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  • Superman in Action Comics #809 (January)
    Joe Kelly, Pascual Ferry, Cam Smith & Andy Owens
    Aboard a cruise ship for Journalists, Clark finds himself accused of murder when he is the only one unaccounted for (due to his being off on Superman business) when a fellow reporter Jack Ryder is killed. Clark investigates and discovers The Creeper is involved.

  • The Adventures of Superman #622 (January)
    Joe Casey, Derec Aucoin, Derec Aucoin
    As Superman discusses the situation with the Minuteman, the Anti-Angelica have arrived in Metropolis. The two heroes attempt to stop them consumating their marriage. Superman is inadvertantly sent back with the creatures to their own dimension, but manages to find his way back, swapping places with the Minuteman.

  • Superman #199 (January)
    Steven T. Seagle, Scott McDaniel, Andy Owens
    Superman is being blamed for chaos all over Metropolis. The real Superman heads back to Metropolis to find almost everyone gone crazy. This other Superman is a future version of himself, come back to stop the "Yes!" coffee (infected with Nanobots) from destroying the world. The fight must be taken to the Futuresmiths.

  • Superman in Action Comics #810 (February)
    Joe Kelly; Pascual Ferry, Kano, Dave Bullock, Duncan Rouleau, Renato Guedes; Marlo Alquiza, Keith Champagne, Jorge Correa, Jaime Mendoza, Cam Smith
    Superman shows Lois his tradition of flying around the world to view each cities New Years celebrations as they happen, and how he answers people's letters for help during his travels.

  • The Adventures of Superman #623 (February)
    Joe Casey, Derec Aucoin, Derec Aucoin
    Taking Lois around the world, Superman recounts some of his adventures, one with Santa Claus, one about a phantom football player, one about Hector Hammond controlling all the earth's villains, and more... Lois reaffirms her love for him.

  • Superman #200 (February)
    Steven T. Seagle, Scott McDaniel, Andy Owens
    Travelling through the time stream with a future version of himself, Superman sees various alternate version of his past. Arriving in the future Superman sees what has become of the world due to decisions he made. He fights a future Brainiac, the Futuresmiths, and returns back in time to a present based on the "Birthright" continuity.

  • Notable Issue: Teen Titans #6 (February)
    Geoff Johns, Tom Grummett, Nelson DeCastro
    Getting into an arguement with the Teen Titans, the JLA squares off with their young counterparts. Superman and Superboy don't fight but Superboy's heat vision goes off involuntarily and burns a hole through Superman's cape. Starfire confronts Superman with the fact that a renegade Superman Robot killed Donna Troy, the original Wonder Girl, much to Superman's shock. Robin informs Superboy that he tested a strand of his hair and he is indeed the clone of both Superman and Lex Luthor which worries Conner about becoming villainous from the Luthor DNA. It is none other than Lex Luthor who leaked the information about Superboys dual heritage to Robin.

  • Notable Issue: Teen Titans #7 (March)
    Geoff Johns, Tom Grummett, Nelson DeCastro
    Superman visits Conner Kent, Superboy, who is having trouble adjusting to the quiet lifestyle of a Kansas schoolboy. Superman decides to give Conner custody of Krypto the superdog so Conner can train him to deal with the outside world as otherwise Superman keeps him locked up in the Fortress of Solitude. Conner says yes to this request but he has misgivings about the idea.

*New creative teams take Superman in a new direction*

Strange New Visitor (3 Parts)

  • Superman in Action Comics #811 (March)
    Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning, Karl Kerschl, Karl Kerschl
    Superman has been missing for a week. Lois learns how much people respect Superman. John Henry Irons sends Natasha and Superboy to enlist the help of the Eradicator to stop the "Time Storm" brewing over Metropolis. Reality suddenly starts to shift. In danger, Lois is saved by a man resembling Superman... Mr Majestic.

  • The Adventures of Superman #624 (March)
    Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning; Karl Kerschl; Karl Kerschl, Renato Guedes & Oclair Albert
    Mr Majestic continues to save Metropolis. John Henry Irons formulates a plan with his niece, Superboy and the Eradicator. However when Lois introduces them to Mr Majestic he disagrees with their plan to blow out the Time Storm, and a fight is on. The Eradicator transports Majestic into the Phantom Zone, but is soon released by Lois who trusts him.

