Superman Comics Index (from 1986)



  • [ 1] Superman #51 (Jan)
    Jerry Ordway, Jerry Ordway, Dennis Janke
    First Superman title with a numbered triangle
    First Mr. Z; Superman saves workers from a Lexcorp nuclear accident; Jose buys and loses a lotto ticket, found by Bibbo; Perry chooses a leave of absence, Sam Foswell becomes managing editor; Mr. Z tries to capture Superman's soul into his gemstone, but being an alien Superman can will the stone to break freeing the other souls to die; after apparently dying Z recovers and leaves for Saudi Arabia.

  • [ 2] Adventures of Superman #474 (Jan)
    Dan Jurgens, Dan Jurgens, Art Thibert
    About drunk driving
    On New year's Eve Clark visits the comatose Scott Brubaker, a high school friend injured in a drunk driving accident about 10 years ago; Brubaker's parents plan to let him die after suing for the right; Clark credits the accident with Brubaker, Lana, and Pete, in teaching him to act responsibly.

  • [ 3] Action Comics #661 (Jan)
    Roger Stern, Bob Mcleod, Brett Breeding
    When dropping Lucy at the airport, Jimmy meets Woozy Winks and Plastic Man; Bibbo buys the Ace O' Clubs after winning $14 million; Plaz and Superman track down and capture Time-Bomb; Tiny Bubbles arrives in town for Intergang.

  • [ 4] Superman #52 (Feb)
    Jerry Ordway, Kerry Gammill, Dennis Janke
    Terra-Man attacks a Lexcorp landfill causing a death; Lois meets a Lexcorp contact Ray Mossbach; Superman arrests Terra-Man after agreeing to help test an enzyme to detoxify Lookout Peak, a town Manning helped pollute.

  • [ 5] Adventures of Superman #475 (Feb)
    Dan Jurgens, Dan Jurgens, Art Thibert
    Intergang opens Happyland, designed by Killgrave and Toyman, to launder money; Sleez uses Happyland to kidnap people, including Jimmy and Lucy; Killgrave attacks investigating Superman; Sleez is apparently blown up by Toyman; Dr. Kelley tells Clark Luthor left no will, and that Metropolis' economy will suffer; Jimmy gets out his signal watch.

  • [ 6] Action Comics #662 (Feb)
    Roger Stern, Bob Mcleod, Bob Mcleod
    Clark reveals he is Superman to Lois Lane. A Lexcorp employee finds an apparent holographic will of Luthor; Blaze tries to kill Superman using the Silver Banshee; Baron Sunday.

  • [ 7] Superman #53 (Mar)
    Jerry Ordway, Jerry Ordway, Dennis Janke
    Sons of Liberty, led by Major Holcraft try assassinating Qurac's president Marlo; Lexcorp directors learn Luthor's will names a son as heir.

Time and Time Again

Superman is sent bouncing through time by a Linear Man.
  • [ 8] Adventures of Superman #476 (Mar)
    Dan Jurgens, Dan Jurgens, Brett Breeding
    Phase I - Lois tells Clark she is still uncertain about marrying Superman; a rogue Linear Man arrives in Metropolis using a time disturbance; the Linear Man has been sent to arrest Booster Gold (Michael Carter) for stealing devices and going into the past, he activates Skeets, alerting Booster; when Superman sees Booster being attacked, he joins in to stop the Linear Man; when Superman accidentally disrupts the Linear Man's controls after a time vortex has been opened, Superman finds himself transported to a future 30th Century and meets teenage Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad, and Saturn Girl; the teenage heroes recognize Superman.

  • [ 9] Action Comics #663 (Mar)
    Roger Stern, Bob Mcleod, Bob Mcleod
    Phase II - responding to an exploding fuel storage, Superman finds himself bounced to the 1943 with blurred vision; Lexcorp is looking for Luthor Jr.; Superman works as a circus strongman for some weeks until his vision clears; in Metropolis and incognito he saves President Roosevelt from a Nazi assassin; Superman decides to find the Justice Society of America for help, but the Spectre prevents him and sends him to Warsaw.

  • [10] Superman #54 (Apr)
    Jerry Ordway, Jerry Ordway, Dennis Janke
    Phase III - In Warsaw, Superman frees Jewish prisoners and sabotages the Nazi's research test on an atomic bomb being carried out by General Zeiten (Mr. Z); Superman carries the test bomb away from the Jewish people, then it explodes while he holds it.
    Bonus: a Newsboy Legion story written and drawn by Karl Kesel.

