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Mild Mannered Reviews - Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures

Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the Eighth Grade #2

Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the Eighth Grade #2

Scheduled to arrive in stores: January 7, 2009

Cover date: March 2009

"Enter: Belinda Zee"

Writer: Landry Q. Walker
Penciller: Eric Jones
Inker: Eric Jones
Cover: Eric Jones

Reviewed by: Adam Dechanel

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Linda daydreams of her adventures as Supergirl, unfortunately it's in class time again, Mr. Kretch is not amused and punishment is lines.

After class is over, Linda decides to become super to speed up her lines, unfortunately she is over eager and punches a hole in the wall with her strength! Searching for something to repair the hole and save her identity Linda stumbles upon a box of precious rocks. Kryptonite turns out to be one of the samples! A weakened Kara trips and accidentally activates Mr. Kretch's OH Projector spreading the rays of Kryptonite, causing Kara to black out with intoxication.

When Kara finally reawakens she is face to face with aKryptoniangirl! Well Linda version B, or Belinda-ish! She's everything Kara is - and more! The only thing lacking is a warm heart... Kararealizes, Belinda is her bizarre twin - a super villain!

If life wasn't bad enough, later the school is abuzz with how much of a goof Linda is. It doesn't help that posters of Linda with a dorky face have been pasted all around school! When Linda investigates she finds the head cheerleader is to blame... Belinda!

Belinda warns her twin to head to the roof and when Linda does fireworks explode telling students to 'Vote Linda Lee for Class President!' Cue a lecture from Principal Pycklemeyer. Expressing his disappointment in herbehavior, Pycklemeyer reveals he is making the election official and Belinda will be the opposing candidate!

Linda is distraught that this situation has come to pass and angry at her twin. Belinda however tells Linda that perhaps she went too far and theinstinctto 'dislike yourself' was instilled in her but that she's eager to mend her ways and be Linda's friend - because no one else has so far.

Linda opens up to Belinda and tries to explain why she feels like an outsider. Unbeknownst to her Belinda has been recording the conversation and the recording adds to even more humiliation and segregation when it's coincidentally played over the loudspeakers.

As Supergirl, Linda begins to regret listening to Superman, she knows more than him intellectually, she's as super as he is, why does she need tosocializeand fit in to be a Super girl? Crash landing with her usual style Supergirl switches to Linda and heading to class she's almost knocked over by a campaign float of Belinda! As BelindagloatsLinda shouts back at her twin. She just doesn't care, she's happy to be who she is and won't be put down.

Belinda laughs, she's the complete opposite to Linda, her urge to make people hate Linda is from Kara's desperation to make people like her! Belinda is cackling hysterically that her hate campaign isn't even finished yet!


A beam of light hits the evil twin and her followers, making them quack like ducks! A puzzled Linda looks around to find a fellow student playing around with what she reveals is a mind control helmet. Lena Thorul meet Linda Lee. Lena was new at school too and had been watching the other new girl bullying Linda and decided to create a device to make people friendlier - only it's defective and makes them think they are ducks!

The two girls become fast friends and even move into the same dorm room as one another.

Linda and Lena pop onto the internet before bed to write to their families. Linda writes to Superman and Lena to her big brother Lex.

What a tangled web we weave...

4Story - 4: This has quickly become afavorite. This is All Star Supergirl.

It's so rich with nods to Supergirl's original continuity but with more of a twist than even Sterling Gates and Geoff Johns have done that seems to integrate new and old readers into something quite *ahem* super!

The only thing I'm starting to tire of is the 'forced in with a crow bar' excessive dream sequences, mostly because they offer nothing to the story and also because they aren't funny though they try to be.

PLEASE, if the PTB are listening - make this a fully blown monthly!

4Art - 4: I still hate the way Kara looks, but the book has such style, it feels almost like stills from a show - heck this SHOULD be a show. Belinda Zee is almost as much of acowas Alura in the DCU but oddly I really like her character and her design seems much better than Kara - who just looks like a boy - I sound like a broken record! Again though, this is a VERY strong book wasted as a miniseries, brightcolors, no niggly camera angles, perfect inks. If you haven't already, you must buy this book!

4Cover Art - 4: Almost echoing the cover when Matrix/Lana II first introduced herself to Superman way back when. This offers just the right amount of intrigue to make you want to see just who has Kara stopping in her tracks.

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