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Superman/Gen13 #3

Superman/Gen13: Part 3 (of 3)

Scheduled to arrive in stores: June 7, 2000

Cover date: August 2000

Writer: Adam Hughes
Penciller: Lee Bermejo
Inker: John Nyberg

"You Bet Your S I'm Angry!!!"

Reviewed by: Gareth Baker (

We open to a man strapping himself into what appears to be a cockpit. A cockpit he has made. A cockpit that has taken eleven years to build, and he's mad at someone - a woman to be precise.

The fire is taken care of (See Superman/Gen13 #2) and Superman is more concerned as to why Caitlin Fairchild is dressed as Supergirl. Burnout has no idea. He also has no idea that his team mates and friends are not impressed with his getting on with Superman. Superman on the other hand can hear all they say.

Lois and Jimmy arrive on the scene with a fresh cape. This gives them their first clue. Every time Caitlin has carried out a heroic act she has a new costume on. That must mean she is getting new ones! They then begin to think about why she is doing all these things. Evil twin? Mr Mxyzptlk? Lois comes up with amnesia and suggests that maybe when they hit... (see Superman/Gen13 #1). Burnout tells them that she has a crush on Superman. That might explain why she thinks she's Supergirl. The rest of Gen13 are not impressed when Burnout lets that slip.

Elsewhere, the REAL Supergirl is trying to clear up the traffic jam that Caitlin created. After numerous comments about her ineptitude, Supergirl loses it.

Back with the gang the search begins. To speed things up, Superman carries Roxy.

Caitlin is explaining to some kids about the Red Kryptonite theory (see Superman/Gen13 #2). They suggest that just because her memory has not come back, her ability to fly may have. After a quick lesson, she tries - and fails. One of the boys gives her his bike.

Superman and Gen13 search for Caitlin from the air. Roxy begins to fall for Superman's charms as she flies in his arms. Lois and Jimmy search on the ground and find the kids.

Elsewhere, our man at the beginning of this tail, is shooting up the town in his armoured battle suit. The SCU are on the case, but the nutter wants Superman. Caitlin turns up on her bicycle. She tries to intimidate the nutter, and just gets punched away for her trouble and lands in a car. She retaliates by throwing the car back. When she approaches again, the suit grabs her and tosses her aside.

Back at the traffic jam, Superman and Gen13 try to clear up the mess. When the people don't help them, Rainmaker tries to reason with them. They ignore her. Supes tries... and succeeds. Superman wins over Rainmaker. Only Grunge still thinks he's a dweeb. Lois arrives by helicopter. She knows where Caitlin is.

The fight continues, and the nutter fires a low yield nuclear device! Supes having heard about the existence of the bomb from Lois, flies off immediately and arrives on the scene just before it's about to hit Caitlin. He rushes the bomb off to space and returns safely.

Everyone is glad to see Fairchild is safe, she clearly has amnesia. Grunge suggests that if Supes hit her again, her memory might return. Then, Supergirl attacks. Superman has to hold her back and eventually calms her down. Caitlin recovers her memory, and Superman leaves before she gets the chance to see him.

On the way home, everyone is talking about their meeting with Superman. Their opinions have all changed about our favourite hero. When they return home, and they tell Mr Lynch nothing about their misadventure, but he knows something went on. He has a parcel for Caitlin. When she opens it, there's a letter from Superman and a spare cape.

4Story - 4: This was a great comic. The humour was brilliant. Again, I have missed it out from the summary above. The scene where the gang piece everything together is amusing, but Caitlin explaining to the boys about the Red K and the SCU are funnier still. What was interesting was that Superman had no action, except for saving the boy. This was purely about the characters and they all worked and shone so well. It was great seeing Superman be his true self. Something I've missed recently. The only characterisation I thought was off was Supergirl. I'm not sure she'd act like that, and not around Superman. It was also great to see the SCU again.

4Art - 4: Another strong element in this issue. Yeah I know I wasn't that keen on issue #1, but I'm convinced now. Again, Bermejo made a lovely pre-Y2K Metropolis. Lois looks so sexy, all the time and the expressions that all the characters wear on their faces say so much about the way they are feeling.

5Cover Art - 5: This was by far the best cover of the series, and one of the best covers I have ever seen on any comic. It was such a clever idea and very well carried out. If this doesn't grab people's attention, I don't know what will. [Editor's Note: There was an alternate cover produced for this issue which is not shown nor reviewed here.]

5Series Overall - 5: Ok, so the maths doesn't work out, coz I gave all these fours, but the sum of the series was greater than its parts. If you did not buy this series, you have really missed out, not only the Superman of old, but on a great team of heroes - Gen 13. For a start this got me reading Gen13 itself. A great comic (though of the ones I've read the earlier ones are a little better) with great humour, wonderful, interesting characters and lots of barely clothed women - if you like that sort of thing.

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