  • [11] Adventures of Superman #477 (Apr)
    Dan Jurgens, Dan Jurgens, Brett Breeding
    Phase IV - the Linear Man has taken Superman from 1943 and tries to maneuver him to a time disruption that will send him back to 1991, but disruption caused by a sun eater causes Superman to end up in an earlier time in the 30th century; Superman helps adult Legionnaires Lightning Lad, Wildfire, Ultra Boy, Shrinking Violet, Phantom Girl; the blast from the sun eater's implosion sends Superman out of time again.

  • [12] Action Comics #664 (Apr)
    Roger Stern, Bob Mcleod, Bob Mcleod
    Phase V - Ma Olsen shows Lucy Lane baby pictures of Jimmy; with Sam Foswell at the Daily Planet, Perry and Alice decide to take a second honeymoon; Superman is in the past 100 million years ago and finds a stranded Chronos; Chronos tries doublecrossing Superman and Superman is sent by another explosion forward to a 500 thousand years ago; Superman finds the city-state of A'R'Ven and uses the takeoff blast from the H'V'Ler'Ni fleet to bounce forward again - this time to Camelot.

  • [13] Superman #55 (May)
    Jerry Ordway, Jerry Ordway, Jerry Ordway
    Phase VI - Morgaine Le Fey makes Superman a black knight and has him assault Camelot; Merlin frees him, and makes him a white knight; Camelot falls and Merlin decides to have his half-brother, the demon Etrigan, live within priest of the oak Jason Blood.
    Bonus: a Newsboy Legion story written and drawn by Karl Kesel.

  • [14] Adventures of Superman #478 (May)
    Dan Jurgens, Dan Jurgens, Brett Breeding
    Phase VII - Superman has been bounced from Camelot to 2995 meeting even older Legionnaires after the Legion has disbanded; Lexcorp directors take charge of Lexcorp until Luthor Jr. is found; Superman is told how the "pocket universe" Superboy died and that the Time Trapper's "pocket universe" has ended; Superman also learns how a Daxamite named Dev-Em from the 20th century sent into the future by Valor (Lar Gand) has become insane; Superman and the heroes stop Dev-Em destroying the Moon by detonating devices left by a splinter group of Dominators; the Linear Man says Superman has altered history and reactivates the devices destroying the moon, and using the blast to send Superman home where Lois says he's been missing only a couple of hours.

  • [15] Action Comics #665 (May)
    Roger Stern, Tom Grummett, Jose Marzan Jr.
    Baron Sunday uses his powers to turn six cellmates into super strong zombies, which attack Superman; after Superman breaks the spell, Sunday is left catatonic.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman: Time & Time Again reprints The Adventures of Superman #476-478, Action Comics #663, 664, and five pages from #665, Superman #54, 55, 61, 73]

Red Glass Trilogy

  • [16] Superman #56 (Jun)
    James D. Hudnall, Ed Hannigan, Willie Blyberg
    First Symptoms - Superman trying to stop a mugging finds everyone terrified and hating him, a museum showing all the villains he has killed, Lois crippled, and Luthor alive but bankrupted; Luthor is shown to be Jimmy in disguise who uses green kryptonite on Superman.
    Bonus: a Newsboy Legion story showing Angry Charlie written and drawn by Karl Kesel.

  • [17] Adventures of Superman #479 (Jun)
    James D. Hudnall, Ed Hannigan, Willie Blyberg
    Full Fever - Superman passes out after Jimmy says he'd married Lois; Superman recovers and finds Metropolis destroyed, Booster Gold dying accuses him of doing it, a radio gives a message from Houston calling for Superman, Superman accidentally kills Guy Gardner and Martian Manhunter (J'onn J'onzz) after they attack him; the U.S. military readies to attack Superman.

  • [18] Action Comics #666 (Jun)
    James D. Hudnall, Ed Hannigan, Willie Blyberg
    Crystalline Cure - Superman survives an attack by the military, and kills Firestorm, Captain Atom, and the Doom Patrol; finally he realizes he is on the moon and Houston space center is trying to radio him - his delusions were caused by a crystalline space probe buried within the moon that was trying to communicate with him.

Revenge of the Krypton Man

  • [19] Superman: The Man of Steel #1 (July)
    Louise Simonson, Jon Bogdanove/Tom Grummett/Bob Mcleod/Dan Jurgens, Dennis Janke/Jerry Ordway/Bob Mcleod/Brett Breeding
    First issue
    1 - first Cerberus; Cerberus is planting bombs targeting Lexcorp; Foswell lays off 10% of the staff including Jimmy who had just decided to move out from his mother, and had signed a lease; Clark and Lois present the Kents with a vacation; Clark is having headaches; the Eradicator reappears killing a cyborg employed by Cerberus, announces the sun will be transformed into a red dwarf and Earth into a new Krypton for Superman to rule; Emil shows Superman Mr. Z's gemstone; First Keith Robert.