  • Superman #201 (March)
    Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning, Karl Kerschl, Karl Kerschl
    As the Eradicator flies to the Time Storm to place John Henry's device, Mr Majestic fights his way through to stop him. Majestic takes out Steel, Superboy and the Eradicator, destroys the device, as the Time Storm removes all the future B13 tech, and returns Metropolis to its former glory. Proving Mr Majestic right in his actions.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Majestic: Strange New Visitor reprints Action Comics #811, Adventures of Superman #624, Superman #201, Majestic #1-4]

  • Notable Issue: Aquaman #15 (April)
    Will Pfeifer, Patrick Gleason, Christian Alamy
    Most of San Diego sinks under water. 400,000 people are drowned and the nation is in mourning. President Pete Ross makes a speech from the disaster zone to qwell American fears and lead the country back to normalcy. [Editor's Note: This comic was released despite the fact that "Superman/Batman #6", which shows Luthor being forced from office, had not yet been released]

Godfall (6 Parts)

  • Superman in Action Comics #812 (April)
    Joe Kelly & Michael Turner/Chuck Austen, Talent Caldwell/Ivan Reis, Jason Gorder/Marc Campos
    Kal-El is a low-level government employee on Krypton. His wife Lyla, an alien, works at the Terraforge, a place that helps compensate for the regular tremors. A guerilla group attack Kal on his way to work... as a beam of yellow sunlight hits him, he attacks back with fire from his eyes. Kal is confused as to what is happening to him./Back up story: Lana and the Kents discuss her past, present and future... and the fact that she's still very much in love with Clark.

  • The Adventures of Superman #625 (April)
    Joe Kelly & Michael Turner/Greg Rucka, Talent Caldwell/Matthew Clark, Jason Gorder/Nelson
    Unsure of just what is happening to him, Kal reveals everything to his wife Lyla, when he is once again attacked. Realizing his wife is in danger, Kal goes into action, finding himself able to fly. As he attempts to stop the terrorists he accidentally freezes his friends with super cold breath, putting the authorities on his trail./Back up story: New to the SCU, Lieutenant Lupe Teresa Leocadio arrives at a bank hold-up, strolls up to the villains, shoots to wound, apprahends them, somehow managing to only sustain very minor injuries in the face of their fully automatic weapons.

  • Superman #202 (April)
    Joe Kelly & Michael Turner/Brian Azzarello, Talent Caldwell/Lee Bermejo, Jason Gorder/Lee Bermejo
    Lois and Perry are concerned about Clark being absent for weeks. In the bottled city of Kandor, as they hide from the authorities, Lyla melds with Kal-El absorbing his powers, leaving Kandor to materialize within the Fortress of Solitude./Back up story: Lex Luthor has a hired gun abduct a Dr Federov in Chechnya. He wants the Dr to continue some research that obviously has something to do with Superman.

  • Superman in Action Comics #813 (May)
    Joe Kelly & Michael Turner/Chuck Austen, Talent Caldwell/Ivan Reis, Jason Gorder/Marc Campos
    Lyla comes to Metropolis, which she thinks is Heaven, and is bitterly disappointed with what she finds. Kal-El convinces the gang (who were hired to kidnap him by Lyla), that he is really Superman, and takes them out of the bottled city of Kandor and into his Fortress of Solitude where they get Kelex to help. Lyla confronts Lois in the Daily Planet./Back up story: A young boy is under the impression that Superman will save his mother and father during the destruction of Topeka Kansas during the Imperiex war... only to find them dead. As he wonders why Superman lied, he is approached by Gog.

  • The Adventures of Superman #626 (May)
    Joe Kelly & Michael Turner/Greg Rucka, Talent Caldwell/Matthew Clark, Jason Gorder/Nelson
    Superman discovers that somehow 100 years have passed inside Kandor. He and the aliens from Kandor head to Metropolis where Superman confronts Lyla. She constructs some of Superman's deadliest enemies, but he's not fooled. Just as things come to a head, Sergeant Preus from Kandor flattens Superman./Back up story: We follow Lois to work, discovering just how much she misses her husband.

  • Superman #203 (May)
    Joe Kelly & Michael Turner, Talent Caldwell/Jim Lee, Jason Gorder
    Preus and Superman battle it out in Metropolis. Superman tries to convince Preus that he'd not a murderer. Lyla realizes Superman is a good man and attempts to help him, but Preus uses her powers against her. Lyla finally prevails, but Preus lives to fight another day, vowing to kill Kal-El./Back up article: Artist Jim Lee shows us what his take on Superman will be like, and how he came to his decisions.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman: Godfall reprints Action Comics #812-813, Adventures of Superman #625-626, Superman #202-203]

*New Creative Teams take over the Superman books

  • Superman in Action Comics #814 (June)
    Chuck Austen, Ivan Reis, Marc Campos
    Clark's desk is occupied by someone else's stuff, and while he waits to see Perry, he goes off as Superman and deals with muggers on the train, saves a mother and children from driving off the road, and fights Kalibak and the hordes of Apokolips, even Darkseid himself. Lois asks Perry if he's told Clark he's been demoted yet...

