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JLA #40

JLA #40

Scheduled to arrive in stores: February 23, 2000

Cover date: April 2000

Writer: Grant Morrison
Penciller: Howard Porter
Inker: John Dell

"World War Three: Part Five"

Reviewed by: Michael Lum (

High above earth, the now visible Mageddon glares down at the fighter planes covering the sky. Oracle surveys explosions all around the globe.

Around earth's orbit, Green Lantern floats in space only to be saved in time by Metron. They descend towards earth and land near the other group of Superheroes. He speaks a few words for Kyle to ponder and then departs. Out of the crowd, Green Lantern spots the Huntress and is surprised when he is told that she has been kicked out of the league.

Around the continent, the heroes are trying to bring order. Superboy carries away soldiers, Green Arrow strikes down threats on the street and Firestorm stops a bombardment of missiles.

In the Bee hive, Steel picks up a trampled Plastic Man and is able to conjure up an idea. Meanwhile, Barda and Wonder Woman attack the drones and the Queen Bee. Barda is on her knees as the Queen Bee attacks her. In the background, Steel who is enveloped in a cover of red, jumps at the Queen Bee. They become entangled and he is thrust away, but the diversion gives Barda enough time to throw Queen Bee into the Boom Tube, with the swarm following close behind.

At the JLA embassy, Wonder Woman arrives carrying a battered Barda. Mr. Miracle opens a boom tube and takes her back to New Genesis so that she can recover. While Steel fixes some armor in his workshop, he is approached by Animal Man who thinks he knows a way to stop Mageddon. Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter and Batman are seated at a table and are discussing how they should proceed. Steel returns with Animal Man and he explains his idea.

As Wonder Woman bursts from the room, alerting everyone of the plan, Martian Manhunter prepares to make another contact with Mageddon, against the warning of Batman. As Batman leaves, Martian Manhunter continues to try and make contact with Mageddon. As he searches for signs he sees Superman, wrapped in chains and shouting "Mah-geh-dun".

Back at the crowd of Superheroes, a cloud of energy begins to form. As everyone prepares for an attack, the Flash appears from the bolts of light, and with him, he's brought some help.

4Story - 4: A great cliffhanger issue to start off the conclusion. What happened to Superman, who did the Flash bring back? I guess we'll find out next issue.

4Art - 4: Another great issue by Howard Porter and the actions shots were really good. (I especially liked pages 20 and 22).

4Cover Art - 4: This was a pretty cool cover. It's not often that you see Batman frightened.

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