  • [20] Superman #57 (July)
    Dan Jurgens, Dan Jurgens/Art Thibert/Jon Bogdanove/Bob Mcleod/Tom Grummett, Brett Breeding/Art Thibert/Dennis Janke/Denis Rodier/Jerry
    2 - the Eradicator explains that being in the sun destroyed its circuitry but not its energy form; the Kents and the Whites are on the same cruise; Jimmy finds he is fired; Superman takes Emil with the gemstone to the Fortress; the Eradicator continues changing Metropolis and the Earth; when Superman confronts him again, the Eradicator subdues him and plans to kill him by sending him into the sun.

  • [21] Adventures of Superman #480 (July)
    Jerry Ordway, Tom Grummett/Curt Swan/Jon Bogdanove/Jim Mooney/Art Thibert/Bob Mcleod/Dan Jurgens, Jerry Ordway/Dennis Janke/Art Thibert/Denis Rodier/Brett Breeding
    3 - Superman battles Eradicator on Mercury; Jose is mugged; Ron Troupe is turned down by Foswell; Vinnie Edge pinches Cat; Emil tours the Fortress; Lois and Lucy see their Mom outside hospital; Eradicator continues reshaping Earth then detects Emil in the Fortress and goes to kill him; Superman makes it back to Earth, crashing in Alaska; Emil using a Kryptonian battlesuit sees the Eradicator arrive; Mayor Berkowitz announces he'll campaign for re-election.

  • [22] Action Comics #667 (July)
    Roger Stern, Jerry Ordway/Jim Mooney/Tom Grummett/Art Thibert/Jon Bogdanove/Curt Swan/Dan Jurgens, Dennis Janke/Denis Rodier/Art Thibert
    4 - U.S. Navy recovers Superman; Cat and Jose look for Adam; Bibbo finds Adam Grant; Superman helps Metropolis, then goes to the Fortress where the Eradicator has captured Emil; Emil uses the gemstone to suck in the Eradicator, Emil and Superman; within the gemstone Superman can disperse the Eradicator's form again, and the gemstone is destroyed releasing Emil and Superman.

  • [23] Superman: The Man of Steel #2 (Aug)
    Louise Simonson, Jon Bogdanove, Dennis Janke
    Cerberus sends Rorc and Belcher to continue attacking Lexcorp properties; Jimmy meets Babe Tanaka at Newstime building.

  • [24] Superman #58 (Aug)
    Dan Jurgens, Dan Jurgens, Brett Breeding
    Westfield has Superman captured by the Bloodhounds and brought to Cadmus to be mindprobed by Dubbilex, who discovers what made Superman act as the Gangbuster; Jude and the Hairies from the Zoomway help Superman escape; First Bloodhounds (Mac, Tracker, Blood).

  • [25] Adventures of Superman #481 (Aug)
    Jerry Ordway, Tom Grummett, Doug Hazlewood
    Thornton hires Ron at Newstime, when Jimmy is late for his job interview; Superman meets the Parasite, when the Parasite kills a train car's passengers; Lana and Pete get new apartments in Washington.

  • [26] Action Comics #668 (Aug)
    Rogerr Stern, Bob Mcleod, Denis Rodier
    Clark helps Cat broadcast a story confirming that Luthor's body was recovered by Superman, to try and end increasing public speculation.

  • Notable Issue: Flash #53 (August)
    Bill Loebs, La Rocque, Jose Marzan Jr.
    Superman and the Flash join forces to save Jimmy Olsen, who is being held captive by a deranged meta-human demanding a dictator be brought to him.

  • [27] Superman: The Man of Steel #3 (Sept)
    Louise Simonson, Jon Bogdanove, Dennis Janke
    Book Three crossover with the four issue War of the Gods miniseries.

  • [28] Superman #59 (Sept)
    Dan Jurgens, Dan Jurgens, Brett Breeding
    Superman discusses his engagement and why he is Superman with Lois Lane at Mt. Fuji, where time has been secretly slowed by Liri Lee, after Superman saves the crew of a Navy Sub and catches someone who has found Bloodsport's weaponry; Berkowitz running for fourth term; Kents in Metropolis.

  • [29] Adventures of Superman #482 (Sept)
    Jerry Ordway, Tom Grummett, Doug Hazlewood
    Superman captures the Parasite; Daily Planet staff strike over a union contract.

