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Superman: The Last God of Krypton

Writer: Walter Simonson
Artists: Greg and Tim Hildebrandt

"The Last God of Krypton"

Reviewed by: Gareth Baker (

A woman emerges from a structure that appears to be floating in space. She discovers Krypton has been destroyed but then detects a touch of warmth. She flies towards the direction of earth so that she can destroy thae last Kryptonian.

The story jumps ahead five days. All of a sudden, there is a strange weather change in Metropolis where it starts snowing although it is July. At the Daily Planet, Clark runs into Donna Vallaire, who used to be an intern. Lois jealously pulls Clark away from Donna and they talk about the unusual weather. As Clark changes into Superman, Jimmy spots something heading toward them.

The woman bursts through the window of the Daily Planet. She starts shouting in Kryptonese, so Superman confonts her. The woman encases Superman in ice, and as he breaks free, she is amazed that he is still alive. She then realizes that he is no ordinary Kryptonian. She tells him her name, Cythonna, and decides that he will be her mate. She tells him to meet her in one hour and flies off without a traMeanwhile, Lex Luthor wants to form allies with Cythonna. When he confronts her, Cythonna declines his offer and makes him get on his knees to worship her. Luthor then gets into his limo and drives off, leaving his henchmen stunned under Cythonna's control.

Superman takes lois to the fortress of solitude to keep her safe from Cythonna. They look up Cythonna on the fortress's computer and find out her history. They then check the news reports and in a special bulletin Luthor asks to meet Superman. Superman then takes off, leaving Lois in the safety of the fortress.

At Luthor's office, Luthor tells Superman that he wants to get rid of Cythonna and gives him an "indestructible magna-weave caisson" of Kryptonite. Luthor wishes Superman good luck as he flies off to meet Cythonna.

Superman meets Cythonna and she kisses him, but she tastes mortality and realizes that he is not a god. They battle each other, and during th battle Superman tells Cythonna his name, Kal-El, which makes her even more outraged. When it seems that Superman has been defeated, he knocks away Cythonna and flees into outer spaSuperman lures Cythonna towards the sun. He is healed by the sunlight and they become evenly matched because Cythonna's powers become weaker. Cythonna then shows Superman her true form, grabs him, and starts to kill him as the cold envelopes his body. When all seems lost, Lois appears in a Kryptonian battle suit and throws Cythonna away from Superman. But Cythonna charges back and attacks lois. Superman throws the Kryptonite and Cythonna is shot down into the core of the earth where she is trapped.

Lois and Superman fly back to earth where the weather has returned to normal.

2Story - 2: I think that this storyline could have been very interesting. Unfortunately, it was told in a very dull and straightforward fashion. There was really nothing that made you want to keep reading. Also, they didn't really explain how Cythonna just appeared and went after Superman.

3Art - 3: This art was well painted and a nice change from the other Superman comics. What I didn't like though was how some of the art looked a little accidentally cartoonish. Perhaps that's the problem with having two artists.

4Cover - 4: This cover was done pretty well. It gave you a good idea of what the comic was going to be about and wasn't very misleading like so many other comic book covers. There was a lot going on in the background but it wasn't too distracting.

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