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JLA: Our Worlds At War #1

JLA: Our Worlds At War #1

Scheduled to arrive in stores: July 4, 2001

Cover date: September 2001

Writer: Jeph Loeb
Penciller: Ron Garney
Inker: Mark Morales

"A Day Which Will Live in Infamy"

Reviewed by: John-Paul Zito (

This JLA tie in begins with the JLA (minus Batman and Superman) getting their backsides handed to them by Imperiex probes in outer space. The Alien Alliance, who are there to back them up, aren't doin too well either. Ships from the Alliance are crashing towards earth landing all over the planet.

The JLA signal to Superman for assistance. Superman bolts to outer space from Kansas, which has been leveled by the arrival of an Imperiex Probe, only to find his team being torn apart by more probes. Superman rockets into action and rips off the Probe's hand (the hand which happens to be holding Aquaman in a death grip) and cauterized the arm as he does it to prevent disaster (when the armor of a probe is breached it explodes with devastating consequences). Wonder Woman, who does not know that, cracks open the probe's armor and is almost killed by the blast.

Superman is devastated to see Diana in such a helpless state. Aquaman warns him that there are others that need help as well. Maxima and Star Fire arrive and tell Superman to get the injured to an infirmary on one of the Alien Alliance ships. Superman rushes Diana to the medical ship where he hands Wonder Woman over to her mother Hippolyta.

Meanwhile back on earth a war room deep beneath the White House serves as the base of operations for Luthor and his forces. Doctor Magnus of the Metal Men debriefs the President on the current situation. Magnus explains that one Imperiex Probe has landed smack dab in the middle of each continent on earth... and Atlantis. Doctor Magnus concludes that if Atlantis falls so does the rest of the world considering it is the gate way to the oceans.

Around the world heroes and villains of all shapes and sizes fight to stop the Probes. Guy Gardner is killed in Russia, and General Zod and Ignition fight to save Germany. The outsiders battle in Antarctica and the Titans tussle with a Probe in Africa.

Back aboard the medical ship Superman attends to an injured Green Lantern and a very beaten up Flash. When suddenly he runs into Lois. Their meeting is short and Clark doesn't get the chance to tell her about his parents before he is whisked away. Maxima has come to warn him that Aquaman has gone off to stop the Probe in Atlantis on his own. Superman is off to save the day.

In Atlantis Arthur says his good byes as he suits up in Atlantean armor and heads out to battle. His farewell to Mera is short and sweet as he rushes off to be a hero. Half way through the battle Superman shows up just in time to witness Aquaman pierce the probes armor. The resulting explosion vaporizes Arthur and takes Superman back a step as he realizes his team mate and friend is dead.

"If you want war -- I'll give you war!" His yell parts the ocean itself.

5Story - 5: Wow. This books starts off with an incredible battle which shows the JLA get their heads torn off. A real battle where the JLA are out classed and out matched. If that alone wasn't enough to get me, Guy Gardner and Aquaman DIE! Two deaths I didn't see coming. I assumed the JLA would all come out in on piece. It never occurred to me that Arthur would die even though he no longer has his own title.

A great part of this books has to do with the inclusion of secondary characters of the DC Universe who don't get enough play. Blue Beetle and Booster Gold working together, and the Outsiders in Antarctica were nice touches. I also loved Dr. Magnus's presence in Luthor's brains trust. The only thing that bugged me was, where is Captain Marvel and the Marvel family? Earth's Mightiest Mortal would surely have helped over in Russia where Gardner bought the big one.

5Art - 5: From the very first page where we see J'onn Jonnz pulled apart to the spread of Superman rocketing to the rescue, all the way through to Arthur's valiant death, the art delivers on detail and excitement.

3Cover Art - 3: The cover is OK, but the interior art is so fantastic and full of emotion that it makes the cover seem more boring then it already is.

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