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Superman #165

Superman #165

Scheduled to arrive in stores: December 6, 2000

Cover date: February 2001

2001 Shield No. 6

Writer: Jeph Loeb
Artists: Ed McGuinness, Cam Smith, Humberto Ramos, Wayne Faucher, Rob Leifeld, Norm Rapmund, Mike Weiringo, Art Adams, Ian Churchill, Joe Madureira, and Tom Townsend.


Reviewed by: Neal Bailey (

The Linear Men, out near Pluto, are suddenly killed, the text states, and indeed, their bodies are in the process of immolation when a key world in the comic book universe interjects: UNLESS...

Cut to the Watchtower.

Martian Manhunter and Superman are trying to meditate together to calm themselves after the election of Luthor. It isn't working. Superman is very upset.

The fact that Plastic Man is haranguing him isn't helping much, either.

Superman gives them their Christmas presents and departs. Rubber bands for Plasty, Chocolates for Manhunter. Plastic Man asks Manhunter for a few. No, he says, they are mine.

Aquaman and Superman clash beneath the sea, using a telepathic link set up by Manhunter. Superman berates Aquaman for accepting Luthor's help with acknowledging Atlantis, and notes that Luthor will probably stab him in the back. Aquaman assures Supes that Luthor had better not. Superman gives him a snow globe from Metropolis.

Superman and Green Lantern knock potentially deadly meteors into oblivion. Green Lantern wonders if Luthor isn't just as bad as any other politician. Superman assures Lantern that he's truly not. Superman gives him a can of ring polish.

Flash races Superman to the top of the Golden Gate bridge, though admittedly Superman doesn't know they're racing. Flash wonders aloud if Superman wants to dethrone Luthor. Does he? Yes. Will he? No. Superman believes in the American system, despite its flaws. Superman offers a rematch when he knows they're actually racing, and leaves the Flash with some tube socks.

Wonder Woman and Superman wrestle. Wonder Woman comments on how Superman has been slipping. She's pinned him twice. Luthor is unduly influencing him. She recommends taking a little Lois in. Superman leaves her a mini-Mjolnir.

Batman and Superman survey Gotham. Batman ribs Superman, saying, "Wasn't it you who said 'We have to put our faith in the American people?'". Superman scowls. Superman gives Batman Lois' present for him, a magnifying glass. "We'll take him down." Batman declares. "When the time is right."

Superman and Lois adjourn for two days vacation into the bottle city of Kandor. 4Story - 4: The formulaic atmosphere dragged upon the story, slightly, but the basic premise was wonderful. I would even say that this story is a near five... but I've gotta wonder, and wonder loud... where in the heck is the Superman that answered all of his fan's letters for Christmas? Is he so affected by Luthor so as not to do his traditional Christmas good deed? There's still a chance this will occur in the next few issues, but I'm getting worried. Still, a nice little idea, giving superheroes their respective gifts. But the sadistic side of me still insists that Martian Manhunter should have got a zippo.

And WARWORLD! YES! WARWORLD! And LINEAR MEN! YES! Now all we need is a little Bibbo, a little Lobo, and a little Cyborg to have perfection. I love the idea of Pluto being Warworld. It's a stupid little chunk of rock anyway. I was waiting for some goob to take advantage of it. Cool!

5Art - 5: My God. This is the best Supes I've seen in a long time. These collaborative efforts are usually terrible for continuity, and indeed one noticed easily the transition from one artist to another, but what a transition it was. McGuinness is my new patriarchal God figure. I kneel at his feet. All right. Maybe that's taking the fanboy thing too far, but I've been with Superman for ten long years now, every ish, and I've never seen a better blue behemoth. The coloring was masterful, every panel was explosive, and even the splash pages didn't distract. At all. Warworld is wonderful. I'm in awe.

4Cover Art - 4: I like the cover's premise, and it reflects the point of the issue, Clark and Lois finding gifts for the various JLA'ers. The eyes on both of them are kind of weird, though.

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