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Mild Mannered Reviews - Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures

Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the Eighth Grade #6

Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the Eighth Grade #6

Scheduled to arrive in stores: May 6, 2009

Cover date: July 2009

"Graduation Day" - Part 2

Writer: Landry Q. Walker
Penciller: Eric Jones
Inker: Eric Jones
Cover: Eric Jones

Reviewed by: Adam Dechanel

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Continuing literally seconds after last issue, Lex and his Lexsoar 7 have Supragirl and Superman in their clutches with seconds to live before they are crushed... enter Comet who destroys the Lexsoar 7 and allows the two to escape.

Meanwhile Supergirl and Streaky find a crystallized Belinda statue and even more shocking... she's still alive! Though Streaky has had his intelligence devolved he is quick to realize they are about to be ambushed - enter Lena! The young Luthor is angry for everything Linda set in motion and, refusing to listen to reason, aims and fires her laser cannon... only for flowers to pop out!

Principal Pycklemeyer appears in his new identity - Mr Mxyzptlk! But as this imp introduces himself, unknown to him his fellow imps have realized they've been tricked into an evil plan and seek out Supragirl to help stop it!

Mxy uses his magic to conjure up a movie theatre and forces Linda and Lena to listen to his past plots. He orchestrated Linda's arrival on Earth, he deliberately caused Supergirl's arrival to be Lex Luthor's undoing. He even hints that his big game may have even started with him blowing up Krypton - maybe...

In dismay he points out that Linda wasted the opportunities given to her so he created an emotion collecting machine to power his plot. The communicator that Linda was using to speak to her mother was really a siphon! But soon after secretly planting the device it was filled with Linda's whiny preteen emotions and not as supercharged as it should have been due to her inner goodness and optimism. This is where Belinda Zee aka Superior Girl comes in. Her raw emotions that were the polar opposite of Linda's had amplified the device and it was now read to give Mxy the ability to take over not only the universe, nor the multiverse... but ALL of creation!

Linda watches in horror as our third dimension becomes one dimensional as it drains all the dimensions across the continuum.

Outside Supragirl is informed by the imps that her time travel powers have charged her body up with fourth dimensional power, particles of which can disrupt Mxy's machine and stop the 1, 2, 3 & 5 dimensional collapse.

It works, expending her time powers disrupts Mxy's magic enough to free Linda, Lena and Streaky, but it also triggers the events that will lead back to her destruction. She promises to reenact the meeting Linda had months ago to make sure today happens and dissipates into time.

Linda begs her friend to put aside their differences and re-calibrate Mxy's machine so she can follow him into the ether. Lena regretfully agrees and wishes her friend well before sending her on a suicide mission.

In the ether Mxy is lapping up the success of his plan and waiting for the energy to climax... only something comes through the energy portal that he was not expecting - Linda!

Linda points out Mxy based his entire plot on siphoning her emotions into cosmic energy and thus she could reclaim it to foil his plan! Mxy of course fights back but Linda is a determined, powerful and pure hearted young woman. Her power supersedes the imps but as she's about to put an end to the villain he says his name backwards and reappears in the 5th dimension swearing revenge.

The imps of the dimension are unhappy, the rules of traveling to the 3rd dimension is to play a game, with rules. The evil imp however broke the rules and is banished from the 5th dimension forever - to spend his day as a pencil drawing in the 2nd dimension!

The special energies Linda absorbed wear off and everything reverts to its correct state, the destruction caused however is still plain to see. Lena was harmed in the fight between Lex and Superman and Supergirl and Mxy. 10th dimensional energy that Linda was flooded with had zapped Lena too but not being Kryptonian had caused terrible feedback.

Clark and Linda watch as Lex uses his technology to save his sister's a cost.

Lex explains that Lena was always torn between her best friend and her family loyalty. He had tried to use his machines to force hatred into Lena so she'd side with her family but her mind ultimately rejected it and if the choice was to let her die and hate Supergirl or live and hate Lex it was the only choice possible... to let her go.

Later, on the roof of the Daily Planet, Linda has a heart to heart with her cousin.

Lena Thorul is in hospital recovering, Belinda and the students have all changed back to normal. The only casualty is Supragirl. Clark explains he searched the time-stream but she could still be out there somewhere. Linda confirms that she must be as she will meet her in the 30th century.

Comet however is stuck in the present and Linda now has a Super cat and Super horse to look after! Clark solemnly explains they may have defeated Mxy but somehow the imp always comes back. The mood is suddenly lifted when Clark reveals something he'd found presumably in the Fortress - a Quasi-space key.

Though Clark couldn't use it himself, this amazing key could now enable Kara to travel back and forth from inner to outer space any time she wanted!

Linda smiles and ties the key around her neck.

She can go home... but not just yet!

5Story - 5: Last month I slashed the rating down to a 2 due to the sudden change of pace, but after reading the entire arc back to back I've changed my mind this is a SUPERB series. I seriously loved it and am VERY disappointed it is only six issues long.

Thankfully the story hasn't severed all ties; there is enough material there to carry on the book should the powers that be decide to run with it - but only if Landry stays with it.

If you haven't picked up this book already nag your comic book store for the back issues because you really will be devastated you missed it.


5Art - 5: I was very undecided by the book art to begin with but it grew and grew on me and now I am sad the book is over because I wont get my monthly fix of the panels of fun. I wish the best in the future Mr. Jones let us know what you're working on next because I'm dying for more!

5Cover Art - 5: Love, love, love it!

I think it's a perfect cover to end the series.

Multiversal threat, a dynamic and iconic image of Comet and Linda off to save it, echoing themes of the Crisis but with a twist of nobility and heroism.

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