Superman Comics Index (from 1986)

Prestige Format Mini-Series

  • Cosmic Odyssey (1988) [4 parts]
    An invasion of Gotham City by the forces of Darkseid is foiled by Superman, but a warrior is left behind. The warrior, who has been feeding of people, is confronted and apparently killed by Batman, but his body and one of his victim's has vanished, when he returns. Six heroes are brought to New Genesis, where they learn that Metron has accidentally released four anti-life entities that are intent on destroying the galaxy. The heroes must join forces with the new gods and Darkseid to prevent this.

  • World's Finest (1990) [3 parts]
    Batman and Superman find Luthor and Joker using orphanages to try and take over each other's cities.

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  • Legends of the World's Finest (1994) [3 parts]
    Batman saves Superman, when a demon uses Superman to take over Blaze's dimension.

  • Superman/Doomsday: Hunter/Prey (1994) [3 parts]
    Superman goes in search of Doomsday, hoping to defeat him.

  • Superman vs. Aliens (1995) [3 parts]
    Superman rescues Kara from aliens attacking Argo City.

  • Kingdom Come (1996) [4 parts]
    Set in a possible future of the DC Universe. A must for all comic collectors!

  • Superman/Wonder Woman: Whom Gods Destroy (1996-97) [4 parts] [Elseworlds]
    What if Superman landed in 1938, but now in modern times was still only a young man? How would Lois and the others cope? Can Lois find a way to stay by Clark? And what of the Greek gods of Olympus? And Nazi Germany?

  • Elseworld's Finest (1997) [2 parts] [Elseworlds]
    John Francis Moore, Kieron Dwyer, Hilary Barta
    Set in the 1920s, Prof. Lang is kidnapped by Ra's al ghul for his Argos City information. Lana, Clark & Jimmy meet with Bruce Wayne to save him. Both Clark & Bruce discover their destiny, saving the world from Alexi Luthor and Ra's Al Ghul's plans for the Godstone.

  • Superman For All Seasons [4 parts] (1998)
    Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale
    A tale of Superman's earliest adventures, from a small farm in Kansas to the busy streets of Metropolis.

  • Superman: The Dark Side [3 parts] [Elseworlds] (1998)
    John Francis Moore, Kieron Dwyer, Hilary Barta
    Kal-el's rocket is intercepted by Apokolips and the Kryptonian infant is brought up by Darkseid to be a tool of war to destroy New Genesis. Sent to earth by Highfather, Kal-El is found by Lois and struggles with his concious, while Luthor and Scott Free come face to face with Darkseid who learns that Kal-El is the key to the Anti-Life equation. In a final and bloody battle, Kal-El escapes from Apokolips and joins the remaining New Gods on earth, where he goes toe to toe with Darkseid himself to stop his rein of destruction and death.

  • Superman: The Doomsday Wars [3 parts] (1998-99)
    Dan Jurgens, Dan Jurgens, Norm Rapmund
    Doomsday is back! The JLA are unable to stop the now intelligent monster, and Superman is away visiting Smallville where Lana and Pete's newborn baby is in a life and death situation. Doomsday attacks Superman and takes from him the Ross' baby which he was transporting to a special hospital. Superman learns that Brainiac's mind is now in control of Doomsday's body. Superman formulates a plan, while Brainiac moves towards engineering the Ross' baby into his ultimate body. But with the help of the JLA, Superman traps Doomsday's body foiling Brainiac's plan.

  • Superman & Batman: Generations (An Imaginary Tale) [4 parts] [Elseworlds] (1999)
    John Byrne, John Byrne, John Byrne
    1939: Superman and Batman team-up to defeat the plans of the Ultra-Humanite.
    1949: Superman and Batman & Robin trick the Joker and Lex Luthor who plan to use Yellow Kryptonite on Superman.
    1959: Mxy and Bat-Mite compete to see whose Super-hero is the best, Superman or Batman.
    1969: The Joker sets an elaborate plan to kill Batman, while Superman deals with family problems.
    1979: The wedding of Supergirl to Batman III is interrupted by the evil plans of Lex Luthor.
    1989: It appears that Superman has gone over the edge and killed Lex Luthor! Can Batman bring him in?
    1999: Bruce Wayne now immortal takes back the Batman cowl and frees Superman from the Phantom Zone.
    2919: Batman seeks out Superman and they remember the first time they met back in 1929.

