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  • Superman #670 (January)
    Kurt Busiek, Rick Leonardi, Dan Green
    Supergirl, Power Girl and Krypto are all attacked by Amalak's thugs. As Superman takes the fight to Amalak, Karsta decides to make a run for it, unearthing a hidden space craft and launching herself into space. Injured by Amalak's weapons, Superman uses his heat-vision to send Lois and Chris a warning message before he flies to his old Amazon Fortress. Amalak captures him and tries to read his mind, but Superman turns the tables on him and learns that Dru-Zod once decimated Amalak's whole planet. Supergirl, Power Girl and Krypto arrive to help Superman, but Amalak flees to the Fortress of Solitude in the North Pole searching for Kandor. Batman attempts to keep him out, but fails. Superman and friends fight Amalak, but he's too strong... until Chris arrives and distracts him. Karsta returns to add extra help, and Amalak is defeated.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman: The Third Kryptonian reprints Superman #668-670 and Action Comics #847, plus the backup story from Superman Annual #13]

  • Action Comics #859 (January)
    Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, Jon Sibal
    In 3008 Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl and Cosmic Boy search through the Batcave looking for the Kryptonite ring to prove to the world that Krypton existed. The three heroes are attacked by Earth-Man and his Justice League. It appears that in 3008 everyone on Earth believes Superman was not Kryptonian, that he was from Earth and totally against Aliens. Meanwhile in the former Braal Embassy, Superman talks with Dawnstar, Colossal Boy and Wildfire. They go off looking for Brainiac 5.

  • Superman #671 (February)
    Kurt Busiek, Peter Vale, Jesus Merino
    Lana is abducted by Queen Bee's lead hench-bug, Pyridax. Superman pitches and bats a ball to the moon for charity, while Chris Kent, watching on TV gets excited and his powers begin to malfunction. Following Lana's trail, Superman is set upon by bugs, who nearly overpower him, but he fights through and realizes the trail of the bugs leads to the moon. On the moon Lana is confronted by a the Queen Bee, who has made herself in Lana's image.

  • Action Comics #860 (February)
    Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, Jon Sibal
    The Justice League attempt to track down the LSH and Superman, who are currently attempting to find Brainiac 5 at his last known location... Alien Holding Camp 6736. Freeing the aliens, Superman and friends find more members of the LSH at their current clubhouse (an underground spaceport). Earth-Man and his JLA attack the LSH before sending Superman off to Colu, where he comes across Brainiac 5... leader of the Intelligence Collection of Colu.

  • Superman #672 (March)
    Kurt Busiek, Peter Vale, Wellington Diaz
    Lois leaves Chris with a sitter, but when his illness really takes hold and his arm swells up with red solar energy, Lois races back home. On the moon, Lana finds out the the Queen Bee is preparing to take over the world. Superman finds the Queen's base, and is attacked by her bugs. Lana manages to escape, and is found by Lexcorp employees of the secret Moon Base which Queen Bee took over. Meanwhile Superman is over run by the Queen's bugs, and brought before the Queen as her new consort.

  • Action Comics #861 (March)
    Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, Jon Sibal
    Brainiac 5, pretending to be leader of Colu, fills his friends in on his plan. Earthman absorbs the powers of the LSH members he's captured, using Sunboy to turn the sun red. Chameleon Girl is captured by Earthman and Brainiac's duplicity is discovered by the Coluans, who attack.

  • Superman #673 (April)
    Kurt Busiek, Jesus Merino, Jesus Merino
    With their apartment in flames, Lois and Chris hope Clark gets back soon. On the moon, with Lana's help, Superman breaks free of the Queen's hold. After defeating her super-bugs Superman encases the Queen in her own ambrosia, putting her in suspended animation. Back home, Superman eases Chris' concerns that he'd be angry with him.

  • Action Comics #862 (April)
    Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, Jon Sibal
    Superman suggests calling in the Substitutes as a diversionary attack on Earthman and his Justice League, while Superman and the LSH attempt to rescue their captured friends. The Substitutes are only successful to a degree, with Earthman attacking the LSH and confronting Superman one on one.

