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Legends of the DC Universe #39

Legends of the DC Universe #39

Scheduled to arrive in stores: February 28, 2001

Cover date: April 2001

"Sole Survivor of Earth"

Writer: Danny Fingeroth
Penciller: Randy Green
Inker: Wayne Faucher

Reviewed by: Gareth Baker (

Billionaire Balboa's worst fears are coming to pass. Earth is doomed. She shall destroy herself leaving everyone dead, and the unlucky ones homeless. But he has been preparing for this day and sends off his "Multibots" to save the planet.

In the (old) Fortress of Solitude, Superman is repairing some damaged wiring when he hears of a strange objects that drilled into Mount St Helens moments ago, and has since caused massive erruptions and earthquakes, which are continuing to grow.

Superman flies through the centre of the Earth until he reaches his destination and meets the "Multibot". Knowing it is not alive, Superman piles into it, though it is helped by its counterpart.

Back in his lab, Balboa, discovers that everything is going horribly wrong and that the world is to be destroyed. He and his wife decide to send their baby away in another "Multibot", so he will be safe.

In the Earth's core, Superman finishes of the bots with his heat-vision and saves the Earth. Exhausted after the battle, he uses the bot, which is also a suit of armour to escape the Earth's core. Once free, Superman is able to talk to Balboa on the radio installed inside the bot. When the Man of Steel hears of the news about the baby, who cannot return home even though Earth has now been saved. Superman flies the suit of armour after the baby's ship.

Despite a meteor storm and the heat of re-entry, Superman saves the child.

Balboa and his wife are arrested, but, Superman insists that the baby be looked after and that he doesn't suffer for what has happened. Superman leaves knowing he and the child have a lot in common.

3Story - 3: When you buy a Superman story that is not in the regular comics, I for one expect something special. After all if it is getting this special treatment... Whilst the story could probably not have been done in the regular titles, well not without it being a ten issue arc that loses it's way and then ends very unsatisfactorily, it did deserve a place in Legends. However, a came away afterwards feeling, "Yeah, so?" The story was a nice idea, but it just didn't quite work.

4Art - 4: Now this I did like. Get this guy on the regular comics please. He knows how to draw Superman. Check out page 13.

4Cover Art - 4: Painted cover. Kevin Nolan, so why not a full shield? Supes' head looks too small.

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