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Action Comics #756

Superman in Action Comics #756

Scheduled to arrive in stores: June 9, 1999

Cover Date: August 1999

1999 Triangle No. 30

Writer: John Rozum
Penciller: Vince Giarrano
Inker: Vince Giarrano


Reviewed by: Josh Gehling (

Superman struggles forward, approaching a villain who will not give up. Suddenly, Superman collapses and the villain, Diode the Invincible, exclaims that he's defeated Superman. Fortunately, Diode's success is short-lived, as we find out that Superman was just playing possum. As the man finishes his story, we realize that he's none other then Diode the Invincible. He now lives in a rest home with other criminals. None of the others believe Diode when he tells them this story. When they finish making fun of Diode, he tells himself that he will not die forgotten in some rest home.

Meanwhile, in the mid-western states, the sinister group calling itself Doc Omega and the Doomslayers has left 4 towns in ruins. The death toll is now well over 500.

Back at the rest home, Diode has re-assembled his armor and he picks the site of his comeback by throwing a dart at the map... destination: Bloomfield.

When Superman arrives at the city of Bryce (the last city destroyed by the Doomslayers) he is informed that they are now headed for Bloomfield.

Diode's first stop in Bloomfield is a bank, where the people quickly run away (thinking that he's one of the Doomslayers). A person running out of the bank spots Superman flying above and he tells him that one of the Doomslayers is in the bank.

On the top of a building, the Doomslayers kill the town's (pathetic) resident hero, Emerald Don.

Back at the bank, Diode unleashes all his power (by accident) and destroys the bank. Superman uses his heat vision, but it doesn't hurt the super-villain. Diode shoots an energy bolt, which misses Superman but hits the building behind him. Diode escapes but soon realizes that their are other villains in the town and that they've been murdering the populace (something a villain would never do in his day, they just used to outwit their foes). Superman captures Diode and Diode tells him that he will provide no further resistance, for he now doesn't want to be remembered as being a villain. Together, Superman and Diode stop the Doomslayers. When the media arrives and asks Diode what he's going to do now, he tells them that he will retire peacefully.

4Story - 4: : As you can probably see by the length of the review, this issue had very, very little story, but it was a fun read nonetheless. A nice self contained issue, nothing too great... but like I said, fun to read.

3Art - 3: What's up with page one and two?! the artist forgot to add the "S" shield! I can see when someone forgets the belt buckle or something, but not the whole "S" shield! Anyways, I'm really undecided about this artwork. I like it... for the most part. In some instances (such as page 15) Superman looks waaaaay too muscular. It looks alright at a glance, but look at his right side, it's unreal! Diode's suit sure looks awesome.

3Cover - 3: Superman looks really great on the cover; and it's pretty eye-catching, but something's missing...

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