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Man of Steel #97

Superman: The Man of Steel #97

Scheduled to arrive in stores: December 15, 1999

Cover date: February 2000

2000 Triangle No. 8

Writer: Mark Schultz
Penciller: Doug Mahnke
Inker: Tom Nguyen

"Bridge the Past and Future"

Reviewed by: Michael Lum (

John Henry irons and Natasha are unpacking equipment for John Henry's contracting business in an old mill. While Natasha complains to John Henry they hear a knock from the roof. Superman descends carrying a large hunk of iron which he discovered in space. After Superman leaves, John Henry is alerted to strange ion field fluctuations.

Elsewhere, the Eradicator plummets from the sky, reliving painful past memories. He zooms through Metropolis, heading towards Stryker's Island with one agenda, "Those that would do harm to Kryptonian, human or other must be eradicated!" He bursts through the wall of the prison destroying everything in his path, in an attempt to destroy the inmates.

Hovering above Stryker's Island are the SCU, getting ready to try Steel's Leviathan Armor System for the first time. They jump from the craft along with Steel, down to the prison. Steel heads straight for the eradicator. With a swing of his hammer, he knocks the Eradicator off guard. But, Steel is still no match, as all of his attacks are blocked. Superman finally intervenes and they confront each other high above the prison. Superman can't understand what suddenly caused the Eradicator to lose control, but the soon engage in a battle.

Superman knocks the Eradicator far away from Styker's and towards a nearby bridge. Superman looks around the around for any signs when the Eradicator bursts from the water and crashes through the bridge. The damage causes a car to plummet into the water but a child in the car is saved by the Eradicator. The sight of the girl almost dying because of something he caused triggers him to calm his rage. The Eradicator and Superman both repair the bridge and the Eradicator flies away before his rage can resurface.

Back on Stryker's Island, the Leviathan armor system worked like a charm and the prison warden even offered Steel a job. in the end, Steel reflects on the events.

2Story - 2: This story could have been alot more interesting than it was. It was focusing too much on Steel and the dialogue was very lame. Not too mention an extremely boring ending.

3Art - 3: Usually, Doug Mahnke's art isn't all too great, but for the most part in this issue I thought it was better than usual. I'm not saying it was the best but it wasn't that bad either.

2Cover Art - 2: A very average cover. It looks like Steel is trying to attack Superman rather than the Eradicator, perhaps he was put in as an after thought.The glow from the Eradicator's eyes looks very tacked on.

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