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Action Comics #768

Action Comics #768

Scheduled to arrive in stores: June 28, 2000

Cover date: August 2000

2000 Shield No. 33

Writer: Joe Kelly
Penciller: Duncan Rouleau
Inker: Jamie Mendoza

"O, Captain, My Captain"

Reviewed by: Gareth Baker (

Lois Lane is on the lookout for leads concerning Superman's recent illness. She's mixing with the roughest looking sorts, but all the while Superman is watching. When Lois discovers him, she is less than pleased. They are having it out, when Superman is called away by trouble ten blocks away.

What he finds is Mary Marvel talking nonsense and Marvel Jr who is moving and talking at an incredible speed. Superman vibrates very fast so that he can talk properly with Marvel Jr. What he discovers is Captain Marvel's mouth and chin area in Marvel boys hand. Yes, you did read that right.

The three head off to Fawcett City, high up in the atmosphere to see if it will calm them down. Marvel Jr tells Superman that Captain Marvel specifically asked for him because he's the best. Jr begins to explain that Supes is the best and that Cap isn't a patch on him. Superman finds this somewhat disturbing. On arriving at Fawcett City, they discover a huge frog.

Back in Metropolis, Lois Lane breaks into a warehouse, still hot on the trail. When she turns round, she discovers four security droids.

The three heroes get ready, but the frog gets its tongue in first. When Superman pulls on the tongue, the frog just splits into smaller ones. Then Mary is cut in half by the frog's huge tongue. Things are getting out of control and Superman begins to think. He figures it out with some help from Mary. Holding onto Captain Marvel's mouth and chin Superman shouts "Shazam", and becomes Captain Marvel. Cap flies straight into the frog's mouth and into a hidden world. There he comes face to face with a frog god. Using the Wisdom of Solomon, Cap is able to discover the problem. The god is annoyed at humanity treating frogs so badly. They talk, Cap explains using his wisdom, and the situation is solved.

After, Marvel Jr is telling Mary that Cap is the best hero! Superman and Cap have a chat, and Superman admits underestimating him and someone else in his life. Cap says it's ok, and that he thought Supes was a muscleheaded space cowboy. The pair laugh, and say goodbye over a friendly handshake. The kind where you see who's the strongest.

Back home, Lois comes in to find Clark sitting down reading "The Frog Princess". She's had a bad day - chased by droids, through sewers, suicide slum, etc, etc. Clark explains that she handled it. She didn't need him. They kiss and make up. 2Story - 2: Frogs? People talking nonsense? Tongues that cut people in two? Frog gods? Was Kelly trippin' at the time he wrote this. I'm sorry people, but this was a truly bad comic. Luckily it was saved by two things (or it would have been a 1 on the shield) and that was the beginning and the end. It was nice to see Supes and Cap laugh together, and then try to see who's the strongest. Nice to see who won too.

4Art - 4: Another saving grace for this issue was the art. I used to hate this "quirky" art, but it's really beginning to grow on me - after all, all the Super books kind of have it these days. I loved the way Rouleau drew Supes massive jaw line, and the full page spread of Cap on page 16 is superb!

3Cover Art - 3: I can't make my mind up about this cover. It is brilliantly drawn, and the bolt of lightning looks great, but it's just missing something.

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