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Superman vs The Terminator #4

Superman vs The Terminator #4

Scheduled to arrive in stores: April 5, 2000

Cover date: March 2000

Writer: Alan Grant
Penciller: Steve Pugh
Inker: Mike Perkins

"Death to the Future - Part 4"

Reviewed by: Gareth Baker (

Metropolis 2000. LexCorp security forces have joined in with the struggle to destroy the never ending battle of Terminator droids coming from the future. However, they have an ulterior motive. Lex wants one to study! With the droid shut down, the security men bring the droid in to be studied. Once safely inside, the droid reactivates itself and begins to attacks. The scientist studying it is killed instantly, and then it goes after Lex. Using a remote control, a titanium cylinder falls from the ceiling to capture the Terminator. It begins to punch its way out, so Lex has no choice but to loose his prize. The inside of the cylinder is turned into an inferno until nothing is left of the droid but slag.

Elsewhere in the city, Superman returns and soon flies to assist Supergirl and Superboy in their fight. Superman gives a quick explanation of where he has been, whilst they clean up the last few droids. Superman quickly explains that these droid are only a distraction and that there is a far deadlier one out there looking for John Connor. When Supergirl tells Superman that Lois and Sarah are looking for him, he flies off. The two young heroes are soon kept busy by some more Terminators.

Lois and Sarah arrive at the telephone box from where John called (see issue #3) but there is no sign of him. Superman arrives. He and Lois say a quick hello and then he's off to find the boy.

The Cyborg and the Super Terminator climb out of the cement John coated them in (again see #3), and are soon onto him due to her good olfactory sensors. She uses her heat vision to destroy the pipe John is hiding in, and she is just about to finish him off, when Superman arrives to save him, and then challenge the Super Terminator. Her flesh on her fake arm is torn away as she reveals a malfunctioning weapons array underneath. Superman moves with superspeed and rips the arm off and punches the android. He then uses the arm to batter The Cyborg. The two fight whilst The Cyborg rants like the mad man he is. The Cyborg then merges with the Super Terminator to make himself more powerful.

Elsewhere, Superboy and Supergirl continue to fight the other Terminators. Nearby a Helicopter hovers. Inside is Lex Luthor with a weapon that can fire a virus that will shut down The Terminators. This he begins to do. Supergirl thanks Lex for his help, and then snatches the gun from him.

Whilst Superman fights on the ground, the two young heroes begin to clear up the other Terminators with the virus gun. The combined Cyborg/Terminator is certainly stronger, and Superman is having problems. Supergirl zaps the hybrid with the gun, but it only affects The Terminator. The Cyborg separates himself from The Terminator and quickly leaves vowing that Skynet will still be born.

Superboy and Supergirl help Superman up. With a quick thanks, Superman explains that their job is not yet over. They scour everywhere looking for every last scrap of Terminator technology. Melting it all into a ball of slag, Superman then throws in into the sun. Returning back to Earth, Superman finds John and takes him to Lois and Clark's apartment to be reunited with his mother.

In LexTower, Lex stands alone reading the diary of one Mr Van Dirk and admires his collection of Terminator parts that he has been collecting for years. How else could he have created the virus so quickly. He will see that Skynet is built, but he will control it.

4Story - 4: A good ending to a super series, which in itself says a lot as these miniseries usually end badly. As usual, this issue reads at a quick pace, with much of the story contained in the art as well as the dialogue. But, as always somewhat lacking in a little substance too. Perhaps the best bit of the issue was the X-Files style ending, but then, how else could it have ended really?

4Art - 4: Good solid art. Again The Terminators are drawn very nicely and capture the look of the original film well, and Steve draws Superman very nicely. The Cyborg/Terminator hybrid looked somewhat of a mess - if not totally stupid, especially page 17, but I suppose you can't have it all. The colours are nice and vibrant, but also dark and moody when needed.

3Cover Art - 3: Sadly the weakest of the 4 covers, but still nice as it's painted.

4Series Overall - 4: This is definitely worth buying, unless your hate The Terminator of course. It is a solid addition to the Superman mythos, despite the few continuity errors (yeah I know that these things are not meant to fit in, but I like them too.) If you didn't buy this, you really missed out.

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