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  • Superman in Action Comics #821 (January)
    Chuck Austen; Luke Ross, Renato Guedes, Shane Davis, Cliff Richards; Fabio Laguna, Renato Guedes, Larry Stucker, Will Conrad
    Citizens of Metropolis start evacuating the city as Doomsday moves in their direction. Preus takes hostage a whole camp of people, enslaving them to build himself a compound, as he viciously has his way with various women. A young man, wanting to make his way up in the Repossession business, is given a gold crystal (Kryptonite?) by Gog. Unwilling to leave Lois' side, Superman reassures her that other heroes can deal with whatever situations may arise... However J'onn is unable to deal with Preus.

  • Adventures of Superman #634 (January)
    Greg Rucka, Matthew Clark, Andy Lanning
    The two new Parasites attack Lois in the hopes that Superman will arrive. Mxyzptlk also arrives, but in trying to help he accidentally aids the Parasites into learning Superman's secret identity, while also gaining his powers. As the two teenage villains head back to Ruin, they stop for a bit of mischief at their old school. Mxy attempts to stop them by dropping in on the real DC Comics offices to grab the script for this issue, however, knowing what he knows, he's forced to let them escape.

  • Superman #211 (January)
    Brain Azzarello, Jim Lee, Scott Williams
    Superman takes Fr Leone to the Fortress of Solitude. As the two talk they are interrupted by Wonder Woman, who breaks into the Fortress just as Superman nears the Vanishing machine. Superman has altered the machine, enabling it to fine focus, planning on using it on himself in an effort to rescue Lois and the others who have vanished. Wonder Woman and Superman battle as she tries to stop him as she believes it is suicide. Mr Orr flies in via helicopter, inadvertantly creating a diversion that enables Superman to vanish himself.

  • Superman in Action Comics #822 (February)
    Chuck Austen, Ivan Reis, Marc Campos
    Clark asks for time off from the Shack. Dropping in on the Daily Planet he finds Jack Ryder in a catatonic state, and learns Jimmy Olsen has taken his position. When he gets home Lois confronts him with a pair of Lana's underwear she found in their apartment. Driving to Smallville, Lois is less than pleased to find Lana is also at the Kent farm. A repo man comes to take Jonathan's truck, before they can sort the matter out, the Repo Man grows to huge proportions, smashes Conner (Superboy) through the Kent farmhouse, and takes a massive beating from Superman, before claiming he hardly felt it at all.

  • Adventures of Superman #635 (February)
    Greg Rucka, Matthew Clark, Andy Lanning
    Superman borrows the Steel costume from John Henry Irons and then confronts the two teen Parasites. The female parasite recklessly endangers people's lives, while her brother attempts to help Superman save them. As their energy starts to ebb, Superman learns from them Ruin's location, and flies off to confront him alone, much to Lupe's dismay.

  • Superman #212 (February)
    Brain Azzarello; Jim Lee; Scott Williams, Richard Friend, Sandra Hope
    As Mr Orr's people operate on Fr. Daniel, he discusses with whoever hired him about how the Fortress of Solitude has been destroyed, and how Superman and the device have vanished. In the Vanishing, Superman discovers that it's modeled on his mind's idea of perfection. He comes across Clark Kent, who points him to where Lois is located. The two lovers reunite, as Equus finds Clark Kent and starts beating on him. Equus is ordered to stop by a certain "General" who claims that Clark belongs to the one who will kneel before him.

  • Superman in Action Comics #823 (March)
    Chuck Austen, Ivan Reis, Marc Campos
    Repo-Man smashes Superman across the country and then turns his attention on Superboy and Jonathan Kent. Krypto arrives on the scene and attacks Repo-Man. Superman returns, smashing Repo-Man through the Kent farm house. Repo-Man's huge muscular form starts to shrink, returning him to his normal appearance. Superboy finds a golden piece of Kryptonite which is soon buried by Krypto. Everyone notices Superman is looking quite old. He flies off to STAR Labs for a check-up while the rest of the family sits down to a Christmas dinner. Martha tells Lois she's "not always as supportive as a wife should be", and tells Lana she had her chance with Clark to "Move on. Get over it. Find someone else." Doomsday stomps through Metropolis. Jimmy finds the bleeding and tied up body of J'onn J'onzz in Preus' camp.

