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Superman: The Man of Steel #114

Superman: The Man of Steel #114

Scheduled to arrive in stores: May 23, 2001

Cover date: July 2001

2001 Shield No. 28

Writer: Mark Schultz
Penciller: Doug Mahnke
Inker: Tom Nguyen

"Poor Elijah"

Reviewed by: Nick Newman (

In deep space, a tiny glow appears. As it grows closer its features become more distinct, until the Eradicator appears. He has seen things, and now he must warn the world.

Inside the Steelworks, Superman scans through John Henry's files trying to find some reason why Luthor would have had him arrested. Dugan tries to stop Superman, telling him that Steelworks can investigate themselves, but Natasha gives Superman the ok. Suddenly Superman pulls open a file and extracts a paper. John had been working on an analysis of LexCorp tower.

Turning the research over to Professor Hamilton, Emil disagrees with John's findings. The idea that the Tower is a planetary energy amplifier is preposterous. Although he respects Steel's findings, he cannot accept them. Suddenly Superman turns away and clutches his head. Something is coming for him.

Suddenly a flaming mass crashes though the ceiling and plows into the floor. Superman holds the others back as he approaches the Eradicator. The giant robot tells Superman that he has come to bear witness, and that Superman must be his messenger. Assuring Kal that David Connor is still in control of the Eradicator, the Kryptonian relic begins to tell of the things he has seen. The destroyer is coming for Earth. Superman does not believe him.

Superman tries to calm Connor, asking how they can defend Earth. Connor yells back at him. There is no defense against the power that he has seen. All Earth can do is prepare for annihilation. Suddenly a particle beam strikes the Eradicator. Superman yells at Emil to back off, but it is too late. Infuriated, the Eradicator launches an energy blast at Superman and jumps through the roof.

Across Metropolis, Maggie Sawyer investigates the mysterious disappearance of an older woman, the two hundredth such disappearance this morning.

The Eradicator rampages across the Metropolis skyline, announcing the coming doom. Used to doom preachers however, the people of Metropolis are not overly scared. Superman flies after the giant and tries to get him to stop, but the Eradicator instead responds with violence. S.T.R.I.P.E. arrives, having left the Steelworks, and begins to pummel the robot, but is soon dispatched by an energy blast.

Superman looks up and begins to use the Theta state. Keeping the Eradicator distracted with a giant projection, Superman flies into the Eradicator's body and uses their psychic link to flood the Eradicator with images from the other (new) Krypton. Unable to comprehend the thoughts assaulting his mind, the Eradicator begins to break up, separating the bulk of the remains of the Fortress from the body of David Connor. Gathering up the wreckage, Superman and S.T.R.I.P.E. return to the Steelworks where they employ the absolute zero chamber to freeze the robot. As the Eradicator sinks into the liquid, he tells Superman to believe in something bigger than himself, to believe in God.

Standing in the wreckage, Emil comments on the insanity of the claims. Superman looks skyward, and wonders what if he was right?

3Story - 3: It wasn't a bad story, but nothing that exciting happened either. I guess it was a necessary issue to lead us into "Our Worlds At War", but there must have been some way to make it more interesting. I am very excited for the crossover, now more than before. It's going to be a great story, hopefully.

3Art - 3: This was pretty much standard for the MOS team. Their art is consistent, which is a very good thing, but I will always have some problems with it. It is not that it is bad; it's just that I think the style is too dark for Superman. The Eradicator did look very good though, and I was impressed with the splash of him crashing into the Steelworks. Overall, very standard art for this book.

4Cover Art - 4: I liked the cover. It's a good shot of the Eradicator that could have been ruined by cluttering it up with other characters or scenery. Instead they kept it simple and it goes very well with the book. I'm not sure whether it is particularly eye-catching or not, but I was still very pleased with it.

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