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Adventures of Superman #570

The Adventures of Superman #570

Sept 1999

1999 Triangle No. 33

Writers: Ron Marz and Tom Peyer
Penciller: Tom Grindberg
Inker: Tom Palmer

"Secret Origins Part 2 - The Invader From Earth!"

Reviewed by: Gareth Baker (

A team made from JLA members head into space to find the missing Superman, when they are attacked by a large space-faring purple octopus. J'onn J'onzz uses his martian abilities to get it to leave, and the search continues.

Elsewhere the Man Of Steel is strapped to down and talking gibberish. Cogito's experiments are messing with Superman's brain. The experiments involve using a programme Jor-el created to find the best place for his infant to live when Krypton was destroyed. Cogito runs the next programme...

On the planet Rann a green flying vehicle is ordered to cease doing so. When the pilot refuses, the ship is shot down. Using a jet pack, the pilot, a lady, escapes. Alanna returns to her father. The planet is about to be invaded, and only Skyforce can save them. Alanna is sick of this SkyforKal-el flies towards the invading vehicle. He is fired upon and is trapped inside a glowing sphere. With their protector captured, the Rannians will be easy to conquer.

Meanwhile on Earth, Adam Strange is running from angry Incas when he travels through a portal and onto Rann. Alanna and her father see his arrival via viewscreen.

Clearly using his heatvision, Kal-el escapes from the sphere and destroys the invaders fleet. When he returns to Rann, Kal-el hears about the new invader. Alanna (Kal-el's wife to be) has disappeared. Kal-el heads off for the new invader and to capture his errant fiance.

Just as Kal-el is about to capture Adam Strange, Alanna captures him in a net. Alanna and Adam Strange escape in a flyer, whist Kale-el breaks free of the net. When Kal-el moves in on Adam, he Earthman offers the Kryptonian a handshake, and explains it's meaning. They shake hands and Adam disappears and returns to Earth.

This meeting teaches Kal-el a lesson, he frees the skies and returns to his fortress. Then Kal-el goes to Earth and Adam comes to Rann, to stay forever.

In reality, J'onn loses all trace of Superman. Cogito prepares to run one more programme.

1Story - 1: Very poor, very dull, very uninteresting, and very pointless.

Nothing is really explained. Is Kal-El somewhat of a Tyrant on Rann? Was Adam's handshake THAT good? As for the JLA fight at the beginning. Pure stacking filler to add excitement. Utter rubbish!!!

2Art - 2: The art was pretty unsatisfactory as well. Quite often guest artist, whilst not right for regular Superman, add a nice change. This is just dull, flat and unpleasing to the eye.

3Cover - 3: A fairly striking cover that just about saves the issue.

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