  • [30] Action Comics #669 (Sept)
    Roger Stern, Bob Mcleod, Denis Rodier
    Intergang, Thorn (Rose Forrest).

  • [31] Superman: The Man of Steel #4 (Oct)
    Louise Simonson, Jon Bogdanove, Dennis Janke
    Angstrom (Joseph Anst) escapes S.T.A.R. labs and attacks Lois' dad, retired Capt. Sam Lane; Lois challenges Clark to get a story on Intergang without using his powers.

  • [32] Superman #60 (Oct)
    Dan Jurgens, Dan Jurgens, Eduardo Barreto
    Clark and Superman stop Intergang and Mannheim; First Agent Liberty.

  • [33] Adventures of Superman #483 (Oct)
    Jerry Ordway, Tom Grummett, Doug Hazlewood
    Blindspot returns; Bibbo and Slam Bradley Jr.

  • [34] Action Comics #670 (Oct)
    Roger Stern, Bob Mcleod, Denis Rodier
    Crossover with Armageddon 2001 #2
    first Lex Luthor, Jr.; Lex Jr. meets Dr. Kelley in Australia; Monarch (formerly Hawk) destroys downtown S.T.A.R. Labs while attacking Superman and the Justice League; Joe Martin becomes the Atomic Skull after being zapped by a gadget of Monarch's.

  • [35] Superman: The Man of Steel #5 (Nov)
    Louise Simonson, Jon Bogdanove, Dennis Janke
    Superman stops Joe Martin who believes he is the Atomic Skull, a character from an old movie serial.

  • [36] Superman #61 (Nov)
    Dan Jurgens, Dan Jurgens, Brett Breeding
    "Time and Time Again Again" - an Armageddon 2001 follow-up Metal Men help Superman and Emil dig out a quantum field generator; Collin Thornton is running for mayor; Lois visits Jimmy; Mr. Z survives a plane crash; Waverider (Matther Ryder) witnesses the generator explode, about to kill his parents when a woman appears; she is a linear man from Vanishing Point studying the incident; Waverider follows her when she takes the generator and Superman to Vanishing Point; Superman and Waverider meet the Linear Men - Liri Lee, Dr. Hunter, and a cowled figure; Waverider takes Lee's wrist device so he can save his parents; when Waverider and Superman have returned to their time, the cowled figure is shown to be an alternate timeline's Matt Ryder.


  • [37] Adventures of Superman #484 (Nov)
    Jerry Ordway, Tom Grummett, Doug Hazlewood
    1 - Mr. Z returns when Superman is trying out an experiment with Emil, forcing Emil to modify a satellite uplink helmet being used by Superman; Metropolis suffers a blackout when Emil tries to stop the helmet.

  • [38] Action Comics #671 (Nov)
    Roger Stern, Kieron Dwyer, Brad Vancata
    2 - Superman with Mr. Z's body is found, having amnesia, by Frenchmen at the Antarctic; Gangbuster meets Thorn during the blackout; Superman and Mr. Z find an island near Polynesia; Lex Jr. arrives in Metropolis and greets the public.

  • [39] Superman: The Man of Steel #6 (Dec)
    Louise Simonson, Jon Bogdanove, Dennis Janke
    3 - Superman and Mr. Z encounter dinosaurs and then Neanderthals, including Lola-La who decides to marry Superman; Lois, Emil, and Guardian start tracking Superman down and reach the Antarctic; during the blackout looters are in Metropolis.

  • [40] Superman #62 (Dec)
    Dan Jurgens, Dan Jurgens, Brett Breeding
    4 - Thorn and Gangbuster meet Agent Liberty stopping looters; Perry meets Lex II; Lois, Emil, and Gangbuster find Superman and try to restore his memory; Mr. Z gets separated from the others.

  • [41] Adventures of Superman #485 (Dec)
    Jerry Ordway, Tom Grummett, Doug Hazlewood
    5 - Superman returns to Metropolis and, with another mind probe by Dubbilex, regains his memory; Dubbilex now knows more about Superman, including his being Clark; Mr. Z is left on the island.

  • [42] Action Comics #672 (Dec)
    Roger Stern, Bob Mcleod, Denis Rodier
    Team Luthor help recapture Time-Bomb; Luthor II resolves the Daily Planet's strike; skeptical Perry has Lois interview Lex, while Clark investigates in Australia - they tell Perry that Luthor II's story seems legitimate; Superman meets Lex, Jr.; Lex celebrates with Happersen.

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