  • Adventures of Superman #636 (March)
    Greg Rucka, Matthew Clark, John Dell
    Superman confronts Ruin, but is soon bested by Ruin's red sun lamps dampening Superman's powers. Ruin leaves Superman telling him he plans to make him suffer with grief by murdering those he loves. Batman and Wonder Woman answer Superman's call and meet him inside his Fortress of Solitude. Superman asks for their help in dealing with Ruin. They discuss the events of "Identity Crisis", with Superman revealing he knows what the former JLA did to Dr Light. Lupe asks for help from Dr Hamilton at STAR Labs on Stryker's Island, wanting anything that will lead her to Ruin. Pete Ross comes looking for Clark, and confesses to Lois that he doesn't think Lana ever loved him. Wonder Woman tells Superman that the only way to beat Ruin is to kill him. Batman's suggestions about Ruin lead Superman to think Lex Luthor might be involved. Indeed Ruin meets with Lex who tells Ruin it is time to start spilling blood.

  • Superman #213 (March)
    Brain Azzarello; Jim Lee; Scott Williams, Richard Friend, Sandra Hope
    Mr Orr meets with Halcyon needing her to "give" him the knife he already possesses. In the alternate reality "vanishing" world Superman meets with his Kryptonian parents. Jor-El keeps the peace with the "others" who refuse to accept their new reality, but this time is different, this time Equus has Clark Kent strapped to his back, and this time he answers to General Zod!

  • Superman in Action Comics #824 (April)
    J.D. Finn, Ivan Reis, Marc Campos
    Having taken Repo Man to the JLA watchtower, Superman (feeling very old and run down) hears Jimmy's signal watch alarm. Arriving at Preus' compound, Superman is confronted by an army of Preus followers, and even a woman suicide bomber. As he battles Preus, and getting ever closer to a heart attack, Superman finds Jimmy and J'onn imprisoned. J'onn helps Superman to realize that Preus' chest plate is his weakness, and defeats him by forcefully removing it. As both Preus and Superman are close to death, Superman drags them both to STAR Labs, but before he gets there he is confronted by a sky full of Gogs.

  • Adventures of Superman #637 (April)
    Greg Rucka, Renato Guedes & Matthew Clark, Renato Guedes & Andy Lanning
    It is revealed that Lex Luthor (while President) informed Pete Ross that Clark Kent was Superman (before Lex had the knowledge wiped from his memory). Meanwhile, in the present, Jimmy, looking for Clark, meets Jerry at the Shack and is immediately smitten. Lois informs Perry that she thinks she was shot in Umec purely to get Superman there, to stop the war... but who used her to manipulate Superman in this way? Ruin drops in on the SCU before teleporting to the Shack, where he injures Jimmy. Lupe and the SCU charge in, but the weapon Lupe shoots Ruin with only recharges his power levels. Superman saves the SCU from Ruin, and is just about to unmask him, when Ruin teleports away. Pete Ross confronts Clark, asking him to talk to Lana because Pete still loves her. Lois tells Clark she thinks they should have a baby.

  • Superman #214 (April)
    Brain Azzarello; Jim Lee; Scott Williams, Richard Friend, Sandra Hope
    Superman and General Zod do battle, as they fight it is revealed that Superman used Kryptonian technology to create Metropia within the Phantom Zone as a world where people could escape if Earth ever suffered the same fate as Krypton. Zod, trapped within the Phantom Zone, found Metropia and was offended by its existance. Meanwhile, Father Leone is transformed into the 4th experimental creation between Mr Orr and his benefactors (of which Equus was the 3rd and Cancer was the 1st). During his battle with Zod, Superman transports the Vanishing sphere back to Earth, where it appears before the transformed Father Leone.