  • Batman & Superman: World's Finest [12 parts] (1999)
    Karl Kesel; Dave Taylor, Tom Morgan and Peter Doherty; Robert Campanella
    Year One: Superman and Batman's lives follow similar yet different paths, as they find themselves entangled in a strange plot to kidnap a famous Plastic Surgeon... but things don't go as well as they'd have hoped....
    Year Two: Superman and Batman meet at the grave of the man called Grey who they failed to save one year ago. The two agree to accompany the other on a tour of their particular city, to learn more about each other.
    Year Three: Clark goes to Gotham disguised as Superman(!) to get an inside story on conditions at Arkham Asylum. When inmates escape, Batman arrives, and realises that Superman can handle conditions in Gotham.
    Year Four: Batman discovers someone is monitoring Superman. Together they interrupt Intergang's meeting with Desaad, and Batman threatens Cadmus against studying Superman for any reason.
    Year Five: Superman comes to Gotham and teams up with Batgirl in an attempt to stop plans by the 100 to infiltrate Gotham. Batman and Thorn also get in on the action.
    Year Six: Mxyzptlk drops in and together with Bat-Mite tries to work out whether Superman or Batman is the better superhero. Lois and Robin also get mixed up in all the craziness.
    Year Seven: Superman takes Batman to Smallville to help him get over the death of Robin, while Superman himself tries to deal with having killed the three evil Kryptonians. The change of scenery helps them both.
    Year Eight: Catwoman breaks into Lexcorp Tower to steal computer files on the Lex-Wing plane, but is thwarted by Superman and Batman much to Lex's chagrin.
    Year Nine: (Part 1) Batman confronts the would-be Supermen who have surfaced after Superman's death. (Part 2) Superman goes to Gotham to confront Batman after his recent dilemma with Bane.
    Year Ten: Two groups of villains escape jail... one in Metropolis, the other in Gotham. The Metropolis goons plan to take over Gotham, but Superman, Batman & friends have other ideas. Harrison Grey is found alive!

  • Superman vs. Predator [3 parts] (July-Sept 2000)
    David Michelinie, Alex Maleev, Matt Hollingsworth
    Part 1: STAR Labs finds an alien craft in the jungles of South America. Superman lends a hand, but is infected by an alien virus which weakens him. Along with Lois, they're captured by a rebel scientific group who plan to rid the world of any inpurities.
    Part 2: Superman and friends escape their prisonment by the doctor bent on worldwide genocide, until one of them turns traitor. Superman has a violent encounter with a Predator leaving him weaker than before.
    Part 3: Superman and Dr Trabor aim to stop the mad schemes Dr Rollins has put in place, but with the Predator around, Superman weaker than ever, things aren't so simple... unless they team up with the Predator...

  • Superman: Last Son of Earth [2 parts] (Sept-Oct 2000) [Elseworlds]
    Steve Gerber, Doug Wheatley, Chris Chuckry
    Part 1: Rocketed from the doomed planet Earth. Discovered and raised by beings more powerful than mortal men. Earth's last survivor has a destiny to fullfill... and on Krypton he will find it.
    Part 2: Having rescued Krypton from the brink of destruction... Kal-el sets his sights on Earth after learning about his origins. There he fights alongside the Daily Planet crew against the tyrant Luthor.

  • Superboy's Legion [2 parts] (April-May 2001) [Elseworlds]
    Mark Farmer, Alan Davis, Mark Farmer
    Part 1: In the year 2987 Kal-el's rocket is found, and he grows up admiring the super-heroes of the 20th Century calling himself Superboy. He gathers a group of teens like himself and sets forth to protect the future.
    Part 2: Facing defeat, fear and death, Superboy's Legion must confront Lex Luthor before he enslaves the galaxy. Superboy, who at first seems to have lost his resolve, accepts his responsibility and takes charge.