  • The Adventures of Superman #627 (June)
    Greg Rucka, Matthew Clark, Nelson
    At his new job, Clark takes a flight with the new SCU, only to find himself falling out of the helicopter when they're attacked by Replikon. As Superman, he fights Replikon, only to have the creature burnt up and destroyed by mysterious people running some kind of test.

  • Superman #204 (June)
    Brian Azzarello, Jim Lee, Scott Williams
    Superman talks to a Priest in Metropolis, he discusses with him the events of "The Vanishing" a year ago... an event which saw a million people on earth just vanish... amongst them Lois Lane, and how he was a million miles away in space, rescuing Green Lantern when it happened.

  • Notable Issue: The Flash #209 (June)
    Geoff Johns, Howard Porter, Livesay
    The race to be Fastest Hero Alive: Superman vs. The Flash! The JLA doesn't like being left in the dark when it comes to their members' personal lives... especially when a longtime teammate refuses to divulge his true identity. But Flash doesn't have time to hang around the Watchtower while Keystone City is in trouble - so it's up to Superman to bring him back!

  • Superman in Action Comics #815 (July)
    Chuck Austen, Ivan Reis, Marc Campos
    Clark argues over the phone with Lois about her not telling him about his demotion and replacement by Jack Ryder before answering Superboy's plea for help. Arriving in Smallville, Superman rescues Superboy from the clutches of Gog. The two battle it out, with Superman seemingly having Gog's measure... until Gog stabs him with his staff...

  • The Adventures of Superman #628 (July)
    Greg Rucka, Matthew Clark, Nelson
    Clark meets Geraldine "Jerry" Frank, a fellow reporter in the shack. Lois asks Wonder Woman to keep an eye on Clark while she's away on assignment in Umec. Green Lantern and Superman discover Replikon's family murdered. Lieutenant Lupe indicates to Clark that she thinks of Superman as one of her deputies.

  • Superman #205 (July)
    Brian Azzarello, Jim Lee, Scott Williams
    Father Leone hears a woman recount how she was saved by Superman. Superman visits with Father Leone again and tells him of a recent visit to a war-torn country, where things got out of control even after he removed all the guns and weapons because of people's fears. He also discusses how the "Vanishing" appeared from outer space.

  • Superman in Action Comics #816 (August)
    Chuck Austen, Ivan Reis, Marc Campos
    Superboy and Superman continue to battle Gog, who seems able to teleport around them. Gog's staff has infected Superman with liquefied kryptonite which weakens him as the battle rages on. Superman falls, Superboy cannot find a pulse in the Man of Steel... Gog vanishes.

  • The Adventures of Superman #629 (August)
    Greg Rucka, Renato Guedes, Edde Wagner
    Lois emails Clark from the other side of the world, she's awaiting her assignment in the war zone. The son of Replikon is on a rampage, being remotely controlled by some (as yet) unseen person. Superman convinces Lt. Lupe to allow him to try and resolve the situation. Superman confronts Lt. Lupe, who unashamedly tries to seduce him.

  • Superman #206 (August)
    Brian Azzarello, Jim Lee, Scott Williams
    Concerned about the ramifications of his actions, Superman offers his help to General Nox. Later he learns that Nox has come into possession of the weapon that caused the "vanishing" that took Lois. Superman wants to talk to the man who used the weapon, but Nox's monster, Equus is ready to kill him.

  • Superman in Action Comics #817 (September)
    Chuck Austen, Ivan Reis, Marc Campos
    STAR Labs revives Superman, managing to get most of the liquified Kryptonite out of his system. In his weakened state, Superman is now the target of every villain around. Wonder Woman and Superboy attempt to protect him, but Weapons Master steps up and shoots Superman in the chest and the bullet goes right through him!

  • The Adventures of Superman #630 (September)
    Greg Rucka, Matthew Clark, Nelson
    Superman quickly removes hostages being held within STAR Labs by a villain calling himself Ruin, who is accompanied by Xlim (the Replikon). As Superman is about to confront Ruin time stops, and Mxyzptlk toys with Superman as he tries to warn him about coming doom, and shows him the dangerous situation Lois is in, before returning him back to normal time, where Superman is drained by Ruin's beam.

  • Superman #207 (September)
    Brian Azzarello, Jim Lee, Scott Williams
    Superman is too late to save those people being shot down by Equus. The two do battle, then Superman confronts Nox on his discovery of hundreds more killed. Nox tells him they are from the previous ruler. Equus arrives again, and as they battle Superman realizes he's actually human, before Equus sets off the "Vanishing" weapon causing himself, Nox and three thousand others to vanish off the face of the earth.

