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Superman: Our Worlds At War: Secret Files & Origins #1

Superman: Our Worlds At War: Secret Files and Origins #1

Scheduled to arrive in stores: June 27, 2001

Cover date: August 2001

Various Writer and Artists

Reviewed by: Nick Newman (

"The Eighth Day"

A horde of soldiers attack Imperiex. The conquerer swings his arm and the defenders fall. Without opposition, Imperiex begins to destroy the world, hollowing it. He looks on as the universe implodes upon itself and then explodes with new life. Just as one ends, another is reborn. Imperiex is launched through the heavens.

Liri Lee of the linear men soars through space, finding a meteor flying through the void. Inside is the craft of Imperiex. He sleeps, and when he awakens he will destroy the universe yet again. The meteor explodes and Imperiex is free. His drones flood from the ship.

Across the galaxy, planets are destroyed. In his mothership, Imperiex watches as his destiny unfolds once again. On Daxam, the planet prepares to halt Imperiex's forward march. One hundred thousand warriors, each as powerful as Superman, head to save their planet. Daxam falls like all the others. On Karna, Starfire urges the army to flee the planet. They tell her that they are staying behind to distract Imperiex, nothing more.

On Almerac, Maxima watches as her cousin is slaughtered by Imperiex. She launches herself after Imperiex, but Grayven appears and pulls her away, urging her to retreat and join their alliance. On Rann, Adam Strange watches as his adopted planet retreats from the threat of Imperiex.

Not long ago, Superman and Mongul attack Imperiex. The drone retreats, only to report to his master. Now, Liri Lee watches as Imperiex drones descend on the Earth.


Amanda Waller talks with various people about their defenses against Imperiex. They have the new Suicide Squad, the Metropolis project fueled by Strange Visitor, and the new Blackhawks made by Ferris aircraft and modified with B13 technology. There are the orphanages with all new metahumans, but they are all too young to use, but if they don't help then they might not live to be old enough. There is always the Bloodlines virus to create more metas, but it could also kill hundreds. Then the news of Kansas hits, and no one knows what to think.

"They Call Me Zed"

Zod battles Superman as he recalls his history in a series of journal entries, eventually allowing Superman to retreat as Kansas is destroyed in an enormous blast.

3Story - 3: There wasn't anything that great in this issue, especially for the price. We see an alright story about Imperiex's quest and the assembly of the Alliance, and the story of resources was very boring except for the mention of the orphanages and the Bloodlines virus, which only occupied two or three panels. The story about Zod was not that great, and didn't accomplish explaining Zod at all in my eyes. An average issue that doesn't earn the money you shell out for it.

3Art - 3: Some average stuff, and the horrible art in the Zod story. Nothing that great.

5Cover Art - 5: A great picture, one that I have been looking forward to for the past year, ever since I saw it last year at WizardWorld. Its a good symbolic cover for the Secret Files, and the sidebar didn't obstruct the image at all.

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