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Mild Mannered Reviews - Super Friends

Super Friends #17

Super Friends #17

Scheduled to arrive in stores: July 15, 2009

Cover date: September 2009

"Just In Time"

Writer: Sholly Fisch
Penciller: Stuart McKenny
Inker: Stuart McKenny
Cover: J. Bone

Reviewed by: Adam Dechanel

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Roll Call: Superman, Aquaman, Green Lantern: John Stewart, Wonder Woman, Flash, The Batman

Chapter One:

The Super Friends are over the moon to meet President Obama, most of all Flash is gushing, at which point Arthur reminds him that he and Diana are royalty. As the Super Friends leave the White House they are shocked to find that time has changed around them. Obama is gone and Chronos is the president now!

In fact Chronos has appeared on the dollar bill, in Uncle Sam's place, even changed places with Lincoln and the Washington Monument has been changed into clock hands!

Superman points out that two hundred years of history has been altered but that without an exact date they cant stop him! Batman of course steps in with the date - July 2, 1776! With that knowledge on hand they head to S.T.A.R. Labs where a time machine is waiting! Off they go!

Activity: Wonder Woman's "What'd I say?" History puzzle

Chapter Two:

The Super Friends separate to correct time, first Batman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman arrive at State House but Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and John Adams are late! On the way, Wonder Woman changes history by inspiring the American Flag!

The heroes arrive at Thomas Jefferson's house and find a carriage clock trap that has them repeating time! With time in a super-fast loop Wonder Woman can't use her lasso to catch the clock as it keeps returning to her hand! Batman times the loop and all three: lasso, thought beam and batarang, are launched at the exact same second destroying the clock and releasing the men who in turn are so impressed with the team work the Super Friends displayed that they are happy to propose the final draft of the Declaration!

With the declaration signed part of history is changed back but can they change the rest?

Activity: Clark Kent/Superman paper doll

Chapter Three:

Flash, Superman and Aquaman arrive in Brooklyn, though it's not what they remember - its all nature, trees, animals, full of life...

Surprisingly when they meet George Washington, he's more distressed by the red uniform the Flash sports than the two flying men!

History plays out correctly and the heroes stand back... until King Chronos arrives in an armored tank! Thankfully the Super Friends destroy the tank and capture Chronos before helping George Washington with his historic crossing.

Then it was back to the future for the Super Friends!

Not only did they help history along but they even got to sign the declaration (well the back of it anyway!)


Activity: Flash's "Hat's All, Folks!" Hat maker.

5Story - 5: A rarity with this title I know, but the story was pretty good and even linked to a previous issue. Nice to see Obama (albeit the back of him) make a proper debut in DC (I'm not counting Super Obama in the messy Final Crisis). Great fun and actually educational in a way. The preachy way was getting annoying!

4Art - 4: The artwork, although it suited the story, was rather jarring after months of it looking a certain way. Wish they'd get a regular art team and be done with it!

4Cover Art - 4: A nice bright, danger-filled cover! I thought this was probably the best of the series to far!

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