  • Superman & Batman: Generations 2 [4 parts] (October 2001-January 2002) [Elseworlds]
    John Byrne
    Part 1 - 1942: Superman and other heroes soar into action during WWII, while Batman and Robin deal with Luthor back home. 1953: The JSA face the challenge of the "Demon Head", while Lois and Clark become new parents. Wonder Woman suffers a terrible loss, while two Green Lanterns meet for the first time.
    Part 2 - 1964: Supergirl teams up with Robin to start their superhero career, they're soon join by Kid Flash and Wonder Girl. 1975: Batman and Supergirl discover that the Joker is haunted by the ghost of the second Batman. They bring in the services of Dr Occult, Deadman and the ghost of Alfred to set things right.
    Part 3 - 1986: The JLA hunt down Batman who they believe is endangering the lives of civillians. 1997: Young Clark takes on the mantle of Nightwing, while Earth's Green Lanterns are confronted by the dilemma of Sinestro.
    Part 4 - 2008: Luthor's brain is re-activated within a metal robot body after being inactive for years. He becomes the menace Metallo and is stopped by Nightwing, Flash, Hawk, Cyborg and Green Lantern. 2019: Bruce Wayne is shown a chronoscope, showing him how his parents died knowing he'd one day become Batman.

  • Superman: Red Son [3 parts] (June-October 2003) [Elseworlds]
    Mark Millar, Dave Johnson & Kilian Plunkett, Andrew Robinson & Walden Wong
    Part 1 - Superman's rocketship lands in the Russian farmlands, and he is brought up as the champion of the common worker. As a soviet hero, America is scared of him, until he shows himself to be a hero for all people... but when Stalin is killed, he is forced to take on the mantle of Russian Leader.
    Part 2 - With most of the world under Superman's rule, only the United States of America holds out... with Lex Luthor teaming up with the Batman to try and stop the Man of Steel.
    Part 3 - Superman and his servant Brainiac only have America left to convert. But when Luthor becomes President he turns America into a thriving country. Meanwhile Lex has plans to take down Superman using both the Green Lantern Corp and the Amazon women. Nothing works however, until Lex makes Superman realize he's become no better than Brainiac himself... At this revelation Superman takes down the deceiving Brainiac, saving Earth from a massive explosion. History progresses, turning full circle.

  • Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman: Trinity [3 parts] (August-October 2003)
    Matt Wagner, Matt Wagner, Matt Wagner
    Part 1 - As Superman investigates an attempted robbery at STAR Labs with the help of Batman, he meets an Amazon Woman called Diana who is on the trail of Bizarro. They work together to attempt to piece together exactly what's going on and who is behind the whole mess.
    Part 2 - On the hunt for Ra's Al Ghul, Batman gets some help from Superman and Wonder Woman. But the Amazon doesn't see eye to eye with the Dark Knight. Wonder Woman is badly beaten by Bizarro, while Superman chases down the nuclear rocket launched by Ra's. While Batman destroys another bomb planted beneath Gotham.
    Part 3 - Superman and Batman visit Themyscira to check on Wonder Woman. They join forces once again to take the battle to Ra's Al Ghul, but find he has doubled back on them, attacking Themyscira itself. The three heroes battle to take out Bizarro before thwarting Ghul's plans and saving Themyscira... Creating a bond between them.

  • Superman: The Kansas Sighting [2 parts] (January-February 2004)
    J.M. DeMatteis, Jamie Tolagson, Jamie Tolagson
    Part 1 - A TV show called "Strange Mysteries of the Unexplained" is doing an expose on speculations of past UFO activity in the Smallville area being connected with Superman's arrival on Earth. Clark investigates curious to see if Jor-El was indeed responsible for abductions and other reported incidents.
    Part 2 - Clark confronts the alien creatures masquarading as Jor-El in attempt to learn the truth. Laura finds her son in an alternate reality and decides to stay with him. UFO chasers come to Smallville looking for answers, frustrating Herbert Moore who has a visitation, curing him of his cancer.