  • Superman #674 (May)
    Kurt Busiek, Renato Guedes, Jose Wilson Magalhaes
    Clark shows Lois and Chris their apartment which has been rebuilt by Superman. It has a blend of Kryptonian technology, with a portal door direct to the Fortress of Solitude. In the Fortress, Superman talks with Mon-El, promising he'll one day cure his lead poisoning and free him from the Phantom Zone. Mon-El re-tells how he came to use prohibited Daxam technology and how the Elders tried to stop him. At the Daily Planet, Paragon extracts Clark (minus his clothes) and battles Superman for revenge. Superman makes Paragon stand down by threatening to use his red Kryptonite watch on himself, which would render Paragon powerless (as he draws power from Superman). At that moment, the Daxam Elders arrive to arrest Mon-El (aka Lar Gand).

  • Action Comics #863 (May)
    Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, Jon Sibal
    Powerless, Superman continues his fight with Earth-man way about Earth. As he plummets to earth, Brainy finally manages to disconnect Sun-Boy, bringin the sun back to its normal yellow, giving Superman his powers back. The entire Legion arrive to assist Superman further, defeating Earth-man and bringing his lies into the light. Back in his own time, Superman recalls his first meeting with the Legion with fondness.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes reprints Action Comics #858-863]

  • Superman #675 (June)
    Kurt Busiek, Renato Guedes & Jorge Correa Jr, Jose Wilson Magalhaes
    Paragon helps Superman in his confrontation with the Daxam Elders, who won't listen to reason. However Paragon's methods are extreme, shooting the Elders with lead bullets. A bullet lodges inside one of the Elders, slowly killing him and his companions who stay near him. Superman defeats the Galactic Golem the Elders unleash. And even though Superman has a serum that will cure the lead poisoning, the Daxam Elders prefer to leave their fate to the gods.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman: Shadows Linger reprints Superman #671-675]

  • Action Comics #864 (June)
    Geoff Johns, Joe Prado, Jon Sibal
    Batman visits the Fortress of Solitude where Superman and Lightning Lad chat about old times. Batman shows Superman the dead bodies of Duo Damsel and Karate Kid. Lightning Lad gets angry wanting to know who killed them. Batman warns Superman that something is amiss, someone is baiting them. They pay Starman a visit, and he gives them some cryptic clues as to what's happening. Lightning Lad returns to the future with his two fallen team members, while the Time Trapper looks on from a distance, threatening to corrupt everything Superman ever stood for.

  • Notable Issue: Action Comics Annual #11
    Geoff Johns and Richard Donner, Adam Kubert, Adam Kubert
    With the General Zod in control of Metropolis, Superman is required to allign himself with Lex Luthor, Parasite, Bizarro and Metallo. As Zod battles the U.S. army, Superman attacks with a Kryptonite and Red Sun weaponry, while Bizarro and Metallo also take out other Kryptonians in their own way. Inside their new Fortress, Lex sets about reversing the mechanism that allowed the Kryptonians to escape the Phantom Zone in the first place. Superman finds and rescues Lois and Chris, and frees the captures JLA. As Chris watches Superman battle his parents, he refuses to stand by and watch, and flies to aid Superman. As the Phantom Zone is once again ripped open, all the Kryptonians are sucked back into the Zone... including Chris. Who thanks Superman and Lois for showing him love, before disappearing into the Phantom Zone. Also includes profiles on Superman, Supergirl, Krypto, The Phantom Zone, Zod, Ursa, Non, Lor-Zod (Chris Kent), Fort Rozz, Mon-El (Lar-Gand), Perry White, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Cat Grant, Steve Lombard, Ron Troupe, and Clark Kent.

  • Superman #676 (July)
    Vito Delsante, Julian Lopez, Bit
    In a story from his early days, Superman defeats a large robot on Memorial Day. Back at the Daily Planet Jimmy notices a flaming meteor, but before Clark can turn in to Superman, Alan Scott (Green Lantern) saves the day. Clark interviews Alan, while beneath Gotham Luthor's men hunt Solomon Grundy. Grundy escapes to Metropolis, where Green Lantern confronts him and is beaten. Superman attacks Grundy, at first under estimating the creature. With Scott's help Superman defeats Grundy, but he's actually killed him. As Luthor's men come to take away Grundy's body, Scott assures Superman that Grundy can't die. In Luthor's laboratory, with DNA samples of both Grundy and Superman, Lex and Dr. Teng look over what appears to be Bizarro.