  • Superman in Action Comics #825 (May)
    J.D. Finn; Ivan Reis and Joe Prado; Marc Campos, Joe Prado, and Ocaire Albert
    Gog reveals how he wanted revenge on Superman for not saving his parents during the distruction of Topeka. Over thousands of years he planned and trained. Now, with an army made up of himself from different points in time, Gog battles Superman. Doomsday, not wanting anyone else to kill Superman, joins the battle, killing hundreds of Gogs. Gog is also at the Kent Farm, threatening Clark's family, he gives Superman a choice: save Metropolis or save his family. Superman fights on, and with Gog victorious, a future is written whereby Doomsday and other heroes, inspired by Superman's death, form the League of Supermen, and fight a 100 year war against Gog. Superman however never died, Gog reveals he kept him chained near Kryptonite to taunt and torture him. After 500 years Superman won't break, and Gog's revenge is turned on its head by Superman's moral fortitude. As Doomsday comes to rescue Superman, Gog realizes the error of his ways, and rewinds time, re-energizing Superman during his battle with Gog in the present, allowing him to defeat Gog and fly to Smallville, where he finds the future Gog and Doomsday. Gog apologizes, and the two vanish, with the future now unwritten.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman: In the Name of Gog reprints Action Comics #820-825]

  • Adventures of Superman #638 (May)
    Greg Rucka, Matthew Clark, Andy Lanning
    As Lois and Clark discuss Lois' sudden urge to have a baby, the couple hear crying in the bedroom. They find Mxyzptlk holding his present to them... a new baby, their baby! Knowing of Clark's concern about bringing a baby into his world, Mxy shows them how their future life with their daughter could pan out. We see young Lara Lane-Kent grow up to become a superhero with her dad, as they battle a future amalgamated version of Luthor. But while Mxy's vision shows hope, he takes the baby from them and tells them that the time is not yet right for a baby, and warns them of dark times ahead.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman: The Healing Touch reprints Adventures of Superman #633-638, Superman Secret Files 2004]

  • Superman #215 (May)
    Brain Azzarello; Jim Lee; Scott Williams, Matt Banning, Eric Basaldua, Sandra Hope, Danny Miki, Tim Townsend & Joe Weems
    Superman and General Zod continue to fight. Father Leone awakes in his new form, he seizes the Vanishin Orb which Superman sent him, and escapes his confines much to Mr Orr's confusion. Arriving in Metropia, Leone's programming automatically kicks in, killing in self defense as Zod's army attacks him. Metropia begins to fall apart around Zod and Superman. Equus attacks Lois, but Superman arrives in time, having stalled Zod. Superman finds the Vanishing Orb has returned to Metropia, and uses it to return all Earth's citizens back to their homes. He confronts Leone, not recognizing him at first. Leone wants Superman to kill him, but he refuses, when Equus calls Leone "brother", he leaps at him in rage and the two vanish into the rift. Zod taunts Superman, pretending he wants to be saved, before vanishing back into the Phantom Zone. Back on Earth, Superman rebuilds the Fortress of Solitude in the Amazon jungle.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman: For Tomorrow - Volume 2 reprints Superman #210-215]

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman: For Tomorrow reprints Superman #204-215+ bonus material]

Lightning Strikes (3 Parts)

  • Superman in Action Comics #826 (June)
    Judd Winick, Ian Churchill, Norm Rapmund
    Captain Marvel seeks answers from Shazam about a warning he gives him, but Shazam can offer no advice. A wave of anger, passing from person to person, causes people to kill themselves and others in strange, uncharacteristic ways. Investigating the deaths, Clark Kent changes into Superman to confront a Lexco converted battle suit, being controlled by none other than Eclipso.

