sits up to read the gravestone above him. "Secret entrance for Jimmy Olsen Gravedigger Lad".

Inside the Kent apartment, Lois beats on her computer as her husband begins to talk to the corner. She begins to question him, when Batman steps out of the shadows. Batman asks the couple to dig up something on Luthor to use against him in the elections, but Clark questions if they have to sink that low. Then, as soon as he appeared, Batman vanishes.

Jimmy walks the streets with two of his friends when he hears someone calling his name from an alley. Jimmy moves into the alley and Bizarro throws a golden shovel at him. Then Bizarro grabs Jimmy by the leg and takes off, announcing that he is headed for the moon.

Superman sits in the JLA monitor womb, watching the broadcasts about Luthor's campaign.

Jimmy continues to be dragged across town by Bizarro when suddenly Supergirl comes to his rescue. Landing softly, she pulls Jimmy to her and kisses him. Then Bizarro returns to knock Supergirl into the wall. She responds in kind. Bizarro uses his cold-vision to freeze her, but she easily breaks free. As the two battle, Jimmy begins to think that his new shovel must be magical. He slams it into the ground, but only ends up hurting his hands. As Supergirl fends off fireballs of Bizarro's super-breath, Jimmy suddenly realizes how to stop him. Beginning to speak like Bizarro, Jimmy and the newly arrived Superman convince Bizarro to leave the Earth.

Flying over the arctic, Bizarro's wrist suddenly begins to beep. Responding to the signal, Bizarro turns in mid-flight, only to be shot down by an energy blast. Standing on the surface, is Ignition.

In the Daily Planet, Perry examines the two possible headlines: Luthor wins or Luthor loses. Only one more night and they will know.... 4Story - 4: Great story, but it didn't really go anywhere. We now know for certain that Ignition made it out, as did Bizarro. Other than that this issue didn't really go anywhere. Can't wait till the election issue though.

3Art - 3: I love McGuinness; I don't like Barberi, so a three feels like a good compromise. I really wish Ed could do a full issue.

5Cover Art - 5: An absolutely beautiful cover. One of the best that I've seen all year. Truly something of beauty.

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