  • Superman: Secret Identity [4 parts] (March-June 2004)
    Kurt Busiek, Stuart Immonen, Stuart Immonen
    Part 1 - Clark Kent is an ordinary kid in the real world living in Kansas. His parents thought it'd be funny to give him the name of the famous comic book hero. Kids at school tease him about his name. One day Clark suddenly finds himself with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men. What to do?
    Part 2 - Getting a job as an author, Clark is set up by his new colleagues to meet a girl called Lois. Realizing they're both the brunt of the joke, Clark and Lois hit it off and soon form a serious relationship. However Clark is captured by government officials, who conduct experiments on him, before he is able to escape. He reveals everything to Lois.
    Part 3 - Lois tells Clark they're going to have a baby... they soon discover they're actually going to have twins. Clark worries about what will happen to them, and tries to make a bargain with the government... at first it doesn't go well, but he soon gets Agent Malloy to agree to terms that benefit them both. Lois has twin girls.
    Part 4 - Time has passed and Clark is growing old. His powers are diminishing. He wonders about his daughters, and discovers that they too have superpowers. The girls finally reveal to their father what he suspects, and Clark is content to let them take over as heroes, as the world around them is changing.

  • Superman: Strength [3 parts] (March-May 2005)
    Scott McCloud, Aluir Amancio, Terry Austin
    Part 1 - As Jonathan Kent tells Lois about an event that forever changed Clark when he was a boy, a man called Fido instructs his gang on how they're going to steal a pair of techno gloves from LexCorp Labs, gloves he himself designed. They're intricate plan calls for other destructive diversions to keep Superman busy. As they steal the gloves, they get ready to use them to transport them back to their hideout, when Superman arrives. Fido keeps the portal open long enough, and then closes it around Superman's neck. Superman's head is trapped in Fido's possession, while the rest of hid body remains trapped in the LexCorp Labs.
    Part 2 - Jonathan continues to tell Lois of when Clark was young how a solar flare gave him powers temporarily at age 10, and how he ran across the country and became involved in a gang turf war, which taught him a very important lesson. In the present, Fido temporarily releases Superman to allow him to save people in an earthqauke in India. When Superman returns to his imprisonment Fido takes him as an offering to Lex Luthor who quickly refuses the offer as he has his own techno gloves. Fido pulls out another trick, a small scale of Metropolis where anything that's dropped into the model is dropped into the full scale real-life city of Metropolis. As they struggle pens, coins, keys and paperclips fall into the model, and Lex quickly releases Superman to save the city.
    Part 3 - As Superman saves Metropolis from the enormous falling objects, Fido and his crew escape, taking Lois as a hostage. With tiny tracers secreted on Fido and his crew, Lex Luthor helps Superman locate the villains in Egypt. Once again on their trail, Superman chases Fido. His crew start bailing on the young criminal, until finally it's just him versus Superman... with Lois helping out. Fido discovers his dad never broke Superman's arm, and that he has infact passed away recently. With Fido captured, Superman wonders what life would have been like if someone other than the Kents had found him.

  • Superman & Batman vs. Aliens & Predator [2 parts] (January-February 2007)
    Mark Schultz, Ariel Olivetti
    Part 1 - When a 14,000 year old Predator habitat beneath a long-dormant Andes volcano is threatened by new volcanic activity, the Predator's come above ground to look for a new hive location. Their aggressive sortees garner the attention of Batman and Superman, who travel to the volcano to confront the situation. Batman communicates with the Predators, while Superman runs in to a horde of Aliens, who have been purposely bred for hunting by the Predators. Promising to use his Fortress' technology to repair the Predator's ship in exchange for their promise not to kill anymore humans, Superman flies off, leaving Batman and Lois with the Predators, while Earth's Terrestrial Defense Initiative plans to secretly bomb the volcano using nuclear force.

    Part 2 - Transporting the Predators inside his Fortress with Lois and Batman, Superman goes off to try and save some Aliens too. The Predators get tired of waiting and attack Kelex and the Superman Robot. Superman tries to find Batman and Lois before either the Aliens or the Predators kill them. Finally, with the Predator's ship repaired, Superman lifts them off into outer space before the TDI drop a nuclear bomb on the whole volcanoe.

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This listing is done in the order for when a comic book issue was published.

Note: Remember, the month dates are from the issue covers, not the actual date when the comic was on sale.

The Writer, Penciller and Inker for each issue is listed under the Comic's Title and Date.


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