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Superman Adventures #62

Superman Adventures #62

Scheduled to arrive in stores: October 3, 2001

Cover date: December 2001

Writer: Michael Reaves
Penciller: Neil Vokes
Inker: Terry Austin

"Heart of Stone"

Reviewed by: George O'Connor (

Metallo, in all his subtlety, hurls Luthor's guards and hired guns out of the way in a fit of rage. Just as he reaches his target however, Lex fires an electromagnetic pulse beam at the cyborg opponent, dropping him to the floor and simultaneously incapacitating him. With a captive audience, Luthor offers Metallo the chance to kill Superman. He explains to Corbin that Lex Corp's labs can synthesize an isotope of the Kryptonite that powers Metallo's body and increase the kryptonite's potency. When this is done, not only will Corbin have a greater defense against the Man of Steel, but he will also be stronger, and have his tactile senses returned to him.

The cyborg grudgingly agrees but first makes a deal with the doctor operating on him to preserve a small piece of Kryptonite and to revive him if Luthor should double-cross him. The doctor agrees and begins the operation.

Meanwhile, Superman learns of a new project Lex is working on and decides to go undercover to learn more. When he does, however, he becomes exposed to some Kryptonite and retreats from the lab, knowing only that the project must be designed to target him.

With the operation a success, Luthor sends Metallo off after Superman. Causing a disturbance brings the Man of Steel to the scene with a lead shield that Metallo punches through with a Kryptonite blast. The deadlier Kryptonite brings Superman to his knees instantly. Relishing his success, Metallo clobbers the hero, sending him through the air and into a building. The Daily Planet chopper saves the fallen combatant before Metallo can reach him.

Later, Superman decides to track down the scientist he met in the lab who is responsible for increasing the power of the Kryptonite. Making a deal with the man, Superman sets off to fight Metallo once again with a specially designed suit. A battle ensues and momentarily Superman appears to be the victor, but it does not take long for Metallo to rip the suit apart and subject the Man of Steel to lethal amounts of Kryptonite X.

The apparent corpse of Superman glows green in the wreckage and Metallo triumphantly escapes, returning to LexCorp in the hope of eliminating Luthor as well now that he has his chance for revenge. Before he can do so, however, he drops to the ground as Luthor reveals that the Kryptonite X has a very short half-life. Without the meteorite's power, Metallo completely shuts down.

Superman bursts in a moment later and confronts Lex with charges of attempted murder. Meanwhile, Luthor's scientist revives Metallo, but with such a limited amount of Kryptonite, the cyborg villain is too weak to instigate any more trouble.

Superman explains that Luthor's scientist gave him a chemical concoction that he applied to his skin, which helped in slowing the absorption of the Kryptonite's radiation.

3Story - 3: The idea of a deadlier Kryptonite seems a little unnecessary since regular Kryptonite should do the trick anyway, but there were some neat little twists in the story. Luthor was, as always, scheming perfectly, and it was interesting that for once Luthor did not have some corporate alibi he could push off on the Man of Steel. Seeing that Luthor is actually tried for his crimes, even if his lawyers get him out in the end, makes the finale to the story much more satisfying. While the solution to the problem seemed not terribly original, with some unknown substance absorbing the radiation and the scientist hating his job, it was at least fun to see Metallo again. He hasn't been around in Superman Adventures for a very long time it seems.

2Art - 2: A couple of pages had some nice layouts when Metallo and Superman were battling, but for the most part, this was weak stuff.

3Cover Art - 3: It catches the eye, but I don't really like it. All the figures seem oddly proportioned and the rays of blinding light emanating from the Kryptonite distract from the rest of the cover. The green hue is a nice touch though.

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