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Superman Adventures #60

Superman Adventures #60

Scheduled to arrive in stores: August 15, 2001

Cover date: October 2001

Writer: Jordan B. Gorfinkel
Penciller: Min S. Ku
Inker: Terry Austin

Reviewed by: George O'Connor (

An irritable Jimmy Olsen breaks off from his friends after several incidents, which convince the boy reporter that his sole purpose in life is to be bait for the Man of Steel. Believing that people only approach him for his connections to Superman, Olsen's self-esteem blossoms when he joins a fight club where he is taught to deal with failure. As Jimmy quickly transforms, becoming withdrawn, bitter, and even hostile towards others, Clark Kent approaches the boy in the hopes of quelling the rising anger. After Clark has seen the fight club, he returns again as Superman, offering the men inside their chance at defeating him, by pushing him outside of a circular floor area. Barely budging as he dispenses man after man, Jimmy finally causes the Man of Steel to leave the circle, reminding him that he has a charity to attend. Learning the lesson of mind over muscle, Jimmy leaves the fight club, content for now with being Superman's pal.

3Story - 3: A decent story that didn't try too hard to bludgeon a moral into the reader. Although not exactly thrill packed, the story was certainly well conceived and entertaining.

3Art - 3: A nice change of pace this month with the introduction of a new artist. I enjoyed the style he presented as it was faithful to the animated series, yet branched out in certain regards. Nothing spectacular of note here, but nothing hideous either.

4Cover Art - 4: Gotta' love the cover! :)

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