  • Notable Issue: Birds of Prey #71 (October)
    Gail Simone, Ron Adrian, Rob Lea
    Superman drops in as a special 'ambulance' that Black Canary calls for when Babs has an attack.

  • Superman in Action Comics #818 (October)
    Chuck Austen, Ivan Reis, Marc Campos
    In his weakened state, Superman finally managed to take out Weapons Master, however a whole slew of other villains are lining up to claim him as a kill. As Wonder Woman, Superboy, Steel and others attempt to control the situation, Superman gives a speech which scares off the villains before collapsing. Lana Lang arrives, baby in hand, to take care of Superman.

  • The Adventures of Superman #631 (October)
    Greg Rucka, Matthew Clark, Nelson
    Lois, Beau and the army unit they've been assigned to, come under heavy fire, with most of the team killed. Meanwhile Superman battles Xlim, the Replikon, until Superman attacks Ruin directly, cutting off his remote control of Xlim. Capturing Ruin and handing him over to the SCU, Superman hears a gun shot half a world away and realizes Lois has been shot. He races to her side as she falls to the ground, blood spurting from her shoulder and nose.

  • Superman #208 (October)
    Brian Azzarello, Jim Lee, Scott Williams
    Father Leone has cancer. Pretending to be an orderly at the hospital, Orr warns Leone not to trust Superman, telling him about how he met Superman and told him the world would think Superman was responsible for the Vanishings, since he has possession of the weapon responsible. Superman meets with Leone before confronting the JLA, who amongst many others on Earth, are not so sure about Superman's motives in regards to his wish to take on the case of the Vanishings alone. A huge water creature threatens Metropolis.

  • Superman in Action Comics #819 (November)
    Chuck Austen, Ivan Reis & Joe Prado, Marc Campos & Jon Sibal
    Waking after 3 days sleep, Superman finds Lana taking care of him. Lana reveals she loves him and strongly feels he and Lois are not meant for each other. Angrily he tells her she's wrong, before flying out to battle a man and woman team called Sodom and Gomorrah who attempt to kill him, before the woman flees, fearing her own death, leaving her partner behind.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman: The Wrath of Gog reprints Action Comics #812-819]

  • The Adventures of Superman #632 (November)
    Greg Rucka, Paul Pelletier, Rick Magyar
    Superman takes Lois to the nearest army medical facility. Skeeter (of the SCU) questions Ruin as they transport him to Stryker's Island Prison. The doctors continue working on Lois as Superman stands by anxiously. Jimmy informs Perry that Lois has been shot. Ruin kills Skeeter and his men, leaving Xlim alive. Ruin arrives at the Metropolis General Hospital, where he continues working on his victims, despite Lupe's interference. The JLA call in Dr Midnight to work on Lois, and Superman vows never to leave her.

  • Superman #209 (November)
    Brian Azzarello, Jim Lee, Scott Williams
    The four elementals of the world (water, fire, earth and wind) attack Superman, attempting to force his exile from mother earth. Refusing, Superman convinces the elementals that continuing their battle will only end up in the destruction of everything and everyone, including mother earth herself.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman: For Tomorrow - Volume 1 reprints Superman #204-209]

  • Superman in Action Comics #820 (December)
    Chuck Austen, Carlos D'Anda, Carlos D'Anda
    A young woman on the staff of the Daily Planet becomes the new host for the Banshee, who then sets out on Halloween to feed off the fears of people in Metropolis. When Superman fails to stop her at first, Jack Ryder, as the Creeper, steps in but Banshee just feeds off his fears as well. Superman finds her, freezes her and Creeper with his breath. Doomsday arrives in Metropolis, after saving a cat from a tree, he feels good about it, only to kill the young boy who owns the cat.

  • The Adventures of Superman #633 (December)
    Greg Rucka, Matthew Clark, Andy Lanning
    The twins, Alex and Alexandra, captured by Ruin, mutate into Parasites. With Lois at home recovering from her gun shot wound, Superman discovers from Xlim that Ruin knows more about Superman than first thought, using lead lining to hide his whereabouts. Finally discovering their hideout, Superman is too late, while he's at Ruin's abandoned hideout, the Parasite twins arrive at Lois' front door.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman: Unconventional Warfare reprints Adventures of Superman #625-632, Superman Secret Files 2004]

  • Superman #210 (December)
    Brian Azzarello, Jim Lee, Scott Williams
    Father Leone's cancer is progressing fast. He starts bleeding from the mouth. Orr approaches him and tells him Superman will soon be dealt with. Orr recounts an encounter he recently had with Wonder Woman and a woman called Halcyon. Superman and Batman also have a confrontation, which leads Batman to think that Superman is about to do something with the Vanishing weapon. He contacts Wonder Woman, but she's already a step ahead of him, having tracked down Superman to his Fortress of Solitude.

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