  • Adventures of Superman #639 (June)
    Judd Winick, Ian Churchill, Norm Rapmund
    Superman goes up against the Lexco battlesuit, trying not to harm the woman inside playing host to Eclipso. Realizing Superman's playing it smart, Eclipso abandons the battlesuit, pushing it off a building towards crowds of people below, he/she then leaps off the building, planning on Superman to rescue the female body he resides in. Playing it even smarter, Superman catches the battlesuit and uses his superbreath to create an updraft to save Eclipso. Unable to find the black diamond Eclipso uses, Clark contacts Bruce Gordon (Eclipso's original long-time host) hoping to get some help. As he arrives home, Clark is taunted by Lois, making him angry... Lois is revealed to be possessed by Eclipso, who touches Clark with the black diamond, taking over his body. Taking to the skies, SuperEclipso is confronted by Captain Marvel.

  • Superman #216 (June)
    Judd Winick, Ian Churchill, Norm Rapmund
    It is revealed that Eclipso (chaos) and the Spectre (order) are opposed forces in the universe. SuperEclipso punches Captain Marvel across America, and the two engage in battle. Revealing his real aim is to take over Marvel's body, Eclipso endangers a ship as a means to blackmail Marvel into giving over his body. Instead, Marvel takes the fight over barren ice fields, away from any people. Knowing Superman's body is prone to magic, Marvel calls out "Shazam!" multiple times, reverting back and forth between his two identities, forcing Eclipso to save Billy from falling, putting him in the path of the magic lightning each time "Shazam" is called out. On the verge of snapping Billy's neck, Eclipso is assaulted by Shazam the wizard himself, who calls on the Spectre to remove Eclipso from Superman's body. Spectre warns Shazam that his summons means Eclipso will now wage war on Shazam. Meanwhile, in Arkham Asylum, Eclipso takes Jean Loring as his new host...

*New creative teams take Superman in a new direction*

  • Superman #217 (July)
    Mark Verheiden, Ed Benes, Ed Benes
    The U.S. government speculates on the meaning of a large rock key and huge "S" symbol burned into the rock deep in the Amazon jungle. Lois and Jimmy are sent in to investigate, however they are kidnapped by rebels posing as Daily Planet employees. Superman comes to their rescue, and takes them to his new Fortress of Solitude deep in the Amazon jungle, where he has befriended local natives. Superman and Lois' reunion is disturbed when an alarm is raised in regards to the local dam being in danger. Attempting to stop rebels from blowing it up, Superman is intercepted by the OMAC robot, who vanishes once the dam is destroyed. Superman is weighed down by not being able to save the village.

  • Superman in Action Comics #827 (July)
    Gail Simone, John Byrne, Nelson
    A woman calling herself Repulse, reveals her powers over magnetism by confronting and taking out a fellow metahuman known as Aura. Meanwhile, deep in the jungles of Africa, Superman repells a group of thugs who threaten a small village, before returning to greet Lois in Metropolis. Lois soon leaves for work, getting a ride from new teen photographer Willis. A car crashes through the Daily Planet office, and Jimmy looks outside where he sees Polaris, battered and bruised. As Repulse attacks him, Superman flies through and grabs Polaris. Scared witless, Polaris explains the situation to Superman, but Superman tells him there is no Repulse, she doesn't exist. Suddenly the Repulse personality comes forth from Polaris, and he/she attacks Superman, removing his solar reserves.

  • Adventures of Superman #640 (July)
    Greg Rucka, Karl Kerschl, Karl Kerschl
    Clark pays Lana Lang a visit, trying to convince her to give her marriage to Pete Ross another go, but she won't hear it, and plans to move ahead with the divorce. Back on the street, Clark is met by Pete, who doesn't take the news about Lana at all well. As Jimmy is discharged from the hospital, Clark meets him and Jerry, before hearing trouble at the Steelworks, where Ruin has attacked John Henry Irons, and is currently in battle with Natasha (as Steel). Arriving on the scene, Superman and Ruin fight. Lois meets Jimmy on the scene, and they witness Superman unmask Ruin, to reveal... Pete Ross!