  • Action Comics #865 (July)
    Geoff Johns, Jesus Merino, Jesus Merino
    Having escaped from Arkham Asylum, Toyman kidnaps Jimmy Olsen, believing that he, as a child, can understand Toyman's story better than Lois or Clark could. He tells of how he was a happy toymakers until his "wife" was killed and his job lost. He tells of how it was his humanoid robots, the different variations of Toyman we've seen over the years, that were responsible for the crimes people think he committed, especially the murder of Cat Grant's son. He destroys the robots but Jimmy escapes, alerting Superman. However Batman arrives first to recapture Toyman, but he begs Superman, when he arrives, to take him to Stryker's Island because he doesn't believe he deserves to be in Arkham Asylum.

  • Action Comics #866 (August)
    Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, John Sibal
    On Krypton, Brainiac stole the city of Kandor. In the present, Perry White introduces the new members of the Daily Planet staff, including the return of Cat Grant and new sports editor Steve Lombard. Superman confronts a Brainiac droid high over Metropolis, with the droid's prime objective being to secure a DNA sample from Superman. Far off in space, Brainiac prepares to defeat Superman.

  • Superman #677 (August)
    James Robinson, Renato Guedes, Wilson Magalhaes
    While Superman throws a frisbee with Krypto in space, he chats with Hal Jordan. Meanwhile back in Metropolis, a giant creature is destroying the city, and the Science Police are unable to stop it. Atlas arrives, destroys the creature, fights the Science Police, and demands to know where Superman is. Superman finally arrives.

  • Action Comics #867 (September)
    Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, John Sibal
    As Brainiac searches for Superman, Superman studies the Brainiac drone in his Fortress of Solitude. Supergirl relates to him Brainiac's connection with Krypton and how scared she is of it. Clark talks with Jonathan and Martha Kent about going into space to search for Brainiac. Jonathan remembers moments from Clark's childhood. Superman takes a spacecraft into deep space, learning about Brainiac's history as he travels. Finally he comes across an alien civilization being destroyed by Brainiac's drones. He steps in to help, but when Brainiac destroy's the planet's sun, Superman is knocked unconcious and captured by Brainiac.

  • Superman #678 (September)
    James Robinson, Renato Guedes, Wilson Magalhaes
    Lois and Jimmy attempt to get closer as Superman's battle with Atlas continues. A secondary team of the Science Police attempts to subdue Atlas, who thinks back to how he was transported in time to modern America, where someone in the U.S. military acquired Atlas and has set him the task of destroying Superman. Back in the battle, Superman flies in for round two...

  • Notable Issue: Brave and the Bold #16 (October)
    Mark Waid, Scott Kolins, Scott Kolins
    Superman and Catwoman - together at last?! This team clearly won't be held together with super-glue!

  • Action Comics #868 (October)
    Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, John Sibal
    Supergirl, looking for her cousin, has a run in with Cat Grant at the Daily Planet. Superman wakes up from being examined by Brainiac, fights off Koko and discovers the real Bottled City of Kandor. Brainiac confronts Superman in person. Meanwhile, in Smallville, Martha and Jonathan worry about Clark, when a bird drops dead at their feet. Brainiacs spaceship hovers over Metropolis.

  • Superman #679 (October)
    James Robinson, Renato Guedes, Wilson Magalhaes
    As Superman is slowly being defeated by Atlas, Lois watches on, thinking back to their breakfast conversation. Attempting to use Lexcorp to aid Superman, Lana is fired from her position by a holographic representation of Lex Luthor who reminds her that in doing so she's breaching her contract. Jimmy spots a mysterious figure atop a building, someone who is apparently sided with Atlas. Supergirl arrives to help Superman, but is fired upon from space. Superman requests she go investigate who is behind it all. Superman falls. Steel and Bibbo also. Krypto arrives...

  • Action Comics #869 (November)
    Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, John Sibal
    Supergirl takes on the Brainiac probes, while on board Brainiac's ship, the real Brainiac has Superman at his mercy. Superman fights back, hurting Brainiac. Kal-El goes off in search of Kandor, and discovers that Zor-El and Alura (Kara's parents) are in one of the bottles. Seems that after Brainiac stole Kandor and before Krypton exploded, Zor-El used Brainiac's technology to build a protective barrier around Argo City, saving the city when the planet exploded. However Brainiac, aware of his technologies use, found Argo City and captured it as he'd captured Kandor. As he listens to Zor-El, Brainiac sneaks up on Superman and recaptures him. Meanwhile Brainiac's ship begins to capture Metropolis for Brainiac's collection... and prepares to destroy the rest of Earth.

