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Action Comics #773

Action Comics #773

Scheduled to arrive in stores: November 29, 2000

Cover date: January 2001

2001 Shield No. 5

Writer: Joe Kelly
Penciller: Kano
Inker: Marlo Alquiza

"Kith & Kin (Part 2)"

Reviewed by: Nick Newman (

Superman and Talia continue their assault on Ra's Al Ghul's flying fortress. The ancient megalomaniac stands concealed inside of his ship, and observes the captured Encantadora. Superman and Talia reach an inner wall and, bursting through, find themselves facing a huge structure. Talia identifies it as the Crucible, a device that creates a god of the earth. Superman begins to advance, but La Encantadora holds him back.

Across the world, the Master Assassin hits on Lois. She politely refuses his advances. He finally asks her what she would take to the afterlife if she could take only one thing. After a minute's hesitation she raises her wedding ring. The assassin admits that it was not the League of Assassins that tried to kill Superman.

Back in Ra's lair, Superman tries to stop Encantadora from fueling the machine, but she refuses. Superman threatens Ra's, but then two pictures appear on the wall. One is of La Encantadora's little brother with Ubu, the other is of Lois with the assassin. Superman stops, and then tells Ra's that it won't work, he can see that the little boy is already dead. Furious (at Superman's lie), La Encantadora goes berserk, but Ra's escapes by diving into the Crucible. Superman tells Talia to save the boy and then dives after Ra's.

Near both Ubu and the assassin, a light begins to glow. Ubu prepares to strangle the boy, while the assassin grabs Lois around the neck.

In the Crucible, Superman and Ra's find their bodies surrounded with a strange substance. Ra's believes he is ascending to godhood, while Superman's skin burns beneath the stuff. Outside the world begins to go crazy.

The master assassin stops short, his hand bleeding from the pen that Lois had just plunged there. In awe of her, the assassin hands Lois the keycard and lets her escape, singing to himself.

Superman and Ra's continue to fight as Talia arrives with the little boy. La Encantadora embraces him tightly, before turning to Superman.

The two titans are locked in battle, when a voice suddenly condemns Ra's and forces him out of the Crucible. The earth begins to embrace Kal-el, believing that he can heal her. The earth wishes to combine with him and wipe the surface clean. Watching, Lois holds up her ring. Realizing what he would be losing, Superman jumps up and destroys the Crucible. The voice of the earth slowly fades away.

In his room, Superman talks to the little boy, Victor. After he is done, La Encantadora transports both of them to the Police Station. Superman flies away with her magic talisman, but a few moments later both the talisman and La Encantadora vanish. He concedes that he has given her a second chance, and she had better not screw it up.

In Lexcorp Tower, Talia hands Luthor a collection of disks. On the numerous CDs is stored all of Ra's Al Ghul's information that he has accumulated over the centuries. After accepting the gift, Luthor motions Talia to her seat, at the head of Lexcorp. 3Story - 3: It was good, but kind of weird. I didn't like the earth talking to Superman and trying to use him to heal her. Kelly has already impressed upon us that Superman is pure (remember the great Christmas issue last year?) but now it just seems like over kill. Lois was also portrayed as too adventurous. Yes, she isn't afraid to get dirty, but this was a little extreme for me.

4Art - 4: Good Kano art, but nothing spectacular that I could point out. The Crucible looked cool, but other than that it was all pretty average.

3Cover Art - 3: Decent cover, but nothing special. It was about the issue, but I wasn't too fond of the art. It just wasn't eye-catching enough, and covers should be.

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