  • Notable Issue: Batman #640 (July)
    Judd Winick, Doug Mahnke, Tom Nguyen
    Superman guest-stars in Part 2 of "Family Reunion!" Batman travels to Metropolis to visit an old friend, known to the world as the Man of Steel! Meanwhile, the mysterious Red Hood joins Onyx in an attack on Gotham's sadistic crime boss, the Black Mask!

  • Superman #218 (August)
    Mark Verheiden; Ed Benes; Alex Lei, Rob Lea, Mariah Benes
    A reality TV show investigates what would happen if Superman were to turn against earth. Displeased with the show, and worried how people really perceive him, Clark returns to work at the Daily Planet. A released criminal finds himself in possession of the powers of Blackrock, and takes to the streets of Metropolis causing damage to buildings. Superman confronts Blackrock, and the two begin to fight. Superman soon gets the upper hand, baking him in the heat of his heat-vision. Jimmy notes a fellow photographer's camera is melted due to the intense heat as they stand nearby the fight. With Blackrock defeated, Superman tosses the rock into the sun, but the people of Metropolis look on him with fear and loathing, as the TV show's message appears to be swaying their perception of him. Looking on via his screens, Checkmate declares that it's almost time...

  • Superman in Action Comics #828 (August)
    Gail Simone, John Byrne, Nelson
    With people in cars in danger on a Metropolis bridge, Superman tries to convince Polaris that Repulse is simply a figment of his imagination, another personality he's created. Lois publicly confronts a corrupt congressman who has siphoned money from a construction site intended to help disadvantaged children. Jimmy and an older reporter get to the scene of Superman's fight, where Black Adam and Zoom arrive to take Polaris away. As Superman saves the falling bridge, Black Adam helps him, while warning him of a coming confrontation. Later, Lois and Superman have a deep and meaningful conversation while taking a walk across the Great Wall of China.

  • Adventures of Superman #641 (August)
    Greg Rucka, Karl Kerschl, Karl Kerschl
    Lupe goes into Pete Ross' cell and beats him up for killing her men. Clark arrives to interview Pete, and (using his x-ray vision) sees what Lupe is doing. Threatening her with an expose, Lupe boldly lies that Pete tried to escape. As Pete begs Clark to help prove his innocence, he reveals Lex told him that Clark is Superman. Believing Pete was set-up, Clark vows to help him when the prison suffers a power loss. The Parasites get free from their cells, with Alexandra draining imprisoned Neutron of his powers. Clark changes into Superman and fights the Parasites, before an OMAC unit fires down upon both Parasites. Trying to stop the OMAC unit, Superman is sent flying, when he returns, Alexandra is missing, and her brother Alex is dead... Pete Ross is missing too.

  • Notable Issue: Blood of the Demon #5 (September)
    John Byrne & Will Pfeifer, John Byrne, Nekros
    Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman attempt to track down Jason Blood, who is dedicated to ensuring that Etrigan can never be freed again!

Sacrifice (4 Parts)

  • Superman #219 (September)
    Mark Verheiden; Ed Benes; Alex Lei, Rob Lea, Mariah Benes
    Lois is concerned over how Superman has been acting. She's visited by Brainiac. Clark, seeing Brainiac with Lois, storms in but Brainiac has vanished. Lois tells her husband he just wants to friends. Heading back to his new Fortress of Solitude, Superman enlists the help of one of his Superman Robots to track Brainiac. Brainiac takes over the robot and attacks Superman. Making quick work of the robot, Superman finds Brainiac underwater HQ and purposely damages the structures outer hull, but Brainiac has brought on board Perry, Jimmy, Lana, and Lois, who, because of Superman's actions, are killed by the underwater pressure. In a rage, Superman attacks Brainiac, but a flash of light finds Superman back in his Fortress, human blood on his hands, and the JLA and JSA waiting for him.

