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Superman #155

Superman #155

Scheduled to arrive in stores: February 2, 2000

Cover date: April 2000

2000 Shield No. 14

Writer: Jeph Loeb
Penciller: Ed McGuinness
Inker: Cam Smith

"The Private Life of Clark Kent"

Reviewed by: Nick Newman (

Behind a podium, Superman and Lex Luthor grasp hands. Luthor assures the good citizens of Metropolis that despite all of the changes that have occurred since Brainiac 13's attack (see the last five Superman books), the city is still safe. Superman begins to speak, but Luthor carefully removes him from the scene. Superman concedes the position to his nemesis, and flies through the skies.

Flying across the country, he descends next to a peaceful house. He enters the door as Superman, and steps into the house as Clark Kent. As he enters the kitchen he is shocked to find Superboy sitting at the table. Superboy greets him warmly, but Clark asks why he is here. Superboy tells him that since he met the Kents a few months ago (see Superboy #8) he decided that he could stop by their house. Clark is still shocked that Superboy has been invited to dinner, but Superboy tries to apologize for his intrusion. Then he winks at Clark. Clark walks outside, mumbling.

Luthor sits in his darkened office, accompanied by Mercy. He talks about his control of Gotham City, and his plans to once again control Metropolis. If he were to control two of the largest cities, people might start to believe that he knows what is best for the country...

In the Daily Planet, Lois asks for some time off. Perry hits the roof. He tells her that if there are problems with Clark, then he can move him back to working in Metropolis. Lois, unwilling to talk about it, storms out of his office.

Clark swings on the porch of his parents' home. Ma comes out and starts to talk to him. She asks why Lois didn't come down, and Clark finally admits that Lois didn't want to come. Ever since Wonder Woman and him went on the mission (see Action Comics #761) they have been moving apart. Ma urges Clark to talk to Lois about their problems, and to do the same with Superboy.

Upstairs, Clark finds Superboy looking through his things. Clark listens to the boy for a moment, and then tells him to get off of his bed.

In the morning Clark helps his father milk the cows. He tells his father that the more people learn his secret, the more Superman and Clark become separate people. Superman finally admits that Superboy doesn't have anyone to look up to, and he himself wouldn't be Superman if not for his parents. Suddenly Superboy appears in the barn door. Clark decides to teach him how to milk a cow. The two crouch underneath the animal, and Superboy constantly squirts himself. Clark urges the boy to have patience, and Jonathan and Martha are happy to have a child back on the farm.

Later that day, Superboy decides to leave. He apologizes to Clark for interfering on his vacation, and the two shake hands. As Superboy flies through the sky, Superman comes up to meet the boy. The two race back to Metropolis.

Back in Metropolis, Lois answers the door wearing a skimpy dress. Clark comes through the door, a dozen roses held behind his back. Lois snaps at him: "Don't wait up", and slams the door behind her. Clark is left holding the roses in his dark apartment.

5Story - 5: What did you expect, its Loeb. This story contained all the right elements. We saw Luthor being the evil schemer that we know he is. A presidential plot in the future Lex? And Superman's interaction with Superboy was well done, if a little different than the norm between the two characters. And the new development in Clark and Lois' relationship left me stunned.

5Art - 5: And McGuinness is good for the second issue in a row. His Superman is big and buff, and his Clark looks muscular without appearing too huge. And the cartoony feel improves the book a lot. Ed does a great Superboy, if he ever needs another monthly I know where he is welcome.

5Cover Art - 5: A great cover. A good-looking Superman and a cool Superboy, what more could we ask for? How about a nice horizon shot of the Kent's farm? The cover fit the issue perfectly, and as always McGuinness is awesome.

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