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Day of Judgment #5

Scheduled to be in stores: September 29, 1999

Cover Date: Nov 1999

Writer: Geoff Johns
Penciller: Matt Smith
Inker: Steve Mitchell

"Soul Search"

Reviewed by: Gareth Baker (

Inside the Spectre, Hal Jordan searches the chaotic void and finds Azmodel, still bonded with the power of the Spirit of Vengeance. Jordan attacks the rouge angel with his power ring, but Azmodel easily fends of his attacks and binds Hal.

On Earth, Superman continues to talk strangely, when suddenly he bends over and coughs out Neron, the Prince of Lies. The heroes attempt to stop Neron, but he easily fights off all of their attacks and claims the Spear of Destiny for himself. He uses the spear to breach the body of the Spectre, and joins the battle for control of the spirit.

Hal cuts through his bonds, as Neron bursts into the void. Suddenly the Spirit of the Spectre abandons Azmodel and takes hold of all three invaders, demanding to know why they all seek vengeance. Azmodel declares that he and the Spectre are the same, cast out from heaven. Neron pleads that his mission is the same as the Spectre’s, to seek vengeance against souls that deserve it. Jordan begins to explain, but then admits that he is a murderer and that he deserves to be punished. The spirit considers this, and then bonds with Jordan, casting out Azmodel and Neron.

Neron is sent back to Hell, and Azmodel is drawn back to Heaven. Then Jim Corrigan appears in a flash of heavenly light. He tells Hal that the presence has blessed their union, and wishes him luck.

With his new power, Hal repairs the city in a second and flies away. Zatana declares that the Sentinels of Magic will be ready whenever they are needed. Back in Hell, the Devil demotes Neron into a rhyming demon, just like Etrigan.

Somewhere else, the Quintessence studies the Sentinels of Magic. Dr. Occult has returned to his mission, while Madame Xanadu is back telling fortunes. Faust continues to fall farther into his father's footsteps. Ragman resumes his battle against evil, and Deadman continues to live through others. Blue Devil, with the power of the Trident, will serve as the cleanup crew for Earth, searching out any remaining demons. And the Spectre's story is far from over.

In heaven a new structure stands for the first time in millennia. A prison housing the evil angel Azmodel, but what does it mean when Hell can no longer be trusted to hold Heaven's prisoners?

3Story - 3: A decent story, but the concept drags it down at least one notch. Hal Jordan's death was done beautifully in Final Night, and this just destroys it all. In my opinion, it would have been much better for someone (preferably Jim Corrigan) to assume the role of the Spectre after Hal cast out the evils doers. The story was good though, and Neron being damned to rhyming just like Etrigan was great.

2Art - 2: I really, really hate this art. I hate to repeat myself, but why did the powers-that-be at DC even give this guy the job. EVERYONE looks horrible, blocky, and stupid. In many cases characters lack facial features or other vital details. This is not the kind of art that DC's annual crossover deserves.

3Cover - 3: As usual, horrible art. Is that Hal Jordan? Maybe Bruce Wayne, or maybe it's Wally West. It would have been much better if they had used a great artist so that it could have just said "Introducing the New Spectre..." and then showed his face. With good art, we could all have identified Hal. With the cover we got, it could have been Pete Ross and none of us would have been able to tell.

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