  • Superman in Action Comics #829 (September)
    Gail Simone, John Byrne, Nelson
    J'onn notifies Lois that they're concerned for her safety due to her husband's actions. In the Fortress, Superman is confronted by members of the JLA and JSA over what he has done. Superman thinks he's been battling Brainiac, then think it was Darkseid. He re-tells how he believes he was taken to Apokolips where he fought Darkseid in a faux boxing match in an effort to save Lois' life. The heroes realize that Superman has been manipulated, and reveal to him that the person he was really attacking was Batman!

  • Adventures of Superman #642 (September)
    Greg Rucka; Karl Kerschl; Derec Donovan, Cam Smith, Sean Parsons
    Batman lies in the medical lab of the Watchtower, fighting for his life. Superman looks on, finding it hard to believe he's the one responsible. J'onn scans Superman's mind, and it's discovered that Max Lord is the one controlling Superman's mind. The JLA form a plan to put Superman in stasis until they can get to Max. Before the plan can be put into place, Superman is once again manipulated. He attacks the JLA, and flies off. Wonder Woman follows, finding Max. Max gets Superman to attack Wonder Woman.

  • Wonder Woman #219 (September)
    Greg Rucka; Rags Morales, David Lopez, Tom Derenick, Georges Jeanty, Karl Kerschl; Mark Propst, Bit, Dexter Vines, Bob Petrecca, Nelson
    Diana attempts to talk Max out of his control over Superman. But Max refuses, setting Superman to attack her, making him think he's fighting Doomsday (who Superman believes has just killed Lois). Wonder Woman attempts to defend herself and beat Superman, but she soon realizes that it's Max she needs to get to. She ties Max in her magic lasso, gets him to temporarily drop his control over Superman, but truthfully tells her that the only way she'll ever get him to free Superman from his control is to kill him... and so she does. Diana snaps Max's neck.

  • Superman #220 (October)
    Mark Verheiden, Tony S. Daniel, Marlo Alquiza
    John Henry explores the arctic for the remains of Superman's Fortress of Solitude. Jonathan Kent cautions Conner (Superboy) against using his powers on the farm in case Luthor is spying on him. Clark comes to visit, and he and Conner realize they have some things to discuss. Meanwhile John Henry sets an explosive charge, hoping to release the Eradicator from the rubble of the destroyed Fortress. Superman tells Superboy about how Max Lord invaded his mind, and how he's concerned he might be losing touch with his purpose. Superboy reveals to Superman that his DNA is a mix of Superman's and Lex Luthor's. As they talk a JLA emergency signal sends them to the arctic where the Eradicator attacks them both for their recent "betrayals". At John Henry's camp one of his companions turns into an OMAC unit, which then attacks the Eradicator.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman: Sacrifice reprints Action Comics #829, Adventures of Superman #442, 443, Superman #218-220, Wonder Woman #219, 220]

  • Superman in Action Comics #830 (October)
    Gail Simone, John Byrne, Lary Stucker & Nelson
    Dr Psycho comes to Metropolis aboard a plane on which he's brainwashed the passengers. In Metropolis he has the passengers attack a Superman merchandise stand. At home, Lois comforts Clark over his recent worries about being brainwashed himself. When Shrapnel attempts to rob a bank, Superman flies in to stop him, but is interrupted when Dr Psycho brainwashes citizens to jump off buildings all over town. Superman saves them all, and returns to capture the escaping Shrapnel. Lex sends Black Adam to deal with Psycho (who has gone beyond the boundaries Lex set for him), but before Black Adam can take Psycho away, they're confronted by the Man of Steel.

  • Notable Issue: Breach #8 (October)
    Bob Harras, Marcos Martin, Alvaro Lopez
    The all-out battle between Breach and Talia's Kobra forces reaches a climax! The battle draws the attention of Superman, who only wants to help, but Breach remembers their last encounter and the lives that were lost as a result!

