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Action Comics 777

Action Comics #777

Scheduled to arrive in stores: March 28, 2001

Cover date: May 2001

2001 Shield No. 21

Writer: Joe Kelly
Penciller: Kano
Inker: Marlo Alquiza


Reviewed by: Nick Newman (

In France, Clark Kent shows his Press pass to an officer and is admitted into a battle-scarred building. Clark is shaken by what he finds inside. Skeletons and frozen bodies litter the area. Scorched into a painting are the words: "S It End Here".

Back in Metropolis, Superman gives Professor Hamilton a sample from the slaughter-scene. The Prof promises to analyze the DNA, and determine the origin of it.

Somewhere cold, Bizarro plays with a rat while he composes a letter home. Through a two-way mirror, a woman watches Bizarro and tells the General that Bizarro is ready for another round.

Superman talks to Lois in the Daily Planet when suddenly he hears a report of a similar incident. Lois yells after him to stay objectionable and solve the mystery, but he is already gone.

Although he has seen it before, Superman is not numb to the scene that meets him as he arrives. He stands and observes the side of the ship Khandihar, where "S Never Forget" is scorched. He is so shocked that he doesn't hear Emil attempting to contact him for a full two minutes. He places the small disk to his ear and hears Emil's words, "It's Kryptonian. Imperfect Kryptonian."

Calling Lois, Superman explains to her that it all makes sense and that it must be Bizarro. Lois tries to tell him what she has found, but he cuts her off and tells her to let him do his job. He hangs motionlessly in space for a moment before apologizing. Lois begins to explain that this is related to Clark's kryptonite poisoning. Suddenly Kal spins around and sees the moons surface. Carved into the dust is the huge message "Wrong Planet". Superman whispers for Lois to get out of the building before he streaks toward Earth.

Lois hurls herself away from her desk as a giant monster bursts through the wall. The creature grabs Lois and begins to squeeze when a burning Superman slams through the wall and carries the monster out of the building.

In response to his questions, the being identifies itself as Kancer, and as Superman's progeny. With a slash, Superman is cut across the chest. He looks down in shock and then begins to realize that this creature is the imperfect DNA. This creature was removed from his body and cast away like useless tissue.

Fighting for his life, Superman begins to succumb to the virus infiltrating his system when he spots a high-energy discharge. He pulls Kancer into it and the monster is at last stopped.

Standing by Lois' bedside, Clark hears her description of the events. His attempted assassin is back. The painting at the Louvre was made in a small country that also happened to be home to the Khandihar's crew. Before Lois can identify the country, the TV does it for her. Pokolistan has declared sovereignty over two of its neighbors and is using a large military force to hold the borders. Superman narrows his eyes, and tells Lois that he is going to take a little trip.

4Story - 4: Very good stuff. I cannot wait to see the "General" finally make his appearance. The use of the Bizarro diversion was very nice. Jack Ryder seemed a little out of place, as if he was just thrown in for no reason, and Superman blowing up at his wife is still a little out of character even considering the stress he has been under lately. Either way, it was a good story that builds perfectly to next month's (hopefully good) storyline.

4Art - 4: It was standard Kano stuff, not mind-boggling but very good. Kancer looked particularly good, and Superman bursting through the Daily Planet was just too cool. Also, the death scenes were very well done with lots of detail.

4Cover Art - 4: Action packed and it shows what happens inside, the two elements of a good cover. The only problem I might have is that it ruins the whole Bizarro suspicion right from the beginning. You are not even going to buy the Bizarro diversion with Kancer sitting right on the cover. Besides that though, very good cover.

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