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Adventures of Superman #577

Adventures of Superman #577

Scheduled to arrive in stores: February 16, 2000

Cover date: April 2000

2000 Shield No. 15

Writer: Stuart Immonen and Jay Faerber
Penciller: Yanick Paquette and Stuart Immonen
Inker: Rich Faber and Jose Marzan Jr.

"A Tale of Two Cities"

Reviewed by: Michael Lum (

Clark Kent kneels down and lifts a a truck above his head to let a cat out from underneath. Coming out of the grocery store, Martha and Jon Kent shout out in shock as they see him displaying his powers in public. Clark reassures them that there was no-one watching and they continue to stroll down the street.

High up in Lextower, Lex Luthor speaks with Hope and Mercy. A helicopter arrives and they fly off high above Metropolis.

Clark, Martha and Jon enter the ice cream shop. Inside, an earth's rights activist is shouting and waving his petitions in the air. The activist, Brett Dechamp, explains that he is petitioning against the Townsend plant which he claims is violating E.P.A. regulations. Clark looks at one of the petitions with a confused look on his face. From outside, the Sheriff enters with Don Townsend. The Sheriff tells Brett that he doesn't want him and his friends making any trouble and orders him to leave.

Clark speeds around the Kent's house doing chores. As he's repairing the roof to the shed, Martha Kent shouts at him from below and tells him to take a break. Clark takes her advice and flies off above Smallville as Superman.

Lex Luthor, riding above Metropolis, orders a stop when he spots Lois Lane heading towards an ATM machine. He spies on her transactions and then zooms away.

Superman arrives at the Townsend plant to check out the area. He looks down with his telescopic vision and spots Brett Dechamp and his friends driving off. All of a sudden a huge blast from the plant knocks Superman away. He flies down and tries to contain the fire that is ravaging the area. Up ahead, Sheriff Neusbaum pulls up in his truck and tells Superman that he doesn't need any help from outsiders.

Late that night, Superman arrives back at the factory and surveys the area with his x-ray vision.

At the police station, the Sheriff enters the Detective's office with his Prime Suspect, Brett Dechamp. As the Sheriff accuses Dechamp of blowing up the plant, Superman enters the office. After analyzing the crime scene Superman starts to accuse the Sheriff of destroying the factory. As the detective interjects, Don Townsend admits that he and the Sheriff were the ones who did it. Superman shakes hands with Brett and flies off into the sky.

2Story - 2: Immonen's story was very dull and not to mention predictable. Faerber's dialogue didn't help much either.

3Art - 3: Even with two pencillers the art just isn't as good compared to what we've seen with Garcia and McGuiness. Although, the cityscapes were pretty good (pg. 22 is a prime example).

2Cover Art - 2: A dull cover for a dull story is basically what I thought of it.

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