  • Notable Issue: Birds of Prey #85 (October)
    Gail Simone, Joe Bennett, Jack Jadson
    Superman makes a guest appearance.

  • Adventures of Superman #643 (October)
    Greg Rucka; Karl Kerschl, Carlos D'Anda, Rags Morales; Cam Smith, Carlos D'Anda, Wayne Faucher
    Superman tells Lois about his ordeal when Max Lord brainwashed him into thinking Doomsday was killing her. How he was in fact fighting Wonder Woman, who, having Max Lord in her magic lasso, realizes the only way to free Superman from Max's control is to kill Max. Which she does, directly in front of Superman. He tells her how he then confronted on OMAC unit, and in his anger, almost killed the unwitting human host trapped inside. How he and Batman confronted each other on the chain of events. How he doesn't know what to do...

  • Superman #221 (November)
    Mark Verheiden; Ed Benes; Mariah Benes, Alex Lei, Rob Lea
    An OMAC unit attacks Bizarro over Metropolis. Jimmy and a new Daily Planet intern look on as Superman arrives and takes out the OMAC unit. Flying away, Superman returns as Clark to say hello to Jimmy, but Jimmy, acting the big shot in front of the new intern, brushes Clark off. Bizarro sees this and puts a plan in place to teach Jimmy a lesson. In his back-to-front way, Bizarro makes Jimmy realize what a jerk he's been, and Jimmy apologizes to Clark for his behavior. Bizarro joins Luthor's Society of Villains.

  • Superman in Action Comics #831 (November)
    Gail Simone, John Byrne, Nelson DeCastro
    As Superman confronts Black Adam, Dr Psycho "pushes" him to challenge Superman, forcing the confrontation into a physical fight. Jimmy takes Mr Schuman down to the scene of the fight to file a report for the Daily Planet. Lois visits Lana, and together (using Lana's white house connections) discover that villains are uniting to form some kind of society. Black Adam convinces Superman that Dr Pyscho is responsible for everything, and Superman promises him that he'll be watching them. Meanwhile Bizarro and Dr Zoom race all over the country, with Bizarro finally deciding he'll join the Society of Super Villains.

  • Adventures of Superman #644 (November)
    Greg Rucka, Nunzio Defilippis, Christina Weir; Darryl Banks, Karl Kerschl, Adam Dekraker; Wayne Faucher, Cam Smith, Robin Riggs
    Superman confronts Lupe over what happened to Pete Ross. Back at the Daily Planet Clark is reprimanded by Editor B. Loving over the fact that Clark is still trying to prove Pete's innocence. At home Clark confides in Lois, who tells him she thinks Wonder Woman was right in doing what she did to Max Lord. Disagreeing, Clark tells her how he's worried that maybe some of Max's mind-control may still be buried inside him. He pays Zatanna a visit, but she's less than willing to help, having promised herself never to meddle in people's minds again. Discovering that she once altered Toyman's mind, they pay him a visit, discovering that while he thinks he's helping children, he's actually harming them. This revelation devistates the Toyman, and he either dies or disappears in the rubble of the building when it collapses. Meanwhile Lex Luthor and Mercy discover the female Parasite in the sewers and offer her help.

  • Superman #222 (December)
    Mark Verheiden; Ed Benes and Joe Prado; Mariah Benes, Alex Lei, Rob Lea, Joe Prado
    Superman battles the Weather Wizard over the streets of Metropolis. When Lois is almost injured Superman saves her and dashes off. Clark arrives, and the two argue about Lois attempting to follow a lead she has on the origins of the OMAC units. Stealing her lead, Clark meets with Lois' source in a dark alley. He discovers that Maxwell Lord had set up world-wide vaccination sites, using them to infect subjects with nanobot OMAC technology, creating his OMAC army. Lois arrives and is extremely angry with Clark. Three OMACs arrive and attack. Clark changes to Superman, fights them, but he's not the real Superman... He's one of the Superman Robots set to protect Lois while Superman dealt with the looming Crisis. Extremely upset at being fooled, Lois tells the Robot to tell Superman she's not sure if their marriage is worth it anymore. The next day Lois is attacked in her apartment by an OMAC unit. She shoots the OMAC using a pulse-hammer repeller rifle secreted in the kitchen, giving her time to escape into the Panic Room. Using gas, Lois sets off an explosion in the apartment. Superman arrives, and apologizes for the Robot. The two kiss and make up. Lex Luthor has Bizarro fly close to the sun where he retrieves a Black Rock...