  • Superman #680 (November)
    James Robinson, Renato Guedes, Wilson Magalhaes
    As the people of Metropolis look on, Krypto comes to Superman's defense, biting into Atlas' neck. The Dog of Steel battles Atlas. The mysterious rays from above have no effect on the dog, and the mysterious figures firing them are at a loss what to do. Superman goes off to get help, coming across Zatana's boy cousin, Zachary, who creates a spell to give Superman a dose of extra yellow sunlight. With the small power supply, Superman returns to beat Atlas underground, where he emerges victorious. But he makes sure the people of Metropolis realize that Krypto is the one who deserves their applaus.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman: Coming of Atlas reprints Superman #677-680]

  • Notable Issues: DC Universe: Decisions #1-2 (November)
    Judd Winick & Bill Willingham, Rick Leonardi, Rick Leonardi
    Election season is upon us, and the stakes have never been higher! An unknown villain is attempting to assassinate the presidential candidates, and only the heroes of the DCU stand in the way. As Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Superman, Batman and more try to learn the killer's identity, they are faced with the difficult task of reconciling their own personal ideals with the mission at hand.

  • Action Comics #870 (December)
    Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, John Sibal
    Brainiac goads Superman as he prepares for Earth's destruction. Lois, in the bottled city of Metropolis, calls to Superman, giving him the strength to break free of his bindings and attack Brainiac. With Brainiac down, Kal rescues Kara, sending her to stop the missile Brainiac sent to the sun. Superman sends Brainiac down to Earth, where he goes crazy because of all the germs and bugs in Earth's atmosphere. While Superman rescues Metropolis and sets it back in place, and sets about doing the same for Kandor/Argo City, Brainiac recovers enough to send a missile to blow up the Kent farm. Jonathan suffers a heart attack... Superman arrives too late to save him.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman: Last Son of Krypton reprints Action Comics #844-846, #851, #866-870, Action Comics Annual #11]

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman: Brainiac reprints Action Comics #866-870]

  • Notable Issues: DC Universe: Decisions #3-4 (December)
    Judd Winick & Bill Willingham, Rick Leonardi/Howard Porter, Rick Leonardi/Howard Porter
    The DCU's biggest heroes hunt the villain planning to assassinate the presidential candidates, but they have plenty to distract them from their mission! Some heroes have begun openly endorsing candidates, and the ensuing media frenzy forces everyone to consider what, exactly, it means for a Super Hero to take sides politically. The killer must be caught, the cameras must be faced, and everyone - even Superman - must decide where they stand.

New Krypton

  • Notable Issue: Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen Special #1 (December)
    James Robinson; Jesus Merino, Leno Carvalho, Steve Scott; Jesus Merino, Nelson Pereira, Kevin Stokes
    Jimmy Olsen takes time off from the Daily Planet to investigate the mysterious figure he saw floating above Metropolis during Superman's battle with Atlas. His search finds him looking for Jonathan Drew (AKA Codename: Assassin), who appears to be hired by the government in an effort to kill Superman!

  • [ 1] Superman: New Krypton Special #1 (December)
    Geoff Johns, James Robinson, Sterling Gates; Pete Woods, Gary Frank, Renato Guedes; Pete Woods, Jon Sibal, Wilson Magalhaes
    Clark and his family and friends grieve over Jonathan Kent's death. Superman imagines exacting revenge on Brainiac. Meanwhile, Codename: Assassin and his military cohorts examine the captured Brainiac, who temporarily gains control of their systems, killing the scientists, before Assassin stops him. In Smallville, Martha insists Clark go take care of things at the newly restored city of Kandor near his Fortress. Superman reunites Kara with her parents, but is concerned about the city of Kryptonians and how they'll deal with their new found super powers here on Earth. Lucy and Lois talk at the sight of Sam Lane's grave. Jimmy later reveals his findings to Lois. Sam Lane, somehow alive, recruits Lex Luthor, for what he perceives is an on-coming Kryptonian invasion.

  • [ 2] Superman #681 (December)
    James Robinson, Renato Guedes, Wilson Magalhaes
    As the world reports on the influx of sighting of Kryptonians, the Daily Planet is abuzz with the news. The Justice League confront Superman about the Kryptonians, but Superman reassures them it'll be okay. At "New Krypton", Superman is met by Supergirl, who is reunited with Thara Ak-Var, her old friend, who is now Chief of Security. They fly off to meet with the President in Metropolis. Krypto comes to Smallville to be with Martha Kent. Agent Liberty is reinstated by the U.S. government to the president's security team. As Zor-El and the president shake hands, a flaming object crashes to the steps in front of them. It's Doomsday!

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