  • Superman in Action Comics #832 (December)
    Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning, John Byrne, Nelson
    Kids Trick or Treeting on Halloween are attacked by real ghosts. Lois is on the story with her new photographer Willis. Looking for the source of the supernatural storm, Superman spots the Spectre and attempts (unsuccessfully) to make him take his vengeance elsewhere. Realizing the Spectre is focused on the Newstime Building, Superman heads inside, where Colin Thornton, the subject of the Spectre's anger, reveals that he is actually Satanus. Satanus plans to use his Newstime employees as an army of souls to defeat the Spectre, but Superman offers his soul in exchange for their freedom. Satanus agrees. Meanwhile, Lois crashes the Daily Planet news van, and is trapped inside, when Willis goes for help, Lois is visited by the ghost of her father, Sam Lane. She berates her father for the way he was in life, never supporting her. Having offered his soul selflessly, Superman's soul is no good for Satanus' plan, and he is quickly taken care of by the Spectre. With dawn approaching, Sam Lane tells Lois he has to leave, and as Superman arrives to save her, Sam Lane walks away... but is he a ghost or is he alive?

  • Adventures of Superman #645 (December)
    Greg Rucka, Nunzio Defilippis, Christina Weir; Karl Kerschl, Renato Guedes; Wayne Faucher, Renato Guedes
    As the vision of Wonder Woman killing Maxwell Lord is aired all over the world, Daily Planet journalists attempt to put it all together from various angles. A horde of OMACs arrive, forcing Clark to change into Superman and confront them. But they're not there to fight, only to observe. The female Parasite reports to Lex about the Secret Six, when he suddenly gets a pain in his head. Meanwhile, in Umec, Lois deduces that her being shot at was a means of manipulating Superman, and she thinks Max Lord was behind it. Professor Hamilton tells Lupe he thinks he can track down Ruin. Unsure of what to do next, Superman spots Lex atop the Daily Planet building. He attacks him, wanting to know if he's behind Ruin, but Lex just tells him to use his eyes. Just then Ruin attacks Superman, and Superman soon realizes that Ruin is transporting himself via the Phantom Zone. Just as he's finally about to unmask Ruin, he receives an alert from the JLA Watchtower. Ruin escapes. Flying to the moon, Superman finds the Watchtower destroyed!

  • Notable Issue: Infinite Crisis #1 [of 7] (December)
    Geoff Johns, Phil Jimenez, Andy Lanning
    Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman confront each other amongst the ruins of the Watchtower. Superboy contemplates getting involved in the fight against the OMACs, but his worry over his Luthor genes hold him back. Chaos reigns throughout the universe. Mongul arrives on the moon and attacks the three heroes. Back on earth, Bizarro attacks the Human Bomb, killing him. As Superman puts down Mongul, Wonder Woman comes in for the killing blow, but Superman stops her. Mongul escapes, and the three heroes verbally attack one another about their failings in recent times. Looking on from some alternate reality, Superman from Earth-2, Superboy from Earth-Prime, Alexander Luthor from Earth-3, and Lois Lane Kent from Earth-2 decide they've seen enough and Superman bashes through the barrier with the words, "This looks like a job for Superman"!

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The Writer, Penciller and Inker for each issue is listed under the Comic's Title and Date.


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